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Obama Voted 5th Best President In the History of the United States of America

Obama Rated 5th Best US President

Obama is the Fifth Best President
in the History of the U.S. Of the total of 44 US Presidents:
Obama rated 5th Best President ever.
The Democratic publicity release said,"...after a little more than 4 years,
Americans have rated President Obama the 5th best president ever."
The details according to White House Publicists..:
* Reagan, Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and 6 others tied for first,
* 15 presidents tied for second,
* 17 other presidents tied for third,
* Jimmy Carter came in 4th, and
* Obama came in Fifth

(Hat Tip: Henry Bowman)


Harry Reid - Poster Boy For Hate

"But at a time when our discourse has become so sharply polarized, at a time when we are far too eager to lay the blame for all that ails the world at the feet of those who happen to think differently than we do, it's important for us to pause for a moment and make sure that we're talking with each other in a way that -- that heals, not in a way that wounds." - Barack Hussein Obama, January 13th, 2011


" But the American people will not be extorted by Tea Party anarchists." - Harry Reid, September 28th, 2013

"With a bully, you cannot let them slap you around because today they slap you five or six times," Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) told reporters. "Tomorrow it's seven or eight times. We are not going to be bullied." - Harry Reid, September 30th, 2013

"So it’s a shame that instead of focusing on the middle class, our colleagues in the House are obsessed with appeasing the tea party.” - Harry Reid, July 23rd, 2013


Christianity Becoming Extict In Its Birthplace.

By Findalis of Monkey in the Middle

Hat Tip to Creeping Sharia

MIDDLE EAST historian Tom Holland told a briefing in London last night that the world is watching the effective extinction of Christianity from its birthplace.In an apocalyptic appraisal of the worsening political situation in the region, a panel of experts provided a mass of evidence and statistics for the end of the region’s nation states under the onslaught of militant Islam.‘In terms of the sheer scale of the hatreds and sectarian rivalries, we are witnessing something on the scale of horror of the European Thirty Years War,’ said Holland.‘It is the climax of a process grinding its way through the twentieth century – the effective extinction of Christianity from its birthplace.’The event titled ‘Reporting the Middle East: Why the truth is getting lost’ at the National Liberal Club in Whitehall, sought answers to the ‘anaemic’ coverage of attacks on Egypt’s Christians on 14 August.
Pre-planned destruction of scores of ancient churches, monasteries, schools, orphanages and businesses had gone unreported for days across the West, Nina Shea, Director of the Hudson Institute Religious Freedom Centre in Washington said.

After the Islamists swept multiple elections during the first revolution in 2011, US newspapers asking how it would change Egypt suggested merely that women would be prohibited from wearing skimpy clothes, and Sharm el-Sheikh would close as a tourist destination.

This was ‘utterly trivial’ she said.  Persecution of Copts, who dated their church to Gospel writer St Mark in Alexandria, was at its worst since the fourteenth century, with ‘horrific levels of violence’.
‘It has been the worst persecution in 700 years against the oldest, largest remaining Christian minority in the Middle East.’

The media had failed to ask the most basic questions, she said.  ‘Why were the Copts singled out, what was the significance and purpose of the attacks?’

A fourth-century church dedicated to St Mary – whom Muslims were supposed to revere – and that was a UNESCO World Heritage site, had been destroyed and designated as a Muslim prayer space.
It was 200 years older than the Bamyan Statues in Afghanistan, yet the mainstream media had ignored its demise.

Yet there was enough evidence to show that the violence was part of a plan to ‘drive out the Copts, to terrorize them into leaving’, she added.

Lapido Chief Executive Dr Jenny Taylor who organized the event which was co-hosted with foreign policy think tank Henry Jackson Society, said the media’s job was impeded by ‘secular blinders’.
They tended to report the Middle East’s religions as a ‘variant of a Westminster debate’ with ‘left-wing underdogs versus right-wing overdogs and the Christians getting lumped in with the overdogs if they get mentioned at all.’

Holland said Egypt was not a developing nation, which needed help to emerge as a Western democracy but had been the world’s first state, with a civilization on a level with China and Iran.  In Roman times, it had been the world’s bread basket.

Now it was the single largest importer of wheat anywhere on the planet.

In answer to a question from the floor he agreed there had been what felt like ‘silence’ from Western churches, governments and indeed Western Muslims after the attacks, which belied Islamist propaganda that the West colluded with Christians.

Shea also spoke about Syria.

Christians in Syria were now ‘caught in the middle’, she said.  There was a shadow war against them by rebels, with jihadis and al-Qaeda factions deliberately attacking Christians.

‘When they conquer a town they set up sharia courts and mini sharia states.  The Christians are fleeing.  Given the choice to be killed or to leave, they leave.  If they stay, the jizya tax is imposed, and then raised.  If they cannot pay they are killed.’

She said Christians dared not go to refugee camps run by rebels as they would be recruited to fight.
The so-called Damascus Plan drafted by the Free Syrian Army for after the war ends, included retribution killings against any who did not oppose Assad.


I feel sorry for the Churches of the Middle East.  In every Muslim nation  they are being destroyed.  In Bethlehem, under the Palestinian Authority, Christians have gone from a majority population of 85% to a minority population of 10%.  Pretty soon the only Christians in the city will be the priests, nuns, and tourists.  Already the Palestinian Authority has decided to turn the Church of the Nativity into a mosque.  The Church of the Nativity is one of the holiest sites in the Christian world.  Yet there will be no protests when this happens.

The only place in the Middle East where there is total and free religious liberty is Israel.  Yet the Christian Churches will not praise Israel for this, but condemns the Jewish State instead.

Between 1949 and 1955 every Arab nation forcibly removed most of the Jews from their nations.  They laughed doing so, saying:
First the Saturday people.
Then the Sunday people.
In most of the Arab world there are not enough Jews to satisfy their blood lust.  For instance there are only 9 Jews in Egypt.  (All elderly women.)  So now it is the turn of the Sunday people to leave.  And like with the Jews, the world is remaining silent.

Until Christian and World leaders cry out and demand a stop to the persecution, the murders, the rapes, the torture of their fellow Christians, the Muslims will keep doing what they want and laughing while we just sit back and do nothing.

U.S. Predator Drones Send Three Haqqani Network Jihadis In North Waziristan To Hell's Gates

Finally...another drone strike by the U.S. in Pakistan - only the third time in all of September happened yesterday when several hellfire missiles took out three members of the Haqqani Network in North Waziristan, Pakistan.

I guess we should be happy with three drone strikes in September considering that John Kerry felt there should be ZERO.

The story comes from The Long War Journal.

US drones target Haqqani Network in North Waziristan strike

The US killed three Haqqani Network members in a strike today in Pakistan's Taliban-controlled tribal agency of North Waziristan. The strike is just the third in Pakistan this month.

The CIA-operated, remotely piloted Predators or the more deadly Reapers fired a pair of missiles at a compound in the village of Darga Mandi in the Ghulam Khan area of North Waziristan, Pakistani security officials told AFP. The identities of the fighters who were killed have not been disclosed.

Today's strike in Darga Mandi is the second in the village this month, and the third strike in Pakistan in September. On Sept. 5, the US killed four Haqqani Network fighters in a strike in the village. Mullah Sangeen Zadran, a senior Haqqani network leader, is rumored to have been killed in the strike. His death has not been confirmed.

Over the past year, the Haqqani Network has been in the crosshairs of the CIA. The US killed a Haqqani Network leader known as Maulana Akhtar Zadran along with Abu Saif al Jaziri, an al Qaeda military commander from the Lashkar al Zil, in a drone strike in North Waziristan on July 2. And earlier this month, the Taliban confirmed that Badruddin Haqqani, a top leader of the group, was killed in a US drone attack in August 2012.

