Sunday, January 31, 2016

Man ‘stabs wife 66 times and cuts off her nose and upper lip in alleged honour killing’

Doesn't it kind of make you wonder why Sweden's bleeding liberals would want a country FULL of these kinds of animals?

The story comes from Express via The Religion of Peace.

Man ‘stabs wife 66 times and cuts off her nose and upper lip in alleged honour killing’

The court also heard the depraved father-of-two cut off his wife’s nose and upper lip.

Public Prosecutor Tomas Malmenby urged the court to sentence the alleged murderer to life in jail.

The alleged honour killing happened in Stockholm's suburb of Årsta.

According to a psychiatric report the 52-year-old man was of sound mind when he allegedly murdered his wife on September 10 last year.

In Mr Malmenby’s closing statement at The District Court of Södertörn he demanded the suspect be jailed for the “brutal violence”.

He told the court: “It happened in her home, a place where you feel the greatest security.

“It has hit the two children [hard]. Within a few minutes they lost both their parents. The violence has been brutal and extensive.”

Mr Malmenby told the court that the woman, who was in her 40s, had been subjected to long-term suffering.

He told the court: “It was a prolonged process. She must have felt the agony of death [coming]."

The woman allegedly died in the bedroom of the couple’s home after being stabbed 66 times.

The court heard that the husband could only remember being in the hallway with a knife in his hand.

According to Mr Malmenby the murdered woman had defensive wounds, suggesting she fought her alleged attacker.

Testifying in court, a neighbour of the pair said that desperate cries from a woman could be heard on the night in question.

Mr Malmenby said: “There are no extenuating circumstances. 66 stab wounds is not [in the heat of the moment].”

The man's Defence Counsel, lawyer Serpil Güngör, said in her final statement that her client should be given a fixed-term sentence - not life.

A ruling is expected on February 10.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Mystery FBI Agent Tasked With Ambushing LaVoy Finicum

An FBI agent at the road block where LaVoy Finicum's truck ended up stuck in the deep snow was tasked with just that - his job was to be sure Finicum didn't squeeze past the road block on the very left shoulder and continue on but see that Finicum had to swerve further out into the deep snow on the left and get stuck so he could be taken out by firepower.

Look at the stills below - and keep in mind that law enforcement and wanks on blog sites are telling you that Finicum almost hit this agent and showed deadly force in trying to run over the agent.  Notice on the stills that the agent actually is moving TOWARDS the truck, he is moving DEEPER into the snow - he is forcing the truck to veer more and more to the left to get stuck.  Below the still you will see the video that shows this in real time speed.  In the first 6 seconds of this video you will see the FBI agent SPRINT to his right out INTO THE PATH of the Finicum truck.

Who was this agent?  Are the American people going to hear an interview with him as to why he acted in this way?  Is a reporter going to ask him what his orders were?


4 dead, 18 hurt in Saudi mosque bombing: state TV

The story comes from DAWN.

4 dead, 18 hurt in Saudi mosque bombing: state TV

Four people were killed and 18 wounded on Friday when a suicide bomber attacked a mosque in Shia populated eastern Saudi Arabia, state media said.

The Al-Ekhbariya news channel quoted an interior ministry spokesman as giving the new toll, up from two dead and seven wounded earlier.

Residents said the mosque belonged to the minority Shia community.

In a written statement, the ministry said security personnel prevented two bombers from getting inside the Al- Rida mosque in the Mahasen neighbourhood of Al-Ahsa city during the main weekly prayers.

“When security approached to intercept them, one of them responded by blowing himself up at the mosque entrance while an exchange of fire took place with another,” it said. “He was injured and arrested. A suicide belt was found in his possession."

“Since deadly attacks claimed by the Islamic State group last year against Shia mosques in the kingdom's east, security has been increased, including with the presence of community guards who inspect visitors to houses of worship.

Friday, January 29, 2016

What Did LaVoy Finicum Say THE DAY BEFORE the Feds and Oregon Troopers Shot Him In the Back Dead?

I want to put up a couple of observations about this whole incident after watching the full video a couple of more times.

  • First, that roadblock was set up on a severe curve in the highway.  Finicum never saw that roadblock and so he had NO CHANCE to stop - I believe it was by design - the Feds wanted him to either have to try and ram that roadblock or go around it.  They wanted to ensure an aggressive act on his part
  • Secondly, a number of twats are saying "he almost hit that cop going by the roadblock" - look at the video again.  The agent/trooper was not BEHIND the blockade, he was to the side of it and he actually JUMPS OUT at Finicum's vehicle
  • Thirdly, the guy that comes up behind Finicum and shoots him in the back or back of the head (I'm guessing the death shot) is wearing nothing on top but a SHORT-SLEEVED SHIRT.  This is January in Oregon, you see the depth of the snow, the temps there that day were in the low 30's.  Finicum is coming out of a vehicle with a winter coat on. That guys coming out of the woods in a short sleeved shirt, no hat, no gloves, no coat - I say that is NOT an FBI agent, that is NOT an Oregon State Trooper but a flunky local cop or deputy on his way back from leaving a shit pile in the middle of the woods.

The Child Jihadis of Afghanistan

In Islam, as soon as they can walk, point and shoot a gun (or strap on a suicide vest), they are ready for jihad.

The story comes from The Long War Journal.

Islamic State joins others in training children for jihad in Afghanistan

The Islamic State’s branch in the Afghanistan-Pakistan region, called Wilayat Khorasan or Khorasan “province, is training children to wage jihad. It is unclear where the children’s training center is located, but it is likely situated in Afghanistan’s eastern province of Nangarhar.

The Islamic State showcased the training of young boys in a video entitled “Cubs of the Caliphate Camp.” The training camp appears to be relatively small compared to others operated by the group in the region. Most of the training shown is weapons related, including how to properly handle and fire different variants of the Kalashnikov assault rifle. The last instructions shown include training in small unit tactics in an open field.

