Monday, May 18, 2015

Shia Militias Assemble to Retake Ramadi - How the Iraqis Fell Into the Trap of Sectarian Civil War

For over six years, the Bush Administration and U.S. armed forces in Iraq did a masterful job of denying al Qaeda in Iraq it's goal of full-fledged sectarian civil war in Iraq - when al Qaeda in Iraq bombed Shia mosques, the U.S. worked with the Iraqi government to keep a lid on the revenge from the Shias and when al Qaeda even bombed Sunni targets to help stir the pot, it didn't work.

Enter Barack Hussein Obama.  He pulled all U.S. troops out of Iraq, leaving the north and west of Iraq totally vulnerable to al Qaeda in Iraq #2...namely ISIS.  And now, we see the fall of Ramadi in Anbar province to ISIS and the planned counter-offensive that is jammed full of angry and ill-prepared Shia militiamen from the south of Iraq.  First off, this is going to be a disaster - the first wave of a counter-offensive by these flip-flop wearing Shias from Basra will leave a pile of dead the likes many of us haven't seen and the rest of them that do survive and the ragtag Iraqi troops with them will run like a group of school girls running from a basket full of snakes.

But what is more - every Sunni tribesman in western Iraq is going to NOT see Iraqi militiamen coming to help them, they are going to see Iranian devils ATTACKING them and you will see the alliances start to build between the Sunni tribes and ISIS.  Bush commandeered a revolutionary concept of "The Awakening" where Sunni tribes worked with American troops to oust al Qaeda in Iraq....but then again, we put Barack Hussein Obama into this mix and we have the full-fledged sectarian civil war that al Qaeda wanted from the start. 

This is going to be a bloodbath.

The story comes from The Washington Post.

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