The Haqqani Network is a powerful Taliban faction that operates in eastern, central, and northern Afghanistan, and is based in North Waziristan in Pakistan. The terror group has close links with al Qaeda, and is supported by Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence Directorate. Siraj is the operational commander of the Haqqani Network and leads the Miramshah Shura, one of four major Taliban regional councils. Siraj is also a member of al Qaeda's Shura Majlis, or executive council, US intelligence officials have told The Long War Journal.

Since 2008, nine top Haqqani Network leaders, including Sirajuddin, have been placed on the US list of terrorists; six of them were designated in 2011. All of them have ties to al Qaeda. Jalaluddin Haqqani, the patriarch of the group, is also a senior Afghan Taliban leader, but has not been added to the list. For more information on the Haqqani Network, see LWJ report, US adds Haqqani Network to list of terror groups.

Despite the known presence of al Qaeda and other foreign groups in North Waziristan, and requests by the US that action be taken against these groups, the Pakistani military has indicated that it has no plans to take on the Haqqani Network or allied Taliban commander Hafiz Gul Bahadar. The Haqqanis and Bahadar's fighters are considered "good Taliban" by the Pakistani military establishment as they do not carry out attacks inside Pakistan. In June 2012, Bahadar banned polio vaccinations in North Waziristan, in protest against US drone strikes.

The US has launched 22 drone strikes in Pakistan so far this year, according to data compiled by The Long War Journal. The number of strikes in Pakistan has decreased since a peak in 2010, when 117 such attacks were recorded. In 2011, 64 strikes were launched in Pakistan, and in 2012 there were 46 strikes.

The US has targeted al Qaeda's top leaders and its external operations network, as well as the assortment of Taliban and Pakistani jihadist groups operating in the region. The strikes have been confined mostly to North and South Waziristan. Of the 346 strikes recorded since 2004, 329, or 95%, have taken place in the two tribal agencies. But al Qaeda is known to have an extensive network throughout Pakistan.

Obama's Support of Terror

From Family Security Matters.

No Material Support for Terrorists

Tuesday, on the Corner, I decried Republican assent to the Obama policy of arming the opposition to Syrian dictator Bashar Assad. As I've previously observed, these so-called rebels are more accurately described as mujahideen - meaning jihad warriors, which is what many of them proclaim themselves to be. Throughout its ranks and in key leadership posts, the Assad opposition championed by the bipartisan Beltway prominently features the Muslim Brotherhood, a virulently anti-American Islamic-supremacist organization. The opposition, moreover, is rife with al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorists, including groups such as al-Nusra and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. These jihadists are among the opposition's most effective fighters, so much so that the purportedly "moderate" commanders have threatened to quit the "Free Syrian Army" - the group Washington would have us support - if Western pressure to exclude them continues.

In the Corner post, I belittled Washington's approach as "the Obama-GOP Doctrine": to wit, "If you are with us, you are with the terrorists" - a starkly embarrassing contrast to the Bush Doctrine ("Either you are with us or you are with the terrorists") announced in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks.

This latest round in the roiling debate over Syria policy was triggered by President Obama's waiver of statutory prohibitions against aiding terrorists. In response to fierce criticism, the administration and its bipartisan supporters claim that the waiver is a valid exercise of the president's authority under the Arms Export Control Act (AECA). They urge (a) that the waiver is necessary to provide the Syrian "rebels" with equipment that will protect them from what is alleged to be the Assad regime's practice of using chemical weapons; and (b) that since the AECA applies to Syria only - purportedly - because of its relationship with Hezbollah, the waiver is appropriate because it is designed not to help Hezbollah but to help the opposition that is fighting both Hezbollah and Assad.

These rationalizations fail for several reasons.

1. The Waiver Is Illegal Under the Terms of the AECA
Notice that my post does not confine itself to the AECA - I contended that Obama is violating "prohibitions in federal law" against aiding terrorists. These prohibitions are considerably broader than just the AECA. But for starters, let's stick to the AECA.

Under the pertinent provision of the act, the prohibitions against military aid to a country are not limited by its government's history of promoting particular terrorist groups. That is to say, even if it were correct that Hezbollah alone was responsible for the AECA's application to Syria, this would not narrow transactions prohibited under the statute to those by which the Assad regime could benefit Hezbollah. (As it happens, Hezbollah is far from the only terrorist entity abetted by Syria; the Assad regime's patron is Iran, the world's numero uno terrorism promoter; Syria, furthermore, has a history of supporting and providing safe harbor for Hamas - the Muslim Brotherhood's Palestinian terrorist branch, which happens to be allied with the "rebels" in the Syrian civil war.)

In point of fact, AECA prohibitions apply to countries, not regimes that govern countries - i.e., they apply here to Syria, not just Assad. There is good reason for this. If a government with a history of supporting terrorism is on the brink of collapse or overthrow, there is even more risk than usual that any weaponry and other military aid we provide will fall into the hands of terrorists. This is not just abstract logic; we know it from our own very recent experience: Since the regime fell in Qaddafi's Libya - thanks to Obama's unauthorized war - weapons distributed to and purloined by jihadists have fueled al-Qaeda's operations in North Africa and may well have contributed to the Benghazi massacre, in which four American officials were murdered and several others seriously wounded.

In any event, once the AECA applies to a country, the provision of military and other aid outlined in the statute is prohibited. The president's power to waive this prohibition is very limited. It is not good enough for the president to say the aid is in U.S. interests. A waiver is valid only if the aid in question is "essential" to U.S. "national security" interests. The interests of Syrians are irrelevant under the law's plain terms.

It is inconceivable that supplying materiel to Syrians, including equipment that protects people from chemical weapons, could be essential to American national security. Obviously, if American national security were actually at risk, we would be invading Syria with our own forces, not arming the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda.

In fact, in the case of Syria, it is more likely true that withholding protective equipment and arms is essential to American national security. There are, after all, reports - from Turkey, Iraq, and Syria - detailing chemical-weapons manufacturing, procurement, and use by al-Qaeda-affiliated groups that are systematically incorporated into the operations of the Syrian opposition. The Obama administration and Republican leaders are in high dudgeon over Assad's alleged use of chemical weapons, but they seem to have a frog in their throats when it comes to the "rebels." As I recounted in a recent column, though:

[Here's] the dirty little secret about chemical weapons: The rebels not only want them, they have them and they quite likely have used them, both in Syria and elsewhere. Al-Qaeda has been seeking to procure and use chemical weapons for over 20 years - and unlike Assad, al-Qaeda affiliates are quite likely to use them against the United States and Israel if they have the chance.

Our government's provision to the opposition of protective equipment could, perversely, encourage these jihadist elements to continue their chemical-weapons activities. Access to protective equipment means there is less risk in the manufacture, handling, and use of these weapons.

Video: Finding the Ambushers

Video: Some People Were Just Born Assholes

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Photo of the Day: This Is What Islam Does To Christians

Photo of Christian victims from the Kenya mall attack - killed in cold blood by followers of Mohammed.

(Hat Tip: Henry Bowman)

Boko Haram Weekend Update: Muslim Terrorist Group Attacks Nigerian School, Massacre Yields 50 Dead

Just earlier today I blogged about the week's tally of dead from Boko Haram attacks in Nigeria and mentioned we didn't have a weekend report yet.  Now we do.  And it is hdeous - 50 innocents at a school in Nigeria were slaughtered like sheep in a Boko Haram attach earlier this morning.

So there you have it...the predictable weekend Boko Haram massacre.

The story comes from Israel National News.

Islamists Massacre 50 Students at Nigerian School

Islamist gunmen have stormed a school in northern Nigeria, massacring at least 50 students, in the latest attack by Islamist terrorists in the region.

