Thursday, May 28, 2015

Heaven Was Needing An Angel . . .

A true friend of mine and one of the best radio hosts in the country, Ken McClenton from The Exceptional Conservative Show, lost his daughter Charnice to a senseless shooting in Washington, D.C. Wednesday evening.

I ask that my readers remember Ken, his wife and their entire family in your prayers.

My heart breaks for a friend who lost such a beautiful young woman and my heart breaks for an America which sees yet another one of our young people leave us much too soon.

The account of the shooting can be found here.

Video: I Wouldn't Exactly Call Them the 1/3 Marines

Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Okay, so over on Twitter there is a hashtag for "FightFor15" - all of the lazy ass fast food workers that want to be paid $15 an hour for flipping burgers or dropping a basket of fries in a fryer are clamoring for the minimum wage to be raised nationwide to $15/hour.

So, let's just say that Holger owns a McDonald's franchise - I employee 22 workers at my restaurant.  And let's just say that the federal government mandates that I now pay those employees at least $15 an hour.

Okay, the way I see it, as a business owner, is that there is a significant pool of workers out there who do NOT make $15 an hour - some of them are teachers, some of them are accountants, some of them are IT professionals, some of them are skilled laborers.

So, if I now have to pay $15 an hour to all of my employees at my McDonald's....why would I continue to pay a snot-nosed whiny 18 year old who is habitually late to work, who refuses to stop texting while they work, who doesn't call when he/she isn't going to make it into work and who habitually gets in arguments with other workers?  I wouldn't.  I'd man my restaurant with those teachers and laborers and IT people - i'd raise the average worker age from 18 years old to 35 years old - I'd have people working at my place who show up on time (or a little early), who put in a full day of work, who operate as a team in the restaurant and who are thankful for their paycheck from me and don't whine. 

So for those of you losers who insist on $15/hour...just remember that you aren't all that.  And you WILL be replaced.  Good luck, morons.

Video: How ISIS Took Ramadi

This is a longer video but forward to 3:10 and you will see an ISIS vehicle come into the picture as it tries to near the location where these Ramadi police are making a stand.  The police know full well what is coming at them and you will hear the frantic firing of their weapons as it nears. Wait for it.

And you now know just how ISIS took Ramadi.

It's the VBIEDs.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Breaking: Israel Under Attack From Gaza Rockets

My "Red Alert" Israeli Rocket Attack warning system on my smartphone went off like batshit crazy about an hour ago and yes, it is true - southern Israel is under attack from rockets being fired from Gaza.

There is this report out of Israel National News - it appears that at least one rocket has actually hit Israeli soil.

I guess Hamas wants another war.

Rocket Fired from Gaza Hits Southern Israel

Air raid sirens sounded in towns across southern Israel Tuesday at 9:02 p.m. evening.

There are reports that as many as four rockets were fired from Gaza, and some residents of the south reported seeing Iron Dome missile defense batteries deploying to intercept the incoming rockets.

The IDF has now confirmed that at least one rocket fired from Gaza struck close to the city of Ashdod.

Sirens were heard in Ashdod, as well as numerous towns and villages bordering Gaza.

No injuries have been reported.

The border between Israel and Hamas-held Gaza has remained largely quiet since the end of Operation Protective Edge last summer.

But there have been intermittent attacks by terrorists, including mortar fire last month which hit an open area in the Shaar HaNegev region.

The IDF responded to that incident with tank fire directed towards the source of the rocket fire.

More details to follow.

Let allah Sort 'Em Out - Taliban Battle Rivals Supporting ISIS - 11 Dead in Farah Province, Afghanistan

You know, I don't think I can dream of a more beautiful thing than a pair of bomb-laden trucks passing each other on an Afghanistan truck speeds into a Taliban camp and blows Taliban fighters to Hell just as the other trucks winds itself into the camp of rival Islamic insurgents backing ISIS and that explosion racks up a real virgin alert in paradise.

Yeah, let allah count em out and sort em out.  The fact of the matter is that whoever comes out on top means pure unadulterated Hell for the Afghan people.  Oh well, live by the Qur'an, die by the Qur'an.

The article comes from Al Aribya.

Bombs kill 11 in Afghanistan as Taliban, ISIS supporters clash

A suicide truck bomb attack and a separate roadside bombing in southern Afghanistan killed 11 people and wounded dozens more on Monday, as the Taliban clashed with supporters of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS)group in the west, officials said.

