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Pakistan Agrees To Release Even MORE Taliban From Their Prisons

 Pakistani Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar (L) holds talks with her Afghan counterpart Zalmai Rassoul (R) during their meeting in Islamabad on November 30, 2012. – Photo by AFP

You know, if this keeps up at this pace, the numbers of Taliban in Pakistan and Afghanistan actively seeking to kill Pakistani and American and NATO troops will be at an all time high as the Pakistani government is ready to open its prison gates once again and release more Taliban from custody.

All of this is supposed to fuel some real negotiations for peace between the Taliban and the leaders of Afghanistan.  Yeah right.  When the Pakistani prisons are finally empty of Taliban, then the Taliban will mount an offensive on the same Afghan leaders that they are supposedly speaking with sincerely about peace.

What a damn joke.

The article comes from DAWN.

Pakistan agrees release of more Taliban prisoners

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan on Friday agreed to release another batch of Taliban prisoners in a bid to facilitate peace talks between insurgents and the Afghan government, a joint foreign ministry statement said.

The announcement came after talks in Islamabad between visiting Afghan Foreign Minister Zalmai Rassoul and his Pakistani counterpart Hina Rabbani Khar.

The number of prisoners to be released was not specified but is not thought to include the Taliban’s former deputy leader Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, who was captured in 2010.

A senior Pakistani security official earlier told AFP that “no decision” had been taken on his release.

The joint statement said both sides agreed the “release of more prisoners, facilitating contacts and urging the Taliban to renounce ties to al Qaeda.”

It was the second high-level delegation to visit Pakistan this month to press for the release of Taliban prisoners in a bid to kick start peace efforts.

Talks, two weeks ago between Pakistan and Afghanistan’s High Peace Council, resulted in the release of nine Taliban.

Afghan officials believe senior Taliban leaders held in Pakistan could help bring militants to the negotiating table, if released from jail, to end over a decade of war ahead of the 2014 pull-out of US-led Nato troops.

“I hope that we will continue to implement other concrete measures in a timely manner and push the peace process forward… so that all those who can help advance the peace process go free,” Rassoul told reporters after talks with his Pakistani counterpart.

An Afghan official had told AFP ahead of the meetings that Rassoul would ask for the release of further Taliban detainees, including Baradar.

But a senior Pakistani security official told AFP that “no decision” had so far been taken on whether to release him.

“We have to ascertain how important he can be. Pakistan believes Baradar may not be enjoying the same clout he used to have before being arrested in Karachi two years ago,” the official said.

The Taliban, leading an 11-year insurgency since the 2001 US-led invasion, has welcomed the releases, but refuses to negotiate directly with Kabul, calling the government of President Hamid Karzai a US puppet.

Preliminary contacts between the US and the Taliban in Doha were broken off in March when the militants failed to secure the release of five of their comrades held at the Guantanamo Bay prison on the US base in Cuba.

Support from Pakistan, which backed the 1996-2001 Taliban regime in Kabul, is seen as crucial to peace in Afghanistan after the departure of Nato forces.

The joint statement said the two sides also discussed the issue of cross border incursions and shelling and agreed to have an institutionalised mechanism to address this issue.

Afghanistan and Pakistan blame each other for a number of recent cross-border attacks that have killed dozens of people.

Afghanistan shares a disputed and unmarked 2,400-kilometre (1,500-mile) border with Pakistan, and Taliban and other al Qaeda-linked militants have carved out strongholds on either side.

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Iran Brags About How They Will Arm Gaza Terrorists With State-of-the-Art Missiles

From Family Security Matters.

Iran Boasts of Providing Missile Technology to Palestinian Terrorists

Only a mere few hours after a fragile ceasefire took effect between Israel and the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, Iran's top military commander, Gen. Mohammad-Ali Jafari, announced that the Iranian government is going to provide the Palestinian "resistance" with the technology necessary to mass produce Fajr-5 missiles, according to an Israeli counterterrorist who monitors the Iranian news organizations.

Gen. Jafari claimed that since Iran is prohibited from sending arms and military equipment due to Gaza being held under siege, Iran's Quds Force has provided the Palestinians with training in the manufacture of Fajr-5 missiles, the Israeli source informed the Law Enforcement Examiner.

In fact, if the Iranian general is telling the truth, these missiles are already in the planning stages for manufacturing in relatively large numbers.

The Fajr-5 missile is much more powerful, accurate and destructive than the rockets used during Hamas' weeklong barrage of Israeli targets.

The Islamic republic extends technological aid and assistance to every Muslim nation or group that stands against "the arrogant powers" such as the Little Satan (Israel) and the Big Satan (United States).

On Wednesday, the Iranian Parliament's Speaker Ali Larijani said on Iranian television that the Quds Force -- Iran's special forces -- has provided military aid to the Palestinian "resistance groups" in the Gaza Strip. The Palestinians living under the rule of the Palestinian National Authority in the West Bank totally refrained from becoming involved in this latest conflict.

"We declare proudly that we have supported the Palestinian nation and Hamas and we have the honor to declare that we will stand beside the Palestinian people in the hardest and most difficult conditions," Larijani said during a rally staged by the Iranian parliamentarians in support of the Palestinians in Gaza and televised throughout the Middle East by semi-official Fars News Agency.

Hamas terrorists admitted their responsibility for the Fajr- 5 long-range missile attacks on Jerusalem and Tel Aviv in their ongoing terror war against Israel.

Hamas and the PIJ claimed responsibility for most of rockets, including long-range rockets, fired into Israeli territory. Other small organizations, such as the Popular Resistance Committees, Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade and networks affiliated with the global jihad also claimed responsibility for a number of rocket launchings.

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Video: Aftermath of Assad Air Strike On Syrian Civilians in Aleppo

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14 Year Old Afghan Girl Beheaded After Father Refuses a Marriage Offer For Her

The religion of peace and tolerance has a new prize today...a 14 year old girl's head.  Wouldn't Mohammed be so pleased.

The story comes from the BBC via The Religion of Peace.

Afghan girl's beheading: Two arrested in Kunduz province

Afghan police have arrested two men accused of beheading a teenage girl with a knife in northern Kunduz province, officials said on Wednesday.

Prior to the attack, the girl's father had rejected a marriage proposal for his daughter.

"Our investigation shows those who killed her were people who wanted to marry her," police told the BBC.

Earlier this month, four policemen were jailed for 16 years for raping a young woman in the same province.

In the latest incident, the girl, who was about 14 years old, was carrying drinking water from a nearby well to her house in Imam Sahib district when she was attacked on Monday.

"People were harassing the family and asking for her hand. When she refused, they did this to her," a police official told the BBC.

Senior Afghan officials and local tribal elders said the two suspects were close relatives of the girl.

The father had not wanted his daughter to get married because she was "too young to be engaged", he was quoted as saying by the Pajhwok news agency.

Details of the killing remain unclear and there are conflicting reports about exactly what happened.

On Thursday, the head of the women's affairs department in the province, Nadarah Gaia, said the girl may have been shot, rather than beheaded.

Video: The Zombie Apocolypse Obstacle Course

The Two Israeli Withdrawals That Cost Them Their Security

In 2005, the Israelis withdrew from Gaza and the Philadelphi Corridor - both moves have cost the nation of Israel dearly ever since then.  This article talks about which one of those was more devastating.

The article is found at Family Security Matters.

Gaza's Not the Key, Philadelphi Is

The Second Hamas-Israel War of Nov. 10-21 inspired a mighty debate over rights and wrongs, with each side appealing to the large undecided bloc (19 percent of Americans according to CNN/ORC, 38 percent according to Rasmussen). Is Israel a criminal state that has no right to exist, much less to deploy force? Or is it a modern liberal democracy with the rule of law that justifiably protects innocent civilians? Morality drives this debate.

To any sentient person, it is obvious that Israelis are 100-percent justified to protect themselves from wanton attacks. A cartoon from the First Hamas-Israel War of 2008-09 symbolically showed a Palestinian terrorist shooting from behind a baby carriage at an Israeli soldier in front of a baby carriage.