Coming just days after a deadly attack on a Kenyan shopping mall by Somalian Islamists, the attack - blamed on terrorists from the Al Qaeda-linked "Boko Haram" group - underlines the increased threat of Islamist terrorism in Africa.

Molima Idi Mato, a senior administrator at the Yobe State College of Agriculture told The Associated Press that as many as 50 students may have been killed in the attack that began at about 1 a.m. Sunday in rural Gujba. According to reports, gunmen executed many of their victims as they slept in their dormitories, with up to 1,000 other students fleeing into the surrounding countryside to escape.

Mato warned that the death toll could be higher, as security forces were still recovering bodies.

Northern Nigeria has been wracked by an Islamist insurgency targeting local Christians, security forces and government institutions. Boko Haram is the largest of a number of Islamist factions behind the violence, being waged in pursuit of the establishment of an Islamic state. It's name - which means "Western education is forbidden" in the Hausa language - reflects the group's opposition to any non-Muslim or western influence in the country, including within its education system.

This is not the first time Islamists have targeted Nigerian schools, and most schools in the area were closed after terrorists killed 29 pupils and a teacher on July 6, burning some alive in their hostels, at Mamudo outside Damaturu.

The government has already come under fire for failing to provide adequate protection for Yobe State College, after students were urged to return for the start of the school year amid promises that security forces would provide protection. According to local sources, no such protection ever materialized for the school in question, leaving it at the mercy of Boko Haram, which has already killed more 1,700 since 2010 in its quest to establish an Islamic state.

There's More Than One Way To Put Out a Truck Fire

Islamic Terror Group, Boko Haram, Killed 27 Christians This Week In Nigeria

Yep.  Just another week in northern Nigeria where Christians are hunted like dogs.

Boko Haram killed 27 this past week and we still don't have any reports on this weekend's tally.

The story comes from Reuters via The Religion of Peace.

Nigerian Islamists kill 27 in northeast attacks: official

(Reuters) - Gunmen from Islamist group Boko Haram killed 27 villagers in two attacks in Nigeria's restive northeast this week, a government official said, as violence continued to flare in the face of an army crackdown on the militants.

Boko Haram wants to create an Islamic state in northern Nigeria and has become the biggest security threat in Africa's second largest economy and top oil exporter.

Six people were killed in an attack on Wednesday night in Gamboru, a remote town close to the Cameroon border in Borno state, local government chairman Alhaji Modu Gana Sheriff told reporters.

Sheriff said gunmen returned on Thursday night and killed 21 more civilians. A Borno military source said he thought the attacks were coordinated and confirmed the death toll.

Authorities have disconnected phone lines in Borno to try to disrupt Boko Haram's operations, which means it often takes days for news of attacks to reach state capital Maiduguri.

Violence has intensified over the past two months, as the Islamists fight back against a military operation that President Goodluck Jonathan ordered in May to try to crush their four-year-old rebellion.

There was an initial lull in the violence when the military operation started in May and Islamists fled their bases in cities, forests and mountains across the northeast.

But then the militants started revenge attacks, first on schools, seen as focuses of the Western culture they despise, then on the security forces and the civilians they believed were helping the army.

Several hundred people have died in attacks over the past few weeks. Some observers say the army offensive has only succeeded in pushing attacks away from well-guarded large towns and cities into vulnerable rural areas.

Thousands have been killed since Boko Haram launched its uprising against the state in 2009, turning itself from a clerical movement opposed to Western culture into an armed militia with growing links to al Qaeda's West African wing.

Israel Catches Iranian Spy

From Times of India.

Israel says it has caught alleged Iranian spy

JERUSALEM: Israel's domestic security service says it has arrested a Belgian citizen of Iranian origin who it claims has admitted he was sent to Israel to spy for Iran.

A statement by the Shin Bet says Ali Mansouri, who entered Israel under the name Alex Mans, was sent by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard's elite Quds Force to set up business ties in Israel as a front for spying.

The Shin Bet said Mansouri made three visits to Israel since 2012 in the guise of a windows and roofing salesman. The Shin Bet said Mansouri was caught with photographs he took of the US embassy in Tel Aviv.

The Shin Bet said on Sunday it arrested Mansouri three weeks ago at the airport.

A lawyer for Mansouri could not immediately be contacted.

Assad's Air Strike Hits Syrian High School, 12 Killed, Mostly Students

The carnage which is Syria continues...war is hell, civil war between Islamic sects is hell on stage.

The article comes from Times of India.

Air strike kills 12 in Syrian high school: NGO

BEIRUT: An activist group says government warplanes have bombed a high school in northern Syria, killing at least 12 people, most of them students.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says the regime airstrike took place on Sunday in the city of Raqqa, which is the only Syrian provincial capital under rebel control.

The Observatory said the death toll is likely to rise because many of the wounded have serious injuries.

President Bashar Assad's regime has relied heavily on its air force to strike rebel-held areas in the country's 2-year-old conflict.

Video: One Less Taliban

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Kenya Refuses To Cave To Al Qaeda, Will NOT Pull Troops Out of Somalia

 Funerals continued on Friday for the victims on the third and final day of official mourning, with President Uhuru Kenyatta attending the service of his slain nephew.

From Times of India.

Kenya says no to Somalia pullout after al-Shabaab attack

NAIROBI: Kenya has vowed not to bow to al-Shabaab's threats of more attacks if troops are not pulled out of Somalia, following a devastating mall attack in Nairobi by the Al-Qaida-linked insurgents.

"We went to Somalia because al-Shabaab was a threat to national security ... We will continue to take action on that front until our security and interests in the country are protected," interior minister Joseph Ole Lenku told reporters on Friday.

Somalia's al-Shabaab chief Ahmed Abdi Godane said the Nairobi Westgate mall carnage in which at least 67 people were killed would be followed by "more bloodshed" unless Kenya left Somalia.

Kenya invaded southern Somalia to attack al-Shabaab bases two years ago, and later joined the 17,700-strong African Union force deployed in the country.

Funerals continued on Friday for the victims on the third and final day of official mourning, with President Uhuru Kenyatta attending the service of his slain nephew.

As well as scores of Kenyans, many of the dead were foreigners, including from Britain, Canada, China, France, the Netherlands, India, South Africa and South Korea.

Nigerian Nobel literature laureate Wole Soyinka and other writers paid tribute to renowned Ghanaian poet and statesman Kofi Awoonor who was among the dead.

"We denounce these enemies of humanity," Soyinka said, accompanied by several writers and authors at a press conference in Freedom Park in central Lagos, Nigeria's largest city.

Dozens more are unaccounted for, with 59 people still listed by the Red Cross as missing after the attack — one of the worst in Kenya's history.

The extremists on Friday gloated at the massacre, which saw a group of gunmen storm the part Israeli-owned complex at midday on Saturday, firing from the hip and hurling grenades at shoppers and staff, before holding off Kenyan and foreign forces with a barrage of bullets for four days.

"The mesmeric performance by the Westgate Warriors was undoubtedly gripping, but despair not folks that was just the premiere of Act 1," the group said in one of a string of messages posted on social media.

Since the unprecedented 80-hour siege ended late on Tuesday, al-Shabaab have claimed responsibility for an attack on Thursday on a police compound on the border with Somalia, killing two officers.

Attacks are common in Kenya's northeastern border with Somalia, with regular grenade blasts or shooting ever since Kenyan troops crossed into southern Somalia two years ago.

Close to 200 people were wounded in the four-day mall carnage in one of Nairobi's largest shopping centres, which was popular among wealthy Kenyans, diplomats, UN workers and other expatriates.

Police continued to scour the fire-blackened rubble in Westgate for bodies and clues, with Lenku insisting that contents of smashed shops would be protected from looters.

Kenya's parliamentary defence committee meanwhile ordered army, security and intelligence chiefs to answer questions about the handling of the siege next week.