This facility joins at least three other Islamic State training facilities in the region. In October, the jihadist group showcased the “Sheikh Abu Omar al Baghdadi camp” and the “Sheikh Abu Musab al Zarqawi camp”, which are also likely in Nangarhar. The two facilities are named after the former leader of the Islamic State of Iraq and the founder al Qaeda in Iraq (the predecessor of the Islamic State), respectively. These images offer the first official visual evidence of Islamic State training centers in Afghanistan. [For more information, see LWJ report, Islamic State promotes training camps in ‘Khorasan’.)

In August, photos emerged purporting to show the “Shahid Hakeemullah Mehsud camp,” which is named after the last leader of the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan and is thought to be located somewhere in Pakistan’s tribal areas. This facility has yet to be officially confirmed by the jihadist group.

Much has been made of the Islamic State’s presence in Afghanistan by the Western media. While it has training centers for both adults and children in the country, it has so far been contained to the province of Nangarhar after defeats elsewhere in the country, particularly in Farah and Helmand provinces.

The Taliban, al Qaeda, and their allies are far more potent in Afghanistan and Pakistan at this time, having overrun dozens of districts. Additionally, other jihadist groups, including the Turkistan Islamic Party, operate training centers for children in the region.

The Islamic State has been in competition with al Qaeda for the mantle of leadership in the global jihad, and the establishment of the Khorasan province is a direct threat to both al Qaeda and the Taliban.

Video: Shot In the Back

They shot him in the back.  They snuck up behind him and shot him.  In the back.


Thursday, January 28, 2016

Free Speech In Germany Dies

Free speech has become the dodo bird, completely extinct in most of the world because of Islam.  Germany is the latest victim. 

How long until Holger Awakens, the website, is shut down?

The story comes from The Associated Press.

Germany bans far-right Internet platform, arrests 2

BERLIN (AP) -- The German government on Wednesday banned a far-right Internet platform that it accused of spreading "racist, xenophobic, anti-Semitic, homophobic and anti-Islamic content," and federal prosecutors said two people were arrested.

The ban on the Altermedia Deutschland platform is "a clear sign that the rule of law doesn't allow hate crime," Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said.

The prosecutors' office said that two Germans, identified only as Jutta V. and Ralph Thomas K. in line with German privacy rules, were arrested on suspicion of founding a criminal organization and incitement. Three other suspects weren't arrested.

Raids were conducted in homes in four German states and the northeastern Spanish town of Lloret de Mar.

The two arrested people were the administrators of the Altermedia website and therefore responsible for its content, which included banned Nazi slogans and the denial of the Holocaust as well as incitement of violence against foreigners, the prosecutors' office said.

The server was located in Russia to prevent German authorities gaining access, it added. German officials asked Russia to switch it off in the coming days.

German security officials say that the far right has become much more savvy in using of the Internet and social media to push its message to a broader audience.

The head of Germany's domestic intelligence, Hans-Georg Maassen, told reporters Tuesday that "there is the danger of a gray zone developing between far-right extremists, right-wing conservatives and citizen protesters with significant potential for violence."

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Denmark OKs bill to seize assets from refugees

Too late, perhaps but's a start.

The story comes from Times of India.

Denmark OKs bill to seize assets from refugees

COPENHAGEN: Denmark's parliament passed measures on Tuesday aimed at deterring refugees from seeking asylum, including confiscating valuables to pay for their stay, despite protests from international human rights organisations.

The measures, which also include extending family reunification among refugees from one year to three years, are the latest sign that the Nordic welcome for refugees is waning as large numbers flee war in Africa and West Asia for a better life in Europe.

The "jewellery bill" is the latest attempt by Denmark's minority centre-right government to curb immigration to a country that took in a record 20,000 refugees last year. Under the bill, refugees could keep possessions amounting to $1,450. Valuables of special emotional value such as wedding rings will be exempt.

During a three and a half hour debate, dissenting voices from left parties were heard. Denmark isn't the only Nordxic country trying to shut its doors to migrants. Sweden, which took in over 160,000 refugees last year, introduced checks on its border to Denmark at the start of the year.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Suicide bomb attack kills 28, wounds dozens in Cameroon

Boko Haram strikes again.  Yeah, that same Boko Haram that Hillary Clinton refused to list as a terrorist organization when she headed up the State Department.

The story comes from DAWN.

Suicide bomb attack kills 28, wounds dozens in Cameroon

DOUALA: Suicide bombers targeting a town in northern Cameroon killed 28 people and wounded 65 on Monday, one of the worst attacks yet in the Central African nation as it struggles to contain an overflow of violence blamed on Nigeria's Boko Haram.

State-owned radio and local officials said four explosions struck a busy market and entrances to the town of Bodo, which borders the insurgency's strongholds in northeastern Nigeria.

“The new toll is 28 dead and 65 wounded. Currently the situation is stable. Our security forces are in place,” said one official, who asked not to be named.

While there was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attack, northern Cameroon has become the scene of increasingly frequent suicide attacks as Boko Haram has stepped up cross-border violence that has also spread into Chad and Niger.

Twelve people were killed in an attack on Jan. 13 at a mosque in the town of Kouyape.

Bodo, separated from Nigeria by only a small border river, was previously targeted at the end of December when two female suicide bombers blew themselves up at the town entrance.

Boko Haram has killed thousands of people and driven more than 2 million people from their homes during its six-year insurgency in one of the world's poorest regions.

Regional armies mounted an offensive against the insurgents last year that ousted them from many positions in northern Nigeria.

In the wake of that operation, Nigeria, Chad, Niger, Cameroon and Benin pledged to set up a 8,700-strong regional force tasked with wiping out Boko Haram. The United States has also sent troops to supply intelligence and other assistance.

The establishment of the force has been plagued by delays, however, and joint operations have yet to begin, leaving it up to national armies to tackle Boko Haram individually.

In the absence of effective coordination, security sources have warned this can often mean that soldiers just drive the militants across each other's borders.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Photo of the Day: Why Don't We Ever See Hillary Clinton In a Dress?