The tougher question is how to prevent further Hamas-Israel wars. Some background: If Israelis are 100-percent justified protecting themselves, their government also bears complete responsibility for creating this self-inflicted crisis. Specifically, it made two misguided unilateral withdrawals in 2005:

From Gaza: Ariel Sharon won reelection as prime minister in Jan. 2003 in part by mocking a rival who called for the unilateral withdrawal of all Israeli residents and soldiers from Gaza; then, inexplicably, in Nov. 2003 he adopted this same policy and put it into effect in Aug. 2005. I dubbed this at that time, "one of the worst errors ever made by a democracy."
From the Philadelphi Corridor: Under U.S. pressure, especially from U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Sharon signed an agreement in Sep. 2005, called "Agreed Arrangements," that withdrew Israeli forces from the Philadelphi Corridor, a 14-km long and 100-meter wide area between Gaza and Egypt. The hapless "European Union Border Assistance Mission at the Rafah Crossing Point" (EUBAM Rafah) took their place.

Trouble was, the Egyptian authorities had promised in their 1979 peace treaty with Israel (III:2) to prevent "acts or threats of belligerency, hostility, or violence" but in fact permitted massive smuggling of armaments to Gaza via tunnels. According to Doron Almog, a former head of Israel's Southern Command writing in early 2004, "smuggling has a strategic dimension" because it involves sufficient quantities of arms and materiel "to turn Gaza into launching pad for ever-deeper attacks against Israel proper."

Almog considered these policies "a dangerous gamble" by the Mubarak regime and a "profound strategic danger" that could "endanger the Israeli-Egyptian peace accord and threaten the stability of the whole region." He attributed the lax Egyptian attitude to a mix of anti-Zionist views among officialdom and a readiness to vent the Egyptian public's anti-Zionist sentiments.

Sharon arrogantly signed the "Agreed Arrangements," contrary to the strong opposition of Israel's security establishment. Of course, by removing this layer of Israeli protection, an "exponential increase" in the Gaza arsenal predictably followed, culminating in the Fajr-5 missiles that reached Tel Aviv this month.

To permit Israeli soldiers effectively to prevent armaments from reaching Gaza, David Eshel of Defense Update argued in 2009 for the IDF taking back the Philadelphi Corridor and increasing its size to "a fully sterile security line of about 1,000 meters," even though this would mean having to relocate about 50,000 Gaza residents. Interestingly, the Palestinian Authority's Ahmed Qurei privately endorsed similar steps in 2008.

Almog goes further: noting deep Iranian involvement in Gaza, he advocates making the Philadelphi Corridor into a no-man's-land by widening it to about 10 km. Ideally, he writes me, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will build this anti-smuggling obstacle and the American military will have a continued role policing the border. Second best, Israelis do this alone. (The still-operational Gaza-Jericho Agreement of May 1994 establishes a "Military Installation Area" under Israel's full control - in effect, the Philadelphi Corridor - that provides Jerusalem with the legal basis to take back this crucial border.)

In contrast, Michael Herzog, formerly a high-ranking official in Israel's defense ministry, tells me it is too late for Israel to take back the Philadelphi Corridor; that international pressure on Egypt to stop the flow of arms to Gaza is the solution. Likewise, former ambassador Dore Gold backs joint U.S.-Israel "arrangements" to keep out new weaponry.

I am skeptical about an effective American role, whether military or diplomatic; Israelis alone have the incentive to close down the arms transfers. Western governments should signal Hamas that they will encourage Jerusalem to respond to the next missile attack by retaking and enlarging the Philadelphi Corridor, thereby preventing further aggression, humanitarian tragedy, and political crises.

U.S. Predator Drone Strike Kills Two Jihadis In South Waziristan, Pakistan

Okay, you aren't imagining anything when you think it's been forever since I've reported a drone strike from inside of Pakistan - it HAS been nearly forever and that is why I think this one must be significant.  First off, just the fact that it's been so long tells me that the target of this strike that killed two had to be too important to pass up.  And secondly, this was in South Waziristan - 90% of the American drone strikes happen in NORTH Waziristan - I'm guessing that in a day or two we are going to find out that we just got a hugely important al Qaeda or Taliban.  I could be wrong but I just have a feeling.

The story comes from DAWN.

US drone attack kills two suspected militants in South Waziristna

PESHAWAR: Two suspected militants were killed in a US drone attack inside Pakistan’s South Waziristan tribal region, DawnNews reported on Thursday.

Three missiles were fired in the Sheen Warsak area of Wana, which is the main town of the South Waziristan Agency.

According to local sources, the attack came late afternoon and was targeted at a house, resulting in the death of two suspected militants.

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Holger Asks Why #57 - Tax the Rich?

Holger Asks Why....

Why is it that these Russian peasants aren't happier in this photo?  The Bolsheviks not only taxed the rich in Russia to give to these people but then the property of the rich was taken away and spread amongst the people.

So why aren't they smiling?


An Iranian-American's List of Crimes Committed By Iran's Ayatollah and Mullahs

From Family Security Matters.

A Warning to President Obama and Ali Khamenei

It is worse than appeasement to negotiate a "deal" with the Islamic theocrats in the occupied Iran, because any deal struck with these mullahs is only another ruse for them to further their plans. The UN resolutions are nothing more than pieces of paper good for burning, they can pass them all they want, president Ahmadinejad proclaims belligerently.

These Islamists go by their 1400-year-old charter of Allah, the Qur'an, the same charter that they hold in one hand while slashing the throat of an innocent infidel and yelling joyously "Allah is the greatest" the whole time.

To the misguided "Supreme Guide," mullah Ali Khamenei of Iran, a few words are in order.

The civilized Iranians, descendants of Cyrus the Great, find you, mullah Ali Khamenei, and your cabal of Islamists guilty of heinous crimes. A partial list of charges is given below.


You do not represent the Iranian people. You are an Islamist terrorist. You are a usurper of power. You are guilty of transforming a noble nation into a world pariah.
You are denying and violating a long-suffering people all its human rights.
You are guilty of beating, imprisoning and torturing a few dozen women who braved participating in a peaceful demonstration pleading for equal family rights, on the recent International Day of Women.
You systematically beat, rape, imprison, and torture all manner of citizens, from school teachers to students to union workers, for daring to raise their voices against the plight to which you have subjected them.
You savagely beat and haul to your dungeons of torture and death over a thousand of the tens of thousands of teachers who had gathered in front of the parliament requesting nothing more than their back pay and living wages.
In late 2009, you ordered the Basij forces, revolutionary guards, plain-clothed and government forces to massacre thousands of innocent people in a mass popular uprising over the fraudulent presidential election of your puppet, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
You direct systematic genocidal measures against all non-Shi'a religious minorities, with Baha'is as prime target, and genocidal actions against political groups; support of international terrorism; demolition of religious sites and cemeteries; for rape, torture, and summary execution of prisoners of conscience; forgery of documents, acts of blackmail and fraud, and much more.
You arrest some Christians; even your Quran calls "People of the Book," for observing Christmas.
You implement barbaric practices of stoning, hanging and amputations for those who are convicted of crimes in your kangaroo courts without due process. You even imprison those few lawyers who rise in the defense of the innocent.
You plunder, mismanage and dole out Iran's national wealth with the result that the great majority of the people are living in poverty. Iranian women are forced into prostitution to survive or simply sold as sex slaves in Persian Gulf states.
Your fascist misrule of nearly three decades has driven millions of Iran's best children to the four corners of the world. Hundreds of thousands of educated Iranians are compelled to continue the exodus, depriving Iran of sorely needed talents at home.
You spend a fortune on the nuclear program that you claim is only aimed for peaceful purposes, while turning Iran into little more than a gas station nation, with its precious oil wealth squandered and its facilities on the verge of collapse through neglect.
You have created a suffocating social atmosphere that has driven masses of the people to the use of hard drugs as a way of numbing their pain.