Army fired bazooka rockets

Police have pleaded for patience as Kenyan and international teams — including from Britain, the United States, Israel, Germany, Canada and Interpol — painstakingly examine the mall.

With around a third of the building collapsed — as though hit by an earthquake — and with the risk of booby traps amongst the mangled wreckage, the work of international forensic and security experts will take days to complete.

Several members of the Kenyan forces involved in battle inside the mall said that the fire broke out on Monday after Kenyans fired at least two bazooka anti-tank rockets at the gunmen, who were holed up in the strong room of a supermarket.

"In the end we had to use full force, we had to finish with these guys," said one member of the elite force.

Top Interpol official Jean-Michel Louting, speaking near the mall, told AFP the challenge for investigators was to try "to remove the three levels that collapsed and see what is underneath".

Interpol issued an international arrest notice at Kenya's request for 29-year-old Samantha Lewthwaite, dubbed the 'White Widow', a reference to her marriage to one of the suicide bombers who killed 52 people in London's July 2005 terror attacks.

Nairobi accuses her of alleged links to al-Shabaab and the possession of explosives in a 2011 plot, and there has been widespread media speculation over her possible role in Nairobi's deadly siege, despite no concrete evidence so far.

Five suspected attackers were killed in the mall and eight other people detained, officials said. Three others have since been released without charge.

Kenya further sought to shrug off the threats with the government issuing a defiant statement to say plans to raise close to $1.5 billion (1.1 billion euros) in a debut international bond issue were unaffected.

"The Kenyan economy, just like the spirit of our people, is unshaken by the recent tragedy," treasury secretary Henry Rotich said in a statement.

Still the country remains traumatized.

Somalis living in Kenya are terrified of retaliatory attacks, against the half a million refugees as well as members of the native ethnic Somali community.

Video: Brigitte Gabriel Takes Keith Ellison To the Woodhouse

Has Iran Gone Nuclear Already?

Although the report comes originally from Maariv, an Israeli paper notorious for being far left and their reports have been far from the truth, I submit this to you, my truth seeker, so you can make an honest assessment.
Some Israeli government analysts believe Iran already has at least one nuclear bomb, an Israeli journalist wrote in an article published Friday.

Shalom Yerushalmi, writing in the national daily Maariv, said that “government security sources up to date on development in Iran,” told him recently that Tehran has crossed all points of no return and already has its first nuclear weapon, and maybe more.

The report marks the first time a government official has been quoted saying Iran already has a nuclear weapon. No sources in the piece were named.

The information, if true, would mark a major shift in international relations and would be a game changer in terms of a regional power balance.

“It’s too late for Israel [to prevent an Iranian bomb]. Iran has crossed all the borders and all the constraints, and it has a first nuclear bomb in its possession, and maybe more than that,” Yerushalmi writes, basing himself on what he says is the assessment he heard this week from state security sources. ”We are facing a historic change in the strategic balance of forces in the region.”

He then quotes a source who he says is deeply familiar with what he calls the relentless war against the Iranians. “This is no longer about how to prevent a bomb,” the source is quoted saying, “but about how to prevent its being launched, and what to do if and when.”

Yerushalmi, still basing himself on the anonymous security sources’ assessment, goes on to compare the current behavior of Iran’s Supreme leader Ali Khamenei, and new President Hasan Rouhani, in their interactions with the West, to a soccer coach at the end of a hard-fought match which he knows he has now won. The Iranian leadership is behaving with the air of “those who have achieved their target, and therefore can today afford to be more generous and to offer new (self-serving) messages.” The Iranian leadership can afford to be friendlier, he writes, “because victory has been secured.”

Maariv led its Friday paper with a photograph of a smiling Rouhani, alongside the headline, “What’s hiding behind the smile,” and a sub-headline quoting the security sources saying Iran now has “at least one bomb.” It then adds that most in the security establishment, however, still believe that this “nightmare scenario has not yet been realized.”

While most Western countries believe Iran’s nuclear program is intended for military purposes, officials in Israel, the US and elsewhere say Tehran has yet to “break out” toward a bomb, a process that could take over a year.

Iran, which on Thursday agreed to renewed talks with world powers on curbing its nuclear program, says its program is for peaceful purposes.

On Friday, Iranian and UN officials met to discuss whether to resume inspections meant to determine whether Tehran worked on atomic arms, in a test of pledges by Iran’s new president to reduce nuclear tensions.

Iranian envoy Reza Najafi said in Vienna that it would be unrealistic to expect that “in just one day of meeting we can solve our problems.”

Herman Nackaerts of the International Atomic Energy Agency said only that he hoped the meeting could “intensify the dialogue.”

The UN agency wants access to a site it suspects was used to test conventional explosive triggers meant to set off a nuclear blast.

A report released last month by the IAEA said that while Iran was testing new centrifuges, which could help it eventually create a nuclear weapon, its uranium stockpile was still below the amount needed for a bomb.

“It is unlikely, at this point, that Iran could dash toward further enrichment to weapons-grade without the IAEA detecting Tehran’s activities,” Reuters quoted the Arms Control Association, a Washington-based advocacy and research group.

Israel sees an Iranian nuclear weapon as an existential threat, and Jerusalem has campaigned vigorously around the world for heavy sanctions to be placed on Iran, with a threat of military action should those fail to stop the nuclear program.

Next week, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is due to deliver a speech at the United Nations during which he is expected to press for maintaining pressure on Iran despite a recent easing of tensions between Tehran and the West. In comments Tuesday, Netanyahu urged the world not to be “fooled” by Iran’s newly moderate rhetoric, which he said was a “smokescreen” to obscure its continued drive toward nuclear weapons.

Israel would welcome a genuine diplomatic solution that truly dismantles Iran’s capacity to develop nuclear weapons,Netanyahu said. “But we will not be fooled by half-measures that merely provide a smokescreen for Iran’s continual pursuit of nuclear weapons. And the world should not be fooled either.”

If true this would explain why Iranian President Hasan Rouhani is talking about the UN stopping the sanctions.  After all they have already gotten nuclear weapons and sanctions did not stop them.  But President Barack Hussein Obama's appeasement not only is helping Iran, he is pleased with the progress they achieved.  Along with forcing Israel into the Auschwitz Borders, Obama is well underway to appease his Muslim masters and destroy the West in the process.  For after all  Obama has been in communications with Iran, capitulating to their demands, and accepting the fact that Iran not only has a nuclear weapon, but will attack Israel with the weapon while the world stands by as they finish the job Hitler started.

Muslim Rapists Out of Control in Pakistan - 6 Year Old Girl Raped, Attacker Caught

From DAWN.

Suspect in rape of minor arrested from Karachi

KARACHI: A man accused of raping a six-year-old girl in Karachi’s Orangi Town area was arrested on Saturday, a police official said.

Station House Officer (SHO) at Iqbal Market police station, Amjad Kayani, said that he got information that a body of a minor girl was found on the roof of Shaheed-i-Millat Dispensary in Orangi.

On reaching the spot, it was found that the victim was in a semi-conscious state and was bleeding profusely.

“Fortunately, she could respond to questions and informed us who brought her to the roof and where she lived,” said SHO Kayani. It was one of her cousins identified only as Ashraf aged 21 who also happened to be her close neighbour.

On the other hand, the girl’s family had been frantically looking for her everywhere with the help of neighbours. Ashraf, feigning worry, also joined the family in their search, the officer added.

The girl on seeing Ashraf identified him as the rapist in front of her parents, who was beaten by the family members and subsequently taken to the police station.

The girl was eventually taken to a hospital where she was undergoing treatment.

Meanwhile, SHO Kayani said, “We’ll take the accused to the court where we are expecting that he is handed a life sentence or at least 10 years in prison.”

