Friday, November 30, 2007

AP Absurdity: French Riots Due to Racism!

Okay, I truly have seen it all now. Two AP writers penned an article that is so far off the mark, it can only be labelled as fiction. I'm going to break this down here but for the full article, see it here.

Nov 30, 2:56 PM EST
Riots Point to Racially Divided

and JOHN
Associated Press Writers

VILLIERS-LE-BEL, France (AP) -- French officials point to a host of causes
- poverty, unemployment, the influence of criminal gangs - for riots that
erupted this week.
But there's one taboo issue that officially
colorblind France has been unable to confront: race.

In the name of equality, France has so idealized the melting pot that it
has made its minorities invisible - on paper at least. The country does not
compile statistics on the foreign-born or their French-born children. France, a nation of 60 million people, has the largest Muslim community
in western Europe
but does not know how many Muslims live here. The
number is estimated at about 5 million - though some experts
Critics argue that being officially colorblind has limited France's
ability to recognize and treat the difficulties its minorities face - sometimes
because of their color. Immigrants and their French-born children often complain
that it is harder for them than whites to get work, job interviews, housing,
even entrance to nightclubs.

Okay, so these two "writers" decide to make this an issue of race. Racism is causing the riots in France, yet they immediately address the huge muslim population. I ask you. Is muslim a race? Radical islam is an ideology, not a race! Another point. The writers point out the epitome of the Socialist agenda - a truly colorblind society, as they call France. But, and it's a huge one, they go on to say that it can't be colorblind if certain people can't get jobs or interviews? So what is it? Is France colorblind or isn't it?

Here's more of the lunacy:

"Everyone is equal. That is what is written. But behind that is something
else," said Hassan Ben M'Barek, spokesman for Suburbs Respect, a group that
lobbies for those who live in disadvantaged neighborhoods.
In some such areas
of the Paris region, "there are no white French people left in the streets. You
can drive around for two or three hours and all you will see are North
Africans and blacks
. And these are neighborhoods with enormous
problems," he added. "Those who have the means to leave the projects are white,
and they leave. There's no more ethnic diversity."

Okay, let's cut the crap here. Let's take off our multicultural, American ideal rainbow coalition glasses and be straight here. These two writers from the AP ...although I cannot prove this...have GOT TO be Americans. They have taken this story and made it into a Black vs. White racial issue reminiscient of 1960's America. IT IS A LIE. These two writers are lying to us.

This is an issue of muslims vs. the rest of France. Muslim immigrants have come to France in droves - some may call it an invasion. Do they assimilate to the French culture? No. They insist on THEIR way of life be implemented by French society. These AP fiction writers can insert as many racially charged nouns and adjectives they want to, but see it for what it really is - this is a war of cultures and ideologies.

The French have tried appeasement after appeasement with these insolent muslim immigrants and what has it gotten them? Nightly riots with automobiles burned, property damaged and police injured.

Ms. Barchfield and Mr. Leicester, I call you on the carpet here, fools. Your racial spin on this just doesn't work folks.

Further proof of these writers making this a "black" issue and not a muslim issue include these excerpts from the article:

-The trigger for the rioting was the deaths last Sunday of two teens whose motorcycle crashed with a police car. Lakamy Samoura, 15 and Mohsin Sehhouli, 16,
weren't wearing helmets and their bike was not authorized for public roads

-Having a foot in France and another in Africa is something that Maka Sali, a black 17-year-old in Villiers, identifies

-The only thing they (the government) have done is build that police
station," said Frank Dosso, a black 16-year-old, referring to a
$7 million police station under construction in Villiers. "But that's not going
to last long."

AP, nice try in trying to make this a black and white struggle. The whole of Europe knows it is not. It is muslim immigrant vs. French people. And while you try to portray it all as a portrait of racism and injustice, it is quite simply a war.

Turkey Gives Army Green Light to Hit Kurds IN Iraq

This is not good. The Turkish government has given its military the green light to CROSS INTO NORTHERN IRAQ to attack Kurdish rebels.

This is really not good.

Full Story Here.

Turk army gets green light to hit rebels in N.Iraq

ANKARA (Reuters) - Turkey's prime minister said on Friday his cabinet had authorized the armed forces to conduct a cross-border operation against Kurdish PKK rebels in northern Iraq, but analysts said major action did not appear imminent.
Tayyip Erdogan's comments, following up on a parliamentary resolution last month and emergency talks with U.S. President George W. Bush, seemed chiefly designed to keep up pressure on U.S. and Iraqi forces to honor pledges to tackle the PKK.
"We took our cabinet meeting decision on November 28 and with the president's approval our Turkish Armed Forces are now authorized for a cross-border operation from November 28," Erdogan said in televised comments.
Turkey has amassed up

Jihadists Crucify Informant in Thailand

Just keep telling yourself: "It's a Religion of Peace." "It's a Religion of Peace."