You look far and wide to support any and all terrorists. Your delusional theology mandates the creation of horrific conditions in the world so that your Hidden Imam is compelled to appear and establish his rule.
You spare no efforts at sabotaging any settlement between the Palestinians and Israelis. You arm and train all Palestinian factions such as Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and any and all that come.
You direct similar criminal schemes on your eastern flank, in Afghanistan. You consider any democratic system as the enemy of Islamofascism, and rightfully so.
You work ceaselessly, expand Iran's stolen funds, and do all you can in support of your Shi'a co-fascists Hezbollah in Lebanon.
Your hands are dripping with the blood of thousands of Iraqis, victims of your bloodthirsty kin mercenaries aiming to kill a budding democracy in Iraq next door.
You supplied your mercenaries with armor-piercing projectiles for killing and maiming the coalition forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. Your cowardly killing by proxy, used these roadside planted bombs, have taken the lives of hundreds of Americans.
You interpreted the highly subdued reactions of the coalition to your savage actions as indications of weakness. So, you found it in yourself to venture into direct confrontation by capturing lightly armed British sailors and marines in Iraqi waters.
You are responsible for helping Syrian forces slaughter seekers of freedom.
You directly orchestrated an attack on the British embassy in Tehran last month and called the action of your "thugs," "student protests."
You plotted to assassinate the Saudi ambassador, Adel al-Jubeir, on US soil.

To misguided advocates of negotiation with the devil (mullahs), beware. The mullahs are on an Allah-mandated mission. They are intoxicated with petrodollars and aim to settle for nothing less than complete domination of the world under the Islamic Ummah.

I also reiterate the words of Prince Reza Pahlavi that Ayatollah Ali Khamenei must be held responsible and tried in the international court for crimes against humanity.

Video: Syrian Rebels Claim To Shoot Down Syrian Air Force Fighter Jet

Don't I hear a jet continuing on with it's mission after the explosion?

Two Car Bombs Go Off In Pro-Assad Section of Damascus, 38 Dead

This has to be al Qaeda.  Two separate car bombs went off in a Damascus, Syria area very loyal to Bashir Assad and the aftermath revealed 38 dead.

From the article at The Telegraph:

Simultaneous bombings in the mostly Druze and Christian town of Jaramana near Damascus sent residents fleeing in panic.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that according to activists and residents most of the victims died when a suicide attacker blew up his car moments after an explosive device was used on another vehicle.

"The number of people killed by two car bomb blasts in the town of Jaramana this morning has risen to 38," said the Britain-based watchdog, adding that dozens were wounded.

See the pattern there?  A car bomb goes off...people flock to help, emergency people come in and BAM, another car bomb goes off doing most of the killing.  I've said it time and time again here that this is the trademark of al Qaeda - they know that a random car bomb won't kill as many as possible because people are the first bomb creates the magnet to concentrate people and then the second bomber takes over and hits the crowd.

At least 38 killed in Damascus car bombs

Simultaneous bombings in the mostly Druze and Christian town of Jaramana near Damascus sent residents fleeing in panic.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that according to activists and residents most of the victims died when a suicide attacker blew up his car moments after an explosive device was used on another vehicle.

"The number of people killed by two car bomb blasts in the town of Jaramana this morning has risen to 38," said the Britain-based watchdog, adding that dozens were wounded.

Syria's interior ministry put the death toll at 34, state television said.

Among the dead were 10 unidentified bodies, added the broadcaster, noting that 83 people were injured.

Residents said the series of bomb attacks took place at 6:30am (0430 GMT) in Jaramana, where pro-regime militiamen have set up armed groups to defend the town against rebels.

"Terrorists blew up two car bombs filled with a large amount of explosives in (Jaramana's) main square ... killing and wounding several residents, and damaging several residential buildings and shops," said Syrian state news agency SANA.

The bombs struck Jaramana at the same time as two explosive devices were set off in the town in separate attacks, said SANA, adding that nobody was killed in those blasts.

People in Jaramana panicked as the explosions hit their town, residents said.

Wednesday's bombings marked the fourth such attack on Jaramana since August 28. On October 29, a car bombing killed 11 people and wounded dozens.

Also on Wednesday, Syrian rebels shot down a fighter jet in the northwest of the country, near the border with Turkey, according to an AFP correspondent on the frontier.

The warplane came down in a massive explosion, leaving behind a plume of smoke, the journalist said, reporting several miles away from where the jet was downed.

The Observatory said the aircraft was hit by a missile and that it crashed at Daret Ezza, which lays on the border between the provinces of Idlib and Aleppo.

Also in the northwest, warplanes carried out five air raids in 15 minutes on rebel-held Maaret al-Numan, while troops and insurgents clashed at the town's southern entrance, the Observatory said.

Fighter jets meanwhile bombarded the anti-regime town Daraya southwest of Damascus, scene of fierce battles for days.

The army also shelled the rebel-held town of Zabadani, east of Damascus, against which "the army has been trying to stage an assault for several days," said the watchdog.

According to the Syrian Revolution General Commission, a grassroots network of anti-regime activists, the army has shelled Zabadani "continuously for more than four months," ever since the town was seized by rebels.

"More than 50 tank shells fell on the town in half an hour" on Wednesday, injuring several people, the SRGC added.

More than 40,000 people have been killed in violence across Syria since the outbreak of an anti-regime revolt in March last year. Brutal regime repression of protests led to the outbreak of a bloody insurgency.

Bankrupt Obama America Decides To Give $150 Million To Taliban Infested Pakistan For Power Plant Expansion

I don't know about you gang, but when I open my electric bill nowadays, it isn't a fuzzy and warm experience.  It's not going to make me feel any better to know that the U.S. is sending $150 million dollars to Pakistan so they can expand a dam project to provide more electricity in that country.  Somehow it just doesn't seem "fair" that Americans are being put out of their houses for not being able to pay their electric bills but we have the money (actually we will have to borrow the money from China) to send to Pakistan so that some Taliban can recharge their cell phones before they go out to blow up more of our troops.

The article comes from DAWN.

US announces $150 million for Mangla dam expansion

ISLAMABAD: The United States on Wednesday announced a grant of 150 million dollars for the expansion of the Mangla Dam power plant, DawnNews reported.

The project is expected to generate 310 megawatts of electricity.

Addressing the inauguration ceremony of the project at Mangla Power House, US Ambassador to Pakistan Richard Olson said the US would provide 150 million dollars for the expansion of the Mangla power station.

Olson said a meeting of the Energy Working Group would be held in Islamabad in the month of December, adding that, the construction of the Diamir-Bhasha Dam was a priority for the US.

Addressing the ceremony, Chairman Water and Power Development Authority (Wapda) Syed Raghib Abbas Shah said 400 million dollars would be spent on the expansion of the Mangla power house which would be able to provide additional production for the next 40 years.

“The fourth phase expansion work will begin in March 2012,” Shah said.

Moreover, he said that the feasibility report of five mega projects was in the process of completion.

He also said that in the next five years, 5,000 megawatts electricity would be added to the national grid which would benefit 1 million consumers.

Video: The Muslim Brotherhood Utopia In Egypt That Obama Longed For

Video: Getting Rid of An SVBIED In Afghanistan

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Britain ready to back Palestinian statehood at UN

Is Britain really prepared to make deals with Terrorist?  I am going  to seek this further and I hope you do also!

The Guardian

Britain ready to back Palestinian statehood at UN Britain is prepared to back a key vote recognising 