In a separate incident, two men accused of raping a sixteen-year-old girl were also arrested by the Mehmoodabad police.

According to a police official, one of the accused persons trapped the girl into believing that he would marry her. But, later, he raped her along with his accomplice.

Rape cases to be tried under anti-terrorism laws

Taking notice of the rising number of incidents of sexual assault, the provincial government of Sindh decided to register these cases under the Anti-Terrorism Act, Minister for Women Development and Social Welfare Rubina Saadat Qaimkhani told reporters at a press conference. As an additional precautionary measure, only parents would be allowed to fetch their children from schools.

Speaking alongside Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) lawmaker Saira Shahliani at the Karachi Press Club, the minister strongly condemned the incidents. Qaimkhani said the government decided to act on an emergency basis to stop the recurrence of such incidents. She said the government has decided to enact appropriate laws to deal with such deplorable crimes under the Anti-Terrorism Act. She added that stringent punishments were needed to bring such criminals to the book in order to curb violence against minors.

Video: Al Qaeda Hits Iraq Again With Terror Bombing

Video: Latest U.S. Tactic in Afghanistan....Bomb the Taliban With Photos of Obama

Friday, September 27, 2013

Obama Declares November "Muslim Appreciation Month"

President Barack Obama held a press conference to announce that he is declaring the month of November ‘National Muslim Appreciation Month’.

“The Muslim community deserves our full acceptance and respect,” Obama told reporters. “We have killed millions of Muslims overseas since the September 11th attacks. They are not all bad. In fact most of them are good. So from now on, November will be a month to celebrate the Muslim community, the Sunnah and the Quran.” 

NOTE:  So it appears this is a "tongue in cheek" report but I'm going to leave it up for two reasons:

1.  Does anyone think he WOULDN'T do this?

2.  Maybe I'll get lucky and some Lefties will have a meltdown and call me a racist

- Holger 


"The Cops Amaze Me"

As heard on radio station WHAM 1180 AM out of Rochester NY - dj Bob Lonsberry

(Hat Tip:  Henry Bowman)

The Cops Amaze Me

The cops amaze me.
Some days I honestly don’t know how they do it.
Like yesterday, at the Navy Yard.
We know about the bad guy, we know about his military record and his criminal record. And we know what he did.
But we don’t know much about how he came to stop doing what he was doing.
We don’t know much about how they took him down.
But what we do know is impressive.
Which gets back to the cops.
Yesterday morning about 8:20, the first 9-1-1 call came in of trouble in Building 197. Moments later, an alert was broadcast and officers began speeding toward the Navy Yard from across the District of Columbia.
Regular patrol officers.
Some from schools, some from speed-enforcement details, all from the first hour a new shift and a new week. Old, young, male, female, black, white. They just came. Primarily from the Metropolitan Police Department and the Federal Park Police.
Officers whose lives were going from zero to 60 in the blink of an eye. Officers who went from the sleepy good morning of a Monday dawn to the real-world battlefield of an active shooter.
They began to arrive almost immediately.
And quickly formed up into an assault team.
They didn’t wait for the SWAT team. They didn’t stand back and wait for the armored personnel carrier. They formed up and went in.
Specifically, seven minutes after the first call, an ad hoc team of park police and district police with AR-15s ran into the building in their patrol uniforms.
They ran to the sound of the gunfire.
They closed with the enemy, and engaged him, and killed him.
And by every account some 10 minutes after the first word of trouble had breathed across the police radio, regular patrol officers had killed the gunman and ended his assault.
He fought the law, and the law won.
It’s impossible to calculate how many lives that saved. It’s impossible to calculate how much expertise that took.
It’s impossible to grasp the mindset of readiness that must permeate the men and women of law enforcement. Without notice, the police can be thrown into life-and-death situations where every second and every decision counts.
And sometimes, like yesterday, they must operate in an environment that is heartbreaking and troubling. The responding officers at the Navy Yard ran past the dead and dying, their blood pooling where they lay, in order to press their attack against a monster.
And that was just yesterday.
Every day it is different, every call it is different. Sometimes they are comforting heartbroken children, other times they are knocking on the door to inform someone of the death of a relative. Sometimes they are spat upon, other times they are vomited upon. They are hated and loved, cursed and praised, sometimes on the same call.
They see the carnage of the highways, the sorrow of abused and neglected children, the collapse of a battered wife. They talk the despondent off bridges, they catch the drunk drivers, they try to mediate family and neighbor disputes.
And half the time they do it while being cussed by one group or another. Maybe it’s the neighborhood people. Maybe it’s the pastors. Maybe it’s an activist with a cell-phone video.
The politicians trash them, the residents trash them, the police brass trashes them. They’re ready to lay down their lives for strangers, but heaven help them if anybody thinks they were impolite to a citizen. Heaven help them if they disrespected somebody’s culture.
They fight crime all day, every day, and usually it is a pretty low-key affair. Until there’s a glint of sunlight or a stumbling drunk or a dispatch on the radio.
That’s when it’s Superman time.
That’s when the next 10 minutes of your life are going to be some of the most important in your life.
Like yesterday at the Navy Yard.
Across a big city, the routine of the morning worked its way out. Until there was a cry for help, and the sirens began to roar, and a crew of men and women from at least a couple of departments ran toward the danger.
And killed it.
Before he could kill anybody else.
The cops amaze me.


Obama's Islamist Friends In America Downplay the Massacre and Suffering of Egypt's Christians

The circle around Barack Hussein Obama - it's FILLED with the worst that Islam has to offer in this country and more and more of them are capitalizing on their connection to the President to provide cover for their anti-Semitic, anti-Christian views - their terror is now becoming mainstream...all because of a Muslim-leaning administration.

The story comes from The Investigative Project on Terrorism.

Obama-linked Islamists Downplay Coptic Suffering on Social Media

Dalia Moghaed, credited with helping President Obama draft his June 2009 Cairo speech about American relations with the Islamic world, recently downplayed attacks against Egypt's Coptic Christians on a Facebook page.

More than 80 Coptic churches were burned by Brotherhood supporters after the Egyptian military's crackdown last month on Muslim Brotherhood encampments in Cairo. A local branch of the Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party appeared to sanction violence in retaliation for the Coptic Church's backing of the Egyptian military.

Nonetheless, Mogahed pointed the finger at the Egyptian media.

"The Egyptian media took advantage of the Copts to achieve many personal/political gains, which has angered the West," Mogahed said in a Sept. 22 post which appeared on the Facebook page of the Egyptian Americans for Democracy and Human Rights (EADHR).

The EADHR was founded by members of the Muslim American Society (MAS), which in turn was founded as an "overt arm" of the Egyptian Brotherhood.

Mogahed isn't the only American Islamist tied to the Obama administration to slam the Copts on social media.

In a Sept. 15 Twitter post, Mohamed Elibiary, a member of the Department of Homeland Security's Homeland Security Advisory Council, accused American Coptic activists of fanning hatred of Islam.

"For >decade since 9/11 attack extremist American #Coptic activists have nurtured anti #Islam & anti #Muslim sentiments among AM RT wing," Elibiary wrote.

In earlier tweets, Elibiary attacked American Copts for protesting against how their relatives in Egypt have been treated by the Islamists.

"Good read by @mwhanna1 on need to reform #Coptic activism in #US including stop promoting #Islamophobia," Elibiary wrote Sept. 14.

"I think the Obama administration should be ashamed to have had someone like this in their administration," said Michael Meunier, president of Egypt's Al-Haya Party and a Coptic activist. "This underscores the thinking inside the Obama administration."

Brotherhood groups in the United States and their supporters are lashing out at the Copts, who have been among the Muslim Brotherhood's visceral critics, and dismiss their grievances as mere bigotry. Meunier charged that the Brotherhood is trying to slander the Copts to reduce their effectiveness.