If It's Too Cold Get Out of the ....

Poor babies.  Now on sale:  Fur-lined Prayer Rugs.

The article comes from Express via TheReligionofPeace

'It's too cold' Refugees would rather return home than face European winter

Almost 70 per cent of Iraqi asylum seekers have given up applications in Finland to go back to their war-torn country.

One Iraqi who decided to return said Finland did not live up to the expectations.

He said: "I don't know what happens to me in Iraq, but here I will die mentally."

Figures from the Nordic country's immigration service revealed Finland processed 3,700 Iraqi asylum seeker decisions in 2015.

Almost 2,600 of the decisions have now "expired", meaning the applicants have either cancelled the process or disappeared.

Juha Simila, head of asylum department at the Finnish Immigration Service, said applicants were disillusioned by the processing time.

He continued: "They have told us that family issues in their home country force them to go back.

"Some have found the Finnish atmosphere hostile and some have not stayed because of the dark autumn and cold winter."

Finland has seen a massive influx of refugees which has increased the immigration service's processing time.

The number of asylum seekers jumped from 3,650 in 2014, to 32,500 in 2015.

Nearly 20,500 Iraqis applied for an asylum, but authorities were only able to give decisions to 3,700.

In October, Finland tightened its criteria for granting asylum to Iraqi migrants, after deciding the security situation had eased in certain regions.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Islamic State’s obsession with al Qaeda and the Taliban

The story comes from The Long War Journal.

The Islamic State’s obsession with al Qaeda and the Taliban

The newly released 13th issue of the Islamic State’s English-language Dabiq magazine begins with an article praising the Dec. 2 terrorist attack in San Bernardino, California. Abu Bakr al Baghdadi’s propagandists note that the husband and wife responsible for the massacre “not only” left “behind their comfortable lifestyle,” but also “left their baby daughter in the care of others knowing that they likely wouldn’t see her again in this life.”

The “caliphate” wants more Muslims to follow in the couple’s footsteps: “May Allah accept the sacrifices of our noble brother Syed Rizwan Farook and his blessed wife, accept them among the shuhadā’ [martyrs], and use their deeds as a means to awaken more Muslims in America, Europe, and Australia.”

However, most of the publication is devoted to other matters. The cover story is a lengthy denunciation of the “The Rafidah,” or rejectionists, a derogatory term used by Sunni jihadists to describe Shiites.

And, as in past issues of Dabiq, the Islamic State repeatedly criticizes al Qaeda and the Taliban. Even the cover article is used to denounce Ayman al Zawahiri for supposedly being soft on Shiites.

Indeed, the “caliphate” is clearly obsessed with its jihadist rivals.

Saudi Arabia’s “palace scholars”

The Islamic State and al Qaeda both denounced Saudi Arabia’s mass execution of more than 40 men in early January. Many of the men sentenced to death took part in al Qaeda’s attempt to destabilize the Saudi kingdom from 2003 to 2006. But the authors of Dabiq argue al Qaeda’s response to the Saudi executions was lacking.

Zawahiri “came out and criticized the apostate Saudi regime but made no mention of the evil scholars backing them,” Dabiq’s authors argue. Instead, Zawahiri “merely advised the ‘scholars’ of the Arabian Peninsula to speak out against the government.”

The “caliphate” urges its supporters to outdo al Qaeda and attack the Saudi clerical establishment. It “was already obligatory to spill the blood of these palace scholars,” Dabiq’s authors write, “for they had apostatized years ago, defending and supporting” those who wage “war against Islam.” After the mass execution, “the reason to kill them now is even greater.”

The jihadists who produce Dabiq ask: “When then will the Muslims of the Arabian Peninsula wake up and act out against the apostasy of these palace scholars?” They then answer their own question: “Indeed, these ‘scholars’ have broken their oaths with Allah and with the Muslims, just as they have targeted the religion with their lies and instigation against the people of jihad and piety.”

“Jihadi John”

Dabiq confirms that the terrorist known as “Jihadi John,” who became infamous for beheading several victims on camera, was killed in a US airstrike in November 2015. The executioner’s real name was Mohammed Emwazi, but the Islamic State refers to him as “Abu Muharib al Muhajir.” Dabiq provides a short biography of his career.

Emwazi started down the jihadist path “[a]round the time” of al Qaeda’s July 7, 2005 bombings in London. He began to work with Bilal al Berjawi and Muhammad Saqr, two members of Shabaab, an official branch of al Qaeda. Both Berjawi and Saqr were killed in US drone strikes. Berjawi was a British citizen of Lebanese descent who served under some of al Qaeda’s most senior personnel in East Africa.

Baghdadi’s men are sensitive to the rivalry with al Qaeda even in telling Emwazi’s story. For instance, a footnote in Dabiq informs readers that Emwazi’s work with Berjawi and Saqr took place “before” Shabaab “joined the war against the Khilāfah [caliphate] under the leadership of Akhtar Mansour, the infamous agent of the murtadd Pakistani intelligence.”

Dabiq’s authors are referring to Shabaab’s crackdown on defectors who attempt to join Baghdadi’s group or one of its “provinces.” Akhtar Mansour (or Mullah Akhtar Mohammad Mansour) is the head of the Taliban. Last August, Zawahiri swore allegiance to Mansour on behalf of himself and all of the jihadists under his command, including those fighting in al Qaeda’s regional branches, such as Shabaab. The Islamic State frequently accuses Mansour and the Taliban of being agents of Pakistani intelligence.

The jihadists who produced Dabiq taunt Britain’s MI5, claiming Emwazi managed to make his way to Syria in 2012 despite the security service’s attempts to stop him. Here, too, Emwazi’s story contains an al Qaeda-related twist. The Islamic State reports that he joined Al Nusrah Front at a time when it was “operating” as an arm of Baghdadi’s Islamic State. In 2013, a rift between Abu Muhammad al Julani (who leads Al Nusrah) and Baghdadi became public. Julani refused Baghdadi’s attempt to command Al Nusrah and instead reaffirmed his allegiance directly to Ayman al Zawahiri. This leadership dispute evolved into a global competition between al Qaeda and the Islamic State that has raged ever since.