Who knows, one day we may not have to worry about airline passengers in the U.S. being sued by C.A.I.R. over passing on information - perhaps we'll have to worry about them being shot and crucified.

Disgusting details here.

Muslim crucified, two Buddhists beheaded in Thailand: police

NARATHIWAT, Thailand (AFP) — A Muslim military informant was shot and crucified, while two Buddhist men were beheaded Wednesday by suspected Islamic separatists in Thailand's restive south, police said.
The Muslim man, a 58-year-old who belonged to a government-backed militia, was shot and then stabbed so badly that he was nearly decapitated, police Lieutenant Khanchitthol Kreunor told AFP.
Suspected rebels then drove six-inch nails through his head, arms and legs to attach him to two pieces of wood, which were laid out like a cross in the middle of a road in Rueso district of Narathiwat province, near the southern border with Malaysia, he said.
Khanchitthol said police found a note written in Thai and left near the cross, reading: "This is what the infidels deserve. The soldier dogs must meet this end."
"The victim was attacked and killed in such a grisly way because they knew he was a military informant. This is to terrify the people," Khanchitthol said.

About two hours later, two Buddhist fishmongers aged 20 and 61 were shot and then beheaded in another district of Narathiwat, police said.
The killings came after a month of spiralling violence in the region, which has seen more than 2,700 killed since separatist unrest erupted four years ago.

Iran Tells EU: Get Lost

Oh boy, this is a HUGE surprise! Iran actually told the European Union negotiators to sod off and that they won't stop enriching uranium??!! I'm so shocked I might just faint at the keyboard here!

Anytime you want to return to the real world, EU, just let us know. The Iranians know you won't do anything to stop their nuclear weapon program. Hell, there's a5 yr old kindergartner in Peoria that knows you wouldn't do anything to halt Iran.

Same old, same old. If the World is gonna be saved from the mad mullahs nuking the planet, it's up to the Sheriff of the Cowboy Diplomacy. Let's hope it happens soon.

Here's the info on the pitiful European attempt.

Iran Talks End With No Compromise on Nukes

LONDON — EU-Iranian talks broke up Friday without compromise on Tehran's refusal to freeze uranium enrichment, and the top European Union foreign policy envoy said he was disappointed at Tehran's refusal to budge on the issue.

"I expected more and therefore I am disappointed," EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana told reporters after a five-hour meeting with the Iranian nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili.

Throughout the 18 months of EU-Iran talks, Tehran has publicly insisted it will never suspend enrichment

"Peace Loving" Gaza Tunnel Rats Caught Again

According to the Left, the "palestinians" are all about peace. They just need Israel to give up some stuff, right?

Well, the Egyptians have found another stockpile of explosives all set for Gaza. Just how many suicide belts would this have amounted to?

Someday, the World will wake up.

Breaking News from YNET.

Egyptian police seize explosives, uncover tunnels near Gaza border

Police arrested a Bedouin woman Friday who had almost a half ton of explosives buried under her house in the eastern Sinai Peninsula, a security official said.
The munitions seized in al-Takadom village included some 770 pounds of explosives and eight rockets, said the official. Police found the explosives a day after they discovered two tunnels on the other side of the Sinai Peninsula in Rafah, just a few meters from Egypt's border with the Gaza Strip, the official said. (AP)

Australia Surrenders

Never in a million years, did I ever think I would see the rough and rowdy crowd of Australia wave the white flag because of a band of desert munchkins.

Australia, you elected a surrender monkey as your leader.

Australia, hang your head in shame. We're sorry to have known you.

Australian Troops Home From Iraq in 2008

SYDNEY, Australia (AP) -
Australia's new leader said Friday that he would pull his country's combat troops out of Iraq by mid-2008 - making good on an election promise that is likely to disappoint the U.S. government.
Labor Party leader Kevin Rudd swept to power at elections last Saturday that ended more than 11 years of conservative rule under John Howard, who had strong personal ties with President Bush and was one of America's few staunch allies in Iraq.
"The combat force in Iraq we would have home by around about the middle of next year," Prime Minister-elect Rudd told a radio station in the southern city of Melbourne.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

How The Islamists Plan To Take America

If you have even the SLIGHTEST concern that the jihadists may seek to take over America and have wondered HOW this might be accomplished, you owe it to yourself to read a fascinating piece by Patrick Poole over at FrontPageMagazine. Granted, I've had suspicions along these very lines for a long time, but I've never seen it all connected so well. If you are an American who feels our Land is threatened, read this article ....NOW!

Some chilling excerpts follow:

The Parisian Intifada and “The Project”
By Patrick Poole

What makes The Project so different from the standard “Death of America! Death to Israel!” and “Establish the global caliphate!” Islamist rhetoric is that it represents a flexible, multi-phased, long-term approach to the “cultural invasion” of the West. Calling for the utilization of various tactics, ranging from immigration, infiltration, surveillance, propaganda, protest, deception, political legitimacy and terrorism, The Project has served for more than two decades as the Muslim Brotherhood “master plan”.