"The Copts have nothing to be ashamed of. Morsi made the Copts' lives' hell, so they got together with the moderate Muslims to overthrow Morsi," Meunier said. "The Muslim Brotherhood victimized the Copts, and now it wants to blame them."

Video: Sneaking Up On Assad's Troops

New Low For Pakistani Taliban ...Attack Two Earthquake Aid Helicopters Hauling Emergency Food

We've seen the Taliban poison a girls' school water supply, we've seen them throw acid in the faces of young girls and we've seen them blow up innocents in buses many times...but today we saw the Taliban attack emergency aid helicopters in Pakistan carrying emergency food for earthquake victims.

If the Pakistani government gave one rat's ass about their people they'd begin a bombing campaign on the Taliban starting today and last through the end of the year - but no, they try to "talk" with savages who literally try to shoot down aid helicopters.  Amazing.

The story comes from DAWN.

Two relief helicopters attacked; Balochistan quake toll rises to 359

QUETTA: Militants attacked two helicopters carrying relief goods in Balochistan's earthquake-affected Awaran district on Friday, the Frontier Crops spokesman said.

Khan Wasey, the FC spokesman said militants opened fire at two helicopters which were landing at Mashkay to provide relief goods to earthquake survivors.

"Small arms were used during the attack,” he said, adding that FC personnel engaged in relief activities retaliated and the militants sped away in their vehicles. "There was no loss of life."

In the second assault in as many days, the militants attacked the helicopter at a time when Chief Minister Balochistan Dr Malik Baloch, Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif and Interior Minister Chaudhary Nisar Ali Khan were on a visit to Awaran, the district in the province worst affected by Tuesday’s earthquake that has so far claimed 359 lives.

Moreover, 765 people were wounded in the 7.7 magnitude earthquake, with officials saying thousands had been left homeless and some 300,000 people had been affected in remote parts of the province.

The quake had toppled thousands of mud-built homes as it spread havoc through Awaran and Kech districts and through the southwestern parts of the country, Balochistan government spokesperson Mohammad Jan Buledi said.

Communications systems in the sparsely populated province were badly affected as a result of the earthquake and rescue workers were facing difficulties in reaching survivors in remote areas of the province.

Teams were working to recover bodies, but the priority was to move the injured to hospitals as soon as possible, a difficult task in a desolate area with minimal infrastructure.

Official sources told Dawn that the earthquake had rendered about 21,000 families homeless in the two districts.

They said an area spread over 40,000 square kilometres had been affected and the communications system, especially roads, had been badly damaged.

Earlier on Thursday, a helicopter carrying chairman National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), Major General Alam Saeed, came under rocket attack in the Mashkay tehsil of the province’s Awaran district.

Awaran is considered one of the most sensitive and troubled districts of Balochistan and is also the hometown of Baloch guerrila commander, Dr Allah Nazar Baloch and Chief Minister Dr Malik Baloch has already made an appeal to Dr Allah Nazar to cooperate with aid agencies in order to provide support to earthquake survivors.

Balochistan is the country's most impoverished province. The lack of infrastructure such as decent roads has hampered relief efforts. The Pakistani military has been ferrying aid into the region by helicopter and evacuating the injured.

Video: To Veil or Not To Veil In the UK

Video: Don't Mess With This Guy's Catch and Release Program

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Iranian President Calls On Israel To Get Rid of Their Nukes (so Iran will be the only ones to have them)

How can Bibi Netanyahu even listen to the Iranian President and mullahs without breaking out into laughter?  The only thing missing in Tehran is a little tiny car for these clowns to come piling out of.

The new President of Iran has this real brainstorm that Israel (and the whole world) should sign a nuclear non-proliferation treaty and then, and ONLY THEN, will Iran talk about stopping their own program.

So, I'm supposed to believe that if Israel got rid of all of their nukes, the Iranians would destroy their nuke plants and never, ever try to make nuclear weapons?  Yeah right - that would be like entrusting $500,000 of your money with Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi to hang on to and never, ever spend.

The story comes from The Jerusalem Post.

Rouhani calls on Israel to sign Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty 'without delay'

NEW YORK - Iranian President Hassan Rouhani denounced the proliferation, use and stockpiling of nuclear weapons on Thursday, in his first extensive speech on nuclear arms since assuming office.

Calling for a "nuclear-free zone" in the Middle East, Rouhani said that Israel was the only country in the region that had not yet signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, and requested that it do so "without delay."

The developed world focuses on preventing states without nuclear weapons from acquiring them, Rouhani said, but the international community should also focus on disarming countries that have stockpiled hundreds or thousands of them since Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

"Nonproliferation derives its legitimacy from the larger objective of nuclear disarmament," he said, calling for a "high-level" conference within five years geared toward the "complete elimination" of the greatest weapons.

In a veiled reference to a Russian-brokered deal that will rid Syria of its massive chemical weapons stockpile, Rouhani said "all weapons of mass destruction" should be eliminated in the Middle East.

Addressing the General Assembly in his capacity as the head of the Non-Aligned Movement, Rouhani commended the "valuable contribution" of nuclear weapon-free zones to international peace and security. "A peaceful and secure world remains a shared ideal for us all," he said. "We have an architecture of treaties and norms that aim to achieve this agreed goal, yet thousands of these weapons continue to pose the greatest threat to peace.

"Almost four decades of international efforts to establish nuclear weapon-free zones have regrettably failed," he said. "Urgent, practical steps toward the establishment of such a zone are necessary. The international community has to redouble efforts in support of the establishment of this zone."

Rouhani further said that taking steps to reduce the number of nuclear weapons in the world "is no substitute for destruction."

"Nuclear weapon states have the primary responsibility for nuclear disarmament," he said. "Threatening non-nuclear states with nuclear weapons should end. The modernization of these weapons undercuts efforts for their total abolition."

He further called for the the implementation of the non-proliferation treaty "in a comprehensive and non-discriminatory manner."

Video: Will There Be Anything Left of Syria?

Pakistani Jihadis Attack Indian Police Station and Army Base In Kashmir, 9 Dead

 The attackers escaped after hijacking a truck and were now engaged in a fierce gunbattle with Indian troops in the Samba district of Indian administered Kashmir, the NDTV news network and other local media reported. — File Photo by AFP

In just days after the widely publicized Islamic terror attack on the shopping mall in Kenya, Islam continues to cull the human population of the Earth as Islamic terrorists from Pakistan stole into Indian-controlled Kashmir attacking a police station as well as an Indian army installation - between dead police, civilians and Indian troops, the death toll stands at nine.

The story comes from DAWN.

Militants kill nine in Kashmir, says Indian police

SRINAGAR: Militants stormed a police station and an Indian army base in Kashmir on Thursday, killing at least nine in an attack the state's chief minister said was aimed at derailing peace talks between India and Pakistan.

“This attack in Jammu is aimed at derailing the dialogue process,” said Omar Abdullah, chief minister of the Indian administered Kashmir.

The group of militants who attacked a police station and army camp in India administered Kashmir on Thursday had crossed the border from Pakistan the previous day, the state's chief minister said.

Omar Abdullah told reporters that the raid appeared designed to upset plans for a meeting in New York this week between Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

“Given the history, timing and location, the aim is to derail the proposed meeting between Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and his Pakistani counterpart,” Abdullah said. “There are forces that are inimical to peace and want to derail any peace process.”

The militants, all wearing army fatigues, lobbed grenades and opened fire at the Hiranagar police station near the border with Pakistan, police said.

Around the same time attackers struck at an army base in the nearby Samba district in the southern-most part of the the Indian-administered state where a fierce gunbattle with soldiers took place and Indian tanks were deployed.

The attacks are set to overshadow a meeting by Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and his Pakistani counterpart Nawaz Sharif on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly this weekend, the first top-level dialogue in three years.