The Islamic State says that Emwazi joined Al Nusrah “prior to [Julani’s] treachery” and before Julani’s “betrayal and nullification of his bay’ah [oath of allegiance]” to Baghdadi. Emwazi did not follow Julani. Instead, he was supposedly “among the very first to declare his disavowal of” Julani. Emwazi also purportedly warned that Julani was going to become “another Shaykh Sharif [Ahmed],” a reference to the former head of the Islamic Courts Union (ICU) in Somalia. Baghdadi’s jihadists accuse “Shaykh Sharif” of betraying the jihadists’ cause. Shabaab grew out of the ICU and eventually became a wing of al Qaeda.

The authors of Dabiq are, therefore, extremely sensitive to the role al Qaeda played in Emwazi’s career. They attempt to distance him from Shabaab and Al Nusrah, both of which remain loyal to Zawahiri to this day. In recounting Emwazi’s involvement in Syria’s battles, the Islamic State says he fought in the provinces of Idlib and Raqqa.

“He also participated in the fighting against the sahwāt of Shām and was injured within the first week of the Sahwah,” Dabiq’s biography for Emwazi reads. The biographer adds that Emwazi sustained “a gunshot wound to his back during the battle to retake Huraytān.” Sahwāt, or sahwa, is a reference to the “awakenings.” This term was once used to describe the tribal forces that rose up against the Islamic State’s predecessor, al Qaeda in Iraq (AQI) and the Islamic State of Iraq (a political front for AQI). But the Islamic State has come to use it to describe many of the “caliphate’s” opponents, including its jihadist rivals.

Incredibly, Dabiq tries to emphasize Emwazi’s softer side, claiming that only those close to him knew of “his mercy, kindness, and generosity towards the believers, his protective jealousy for Islam and its people, and his affection towards the orphans.” His victims would tell a different a story.

The Shiites

Much of the 13th issue of Dabiq focuses on Shiites, portraying them as anything but the Sunni jihadists’ co-religionists. The Islamic State has deliberately targeted Shiite civilians around the globe. This is intended to be a point of contrast with al Qaeda, as Zawahiri and his subordinate commanders have ordered their fighters to refrain from targeting Shiite civilians.

In Dabiq, the Islamic State cites correspondence between Abu Musab al Zarqawi, who founded al Qaeda in Iraq, and al Qaeda’s senior leaders. Zawahiri wrote one of the letters cited in Dabiq to Zarqawi in 2005. In it, Zawahiri complained that Zarqawi’s indiscriminate targeting of Shiites was making it more difficult for al Qaeda to achieve its long-term goals.

The Islamic State uses the al Qaeda letters to highlight the Sunni jihadists’ differing opinions regarding attacks on Shiites. And Baghdadi’s men blast Zawahiri’s rulings on the matter.

Zawahiri’s “policies towards the Rāfidah are clearly based upon his deviant belief that they are ‘Muslims,'” the “caliphate’s” propagandists write. Baghdadi’s followers argue it may be true, as Zawahiri has claimed, that no Sunni Islamic state has attempted “to kill off the Rāfidah,” but this is only because the Shiites didn’t have the “political power” or “military might” that they do today. The center of this power is Iran. Therefore, according to the Islamic State, the Shiites must be targeted now.

Al Qaeda’s close ally, the Taliban, has also erred in its policies towards the Shiites, according to Dabiq’s authors. “As for the nationalist Taliban, then they are similar to [Zawahiri’s al Qaeda], considering the Rāfidah to be their brothers and [publicly] denouncing those who target the Rāfidah.” The Taliban has “boasted of their gatherings with the Rāfidī officials of Iran,” criticized UN sanctions against the Iranians, and condemned attacks on Shiites. All of these actions are deviant, according to the Islamic State.

The governor of the Khorasan “province”

Dabiq includes an interview with Shaykh Hafidh Said Khan, who is introduced as the governor (“wali”) of the Islamic State’s so-called Khorasan “province.” As is the case elsewhere around the globe, Baghdadi’s men in the Khorasan (a region that includes Afghanistan, Pakistan and parts of the surrounding nations) often battle their jihadist rivals. And Khan uses his interview to disparage both the Taliban and al Qaeda.

The “nationalist Taliban movement” seeks “to instigate various problems in order to wage war against the Khilāfah [caliphate],” Khan says. He claims that the Taliban does not rule by sharia law, but instead according to “tribal customs” and “the desires and traditions of the people.”

Khan portrays Mullah Mansour, the emir of the Taliban, as an agent of Pakistani intelligence. Mansour and “his associates have strong and deep ties with Pakistani intelligence, and they live in the most important cities of ‘Pakistan,’ such as Islamabad, Peshawar, and Quetta,” Khan says. Mansour’s shura council even “contains members from the Pakistani intelligence,” which “aids” Mansour “in everything he does.”

Khan says the relationship between the Taliban and Pakistani intelligence was made clear after Hamid Gul, who headed Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agency in the late 1980s, passed away last year. Khan points out that Mansour heaped praise on Gul and “gave the greatest condolences over his death out of loyalty to Pakistani intelligence and in recognition of everything they’ve done for him and for his Taliban movement.”

The Islamic State’s “governor” confirms that the Taliban attacked members of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU) who swore allegiance to Baghdadi’s caliphate. Khan refers to these IMU jihadists as the “Uzbek mujāhid brothers” who “gave bay’ah [allegiance] to the Khalīfah with sincerity.” A “number of the Uzbek brothers were martyred and wounded because of the Taliban’s criminal assault against them, and the Taliban movement increased in its tyranny and criminality by purposely killing their defenseless women and children,” Khan alleges.