Gov. Asif Nang said the Taliban have been clashing with rival insurgents claiming allegiance to the ISIS group for three days in the western Farah province, leaving at least 10 Taliban fighters and 15 IS supporters dead. He provided no further details.

The clashes provide the latest indication of a small but growing ISIS presence in the country. Afghan and foreign officials differ over the extent to which the extremist group -- which rules large parts of Syria and Iraq -- is able to operate in Afghanistan, where the Taliban have been waging war against the Western-backed government for more than a decade.

The truck bomb struck the gate of the provincial council’s compound in the capital of Zabul province, killing at least five people and wounding 62, council director Atta Jan Haqbayan said.

Three of the wounded were council members, including two women, and children were also among the wounded, Haqbayan said. Mirwais Noorzai, Zabul’s police chief, said the attacker used a small truck.

President Ashraf Ghani condemned the attack. No group immediately claimed responsibility.

Insurgents have stepped up attacks in recent months in Zabul, which borders Pakistan, and a number of Hazara Shiite men have been abducted in the province.

Later on Monday, a roadside bomb exploded in the neighboring Kandahar province, killing six people, according to the governor’s spokesman, Samim Khopalwaq.

Three policemen were killed elsewhere in Kandahar when a firefight erupted between two groups of officers, said provincial police spokesman Zia Durrani. Four officers fled the scene, he said, adding that the incident was under investigation.

Meanwhile, in northern Sari Pul province, police said the body of a local official in charge of religious affairs, Abdul Wodod, was found Monday, three days after he was kidnapped. Gen. Habib Gulbhary, the provincial police chief, said the man was abducted by unknown assailants.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Video: Try and Tell Me That America Doesn't Honor Her Fallen Heroes. Just Try.

Memorial Day 2015

When I'm Gone
by Mrs. Lyman Hancock

When I come to the end of my journey
And I travel my last weary mile,
Just forget if you can, that I ever frowned
And remember only the smile.

Forget unkind words I have spoken;
Remember some good I have done.
Forget that I ever had heartache
And remember I've had loads of fun.

Forget that I've stumbled and blundered
And sometimes fell by the way.
Remember I have fought some hard battles
And won, ere the close of the day.

Then forget to grieve for my going,
I would not have you sad for a day,
But in summer just gather some flowers
And remember the place where I lay,

And come in the shade of evening
When the sun paints the sky in the west
Stand for a few moments beside me
And remember only my best.

Saturday, May 23, 2015


Memorial Day: Sacrifice, Loss, Tears, Freedom

United Nations: No, It's Not Assad's Fault That Syrians Are Dying...Nope, Not ISIS' Fault Either....It's the Damn Israelis' Fault!

Documented evidence of Bashir Assad using chemical weapons on the Syria people and yet the United Nations has come out to finger Israel as the culprit against the health risks of Syrians.  Documented evidence of Syrians crucified and slaughtered by ISIS but no, the United Nations doesn't hold ISIS's the damn Joos!

The story comes from Israel National News.

UN Condemns Israel for 'Violating Health of Syrians'

The UN is once again singling out Israel for criticism. The UN Watch NGO on Friday reported that the global body adopted a draft resolution portraying Israel as violating the health rights of Syrians in the Golan.

The resolution comes even though Israeli hospitals continue their life-saving treatment for escalating numbers of wounded Syrians fleeing the civil war in their country.

By a vote of 104 to 4, with 6 abstentions and 65 absent, the Jewish state was the only country in the world to be singled out on Wednesday by the annual assembly of the UN’s World Health Organization. The decision was ratified Friday in Geneva in a final reading by the plenary, noted UN Watch.

The resolution adopts two reports heaping blame upon Israel for allegedly violating the health rights of both the Palestinians and Druze residents of the Golan, and constituted the 2015 assembly’s only treatment of a specific country situation, the NGO said.

“There was no debate on the health of the Yemeni people now under indiscriminate Saudi bombardment, no mention at all of the 1,850 Yemenis killed, the 7,394 wounded, and the 545,000 displaced, many of whom are desperate to find food,” said UN Watch executive director Hillel Neuer.

On the contrary, he added, the representative of Saudi Arabia took the floor to denounce “Israeli intransigence,” and to beseech “all peace loving states” to adopt the distorted and politicized resolution.

