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Did This Member of the Leftist Media ACTUALLY Complain About Her Treatment At a Trump Rally?


The Individual Comes Last?

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Just a Thought....from Holger

We are a nation of people who have everything the world has to offer and we sit around and bitch about our slavery past, our lack of a right to healthcare - we have families getting $4000 a month in entitlements who have 6 cell phones and 3 plasma tvs.

Like an aged forest in need of a total gutting by fire, America perhaps needs a taste of what life is like in most of the world. Give em Hillary or Warren or Bernie - give em a Dem House and Senate - give em 4 years to taste the whip of a totalitarian state. Give em a DOW of 9000. Give em lines at Publix. Fuck em. I have my food, i have my well, i have my septic and I have my guns. I'll ride the mutherfuckers out and rejoice in their screams of agony and the gnashing of their teeth.


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