The Taliban admitted last summer that Mullah Omar passed away in 2013. Khan says he and others suspected that Omar was dead because they supposedly “began noticing changes and deviations in the disposition of the Taliban, as well as in their deeds and official statements.” He claims, for instance, that the Taliban stopped implementing sharia law in some areas.

With respect to al Qaeda, Khan makes a claim that is easily debunked. He says al Qaeda “no longer has a real presence” in the Khorasan “apart from the presence of only a few of its members.” These individuals “have no ability to fight the [Islamic State’s Khorasan province],” but spread “misconceptions” about the caliphate and incite “the people against giving bay’ah [allegiance]” to Baghdadi’s organization. Al Qaeda “has collapsed in a very big way here in its center and former stronghold.”

Al Qaeda clearly has a much more significant presence in Afghanistan than Khan wants people to believe. In September 2014, for example, Ayman al Zawahiri announced the establishment of al Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent (AQIS), which operates in Afghanistan and throughout the region. In October 2015, the US military launched raids against two al Qaeda training facilities in southern Afghanistan. One of the two was nearly 30 square miles in size. The 6th issue of Dabiq, posted online in January 2015, even revealed additional details about al Qaeda’s significant infrastructure in the region.

Khan claims that there is “no difference” between al Qaeda and the Taliban, because Zawahiri pledged allegiance to Mansour. And they both “ultimately fall under the authority of the Pakistani intelligence.” The Islamic State continues to hammer at this theme in its propaganda, hoping that jihadists sour on the Taliban because of its ties to the Pakistani establishment.

A consistent message

The Islamic State consistently attacks the Taliban’s and al Qaeda’s jihadist credentials in Dabiq. [See, for example, LWJ reports: The Islamic State’s curious cover story and In Dabiq magazine, Islamic State complains about jihadist rivals in Libya.]

This is telling. If al Qaeda has been surpassed by Baghdadi’s organization, as many commentators assume, then why does the Islamic State spend so much ink on Zawahiri’s group? Obviously, al Qaeda is still a major thorn in the Islamic State’s side.

In fact, even as the latest issue of Dabiq was being disseminated online this week, the Islamic State made another attempt to woo al Qaeda’s fighters in North Africa and elsewhere. Baghdadi’s propagandists released a series of new messages and videos targeting jihadists in the Maghreb as part of the effort. The Islamic State’s anti-al Qaeda arguments in Dabiq and other publications are, therefore, part of a concerted campaign.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Danish town makes pork mandatory in public institutions

Did I mention that Holger Danske was from Denmark?  (yeah, I know Holger was created by Hans Christian Andersen but we all know he was real...and IS real).

The story comes from Times of India.

Danish town makes pork mandatory in public institutions

COPENHAGEN: A Danish city has ordered pork to be mandatory on municipal menus, including for schools and daycare centers, with politicians insisting the move is necessary for preserving the country's food traditions and is not an attack on Muslims.

Frank Noergaard, a member of the council in Randers that narrowly approved the decision earlier this week, says it was made to ensure that pork remains "a central part of Denmark's food culture."

Denmark is a major pork producer and it is the most popular meat, but it is forbidden to Muslims and Jews. Most of the asylum-seekers who have arrived in the country in the past months are Muslim.

Noergaard, a member of the anti-immigration, populist Danish People's Party that proposed the council motion, said Thursday that it wasn't meant as a "harassment of Muslims," but added that he had received "several complaints about too many concessions" being made to Muslims in the small, predominantly Lutheran country.

"The signal we want to send here is that if you're a Muslim and you plan to come to Randers, don't expect you can impose eating habits on others. Pork here is on an equal footing with other food," Noergaard told the Associated Press. He said that halal meat, vegetarian dishes and diets for diabetics would still be available.

In 2013, then-Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt lashed out at some nurseries after they started serving halal-butchered meat instead of pork because Muslim children had refused to eat it.

Monday's vote in Randers, 210 kilometers (130 miles) northwest of Copenhagen, follows last week's government announcement to further tighten immigration by forcing asylum-seekers to hand over valuables to help cover their housing and food costs while their cases are being processed. Last year, some 20,000 people applied for asylum in the nation of 5.6 million.

Video: Does Anyone Else Miss These?

Friday, January 22, 2016

The Cairo Bombing

Nope.  Islam didn't miss a day to shed blood.

The story comes from DAWN.

Bomb attack in Cairo kills six, including three policemen

CAIRO: A bomb attack killed six people, including three policemen, on Thursday near a road leading to the pyramids in the Cairo suburb of Giza, security sources said.

The bomb exploded as the police arrived in their vehicles in front of a building where suspected militants were hiding, the sources said. Thirteen people were wounded.

The Interior Ministry issued a statement saying the bomb had been planted by Muslim Brotherhood militants and went off when security forces tried to raid the building.

The deputy governor of Giza, Alaa Harass, says two of the wounded in Thursday's explosion are in a critical condition.

The blast comes days before the January 25 anniversary of the 2011 uprising, which officials fear may be marked by protests and unrest.

Militants have stepped up attacks on Egyptian soldiers and police since the army toppled president Mohammed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood in 2013 after mass protests against his rule.

The attacks have dealt a serious blow to Egypt's vital tourism sector.

Egyptian police have been questioning residents and searching apartments at more than 5,000 homes in central Cairo as a “precautionary measure” to prevent street protests on the upcoming anniversary of the January 25 Arab Spring uprising, security officials said Thursday.

The ten-day search campaign was based on surveillance and intelligence gathered over months and focusing on young, pro-democracy activists inside and outside the country, including foreigners, one of the senior officials said.

“We are very concerned and will not allow protests,” he said, speaking, as his colleague did, on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to brief reporters.

“These movements are aimed at polarizing society and mobilizing the masses against the government,” he added.

Security forces nationwide are bracing themselves for the anniversary of the 2011 revolt that toppled longtime autocrat Hosni Mubarak.

Officials, including President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi, have voiced concern over attempts to mark the anniversary with new protests and security forces have arrested a number of activists accused of planning demonstrations.