Palestinian statehood at the United Nations if Mahmoud Abbas pledges not to pursue Israel for war crimes and to resume peace talks. Abbas, president of the Palestinian Authority, has called for Britain's backing in part because of its historic responsibility for Palestine. The government has previously refused, citing strong US and Israeli objections and fears of long-term damage to prospects for negotiations. On Monday night, the government signalled it would change tack and vote yes if the Palestinians modified their application, which is to be debated by the UN general assembly in New York later this week. As a "non-member state", Palestine would have the same status as the Vatican. Whitehall officials said the Palestinians were now being asked to refrain from applying for membership of the international criminal court or the international court of justice, which could both be used to pursue war crimes charges or other legal claims against Israel. Abbas is also being asked to commit to an immediate resumption of peace talks "without preconditions" with Israel. The third condition is that the general assembly's resolution does not require the UN security council to follow suit. The US and Israel have both hinted at possible retaliation if the vote goes ahead. Congress could block payments to the Palestinian Authority and Israel might freeze tax revenues it transfers under the 1993 Oslo agreement or, worse, withdraw from the agreement altogether. It could also annex West Bank settlements. Britain's position is that it wants to reduce the risk that such threats might be implemented and bolster Palestinian moderates. France has already signalled that it will vote yes on Thursday, and the long-awaited vote is certain to pass as 132 UN members have recognised the state of Palestine. Decisions by Germany, Spain and Britain are still pending and Palestinians would clearly prefer a united EU position as counterweight to the US. Willian Hague, the foreign secretary, discussed the issue on Monday with Abbas and the French foreign minister, Laurent Fabius, offiicals said. Palestinian sources said Hillary Clinton, the US secretary of state, raised the issue with Abbas at his Ramallah headquarters last week, shortly before a ceasefire was agreed in the Gaza Strip, as had Tony Blair, the Quartet envoy. Abbas has been widely seen to have been sidelined by his rivals in the Islamist movement Hamas, as well by his failure to win any concessions from Israel. Abbas, whose remit does not extend beyond the West Bank, hopes a strong yes vote will persuade Israel to return to talks after more than two years. Officals in Ramallah have opposed surrendering on the ICC issue so it can be used as a bargaining chip in future, but views are thought to be divided. Abbas said at the weekend: "We are going to the UN fully confident in our steps. We will have our rights because you are with us." Leila Shaid, Palestine's representative to the EU, said: "After everything that has happened in the Arab spring, Britain can't pretend it is in favour of democracy in Libya, Syria and Egypt but accept the Palestinians continuing to live under occupation. As the former colonial power, Britain has a historic responsibility to Palestine. Britain is a very important country in the Middle East, it has extensive trade relations, and David Cameron should know he risks a popular backlash from Arab public opinion if he does not support us." Palestinians have rejected the claim that they are acting unilaterally, calling the UN path "the ultimate expression of multilateralism". Israel's apparent opposition to unilateralism has not stopped it acting without agreement to build and expand settlements, they say.

Afghan Students Demand the Release of Afghan Soldier Who Killed Five French Troops

A serious twist to the aftermath of the "green on blue" attacks in Afghanistan where a group of Afghan students (there's an oxymoron for ya) are demanding the reprieve of an Afghan soldier who mowed down and killed five French troops in cold blood.  Now, this Afghan soldier has been convicted of his cowardly act and waits for his execution by hanging but you know me, I'm open to all sides of any argument.

Well, my answer to the students is this:  we'll release this Afghan soldier from custody on the edge of one of your desert areas, we'll give him 30 minutes to run to the creek bed a ways away.  We'll send in one A-10 to try and take him out before he reaches the creek bed.  If he reaches the creek bed, he is free...if he doesn't, well, you can have the bits and pieces left of him.


The story comes from The Long War Journal.

Afghan students demand reprieve for green-on-blue killer

Yesterday some 500 university students gathered in Jalalabad, the capital of Afghanistan's eastern Nangarhar province, to protest the likely execution of an Afghan soldier convicted of murdering five NATO troops. The soldier's appeal was rejected by an Afghan court last week and he is said to be among a group of convicts soon to be executed by Afghan authorities.

According to AFP, the students blocked the main road leading to Kabul, chanted anti-US and anti-Israeli slogans, and burned US and Israeli flags in protest against the recent deaths of Palestinians in Gaza in clashes between the Israeli military and Gaza-based insurgent groups. The students also called on the NDS, Afghanistan's intelligence service, to prevent the execution. They blamed the NDS for the soldier's arrest, Khaama Press reported, and threatened further protests if their demands were not met by the Afghan government.

"We demand the president withdraw a decree that approves the execution of Abdul Sabor, the soldier who is accused of killing five French troops," the students said in a statement. They also called for a halt to the execution of Taliban prisoners by the Afghan government. Within the past week, the government has executed 14 death row prisoners, some of whom were Taliban, AFP reported.

One of the protesters, Inayatullah, warned that the execution of Sabor would lead to an uprising, according to Pajhwok Afghan News. The students, said to be from the Education Faculty, threatened to close Nangarhar University if Sabor is not reprieved.

They also demanded that a US soldier accused of killing 18 civilians in Kandahar be "brought to justice," Pajhwok reported. US Army Sergeant Robert Bales is currently awaiting results of a pretrial inquiry in a US military court on charges of killing 17 Afghan civilians; prosecutors are seeking the death penalty.

On Jan. 20, Sabor, a soldier with the Afghan National Army in the eastern province of Kapisa, turned his gun on a group of French soldiers as they jogged on their base, killing four outright and wounding 15 others. According to AFP, a fifth French soldier later died of his wounds. Sabor was apprehended the day of the shooting. The attack prompted France to accelerate its withdrawal from Afghanistan. The French combat mission in Kapisa ended last week.

On July 17, a military court sentenced him to death by hanging.

Sabor is the first Afghan to be convicted of a green-on-blue, or insider, attack on Coalition troops by Afghan forces. Given the prevalence of such attacks in recent years -- with 42 attacks so far this year alone, resulting in 60 Coalition deaths -- yesterday's protest in Jalalabad does not bode well for the Afghan system of justice or the safety of Coalition soldiers in Afghanistan.

Video: Don't You Just Love the Warthog?

Mighty Palestinian "Freedom Fighter" Strikes Back At Israel...Breaks Into Israeli Home and Stabs Little Jewish Girl...IDF Sends Him To Hell

I'm waiting for Rachel Maddow to put up this story tonight on her she can showcase the struggle for the oppressed Palestinians and how they are valiantly fighting back against the overpowering Zionists in Israel - come on Rachel...put it some video of a little Jewish girl in Israel who was stabbed by a Palestinian man show wormed his way through a hole in a security fence and broke into the little girl's home.  I dare ya Rachel.

The story comes from Israel National News via The Religion of Peace.

IDF Kills Suspected Gaza Terrorist after Stabbing

Soldiers killed a suspected Gaza terrorist early Monday after he broke into a Jewish home and stabbed a girl before fleeing.

The IDF discovered a hole in the nearby Gaza security fence, and footprints from the area matched the shoes of the intruder, who had escaped to the Moshav Sde Avraham's greenhouses after he tried to kill the girl.

Soldiers caught up with him and tried to arrest him, and then shot and killed him when he tried to escape.

The wounded girl is in fair condition. She was stabbed in her family’s home in Moshav Sde Avraham, originally named Yesodot HaDarom. It is a southern community adjacent to Gaza and was founded in 1982 by victims of the expulsion from the Yamit communities in Sinai that was part of the Egyptian-Israeli Peace Treaty in 1979.

Hillary Clinton, Obama Administration Made Fools Of Once Again By Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood

An excellent article here by Gadi Adelman regarding Egypt's President or should I say, Egypt's Grand Dictator, Mohammed Morsi and how the Obama administration and especially Hillary Clinton have complete egg on their faces after the Egyptian head has turned Hitler wannabe.

Let's face it - if Hillary Clinton has designs on the U.S. Presidency in 2016, she couldn't have orchestrated a more disastrous last six months of her stint as Secretary of State - between the disaster and cover up at Benghazi and her alliance to the Muslim terror group in Egypt, she's close to wearing the mark of the Beast.

Adelman's article comes from Family Security Matters.

The Cornerstone of Regional Stability and Peace

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is eating her words, or perhaps I should I say leather. Open mouth insert foot. Or in this case open mouth insert sandaled feet.

After meeting with Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, UN Secretary Ban Ki-Moon, Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi and others to bring about a ceasefire between Hamas and Israel, she stated,

"I want to thank President Morsi for his personal leadership to de-escalate the situation in Gaza and end the violence."

"Egypt's new government is assuming responsibility and leadership that has long made it a cornerstone of regional stability and peace."

Exactly what is Clinton's definition of the word "long", the 33 years of peace with Israel since the signing of the treaty with Sadat or the less than 24 hours that it took Morsi to name himself the new Pharaoh?

Once again the U.S. chooses the wrong side to align itself with. This is a re-run of the U.S. stance on the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) from June of last year when Secretary Clinton announced the formal recognition by the U.S. of the MB.

June of 2011 saw the reversal of a five-year-old U.S. policy banning contact with the Muslim Brotherhood organization in Egypt and was reported by Reuters,

While Clinton portrayed the administration's decision as a continuation of an earlier policy, it reflects a subtle shift in that U.S. officials will be able to deal directly with officials of the Islamist movement who are not members of parliament.