“The despotic regime must have felt especially emboldened as the gathering took place adjacent to the Human Rights Council, where Saudi Arabia sits as a full member, elected in 2013 by more than two-thirds of the UN General Assembly,” said Neuer.

The resolution, he continued, falsely claimed a dire need for “health-related technical assistance” for “the Syrian population in the occupied Syrian Golan” and said nothing about the Syrians being murdered in their own country.

“Instead, the scapegoating of Israel—in the form of a special debate, two lopsided reports, the resolution, and the publication of country submissions—provided a UN platform for Assad’s murderous regime,” said Neuer.

The latest anti-Israel resolution follows a motion in March, when the Commission on the Status of Women introduced a motion criticizing Israel for “violating the rights of Palestinian women.”

Israel was the only country to be criticized by the commission, which ignored countries which truly violate women’s rights such as Syria, Saudi Arabia and Iran.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon admitted in 2013 that the UN is biased against Israel, but he later backtracked on those comments.

Friday, May 22, 2015

ISIS Rolls East From Ramadi, Get Ready For 5,000 Shia Militia To Run Like Scared Girls

The news out of Iraq gets worse each day as it seems nothing will stop the advance of ISIS - but not to worry, the fact that ISIS has already moved EAST of Ramadi and broken through the Iraqi Army's next line of defense is just another "setback."

The story comes from Reuters.

Islamic State fighters overrun Iraqi govt lines east of Ramadi

Islamic State militants overran Iraqi government defences east of the city of Ramadi on Thursday, police and pro-government tribal fighters said.

The defensive line was breached at Husaiba, about 10 km (six miles) from the city, on Thursday afternoon after IS fighters intensified mortar and rocket fire.

“The situation is very critical now after Daesh (IS) fighters managed to overrun our defensive line in Husaiba," Police major Khalid al-Fahdawi said.

"We have retreated to the eastern part of the area and we’re waiting for more reinforcements and air force strikes to stop the Daesh advance.”

Ramadi fell to the insurgents on Sunday in the most significant setback for Iraqi security forces in nearly a year.

The IS advance has exposed the shortcomings of Iraq's army and the limitations of U.S. air strikes.

Islamic State is seeking to consolidate its gains in the vast desert province of Anbar, of which Ramadi is capital, where only pockets of territory remain under government control.

Government forces backed by Shi'ite militias have meanwhile been building up at a base near Ramadi in preparation for a counterattack to retake the city.

Sunni Islamic State forces there have taken over tanks and artillery and large amounts of ammunition abandoned by fleeing Iraqi forces.

White Privilege?

Thursday, May 21, 2015

White Privilege?

Video: MSNBC - Pulling Troops Out of Iraq, Letting ISIS Win ...It's All George Bush's Fault

...oh yeah...if George Bush hadn't invaded Iraq in the first place then Barack Obama would have NEVER been put in a position to make a dumbass call of pulling all American troops out of there and losing the war after it had been won.  And secondly, if MSNBC's Thomas Roberts' mother hadn't spread her legs that one fateful night, we wouldn't have to listen to the lunatic rantings of this fucking metrosexual on our tv screens.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Shia Militias Assemble to Retake Ramadi - How the Iraqis Fell Into the Trap of Sectarian Civil War

For over six years, the Bush Administration and U.S. armed forces in Iraq did a masterful job of denying al Qaeda in Iraq it's goal of full-fledged sectarian civil war in Iraq - when al Qaeda in Iraq bombed Shia mosques, the U.S. worked with the Iraqi government to keep a lid on the revenge from the Shias and when al Qaeda even bombed Sunni targets to help stir the pot, it didn't work.

Enter Barack Hussein Obama.  He pulled all U.S. troops out of Iraq, leaving the north and west of Iraq totally vulnerable to al Qaeda in Iraq #2...namely ISIS.  And now, we see the fall of Ramadi in Anbar province to ISIS and the planned counter-offensive that is jammed full of angry and ill-prepared Shia militiamen from the south of Iraq.  First off, this is going to be a disaster - the first wave of a counter-offensive by these flip-flop wearing Shias from Basra will leave a pile of dead the likes many of us haven't seen and the rest of them that do survive and the ragtag Iraqi troops with them will run like a group of school girls running from a basket full of snakes.