The security presence on the streets of Cairo has been greater than in previous years, when authorities also feared anniversary protests.

The roundup of activists and the closure of several cultural venues in Cairo considered by authorities to be possible harbors for dissenting views also marked an escalation on previous pre-emptive clampdowns by security services.

Social media users have been particularly targeted this year, with several people affected by the roundups saying that police are asking to inspect Facebook and Twitter accounts to track acquaintances and gauge political affiliations.

Earlier this month, authorities arrested three people who administered over 20 Facebook pages, accusing them of using the networking website to incite against state institutions.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Suicide team sent by Pakistani Taliban faction assaults university

 Khalifa Umar Mansour, the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan’s leader for Peshawar and Darra Adam Khel, from a previous propaganda tape. Image from Dawn.

Every day of the year Islam seeks blood.

The story comes from The Long War Journal.

Suicide team sent by Pakistani Taliban faction assaults university

A suicide assault team from a faction of the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan launched an attack on a university in the country’s northwest today, killing more than 20 students and faculty before security forces intervened to end the siege. The attack was claimed by a dangerous Taliban commander who plotted the assault on a military school in Peshawar as well as an airbase near the same city over the past two years.

Four jihadists dressed in military uniforms and armed with AK-47 assault rifles and suicide vests attacked Bacha Khan University in the northwestern district of Charsadda earlier today, Dawn reported. The jihadists indiscriminately opened fire on students, teachers, and security guards alike. Pakistani security soliders and police deployed to the university and engaged the gunmen, killing all four before they could detonate their vest.

The attack was claimed by Khalifa Umar Mansour, the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan’s leader for Peshawar and Darra Adam Khel. According to Dawn, Mansour published a claim of responsibility on his Facebook page (the page is no longer available).

Mansour is best known for the brutal December 2014 attack on a military high school in Peshawar that killed more than 120 people, mostly students. He also is responsible for the September 2015 suicide assault on the Pakistani Air Force camp in Badabair. Mansour, who is also known as Umar Narey, has been featured in Taliban propaganda in the past.

Mohammad Khorasani, the official spokesman for the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan’s emir, Mullah Fazlullah, “condemned the attack, terming it ‘against Shariah,'” Dawn reported. Khorasani said the attack was “against sharia,” or Islamic law, presumably because civilians were directly targeted. Khorasani also was critical of Mansour’s December 2014 assault on the military school in Peshawar; he said that the students were not to be targeted.

Khorasani’s criticism of Mansour is understandable as the assault on the Peshawar military academy in December 2014 brought the wrath of the Pakistan military down on the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan. The military, which pushed off US and Western requests to target jihadists based in North Waziristan for more than a decade, launched an operation in that tribal agency that targeted the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan and some allied group. But the military, despite claims to the contrary, did not target so-called “good Taliban” factions such as the Haqqani Network and the Hafiz Gul Bahadar Group. These two Taliban factions are considered by powerful military and intelligence factions to be assets to the Pakistan government as they serve as a bulwark against Indian influence in Afghanistan.

The Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan remains a potent threat to the government despite multiple military offensives against the group throughout the northwest since 2007. While the Pakistani military has targeted the group in different districts, the Pakistani Taliban moves to other areas and receives the support of the “good Taliban” factions to continue operations. Additionally, Pakistani Taliban fighters routinely slip across the border into lawless areas of eastern Afghanistan to escape limited military offensives.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Video: Benghazi. The Truth.

Invest 20 minutes in the truth of what happened in Benghazi.


Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Oh No! The Iranians Are All Mad At America....Again

You know, has there been a single day in the past 37 years that the Iranian Mullah Regime hasn't bitched or moaned or whined about something?  I'm not sure if we should just nuke these fuckers or put em all in Pampers.

I'm sure John Kerry's been on the phone already with them to apologize and lift the sanctions. Oh and he read them a bedtime story too.

The story comes from Al Arabiya.

Iran angered by new U.S. sanctions on missiles

Iran on Monday denounced "illegitimate" new sanctions by the United States on its ballistic missile program, days after Tehran's historic nuclear deal with world powers was confirmed.

"Iran's missile program has never been designed to be capable of carrying nuclear weapons," foreign ministry spokesman Hossein Jaber Ansari said, according to the ISNA news agency.

He added that Tehran saw fresh economic sanctions as "illegitimate".

"The U.S. sanctions against Iran's ballistic missile program ... have no legal or moral legitimacy," Ansari said in a televised news conference.

"America sells tens of billions of dollars of weaponry each year to countries in the region. These weapons are used in war crimes against Palestinian, Lebanese and most recently Yemeni citizens," he said.

The United States announced new penalties Sunday related to Iran's ballistic missile program after the lifting of punishing measures aimed at its atomic activities as the deal with world powers was confirmed in Vienna.

"As previously announced, the Islamic republic of Iran... responds with determination to such propaganda by accelerating its legal ballistic missile program and boosting defense capabilities," Ansari said.

Monday, January 18, 2016

The Perfect Example: What Has Become of America

I've tried to explain countless times on my BlogTalkRadio program what has been going on in America and why we find ourselves in this dire state of affairs.  No, I don't sit on that radio show and just throw blame at the likes of Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.  What I do is show a complete deterioration in the will of the American people, a complete breakdown in what used to be a desire to live free, a complete exhaustion of the people believing they can get out of any bind on their own. 

This story is the epitome of how a people, a state (Michigan) has completely surrendered their lives, their liberty and their sovereignty over to the Federal government.  This is disgusting beyond all words.

The story comes from Times of India.

Barack Obama signs emergency order over water in Michigan’s Flint

DETROIT: President Barack Obama signed an emergency declaration on Saturday that clears the way for federal aid for Flint, Michigan, which is undergoing a drinking water crisis.

