Sunday, January 31, 2016

Man ‘stabs wife 66 times and cuts off her nose and upper lip in alleged honour killing’

Doesn't it kind of make you wonder why Sweden's bleeding liberals would want a country FULL of these kinds of animals?

The story comes from Express via The Religion of Peace.

Man ‘stabs wife 66 times and cuts off her nose and upper lip in alleged honour killing’

The court also heard the depraved father-of-two cut off his wife’s nose and upper lip.

Public Prosecutor Tomas Malmenby urged the court to sentence the alleged murderer to life in jail.

The alleged honour killing happened in Stockholm's suburb of Årsta.

According to a psychiatric report the 52-year-old man was of sound mind when he allegedly murdered his wife on September 10 last year.

In Mr Malmenby’s closing statement at The District Court of Södertörn he demanded the suspect be jailed for the “brutal violence”.

He told the court: “It happened in her home, a place where you feel the greatest security.

“It has hit the two children [hard]. Within a few minutes they lost both their parents. The violence has been brutal and extensive.”

Mr Malmenby told the court that the woman, who was in her 40s, had been subjected to long-term suffering.

He told the court: “It was a prolonged process. She must have felt the agony of death [coming]."

The woman allegedly died in the bedroom of the couple’s home after being stabbed 66 times.

The court heard that the husband could only remember being in the hallway with a knife in his hand.

According to Mr Malmenby the murdered woman had defensive wounds, suggesting she fought her alleged attacker.

Testifying in court, a neighbour of the pair said that desperate cries from a woman could be heard on the night in question.

Mr Malmenby said: “There are no extenuating circumstances. 66 stab wounds is not [in the heat of the moment].”

The man's Defence Counsel, lawyer Serpil Güngör, said in her final statement that her client should be given a fixed-term sentence - not life.

A ruling is expected on February 10.

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