But what is more - every Sunni tribesman in western Iraq is going to NOT see Iraqi militiamen coming to help them, they are going to see Iranian devils ATTACKING them and you will see the alliances start to build between the Sunni tribes and ISIS.  Bush commandeered a revolutionary concept of "The Awakening" where Sunni tribes worked with American troops to oust al Qaeda in Iraq....but then again, we put Barack Hussein Obama into this mix and we have the full-fledged sectarian civil war that al Qaeda wanted from the start. 

This is going to be a bloodbath.

The story comes from The Washington Post.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Photo of the Day: "Journalist With a Silver Foundation In His Mouth"

Triple Crown Tweet

HolgerAwakens @HolgerAwakens · 15m 15 minutes ago

is it just a bit TOO cute that in the age of SHEIK Obama we end up with our first Triple Crown Winner being American ....PHARAOH?
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Saturday, May 16, 2015

ABC News Unveils New Sunday Morning Host Lineup

ABC News, hot off their successful implementation of "Get Hillary Out of Another Scandal" via their Sunday morning talk show last week where host George Stephanopoulos, donor to the Clinton Foundation and current political activist in the Hillary 2016 campaign defended the Clintons' money grabbing from foreign governments for political favors and feathering their own nest, has decided on a new lineup for several other shows tomorrow morning.

Here's the new schedule from ABC News for tomorrow with hosts and guests announced:

This Week with George Stephanopoulos:
       Host:  George Stephanopoulos (George will be fitted with a hearing piece connected directly to Bill Clinton and James Carville)
       Guest:  Hillary Clinton will discuss how the Clinton Foundation saved 2.4 million starving Haitians and she will be joined by 376,489 Haitians that were flown in for the show via flights charged to Stephanopoulos's credit card

Moving Forward With Progressives:
       Host: David Axelrod/ABC News
       Guest:  Senator Rand Paul will be on to answer Axelrod's questions about why Paul has assaulted Hillary Clinton because she's a woman and Barack Obama because he is black.

Occupy the GOP:
        Host:  Sean Penn/ABC News
        Guest:  Senator Ted Cruz will be on to answer to a polygraph test conducted by Penn where Cruz will be asked how many of his friends are in the 1% and when the last time was that Cruz actually ate Mexican food.

American Special Forces Raid on ISIS in Syria Kills Top ISIS Commander, Abu Sayyaf

It appears that a U.S. special forces raid intended to capture IS commander Abu Sayyaf got a bit dicey and our guys ended up having to kill the POS - Sayyaf's wife was apprehended and taken out of Syria for questioning.

Final score:  IS Commander Abu Sayyaf dead, 12 other ISIS jihadis dead, NO casualties on the American side.


The breaking story comes from CNN.

Sources: U.S. Special Operations forces kill ISIS commander Abu Sayyaf in Syria raid

(CNN)U.S. Special Operations forces killed a senior ISIS commander during a raid intended to capture him in eastern Syria overnight Friday to Saturday, sources familiar with what happened on the ground in Syria told CNN.

The ISIS commander, Abu Sayyaf, who was in charge of ISIS' oil and gas operations and directly and increasingly involved in ISIS command and control, fought capture and was killed in the raid, the sources said.

His wife, an Iraqi named Umm Sayyaf, was captured and taken to Iraq for interrogation, the sources said.

All the U.S. troops involved returned safely. About a dozen ISIS fighters were killed in the firefight at a residential building.

Mohammed Morsi Sentenced To Death By Egyptians, 72 Virgins Confused Whether To Prepare or Not

A lot of people complain nowadays that there isn't much "good news."  Well, today there is GREAT news as the Muslim Brotherhood's Mohammed Morsi, the guy Barack Hussein Obama propped up as the leader of Egypt, has been sentenced to death for his role in a series of prison breaks held during the uprising of 2011.

Yep.  Excellent news.

Like everything Barack Hussein Obama touches, it goes to HELL.

The story comes from DAWN.

Egypt sentences deposed president Morsi to death

CAIRO: An Egyptian court sentenced deposed Islamist president Mohamed Morsi and more than 100 other defendants to death on Saturday over jail breaks during the 2011 uprising.

Morsi, sitting in a caged dock, raised his fists in defiance when the judge read his verdict.

