Sunday, November 25, 2012

Syrian Rebels Capture Helicopter Base Just 10 Miles East of Damascus

The civil war going on in Syria continues to get more dicey as this weekend, Syrian rebels have captured a key helicopter base just 10 miles east of the capital, Damascus.  That's GOT to make old Assad squirm just a little bit.

The question in the whole Syrian conflict is when Iran will unleash all of the minions to come to the aid of Syria and at what point in time Turkey will consider that a further act of war.

Hey, as long as Israel is kept out of this, I'd just as soon see the nation of Syria turned into one big ass crater.

The story is from The Telegraph.

Syrian rebels tighten the noose on Assad

An Internet video which activists said was filmed at the Marj al-Sultan base showed rebel fighters carrying AK-47 rifles touring the facility. An anti-aircraft gun could be seen positioned on top of an empty bunker and a rebel commander was shown next to a helicopter.

"With God's help, the Marj al-Sultan airbase in eastern Ghouta has been liberated," the commander said in the video. Eastern Ghouta, a mix of agricultural land and built-up urban areas, has been a rebel stronghold for months.

Activists said two helicopters were destroyed in the attack as well as a radar station, and that 15 personnel were taken prisoner.

With severe restrictions by Syrian authorities on non-state media, independent verification was not possible.

Footage from Saturday evening showed rebels firing rocket-propelled grenades at the base, and what appeared to be a helicopter engulfed in flames.

Last week rebels briefly captured an air defence base near the southern Damascus district of Hajar al-Aswad, seizing weapons and equipment before pulling out to avoid retaliation from Mr Assad's air force.

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