"We believe, given the changing political landscape in Egypt, that it is in the interests of the United States to engage with all parties that are peaceful, and committed to non-violence, that intend to compete for the parliament and the presidency," Clinton told reporters at a news conference.

"Now in any of those contacts, prior or future, we will continue to emphasize the importance of and support for democratic principles and especially a commitment to non-violence, respect for minority rights, and the full inclusion of women in any democracy," she added.

Now, just after the U.S. and Clinton praising of Morsi, less than 24 hours later to be exact, Morsi felt there would be no better time to announce his true intentions. As reported by Al-Jazeera,

Egypt's President Mohamed Morsi has issued a declaration giving himself greater powers and effectively neutralising a judicial system that had emerged as a key opponent by declaring that the courts are barred from challenging his decisions.

"The president can issue any decision or measure to protect the revolution," according to a decree read out on television by Yasser Ali, a presidential spokesman.

The situation would be funny if it weren't true. CBS News just reported on November 21, the day the ceasefire was announced,

Morsi emerged as a major regional player. He won the trust of the United States and Israel, which once worried over the rise of an Islamist leader in Egypt...

One does have to laugh that within hours of CBS writing this, Morsi did exactly what everyone was "worried" about, the "Islamist" gave himself full and total power above the law as well as the courts and judges.

What could possibly go wrong there?

The people of Egypt, those that voted this Muslim Brotherhood man into power have now taken to the streets yet again. The site where the downfall and ouster of the former President Hosni Mubarak started, Tahrir Square, is now the scene yet again of protesters and police clashing. Only now, the demonstrators are calling for Morsi to rescind his decree of "absolute" power.

Police and demonstrators in Tahrir Square

It went far beyond protests. Firebombing of buildings and offices also occurred as reported by the Telegraph UK,

On Friday, demonstrators ransacked and burned down offices of the Brotherhood's political front, the Freedom and Justice Party, in Alexandria, Port Said and Ismailiya.

In Cairo, the biggest demonstrations for months filled Tahrir Square, reviving the spirit and chants of last year's revolution against former leader, ex-President Hosni Mubarak.

"Out, out," the crowd chanted. "The people want the downfall of the regime."

The U.S. wasn't pleased with Morsi's decision either. The State Department spokesperson, Victoria Nuland, released the following statement on Friday as well,

The decisions and declarations announced on November 22 raise concerns for many Egyptians and for the international community. One of the aspirations of the revolution was to ensure that power would not be overly concentrated in the hands of any one person or institution. The current constitutional vacuum in Egypt can only be resolved by the adoption of a constitution that includes checks and balances, and respects fundamental freedoms, individual rights, and the rule of law consistent with Egypt's international commitments. We call for calm and encourage all parties to work together and call for all Egyptians to resolve their differences over these important issues peacefully and through democratic dialogue.

On Sunday, the Jerusalem Post reported that "Egypt stocks plunge as anti-Morsi protests grow",

Egypt's stock market plunged on Sunday in its first day open since Islamist President Mohamed Morsi's seizure of new powers set off street violence and a political crisis, unraveling efforts to restore stability after last year's revolution.

Explaining the violence that has come with the protests, the article continued,

More than 500 people have been injured in protests since Friday, when Egyptians awoke to news that Morsi had issued a decree widening his powers and shielding them from judicial review.

What I find to be most interesting, yet not really that surprising, is Morsi's handling of the situation.

Those opposing Morsi and his ‘decree' have called for a "million man march" in Tahrir Square for this Tuesday. Rather than letting them have their march or even the opposite, threating arrest for those that participate, Morsi, in his Muslim Brotherhood wisdom calls for a counter march.

As I stated before, what could possibly go wrong there?

The Daily News Egypt reports,

In a statement released on Saturday, the Muslim Brotherhood called for protests in all governorates on Sunday, as well as a million man march on Tuesday in Abdeen Square.

The MB calls for protests come after anti-Morsy demonstrators made calls for protests on Tuesday. Several tents are already up in Tahrir Square and 14 political groups have so far announced that they will take part in Tuesday protests. The protesters are demanding the reversal of the constitutional declaration, which Morsy announced on Thursday.

Abdeen Square is only a few kilometres from Tahrir Square, sparking fears that clashes may erupt between the two groups.

Such brilliance, such leadership, Morsi is living up to everything I have said and written about him since he won the Presidential election in June, this is just more icing on my pyramid shaped cake.

I predicted that the takeover of power in Egypt would be won by the MB way back in February 2011,

The Muslim Brotherhood has been waiting for an opportunity like this for over 60 years and it is not something they are going to let slip by. Since the fall of the Ottoman Empire in 1924 and the founding of the Muslim Brotherhood only 4 years later in 1928 there has never been an opportunity such as this for a return of a Caliphate and you can bet your life the Brotherhood is working harder than any other group or government to see that this happens.

Over a year ago in my article "So Much for Middle East Democracy" I wrote about the Muslim Brotherhood and Egypt,

After Mubarak of Egypt was ousted the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) stepped in. Initially it was repeatedly claimed that the MB had nothing to do with the uprising in Egypt. We were told that it came from the "people" and they wanted freedom and democracy.

After it was obvious that MB was indeed pulling the strings of the uprisings, we were told from our own U.S. Government by Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, that the MB was "mostly secular".

Almost immediately following the ouster of Hosni Mubarak it seemed that the peace treaty between Israel and Egypt followed him right out the door. Yes, once again, Israel was the "enemy".

Later, after the MB announced that they would be running in the upcoming elections in Egypt with the newly unveiled "Freedom and Justice Party." Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stated the U.S. 'would welcome' dialogue with Muslim Brotherhood.

Now that the MB has ‘absolute' power in Egypt it will be a wait and see game.

Wait and see how the people of Egypt handle the decree and the protests, wait and see how the MB will handle the protesters, wait and see how many are injured or die, wait and see how the U.S. continues to try and back pedal away from Morsi, wait and see how this all will inevitably effect the Hamas Israel ceasefire.

But then again, I could be wrong, after all as Clinton stated, "Egypt's new government is assuming responsibility and leadership that has long made it a cornerstone of regional stability and peace."

Video: Palestinians Travel To the Gates of Hell To Exhume Arafat's Body

Video: Raw Footage of Taliban Bomb Attack On Shia Muslim Procession In Di Khan, Pakistan

Monday, November 26, 2012

Syrian Rebels Destroy Assad's Main Radar Station, Syria Defenseless From Attacks By Israel, Jordan or Saudi Arabia

You know, I realize that the Syrian rebels are full of the worst of the worst factions of jihadis but when it comes to Assad from Syria, it just couldn't happen to a nicer guy.  Hahahahaha!

If Israel decides to take out Iran's nukes, I think the northern route for bombers looks a little more appealing now.  (evil grin)

Report is from DEBKA.

Syrian rebels destroy Assad’s radar station facing Israel

In a resounding blow to the combat capabilities of Bashar Assad’s army against external enemies, Syrian rebels destroyed their most important electronic warning radar station facing Israel – M-1 – Monday, Nov. 26, debkafile reports exclusively from its military sources.

This Russian-built station monitored Israeli warplanes' takeoff and landing activities at air bases in the Negev and Hatzerim in the south and tracked them up to the Syrian border. The facility was designed to guide Syrian missiles targeting any point on the Israeli map, in sync with air defense facilities south of Damascus and on the Golan Heights. The radar’s range also covered naval movements in Mediterranean waters off the shores of Israel and Lebanon.
Western military sources told debkafile that the destruction of this vital facility has blinded the two eyes which Syrian air, air defense and missile forces had trained on Israel. It has therefore crippled, though not completely dismantled, Bashar Assad’s ability to got to war against Israel, Jordan or Saudi Arabia.
M-1 radar also swept all parts of Jordan and northern Saudi Arabia where the important Tabuk air base is situated. Deployed there in addition to the Saudi Air Force are French fighter-bombers ready to go to war against Syria.
M-1 also relayed current data on Israeli military movements to Hizballah and would have been a vital source of intelligence in a potential Lebanese Shiites offensive against the Jewish state.
The Syrian ruler and his spokesmen have frequently threatened since the eruption of the popular insurrection that if Assad had his back to the wall, the entire Middle East would go up in flames, especially Israel.