Manmohan Singh condemned “the heinous terrorist attack” in a statement but said that that it “will not deter us and will not succeed in derailing our efforts to find a resolution to all problems through a process of dialogue”.

Militant attacks have a history of stalling stop-start peace efforts between the two neighbours, who have fought three wars since independence, because New Delhi accuses Pakistan of abetting the groups which strike Indian targets.

The NDTV channel reported that Thursday's attackers may have driven from the police station to the army camp in a hijacked truck, but other security sources cautioned that there might have been separate groups.

“I was inside the dhaba (a roadside eatery) when I saw three men entering the camp firing a barrage of bullets. They opened the gates and entered,” one eyewitness told reporters outside the army camp in Samba.

Gunshots could be heard ringing out from inside the walled compound, while two officers could be seen running out carrying an injured man over their shoulder.

At least five policemen and two civilians were killed in the first attack on the police station in Kathua district, a police officer told AFP, and at least two soldiers including an officer died in the second assault, a separate army source who asked not to be named confirmed.

Indian premier Singh confirmed on Wednesday that he would meet his Pakistani counterpart Nawaz Sharif despite calls from the opposition to take a hardline with Islamabad.

Formal peace talks known as the Composite Dialogue are currently off and India has been keen to downplay any expectation they might restart as a result of Sunday's talks.

“Primarily we will see whether the dialogue process that started between the two countries, that stopped and got derailed, can that be brought back on track,” Foreign Minister Salman Khurshid told reporters at the UN on Wednesday.

Kashmir, a picturesque Himalayan territory, is divided between India and Pakistan by a de facto border known as the Line of Control (LoC) but it is claimed in full by both countries.

Video: How Tough Is the iPhone5s ?

Video: "Will Impersonate For Food"

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Gang Religion of Islam

Daniel Greefield telling it like it is about he always does.

The truth hurts, doesn't it Achmed?

The article comes from Family Security Matters.

The Gang Religion of Islam
September 25, 2013

Killing non-Muslims is the point of Islam. To the extent that it has any point. That isn't to say that Islam doesn't preach the virtues of charity and love for one's fellow Muslim. It does. But its virtues are not original. Like most of the rest of the framework of it, they are lifted from existing religions.

When the Sahih Muslim's Hadith quotes Mohammed as saying, "None of you truly believes until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself"; it's a distortion of the Christian Bible. And when Obama quotes the Koran as saying, "If any one saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of a whole people," it's an equally shameless plagiarism of the Jewish Talmud.

Like the Soviet Constitution's guarantee of freedom of religion, these are nice sentiments borrowed from other people and then not actually put into practice. The Islam that matters is the one that's put into practice not only at the World Trade Center or the Westgate Mall, but in the everyday lives of people in Egypt, Syria, Iran, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

Islamic violence we are told is an aberration. But it isn't. To the extent that Islam is anything, it is violence.

Islam may have become a religion, but it began as a code. Like the Pirate Code or the Thieves Law of Russia, it was a set of rules that allowed a select group of bandits to choose leaders, plan attacks and divide the loot.

The code invested their actions with meaning, it kept order in their ranks and allowed the members to believe that dying for the gang was more than a martial ethos, but also contained a spiritual element. Similar attempts to invest gang life with spirituality can be found in the tattoos, rap songs and graffiti memorials of every street gang in America.

Imagine the Kingism of the Latin Kings street gang, which has its own prayers, crude theology and philosophy becoming the religion of the gangs ruling over a Post-American civilization. In the 80s, the Chicago gang Blackstone Rangers realized the benefits of becoming a religion and declared itself the El Rukn tribe of the Moorish Science Temple of America.

Despite the elaborate mythology, the Latin Kings is a gang first and a religion second. In time it might become a full religion, stranger things have happened, but it will never be able to escape its origins. It will at its heart always be a gang code with an emphasis on providing a spiritual overlay for gang violence.

And that is the case with Islam.

After over a thousand years, after its own empires and conquests stretching around the world, after endless religious schools, reform movements, theological debates and splinter groups, Islam is not able to leave its gang roots behind. It is still at its core a gang religion. That is why it appeals so well to convicts who recognize that they are interacting with something far more ancient than Kingism.

That is also why Islam, like most street gangs, degenerates so readily into internecine violence. No matter how much its devotees dream of conquering the decadent West and planting the black flag of Islam everywhere, they can't help turning their guns on each other, because gangs are naturally primed to fight amongst themselves. The gang code never suffices to settle disputes among men who live by violence. They may fight to impose Islamic law on the world, but they can't live by it.

Syria is Islam at its most primal with gangs fighting over the ruins of cities, small groups joining up, Shiite and Sunni militias killing each other, Free Syrian Army and Al Nusra Front gangs fighting over bakeries and pipelines, an endless stream of recruits from around the world rushing to join up in a gang war that has claimed over 100,000 lives.

That is how Islam began. One man and his gang. That man may not be depicted or the gangs of his followers will blow things up. When they aren't blowing up each other. The gang spread around the world. Its Caliphs and Emirs went from thugs and clan leaders to rulers of nations. And then the whole thing collapsed again. Now the gang leaders are trying to get the gang back together again.

Islam was born in the chaos of the implosion of two empires, Byzantium and Persia, tearing at each other until they both gave way and were overrun by Islam. The second coming of Islam took place during the climactic battle between two new empires, America and the Soviet Union, who exhausted each other, and may end up suffering the same fate as the Eastern Roman Empire and the Sassanids.

The common denominator is that the rise of Islam parallels the collapse of other civilizations. Like the jackal sniffing around the bones of empire, the gangs of Islam step into a vacuum, but can never fill it. The second-hand knowledge that they steal and pass off as their own never leads them anywhere. The Golden Age built on the labor and creative ideas of others passes and there is nothing left except bitter resentment at greatness lost and a future denied.

Islam always reverts back to the gang. It comes out of the desert and returns to the desert. It begins with a handful of men raiding civilized towns and cities. And no matter how much time must pass and how the world turns, it always reverts back there. Over a thousand years later, the climactic struggle of Islam is almost indistinguishable from what it was in the time of Mohammed.

The world has changed dramatically in a thousand years, but a few thousand men are still ambushing each other in the desert in the name of a warlord named Mohammed.

This isn't the ideal Islam. But that is only because the Islamic ideal is killing non-Muslims. Kingism dedicates itself to the fight against the forces of Anti-Kingism. What is Anti-Kingism? It's everything that isn't a Latin King. Islam likewise dedicates itself to fighting the Kuffar. And the Kuffar are those who deny Islam. They are the forces of Anti-Caliphism. They are everyone who isn't a Muslim.

If Islam stands for anything, it's killing non-Muslims. Islam can't really think far beyond that. Its mindset is that of a dime store Alexander who doesn't want to even think about the prospect of not having any more lands to conquer, towns to sack, women to rape, homes to rob and libraries to torch.

The gang can only think of fighting more, killing more and doing the same things it did last week again. It finds meaning in the ethos of the fight and in the comradeship of fellow gang members. That is why Jihad is so central to Islam. It is why women occupy such an inferior position. Jihad is the gang culture of Islam. Its bonding rituals are central to Islam whose original elements derive mainly from the raids of Mohammed and his companions against the more civilized peoples of the region.

Islam finds its meaning from fighting and killing non-Muslims. It is the only meaning that it can ever have. The exercises of its devotees who memorize countless Koranic verses, who debate the fine points of laws and prepare for their pilgrimages to Mecca must inevitably converge on the violent core that gives the whole thing purpose.

The historical dynamic of Islam has never left behind its gang origins. Its future is measured in terms of conquest and more conquest. The manifest destiny of Islam is an eating contest as its holy warriors cram more and more territories and people into an expanding Caliphate that falls apart vomiting up the conquests into chaos. The lessons are never learned. The holy warriors fall to fighting each other.