Many of those sentenced were tried in absentia, including prominent Islamic cleric Yusuf al-Qaradawi who resides in Qatar.

Under Egyptian law, death sentences are passed on to the mufti, the government's interpreter of Islamic law, who plays an advisory role.

The court will pronounce its final decision on June 2.

Morsi was spared the death sentence in the first of two trials that concluded on Thursday, in which the court advised death sentences for 16 defendants on espionage charges.

They had been charged with colluding with foreign powers, the Palestinian Hamas and Iran to destabilise Egypt.

The court will pronounce the verdicts for Morsi and the remaining 18 defendants in that trial at a later date.

The court then delivered its verdict in the other the case, in which Morsi and 128 defendants were accused of plotting jail breaks and attacks on police during the uprising that overthrew president Hosni Mubarak in 2011. More than 100 were sentenced to death along with Morsi.

Many of the defendants are Palestinians alleged to work with Hamas in neighbouring Gaza, and were tried in absentia along with a Lebanese Hezbollah commander.

They were alleged to have colluded with Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood to carry out attacks in Egypt in what prosecutors allege was a vast conspiracy.

With this verdict, Morsi and other former opposition members have been condemned for violence during the anti-Mubarak protest, while Mubarak himself beat charges in a trial over the deaths of anti-government protesters during the 18-day revolt that toppled him.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Ode To a Dying People

Ode To a Dying People

Eyes shining bright with unspilt tears,
Thinking about all these wasted years.
Everything worth living for is gone,
Brother, I find it hard to keep fighting on.
Falling down towards the abyss,
The reaper embraces me with his kiss;
It makes me want to refuse to care,
To watch this all unfold - too much to bear.

If this is the way it ends -
If this is the way my race ends...
If this is the way it ends - I can't bear to witness

Disease encroaching on all I hold dear,
Somehow I gotta get my soul outta here.
Heart of agony, faint burning hope,
I'm finding it hard to try to cope...

Because liars own the world with conquering poise,
In a wasteland of meaningless noise;
We don't stand a chance with dormant pride,
The heroes of our race have already died...

If this is the way it ends - if this is the way my race ends...
If this is the way it ends - I can't bear to witness...

To imagine it has all come down to this,
Apathy and suicidal bliss...

It's all over except for the cryin',
With a whimper instead of the roar of a lion...

The greatest race to ever walk the earth,
Dying a slow death with insane mirth,
The tomb has been prepared, our race betrayed,
White man, fight the flight towards the grave...

If this is the way it ends - if this is the way my race ends...
If this is the way it ends - I can't bear to witness...
If this is the way it ends - if this is the way my race ends...
If this is the way it ends - I can't bear to witness...

Don't let it end this way,
Don't let it end this way,
Don't let it end this way, I can't bear to witness...

The Butcher of Benghazi

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Democrat Lemmings?

A Tourist walked into a Chinese curio shop in San Francisco . While looking around at the exotic merchandise, he noticed a very lifelike, life-sized, bronze statue of a rat. It had no price tag, but was so incredibly striking the tourist decided he must have it. He took it to the old shop owner and asked, "How much for the bronze rat ?" 
"Ahhh, you have chosen wisely! It is $12 for the rat and $100 for the story," said the wise old Chinaman.
The tourist quickly pulled out twelve dollars. "I'll just take the rat, you can keep the story".
As he walked down the street carrying his bronze rat, the tourist noticed that a few real rats had crawled out of the alleys and sewers and had begun following him down the street. This was a bit disconcerting so he began walking faster.
A couple blocks later he looked behind him and saw to his horror the herd of rats behind him had grown to hundreds, and they began squealing.
Sweating now, the tourist began to trot toward San Francisco Bay .
Again, after a couple blocks, he looked around only to discover that the rats now numbered in the MILLIONS, and were squealing and coming toward him faster and faster.
Terrified, he ran to the edge of the Bay and threw the bronze rat as far as he could into the Bay.
Amazingly, the millions of rats all jumped into the Bay after the bronze rat and were all drowned.
The man walked back to the curio shop in Chinatown .
"Ahhh," said the owner, "You come back for story ?"
"No sir," said the man, "I came back to see if you have a bronze Democrat. 
(Hat Tip: Henry Bowman)

ISIS 2nd in Command Dies In Iraq Mosque From American Missile Up His Ass

#2 down. Good riddance, Abdul.