The White House also said the Federal Emergency Management Agency will coordinate all disaster relief efforts to "alleviate the hardship and suffering" of residents. FEMA has been authorized to provide water, filters, cartridges and other items for 90 days. Flint can get up to $5 million in direct funding, though the state must match 25 percent and more money can come through an act of Congress.

Republican governor Rick Snyder requested emergency and disaster declarations late Thursday, saying needs "far exceed the state's capability," and added that emergency measures could cost $41 million. Snyder said Saturday that Obama denied the disaster declaration request based on the legal requirement that such relief is intended for natural events, fires, floods or explosions. Despite the legal limitation, the governor is considering an appeal to exhaust "every opportunity to provide resources" for residents, Snyder spokesman Dave Murray said.

The tap water in Flint, population 99,000, became contaminated after the city switched from the Detroit water system to the Flint river while a pipeline to Lake Huron is under construction. The decision to use the river was made while a Snyder-appointed emergency manager was running city government due to its financial problems. The corrosive water from the Flint river lacked adequate treatment and caused lead to leach from old pipes in homes and schools.

Flint returned to the Detroit system in October after elevated lead levels were discovered in children, and could tap into the new pipeline by summer. But officials remain concerned that old pipes could continue to leach lead, to which exposure can cause behavior problems and learning disabilities in children as well as kidney ailments in adults.

The National Guard has been distributing free water, filters and other supplies, and FEMA workers already were providing logistical and technical support.

Democratic US Senator Debbie Stabenow said she will push for long-term resources, and US representative Dan Kildee, also a Democrat, said residents "deserve every resource available to make sure they have safe water and are able to recover from this terrible man-made disaster created by the state."

The US justice department is helping the Environmental Protection Agency investigate the matter, and state Attorney General Bill Schuette has opened his own probe, which could focus on whether environmental laws were broken or if there was official misconduct.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Al Qaeda Wants You To Know They Are Still In the Terrorism Business

What with months and months and months of the world spotlight only on the Islamic State and their newfound Caliphate, al Qaeda decided enough was enough and that some limelight needed to be shone the way of their little terror group.  So they took matters into their own hands.  All for the sake of peace-loving Mohammed, of course.

The story comes from DAWN.

Al Qaeda attack on Burkina hotel kills 20

OUAGADOUGOU: At least 20 people have been killed and another 15 wounded Friday in an ongoing Al Qaeda attack on a hotel in the capital of Burkina Faso popular with United Nations staff and westerners.

Gunshots and explosions rocked Ouagadougou's four-star Splendid hotel and the nearby “Cappuccino” restaurant as Burkinabe forces prepared an assault to rescue hostages still trapped inside the hotel.

Officials said French forces could join a counter-assault on the hotel, where assailants were apparently still holed up more than three hours after the attack began.

The attack comes less than two months after a militant hostage siege at the luxury Radisson Blu Hotel in the Malian capital Bamako in November, in which 20 people died including 14 foreigners.

“We know that there are victims and there are hostages. Currently the area is blocked by security forces waiting for an assault to free the hostages," Foreign Minister Alpha Barry told AFP.

Around 10 vehicles were on fire in the streets near the hotel in Ouagadougou, not far from the city's international airport.

The head of the city's main hospital confirmed at least 20 dead and another 15 injured, and witnesses said the assailants were still holed up in the 147-room hotel.

A Cappuccino staff member, reached by telephone, also said several people had been killed at the restaurant, but was not able to give an exact toll.
Sporadic fire

Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) claimed responsibility for the attack, according to US-based monitoring group SITE.

The “mujahideen brothers” of AQIM “broke into a restaurant of one of the biggest hotels in the capital of Burkina Faso, and are now entrenched and the clashes are continuing with the enemies of the religion,” SITE quoted the group as saying.

Sporadic exchanges of fire could be heard between the attackers and security forces near the hotel, which often has UN staff among its guests and has security checks at its entrances.

Barry said Burkina Faso may enlist the support of French special forces, who have a permanent presence in the country, to deal with the unfolding situation.

An AFP reporter at one point saw three men clad in turbans firing at the scene on Avenue Kwame Nkrumah, one of Ouagadougou's main thoroughfares.

A witness also reported seeing four assailants who were of Arab or white appearance and “wearing turbans”.

The French embassy said on its website that a “terrorist attack” was underway and urged people to avoid the area. An Air France flight from Paris to Ouagadougou was diverted to neighbouring Niger.

The Burkinabe army meanwhile revealed that an armed group had carried out an attack earlier in the day near the border with Mali, killing two people.

“In the afternoon around 2:00 pm, around 20 heavily-armed unidentified individuals carried out an attack against gendarmes in the village of Tin Abao,” the army said in a statement, adding that an officer and a civilian had been killed and two people were wounded.
Unprecedented attack

Several attacks have taken place in Burkina Faso in recent months, but no such assaults have yet hit the capital.

In April the Romanian security chief of a mine in northern Tambao was kidnapped in a move claimed by Al Murabitoun, a militant group run by notorious Algerian militant Mokhtar Belmokhtar.

Al Murabitoun claimed November's Mali hotel attack — although another militant group from central Mali has also said it was responsible for the siege in which some 150 staff and guests were held hostage for several hours.

Burkina Faso is part of the G5 Sahel grouping that counts the fight against terrorism as part of its remit. It has also offered support to France's Barkhane counter-terror mission, spanning five countries in Africa's restive Sahel region, and French special forces are stationed in Ouagadougou's suburbs.

Last month, Burkina Faso swore in Roch Marc Christian Kabore as president, completing the troubled West African state's transition after the overthrow of its longtime ruler Blaise Compaore in 2014 and a failed coup attempt in September.

Hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets in October 2014, when Compaore sought to extend his rule, forcing him to step down after ruling the poor, landlocked country with an iron fist for 27 years.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Marco Rubio Is Your GOP Presidential Candidate for 2016 - It's Ordained

Okay, we all know that the Republican Establishment, the headless machine of Democrat Lights, will be sure to select your GOP Presidential nominee for all of you.  In 2008, they rigged an out of left field hail mary to give us John McCain and in 2012 they sabotaged Herman Cain to bring you Mitt Romney.