Islamists proclaim that Islam is the answer. The trouble is that they've forgotten the question.

And the question was how do you keep a band of bandits from stabbing each other over the loot while convincing them that if they die while stealing a goat or raping someone's third wife, they'll go to a magical place full of goats and virginal third wives with skin of the color of bone marrow.

As the holy warriors of the Syrian Civil War killing each other over control of bakeries while fighting to impose the perfection of Islamic Law on everyone can tell you, it's not a very good answer even to that question. It's an even worse answer to any larger social problem that doesn't involve twenty men trying to divide the profits from one raid on an abandoned university.

But when a religion is based on gang violence and because of that inevitably reverts to gang violence, it's an answer that keeps coming up again and again.

The answer of Islam is the answer of violence. It's the answer of uniting the various gangs around killing non-Muslims. Sometimes that answer even works.

Assad's Alawite neo-Shiites were able to work together with the Muslim Brotherhood Salafist Sunnis of Hamas and the Shiite Ayatollahs of Iran and the Super-Salafist Sunnis of Al Qaeda as long as they had a common goal of killing Americans or Israelis or somebody. When that goal broke down, they began killing each other instead.

Islam's answer only works when there is a non-Muslim target within reach and none of the Muslims have time to start envying the other's rifle, sunglasses or country. But then the violence halts and the gang begins dividing up the loot, knives are drawn and another bloody Arab Spring begins.

Every fourth gang hip-hop song is about how hard it is to leave the gang life. The other three are about how everyone else out there is a pretender and not a real gangsta. That is Islam in a nutshell. Islamic civilization can't leave the gang life and insists that every other civilization and even most other Muslims are pretenders and that only the Salafiest of the Salafists are the real Gangstas.

Syria, Kenya, September 11 is how they prove it. We don't have a foreign policy problem with Islam.

We have a global gang violence problem.

Video: Footage of Aaron Alexis Inside the DC Navy Yard Building, Hunting For Victims

Report: CAIR Engaged in Money-Laundering to Hide Foreign Donors

It almost feels like deja vu, yes?

Can anyone say...."Holy Land Foundation" ???

Isn't it just about time that CAIR's leadership is put behind bars in this country or deported and this terrorist organization shut down?

The story comes from The Clarion Project.

Report: CAIR Engaged in Money-Laundering to Hide Foreign Donors

CAIR, a shadowy Muslim Brotherhood entity, faces serious allegations that it has violated IRS laws & the Foreign Agent Registration Act.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a U.S. Muslim Brotherhood entity that portrays itself as a “moderate” representative of the Muslim-American community, has a complex and probably illegal scheme to hide its foreign financing, according to a blockbuster expose in the Daily Caller.

The revealing of the previously unknown system shows “that CAIR is engaged in a thinly-disguised money laundering operation,” said David Reaboi of the Center for Security Policy. He says that CAIR is violating Internal Revenue Service laws and the Foreign Agent Registration Act.

Ironically, it was CAIR’s own attempts to silence its critics that exposed its shadowy activity. The documents were obtained as a result of CAIR’s lawsuit against the Center for Security Policy and Dave and Chris Gaubatz following the publication of Muslim Mafia. The book is based on data obtained by Chris Gaubatz when he infiltrated CAIR by becoming an intern. He recently talked with the Clarion Project about his experience.

The scheme works like this:

CAIR is registered as a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization. The IRS says this is for social welfare organizations and that can include “organizations that engage in substantial lobbying activities.” Donors to this type of non-profit do not have to be disclosed.

In June 2013, CAIR changed its name to Washington Trust Foundation, Inc. Another previous name it used was CAIR-Action Network.

In 2005, CAIR sets up CAIR Foundation, Inc. and it receives its 501(c)(3) non-profit two years later. The IRS says these are charitable organizations that are prohibited from campaign activity. Its donors are disclosed and receive tax deductions.

This second organization did not file the required IRS forms from 2008-2010 and lost its non-profit status in 2011. In 2013, its status was revised and it changed its name to CAIR-Action Network, Inc.

The Daily Caller explains that it is legal for an organization to have two different types of non-profit entities, but they must be strictly separated. In CAIR’s case, they function as one.

To disguise its foreign donors, the financier writes a check to “CAIR” without specifying which entity. The funds are placed in the CAIR/Washington Trust Foundation account so the original source can be hidden.

From there, the money goes to the CAIR Foundation. As explained, donors to this non-profit must be disclosed but the original sources are hidden by routing the donation this way. In a single 5-year period, the CAIR-Action Network transferred $1.8 million to the CAIR Foundation.

To give you an idea of how important foreign financing is to CAIR, consider what the Washington Times discovered in 2007. Its official membership had fallen over 90% since 9/11 and only one percent of its budget came from its less than 1,700 members. Remember that next time that CAIR portrays itself as the legitimate voice of the Muslim-American community.

That means that literally 99% of CAIR’s funding came from only about two dozen donors. CAIR’s local chapters file independently and raise their own funds, but this shows how good CAIR is at using the media to portray itself as a mainstream organization.

CAIR’s hiding of its foreign sponsors also may violate the Foreign Agents Registration Act. The government summarizes it as:

“a disclosure statute that requires persons acting as agents of foreign principals in a political or quasi-political capacity to make periodic public disclosure of their relationship with the foreign principal, as well as activities, receipts and disbursements in support of those activities.”

CAIR is not registered as a foreign agent, but the Daily Caller reports “CAIR has met and coordinated with foreign principals on at least 35 occasions and engaged in more than 100 political influence operations on behalf of foreign principals in the United States.”

The documents show that CAIR has been given almost $2.8 million in donations from foreign principals, including a $2.1 million mortgage loan for its headquarters. In addition, it has pledges totaling a whopping $54.5 million from foreign principals.

It’s easy to understand why CAIR would hide the identities of some of these foreign principals once you learn who they are.

The government of Qatar, the main state sponsor of the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood, has given a minimum of $405,000 over five years.

The “Interests Section of Iran” donated an unknown amount in 2008, as mentioned during CAIR’s 14th annual fundraiser.

The now-deceased President of Libya, Muammar Qaddafi, was asked by top CAIR officials to help pay for the distribution of 1 million Qurans in September 2009. CAIR Executive Director Nihad Awad even asked him to fund the creation of yet another non-profit to be called the Muslim Peace Foundation.

Qaddafi’s regime was long labeled by the U.S. as a State Sponsor of Terrorism, but was no longer at the time of the meetings.

The Sudanese government, listed as a State Sponsor of Terrorism by the U.S. government, has been approached by top CAIR officials since at least November 2009.

Declassified documents show that on a single trip to Saudi Arabia, the CAIR leadership planned “to solicit $50 million in governmental and non-governmental contributions.”

Various sources in the United Arab Emirates, including its embassy in the U.S., have given over $450,000.

Think about CAIR’s record and where it stands today.

The U.S. government labeled CAIR an unindicted co-conspirator and a U.S. Muslim Brotherhood entity in the trial of the Holy Land Foundation for financing the Hamas terror organization. Specifically, CAIR was labeled an entity of the Brotherhood’s Palestine Committee, a secret body established to support Hamas.

In 2009, this incriminating label was upheld by a federal judge because of “ample” evidence linking CAIR to Hamas. The FBI has officially severed non-investigative contacts with CAIR because of its links to Hamas.

The planned prosecution of CAIR founder Omar Ahmad was stopped by the Justice Department in 2010. According to Muslim Mafia, at least 15 CAIR officials have been convicted or investigated in terrorism probes.

And now, there is solid evidence that CAIR is involved in money-laundering to disguise its foreign financiers.

When will CAIR finally get shut down?