ISIS' #2 leader is dead and gone and from reports, #1 leader ain't feeling too hot himself.  Just a damn shame, ain't it?  Imagine if America had a Commander-in-Chief who actually WANTED these guys dead.

See the report at the BBC.

Islamic State deputy leader 'killed in Iraq air strike'

The second-in-command of Islamic State (IS) has been killed in a US-led coalition air strike in northern Iraq, the Iraqi ministry of defence says.

Abdul Rahman Mustafa Mohammed, also known as Abu Alaa al-Afari, was at a mosque near Tal Afar that was targeted, spokesman Brig-Gen Tahsin Ibrahim said.

However, the US military later denied coalition planes had attacked a mosque.

In recent weeks, there were unconfirmed reports that Afari had taken temporary charge of IS operations.

Iraqi sources claimed IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi had been incapacitated as a result of an air strike in Iraq in March.

Gen Ibrahim told the BBC that Afari was killed alongside dozens of militants who he had been meeting at the al-Shuhada (Martyrs) mosque in the village of al-Iyadhiya, near Tal Afar, where he was reportedly a well-known preacher.

Tal Afar, in the northern province of Nineveh, was seized by IS in June 2014.

The general did not specify which country had carried out the air strike, but the US has been responsible for the vast majority since the coalition campaign began last August.

The ministry of defence separately published video purportedly showing the strike. It did not say when it took place, but one official told the Associated Press it was on Tuesday.

The Governor of Nineveh, Atheel al-Nujaifi, told the BBC in Washington that his contacts had confirmed Afari's death.

The US-led coalition said on Wednesday it had carried out a strike in the Tal Afar area against "an Isil (IS) fighting position and an Isil heavy machine gun", adding: "We can confirm that coalition aircraft did not strike a mosque."

Adding to the confusion, the Iraqi interior ministry was quoted as saying that although Afari was present at the scene of the air strike, it wasn't clear what had happened to him.

The Iraqi government has previously announced the deaths of IS leaders only for them to resurface alive.

But the BBC's Ahmed Maher in Baghdad says that if Afari's death is confirmed, it would represent another blow to IS, which has suffered a series of losses on the battlefield in recent months.
Analysis - Jim Muir, BBC News, Beirut

The man known as Abu Alaa al-Afari is believed to rank number two to IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, and commensurately has the highest US bounty on his head ($7m) apart from Baghdadi himself ($10m).
There are conflicting reports about the fate of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

The Iraqi authorities continue to insist that Baghdadi himself was incapacitated and had handed operational control to Afari after being badly wounded in an earlier strike - something the Pentagon has denied.

There have been many previous announcements from Baghdad during its long struggle against the Islamist militants which have not been subsequently borne out. So many observers will be sceptical of this latest claim until it is bolstered by independent confirmation.

Last week, the US state department offered a reward of $7m (£4.5m) for information on a "senior IS official" called Abdul Rahman Mustafa al-Qaduli, whom Iraqi security sources identified as Afari.

Born in 1957 or 1959 in Iraq's second city of Mosul, Qaduli joined IS forces in Syria after his release from an Iraqi prison in 2012, it said. He had previously served as the leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI) - a precursor of IS - in Mosul.

The US added Qaduli to its list of specially designated global terrorists in 2014.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Hillary's Spider Dance

Some of you know her as Hillary....

And then some of us know Lola....

The Misery of Hillary Clinton ....Holger Returns

Yes folks.

Holger has returned to the blogosphere.

One reason.  To begin my quest to help ensure that the next 18 months are the most miserable months in the life of Hillary Clinton.

Now, considering that Hillary had to endure the humiliation of a stained blue dress causing only the second impeachment of a President in the history of this country along with a continual parade of women documenting the perversions of her psychotic sexual deviant husband, it might not be easy to humiliate this fraud, this Marxist in disguise....but, alas we'll give it the old college try!

Four men.  Four Americans who lost their lives in Benghazi, Libya deserve not only justice but deserve that one of the main culprits of their demise be held accountable.  And I will do my best to see that Hillary Rodham Clinton pays for her negligence and her concerted effort to cover up one of the true American tragedies.

It's good to be back.

"I love the smell of napalm in the morning" - Lieutenant Bill Kilgore (Apocolypse Now)