In the last two days, the Syrian rebels have made additional gains: They were able to capture areas abutting on the Jordanian border, excepting only the Ramtha border crossing. They also seized the Marj al-Sultan military air field southeast of Damascus and adjoining Syrian Army 4th Brigade bases.
Most of the men of the 82nd Infantry Brigade guarding M-1 were killed in the fighting, fled or were taken prisoner.
Our military sources notes that after M-1, the Assad regime still retains two key radar stations: M-2 in Shanshar south of Homs, which covers central and northern Syria; and M-3 near Latakia which keeps an eye on the northern region up to the Turkish border and the eastern Mediterranean up to Cyprus.
All three radar stations were linked to the Syrian general staff, air force, air defense, missile and navy operations rooms and fed them the essential real-time intelligence data needed for decision-making at the highest level. However, the loss of M-1 seriously hampers the Syria army’s capacity to take on Israel or Jordan.

Pakistanis Protest 12 Mortar Rounds Fired From Inside of Iran Into Pakistan

You know, the Iranians really know how to make friends.  Government officials in Pakistan have lodged a formal complaint against Iran for the firing of at least 12 mortar rounds into Pakistan from inside of Iran.

It kind of makes my mouth water thinking about a skirmish between the Pakistanis and the Iranians - talk about the perfect scenario for both sides being obliterated.

The story comes from DAWN.

Pakistan protests Iran over cross-border mortars

QUETTA: Balochistan Home Secretary Akbar Durrani on Monday said Pakistan has recorded their dissent to the Iranian government over 12 mortars fired from Iranian territory into Chaghi District on Sunday night, DawnNews reported.

Speaking to media representatives, Durrani said that at least 12 mortars were fired from Iranian side at the Pakistan-Iran border area of Chaghi last night. However, there were no casualties reported.

He said that the Pakistani authorities have recorded an official protest with their Iranian counterparts over the incident, adding that the provincial home ministry has informed the foreign ministry about details of the incident.

The secretary said that a meeting between the two sides on the issue will be convened on Tuesday.

Target and purpose of the mortars is not ascertained as yet, he added.

Video: Afghan Firefight From a Dog Handler's POV (Anyone Notice the Idiot Afghan Looking To Get Shot?)

City of Hamburg, Germany Signs a "Treaty" With Muslims Groups In That City, a Submission To Special Rights, a Surrender To Islam

It's my hope that many, many Americans will read this post today - not only does it detail how the city of Hamburg, Germany has surrendered to the demands of a Muslim minority in its midst but it goes about detailing just how the ideology or how the islamofascism of Islam actually works.

As I described on The Awakening broadcast the other night, the totalitarian nature of Islam has created a machine of dominance and repression and what we are seeing in Germany is where a 9 or 10 percent minority literally is the tail wagging the dog.  These Germans in Hamburg may not have had a dozen terror attacks in their city to move them to this point but believe me, there is a fear there that instigated this treaty signing.

Good luck, people of Hamburg.  You're gonna need it.

The story comes from Family Security Matters.

A One-Sided Suicide Pact

Soeren Kern, writing for the Gatestone Institute in his November 16th article, "IslamNeeds a Fair Chance in Germany," reported a significant development in Germany that portends dire consequences for that benighted nation and for all of Europe: the city of Hamburg signed a "treaty" with organizations representing its Islamic population.

The "treaty" features a series of concessions, not by the Muslims to secular authority, but by the secular government of Hamburg to the Muslims. The "treaty," which requires ratification by the city's Parliament, grants Muslims "rights" and "privileges" enjoyed by no other religious group there.

The November 13 agreement, signed by Hamburg's Socialist Mayor Olaf Scholz and the leaders of four Muslim umbrella groups, is being praised by the proponents of multiculturalism for putting the northern port city's estimated 200,000 Muslims on an equal footing with Christian residents....

The most controversial part of the accord involves a commitment by the city government to promote the teaching of Islam in the Hamburg public school system. The agreement grants the leaders of Hamburg's Muslim communities a determinative say in what will be taught by allowing them to develop the teaching curriculum for Islamic studies.

Moreover, Muslim officials will also be able to determine who will (and who will not) be allowed to teach courses about Islam in city schools. In practice, this means that only Muslims will be allowed to teach Islam and that pupils will not be exposed to any critical perspectives about the religious, social and political ideology of Islam.

Under the wide-ranging accord, Muslims in Hamburg will also have the right to take three Islamic holidays as days off from work. Up until now, it has been up to individual employers to decide whether or not to grant Muslim staff religious days off on a case-by-case basis. In addition, Muslim students will be exempt from attending school on Muslim holidays.

The agreement also includes provisions for the construction of more mosques in Hamburg, the upkeep of cultural Islamic facilities, the authorization for Muslims to bury their dead without the use of coffins, as well as the counseling of patients and prison inmates by Muslim clerics.

Moreover, the "treaty" will guarantee "broadcast slots alongside Protestant and Catholic broadcasts on public and private radio and television, as well as broadcasting council seats for Muslims with the northern Germany NDR public broadcaster and Germany's federal ZDF television channel."

The German term for treaty, vertag, occurs no less than five times in the article. It occurs in the document itself. In the article, the term agreement occurs fifteen times. But the actual document reads, in a loose English translation, "A Draft Treaty between the Islamic Community and the Municipal Authority of Hamburg."

However, no matter how many times the term agreementappears in the article, a treaty is what the agreement is. Islam is on a cultural or civilizational jihad against the West and all Western institutions. So, what is a treaty? Is it a "truce" between the secular authorities and the religious Muslims? Is it a "non-aggression pact" between two powers vying for hegemony? Is it the granting to Muslims a "separate butequal" political status?

A treaty is commonly regarded as an agreement between belligerent nations, states, or governments. TheOxford English Dictionary defines treaty as:

3a. A settlement or arrangement arrived at by treating or negotiation; an agreement, covenant, compact, contract.

3b. spec. A contract between two or more states, relating to peace, truce, alliance, commerce, or other international relation; also, the document embodying such contract, in modern usage formally signed by plenipotentiaries appointed by the government of each state.

A treaty between belligerents indicates a cessation of hostilities between the parties. The Hamburg treaty implicitly acknowledges that its Muslim "communities" are part and parcel of the Islamic Ummah, or the worldwide, global "community" of Islam. The treaty has implicitly recognized the Ummah as a state to "treat" or "negotiate" with. So, the "agreement" is called a "treaty." The German government has not been waging cultural or political jihad against Muslims; it is Muslims, especially those of Turkish origin in Germany, who have been waging all sorts of jihad against non-Muslim Germans in the way of rape jihad, jihad against freedom of speech, and jihad against Jews.

This is the situation in all European countries now, especially in the western European nations of Belgium, France, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. Across the Channel, Britain is succumbing to the same phenomena.

Out of a population of about 1.8 million in the city proper of Hamburg, Muslims of various sects, including the Alevi, a Turkish sect, constitute over nine percent.

Again, I think it is significant that this agreement is consistently called a treaty. It acknowledges that Islam has been at war with Western culture, and will continue to be until the "peace" of a global caliphate is achieved. For the time being, in Hamburg, its activists see a short-term gain in minimizing or playing down their necessary and constant hostility. In Islam, this is an instance of Dar al-Ahd, or a temporary truce. The "treaty," from the Muslim perspective, is also necessarily an instance of what could be called "Grand Taqiyya," or the Koranic sanctioning of lies and deceit when dealing with the enemy kaffirs and infidels, especially in their own countries.

But these "treaties" will turn out to be nothing but "truces," when a movement is renewed to exact more concessions from the Germans. Call these "treaties" for what they are: fleeting "non-aggression pacts," with Islam being the sole aggressor. Regardless of the nature or content of these treaties, Germany will remain Dar al-Harb, the land of the enemy, and Dar al-Kufr, or the land of the kaffirs or unbelievers. It is noteworthy that all the concessions will be paid by non-Muslim Germans as a form of jizya, or "protection" tax. Germans will not "retaliate" against Islamic aggression, for political correctness will silence them for fear of being accused of racism or bigotry.