Now, earlier this week they tried a last ditch effort and bribed Reuters to do a poll that showed Jeb Bush now in 3rd place among Republicans but that was a one in a million try and it just won't fly.  So the GOP head masters have settled on Marco Rubio as their guy.  As YOUR guy.

We've already seen the take down strategy:

  • Ted Cruz:  Cruz will be taken down with the Qualification to be President strategy.  All horses and machinery will be loosed upon the certain snowball of endless media coverage of Ted Cruz's failure to be a natural born citizen.  Mind you, this will be played out by the same media that refused to acknowledge the natural born status of Obama.  But in the end, this issue will be made to sink Cruz.  He's done folks.  Bank on it.  This is Ted Cruz's "Ginger White."
 So, what that will only leave for the Establishment GOP and their Left Wing partners in all of this will be the dismantling of Trump - when Trump is gone, Rubio will be on top and the manufactured momentum will be insurmountable.  More than likely the Trump destruction strategy will be two fold:  (A) a secret videotape or audio will be "found" that incriminates Trump (this will be similar to the audio of Mitt Romney and the 99%)  (B) a surprise legal matter will be "found" and exposed - there will be some sort of deal that Trump was involved with that will sink him

I cannot stress enough to everyone that the Establishment GOP is working completely in unison on these plans with the Democrats and the far left of this country - and the far left brings with them the media to this effort.  Cruz is an enemy to both of them because of his conservative and Constitutionalist agenda and Trump is an enemy just because they cannot control him.

The really wild thing is when Rubio is selected as GOP nominee, whether the Democrat machinery will actually support Hillary or Rubio.

You heard it here first people.


Friday, January 15, 2016

The Indonesian Terror Attack - ISIS Attacks Obama's Soul

This is probably the best article I've seen on the ISIS sponsored terror attack in Indonesia.

The story comes from The Long War Journal.

Islamic State launches suicide assault in Indonesia’s capital

The Islamic State claimed credit for a suicide assault in the capital of Jakarta that killed two people. Indonesian officials said the Islamic State fighters are fighters linked to a cell that is based in Syria.

Islamic State split up into at least two teams and opened fire at Starbucks and a department store in downtown Jakarta, according to Reuters. Police exchanged gunfire with the jihadists for three hours before the attack was defeated. Some of the gunmen were killed and some blew themselves up, while two of them were captured. The Islamic State fighters detonated several bombs during the fighting.

Civilian casualties were surprisingly low given that both attacks took place in crowded locations. One Canadian and one Indonesian citizen were killed during the fighting.

The Islamic State immediately claimed credit for the attack in an official communique that was disseminated by the groups supporters on social media websites.

“A security detachment from the soldiers of the Caliphate target a gathering of the charges of the Crusader alliance in Jakarta city,” according to the statement which was obtained and translated by the SITE Intelligence Group.

The Islamic State claimed that fighters armed with “light weaponry and explosive belts” attacked after “several timed canisters” or explosives were detonated. According to the Islamic State, “nearly 15 Crusader foreigners” and their local guards were killed. The Islamic State routinely exaggerates the effects of their attacks.

Indonesian officials immediately linked the attack to the Islamic State’s headquarters in Syria. Jakarta’s police chief said that an Indonesian known as Bahrun Naim, who is based in Raqqa, Syria, plotted the Jakarta assault, Reuters reported.

Today’s attack in Jakarta is the latest claimed by the Islamic State outside of Iraq and Syria. Most recently, in November of last year, the Islamic State executed a complex suicide assault in Paris, France, that killed more than 120 people.

The Islamic State in Indonesia

Jihadists in Indonesia who previously have been loyal to al Qaeda have been divided since the Islamic State was formed in June 2014. A number of jihadists previously loyal to Jemaah Islamiyah, al Qaeda’s branch in Indonesia, split from the group in August 2014 shortly after Abu Bakr al Baghdadi declared the Islamic State and named himself as “caliph”. Jemaah Islamiyah is responsible for numerous deadly terrorist attacks in Indonesia over the past two decades, including the deadly bombing in Bali.

Shortly after Baghdadi’s announcement, Abu Bakar Bashir, the spiritual leader and cofounder of Jemaah Islamiyah as well as the emir of Jemaah Ansharut Tauhid, pledged allegiance to Baghdadi. Bashir, a veteran jihadist, made his pledge to Baghdadi while in prison. In 2011, he was convicted of “committing a criminal act of terrorism” by founding and supporting a terrorist group known as al Qaeda in Aceh and sentenced to 15 years in prison. The sentence was later reduced to nine years.

Following Bashir’s oath of loyalty to Baghdadi, Bashir’s sons, Abdul Iim Rohim and Rosyid Ridho, and a number of senior jihadists broke away from the veteran jihadist and spiritual leader and formed their own group, known as Jemaah Ansharusy Syariah. According to the Jakarta Post, more than 50 percent of Bashir’s followers abandoned him and joined Jemaah Ansharusy Syariah.

Mochammad Achwan, the emir of Jemaah Ansharusy Syariah, admitted to the Jakarta Post at the time of the split that his group is part of al Qaeda’s global network and receives orders and advice from leaders overseas.

“Our sharia councils in Yemen and Syria have denounced ISIL [Islamic State] because the group has deviated from the right course in forming a caliphate,” Achwan said. “We received our direction from our respected clerics in JN [Jabhat al Nusrah, or the Al Nusrah Front, al Qaeda’s official branch in Syria], and we have supported the group in many ways.”

In addition to Bashir’s Jemaah Ansharut Tauhid, another group, known as the Mujahidin Indonesian Timur, has sworn allegiance to the Islamic State. Both groups are listed by the US as Foreign Terrorist Organizations. Abu Warda Santoso, the leader of the Mujahidin Indonesian Timur, has also sworn allegiance to Baghdadi.