Islam, however, is first and foremost, from top to bottom, a totalitarian ideology. Its doctrine requires that Muslims and their spokesmen advocate Islam's own kind of racism and bigotry.

Islam is a nihilist ideology, as well. It is the enemy of all human values. In exchange for submission to it, it promises a paradise after death. Life on earth is merely transitory and not important. The Hamburg "treaty" is an extension of that nihilism; it requires its secular signers to aid and abet the piecemeal annihilation of their values and their culture. The Islamists know what they are doing. Their secular cosigners do not. It seems the "right" thing to do, per a Kantian categorical imperative to pursue an end regardless of, but especially because of, its selfless nature, in the name of what Mayor Scholz called "the strengthening the societal foundation" of Hamburg.

Which is tantamount to injecting the bubonic plague pathogen into a human body in order to "strengthen an individual's well-being."

Do the opponents of the treaty take a principled stand against it? No. They remain as clueless about the implications as Mayor Scholz.

The leadership of the opposition Christian Democrats (CDU) has also expressed skepticism about the agreement. Party leader Marcus Weinberg and party chairman Dietrich Wersich issued a joint statement saying that although they welcome the conclusion of the talks, after six years of negotiations there are key issues that remain unresolved: "The agreements contain a number of points, the implementation of which need to be clarified. For this reason, the CDU will not take a final position on the matter until it concludes discussion with representatives of the churches, with scientists and with lawyers. The unresolved questions involve detailed issues such as the regulation of the school day, the teaching of religion in public schools and the holidays."

The agreement has also been met with vociferous opposition from the classical liberal Free Democratic Party (FDP). In a statement, FDP Deputy Anna von Treuenfels characterized the agreement as "an unnecessary and imprecise treaty unacceptably negotiated behind the backs of the citizenry." She added: "Moreover, this agreement is totally imprecise when accuracy is required more than ever. On the issue of wearing religiously motivated clothing by public servants, especially teachers [sic]. Even the future of the heretofore successful interdenominational model of religious education in Hamburg is being jeopardized. Plus the fact that the lengthy negotiating process and final signature has been carried out without parliamentary involvement is also unacceptable, yet another reason why the FDP rejects this treaty." [Italicsmine.]

Neither group identifies Islam as an ideology antithetical to their notions of democracy. They focus on particular concretes of the treaty, but cannot or will not recognize any links between those concretes and the overall ideology. That would be regarded as "racist" or "defamatory."

It is noteworthy that all non-Muslim school children attending public schools will be indoctrinated in Islam by Islamic teachers. This is necessary to forestall any future opposition to Islam's incremental takeover of Hamburg, and then Bremen, and then all of Germany.

Such an agreement implies that one or the other party will eventually be conquered or overcome. A "treaty" implies that one of the parties is guilty of some past aggression, and marks the end of active hostilities between them. A "treaty" of this sort, however, acknowledges a surrender. Which party here is making the concessions? Which party is surrendering, and which party is granting the other the rights and privileges of occupation? Which party has been the actual aggressor?

When has one ever heard of Muslims making concessions to the secular authority of a country they have settled in? "We will stop harassing, beating up, and shooting Jews. We will stop desecrating Jewish and Christian cemeteries. We will stop vandalizing churches and synagogues. We will stop preying on white non-Muslim women and raping them. We will stop demanding that people cease defaming, criticizing, and mocking Islam. We will stop subjecting our women to clitoral amputation. We will stop persecuting gays and apostates. We will stop murdering, maiming, or disfiguring Muslim women who refuse to wear any kind of head covering or veils or any other kind of effacing clothing. We will stop forcing our women into arranged marriages. We will stop the brutal butchering of animals by bleeding them to death while they are still conscious. We will stop demanding that infidels and non-believers respect and observe our holidays. We will stop...."

Well, no, they won't. Why should they? They've got the tiger by the tail, and the tiger is a toothless polecat.

What the Hamburg officials have signed is but a truce, a conditional cessation of active hostilities towards their city. The "truce" will allow the Muslims to establish and solidify a legal occupation of the city. It grants Muslims a "separate but equal" status. The "agreement" acknowledges that, for the time being, there are "reconcilable" differences between Muslims and non-Muslims. New differences, however, will be touted by the Muslims, and more treaties signed.

The "truce" sets a precedent and opens the door to more concessions by the secular government of Hamburg to the Muslims, and the Muslims are certain to demand them. The Hamburg "truce" will serve as a benchmark victory for the invaders and occupiers.

Farewell, Germany.

Video: If You Are Going To Throw an Armor Piercing Grenade At U.S. Troops, You Better Not Miss

Video: Sometimes An Obamaphone Isn't Enough

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Syrian Rebels Capture Helicopter Base Just 10 Miles East of Damascus

The civil war going on in Syria continues to get more dicey as this weekend, Syrian rebels have captured a key helicopter base just 10 miles east of the capital, Damascus.  That's GOT to make old Assad squirm just a little bit.

The question in the whole Syrian conflict is when Iran will unleash all of the minions to come to the aid of Syria and at what point in time Turkey will consider that a further act of war.

Hey, as long as Israel is kept out of this, I'd just as soon see the nation of Syria turned into one big ass crater.

The story is from The Telegraph.

Syrian rebels tighten the noose on Assad

An Internet video which activists said was filmed at the Marj al-Sultan base showed rebel fighters carrying AK-47 rifles touring the facility. An anti-aircraft gun could be seen positioned on top of an empty bunker and a rebel commander was shown next to a helicopter.

"With God's help, the Marj al-Sultan airbase in eastern Ghouta has been liberated," the commander said in the video. Eastern Ghouta, a mix of agricultural land and built-up urban areas, has been a rebel stronghold for months.

Activists said two helicopters were destroyed in the attack as well as a radar station, and that 15 personnel were taken prisoner.

With severe restrictions by Syrian authorities on non-state media, independent verification was not possible.

Footage from Saturday evening showed rebels firing rocket-propelled grenades at the base, and what appeared to be a helicopter engulfed in flames.

Last week rebels briefly captured an air defence base near the southern Damascus district of Hajar al-Aswad, seizing weapons and equipment before pulling out to avoid retaliation from Mr Assad's air force.

Video: What Now?

(Note: the images of Ron Paul used in the reference to "patriots" is unfortunate)

It's That Time of Year Again...When Shia Muslims In Pakistan Observe Ashura and the Taliban Pick Them Off Like Sheep, 5 Killed and 71 Injured In Today's Bombing

 Pakistani police officials inspect the site of a bomb explosion in the city of Dera Ismail Khan in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province on November 25, 2012. A bomb attack on a Shiite Muslim procession killed three people and wounded more than 50 in northwest Pakistan on November 25 as Shiites marked their holiest day Ashura, police said.  — Photo by AFP

Well, the headline pretty much says it all as the Shiite holiday of Ashura has come to Pakistan and the Taliban prey on the processions and gatherings like wolves on a young flock of sheep.

Today's Taliban bombing claimed the lives of 5 and wounded more than 70.   Oh yeah, Allahu is ackbar.  Right?

The story comes from DAWN.

Blast near Ashura procession in DI Khan kills five

DERA ISMAIL KHAN: A bomb detonated near a Muharram procession in Commissionary Bazaar in Dera Ismail Khan’s Choglia area in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province early on Sunday, killing five people and injuring at least 70 others.

Tehrik-i-Taliban spokesperson Ehsanullah Ehsan while talking to’s correspondent claimed that the militant organisation was behind the attack, adding that it was a suicide bomber who struck the procession.

Ehsan added that no matter what steps the federal interior minister would take with regards to security arrangements, the Taliban would succeed in hitting their targets.

However, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s Provincial Information Minister Mian Iftikhar Hussain while talking to’s correspondent confirmed that five people were killed and about 70 were injured in the Dera Ismail Khan blast.

He further said that the injured also included women, children and security personnel, adding “the bomb was planted inside a closed cycle workshop near a bakery in Commissonery Bazaar near Mohallah Qasaban.”

Mian Iftikhar also said that security was beefed up after the 9th Muharram explosion in Dera Ismail Khan and the road, where the latest blast took place, was also scanned properly but the perpetrators had planned the attack in advance.

Moreover, he said that those found responsible of negligence would be dealt with according to the law.

While answering a query about the nature of the blast he said that only the Bomb Disposal Squad’s (BDS) report could ascertain the nature of the explosion and it was yet to be received.

Rescue and emergency teams reached the site of explosion and shifted the injured to the District Headquarters hospital, where an emergency was imposed.

The condition of several wounded was reported as critical, according to hospital sources.

The injured included security personnel and mourners taking part in the procession.

The remotely-detonated bomb was fitted near a closed shop and a cylinder was recovered near the site of explosion, according to rescue sources.

Media personnel were barred from visiting the site of explosion and security personnel cordoned off the area as investigations into the blast went underway.

Earlier, a blast on Saturday killed eight people near a Shia procession in the same city, for which the banned outfit Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) had claimed responsibility.

Pakistan’s federal interior ministry had issued strict instructions for suspension of mobile phone service in major cities during Ashura to prevent such bombings, which often use cellphones as detonators.

Video: Fear the Apache

Video: Just a Promotional Video For Islam

Saturday, November 24, 2012

What? Barack Hussein Obama Now Has U.S. Troops Going Into the Sinai Peninsula?

You know, Barack Hussein Obama is one difficult dude to figure out.  Here's a man who ran for President on getting U.S. troops out of Iraq as soon as possible but as President, has committed U.S. forces to Libya, some jungles in Africa and now, apparently, has signed on to send U.S. troops into the Sinai Peninsula to help curtail the incoming Iranian missiles into Gaza.

It's come to light that this is the main reason that Netanyahu agreed to the ceasefire.  Now, I'm all in favor of keeping Iranian missiles out of Gaza and limiting that threat to Israel but at the same time, I don't trust Obama as far as I can throw him, and what is bothering me is the timing - first off, I don't think this troop deployment was the only thing that would have satisfied seems like an odd move to me by Obama and then secondly, the timing is suspicious because of the new turmoil going on in Egypt.  With Morsi's new found dictatorship decree and the subsequent protests and violence due to it, I just wonder if Obama's reasoning is coming from a deal with the Muslim Brotherhood to offer U.S. troops as assistance to Egypt if things get out of control.  Remember, there is a distinct side of the Egyptian military that doesn't like Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood one bit and if Morsi has trouble with control and finds out he has limited help from the military...where would he turn?  American troops within a couple hundred miles from Cairo?

The story comes from DEBKA.

Obama’s pledge of US troops to Sinai next week won Israel’s nod for ceasefire

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu agreed to a ceasefire for halting the eight-day Israeli Gaza operation Wednesday night, Nov. 21, after President Barack Obama personally pledged to start deploying US troops in Egyptian Sinai next week, debkafile reports. The conversation, which finally tipped the scales for a ceasefire, took place on a secure line Wednesday morning, just hours before it was announced in Cairo. The US and Israeli leaders spoke at around the time that a terrorist was blowing up a Tel Aviv bus, injuring 27 people.
Obama’s pledge addressed Israel’s most pressing demand in every negotiating forum on Gaza: Operation Pillar of Cloud’s main goal was a total stoppage of the flow of Iranian arms and missiles to the Gaza Strip. They were smuggled in from Sudan and Libya through southern Egypt and Sinai. Hostilities would continue, said the prime minister, until this object was achieved.
Earlier, US officials tried unsuccessfully to persuade Israel to accept Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi’s personal guarantee to start launching effective operations against the smugglers before the end of the month. The trio running Israel’s Gaza campaign, Netanyahu, Defense Minister Ehud Barak and Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, were willing to take Morsi at his word, except that Israeli security and intelligence chiefs assured them that Egypt has nothing near the security and intelligence capabilities necessary for conducting such operations.
When Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrived in Jerusalem from Bangkok Tuesday, she tried assuring Netanyahu that President Obama had decided to accelerate the construction of an elaborate US system of electronic security fences along the Suez Canal and northern Sinai. It would also cork up the Philadelphi route through which arms are smuggled into the Gaza Strip. (The US Sinai fence project was first disclosed exclusively by DEBKA-Net-Weekly 564 on Nov. 9).
US security and civilian units will need to be deployed in Egyptian Sinai to man the fence system and operate it as an active counter-measure for obstructing the smuggling of Iranian weapons supplies.

The prime minister said he welcomed the president’s proposal to expedite the fence project, but it would take months to obtain Egyptian clearance. Meanwhile, the Palestinians would have plenty of time to replenish their weapons stocks after Israel’s Gaza campaign. It was therefore too soon to stop the campaign at this point or hold back a ground incursion.
Clinton was sympathetic to this argument. Soon after, President Obama was on the phone to Netanyahu with an assurance that US troops would be in place in Sinai next week, after he had obtained President Morsi’s consent for them to go into immediate action against Iranian smuggling networks.

Netanyahu responded by agreeing to a ceasefire being announced in Cairo that night by Clinton and the Egyptian foreign minister, and to holding back the thousands of Israeli reservists on standby on the Gaza border.
debkafile’s military sources report that the first air transports carrying US special forces are due to land at Sharm el Sheikh military airfield in southern Sinai in the next 48 hours and go into action against the arms smugglers without delay.
This development is strategically significant for three reasons:

1. Once the missile and arms consignments depart Iranian ports or Libyan arms bazaars, Tehran has no direct control of their transit from point to point through Egypt until they reach Sinai and their Gaza destination. All the same, a US special forces operation against the Sinai segment of the Iranian smuggling route would count as the first overt American military strike against an Iranian military interest.

Netanyahu, Barak and Lieberman are impressed by the change the Obama administration has undergone since the president’s reelection. Until then, he refused to hear of any military action against Iran and insisted that Tehran could only be confronted on the diplomatic plane.
2. President Morsi, by opening the Sinai door to an American troop deployment for Israel’s defense, recognizes that the US force also insures Israel against Cairo revoking or failing to honor the peace treaty Egypt signed with Israel in 1979.

3. In the face of this US-Israel-Egyptian understanding, Hamas cannot credibly claim to have won its latest passage of arms with Israel or that it obtained guarantees to force Israel to end the Gaza blockade.
Indeed, Gaza’s Hamas rulers will be forced to watch as US troops in Sinai, just across its border, break up the smuggling rings filling their arsenals and most likely laying hands on the reserve stocks they maintain under the smugglers’ guard in northern Sinai, out of reach of the Israel army. This means that the blockade on Gaza has been extended and the focus of combat has switched from Gaza to the Sinai Peninsula.

Welcome To 2012... 12 Year Old Muslim Girl Marries 19 Year Old Man

Yup, those Muslims like to get 'em young and it seems a 19 year old Muslim man in Malaysia was six years behind Mohammed in getting the youngest bride on the block when he just married a 12 year old Muslim girl.

Twelve years old.

The story comes from AFP via The Religion of Peace.

Activists slam marriage of 12-year-old in Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR — Malaysian activists on Friday slammed the wedding of a 12-year-old to her 19-year-old boyfriend, renewing their calls for the government to outlaw child marriages.

Nur Fazira Saad and Fahmi Alias married last week in northern Kedah state after the girl's father agreed to the union and an Islamic court granted permission, The Star daily reported.

"It is better for them to get married rather than doing something improper," Saad Mustafa, the girl's father, was quoted as saying.

But Ratna Osman, executive director of activist group Sisters in Islam, described the young couple's marriage as "shocking".

"I don't understand why this is allowed in a country like Malaysia... We are talking about a developed country," she told AFP. "The concern is that this is a child being married off... No parents should be doing this."

Child marriages are not uncommon in the conservative Southeast Asian country, where 60 percent of the population of 29 million people are Muslim.

Two years ago, the marriage of a 14-year-old Muslim girl to a 23-year-old schoolteacher triggered similar calls for reform.

Girls below the age of 16 must obtain the permission of Islamic courts, which regulate civil matters for Muslims. But activists say such permission is too readily granted.

There was another outcry in October when two men, aged 19 and 22, were released on probation after courts convicted them of statutory rape.

In both cases the girls, aged 12 and 13, had not been forced, lawyers said.

But activists slammed the judges for freeing the men, saying the question of consent should not have arisen as the victims were below 16.

Earlier this week, a high court overturned the ruling in one of the cases, jailing the 22-year-old man for five and a half years.