Under Section Four of the document, “The Process of Settlement”, it identifies the “grand mission” of the organization as the “Civilization Jihadist responsibility”:
In order for Islam and its Movement to become “a part of the homeland” in which it lives, “stable” in the land, “rooted” in the spirits and minds of its people, “enabled” in the lives of its society and has firmly-established “organizations” on which the Islamic structure is built and with which the testimony of the civilization is achieved, the Movement must plan and struggle to obtain “the keys” and the tools of this process in carry out this grand mission as a “Civilization Jihadist” responsibility which lies on the shoulders of Muslim and – on top of them – the Muslim Brotherhood in this country.

The process of settlement is a “Civilization-Jihadist Process” with all the means. The Ikhwan [the Arabic name for the Brotherhood] must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and “sabotaging” its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and Allah’s religion is made victorious over all other religions

The difficulty for us on the working end of the “Civilization-Jihadist Process” is that our leaders have steadfastly refused to understand the nature of the threat and the interrelation between what is happening in Paris, France and Khandahar, Afghanistan. While different methodologies are being used, the endgame is still the same: the establishment of the global caliphate through jihad. We must come to terms with strategy and operations of radical Islam in the West, the manner in which they manage conflict, and realize the immanent nature of the threat already in our midst – a lesson the French are learning first-hand.

New Bin Laden Tape: Europe, Get Out of Afghanistan!

You know, old osama seems to get more whiny with every tape. Feeling the heat there bud? Having trouble seeing over the dead Taliban stacked like cordwood?

bin Laden tells the Europeans they should duck out of Afghanistan now as the U.S. should be gone in the near future. I guess that's your Christmas wish, huh osama?

Catch the Fox News Alert here.

Bin Laden Calls on Europeans to Stop Helping Americans in Fighting in Afghanistan

Bin Laden said he was the "only one responsible" for the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks on New York and Washington, arguing that it was unjust for the Americans to have invaded Afghanistan where he accused U.S. forces and their allies of intentionally killing women and children.
The message appeared to be a new attempt by bin Laden to influence public opinion in the West. In 2004, he has offered Europeans a truce if they stopped attack Muslims, then later spoke of a truce with the United States. In both cases Al Qaeda later denounced the countries for not accepting its offers.

"The events of Manhattan were retaliation against the American-Israeli alliance's aggression against our people in Palestine and Lebanon, and I am the only one responsible for it. The Afghan people and government knew nothing about it. America knows that," bin Laden said.
He said European nations joined the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan "because they had no other alternative, only to be a follower."
"The American tide is ebbing, with God's help, and they will leave back to their countries," he said, addressing Europeans. "Therefore it is better for you to stand against your leaders who are dropping in on the White House and to work seriously to lift the injustice against the believers."

Hamas 101

Everything you ever wanted to know about Hamas (but were too sick to your stomach to ask).

Hamas to U.N.: Get Rid of the Jews

Hamas, that gang of misfits and freaks of nature...the ones who botched up a simple gain in power and turned the whole of so-called "palestine" into a bloody, literally bloody, mess....yeah those poor excuses of human flesh are now asking the United Nations to rescind the 1947 creating Israel.

I'd be more in favor of rescinding Hamas' ability to take another breath on this planet.

Jot down the quotes from the full article here and below. They will come in handy the next time some palestinian sympathizer whines on your shoulder.

Nov 29, 2007 13:32 Updated Nov 29, 2007 14:55
Hamas demands UN rescind '47 partition

Hamas on Thursday called on the UN to rescind the 1947 decision to partition Palestine into two states, one for Jews and one for Arabs.
The group said in a statement, released on the 60th anniversary of the UN vote, that "Palestine is Arab Islamic land, from the river to the sea, including Jerusalem... there is no room in it for the Jews."

Regarding the partition decision, Hamas said that "correcting mistakes is nothing to be ashamed of, but prolonging it is exploitation."

Terrorist U.S. Sailor Made References to Bin Laden

This gets scarier by the day. Qaeda on a U.S. guided-missile destroyer? I"ve got a vivid imagination and what might have been intended here is chilling.

Here's the full story from Fox News.

Feds Say Sailor Charged With Terrorism Made References to Bin Laden in Phone Conversations

NEW HAVEN, Conn. — A former sailor accused of disclosing information about Navy ships to a terrorism supporter made coded reference to Usama bin Laden in a recorded phone call with friends, prosecutors said Wednesday.
Phone calls were played in a court hearing to decide whether to admit the evidence in the case against Hassan Abu-Jihaad. Lawyers for Abu-Jihaad have argued that the calls and other evidence, such as e-mail searches, should be thrown out after a judge's ruling in September that struck down portions of the USA Patriot Act.
In one phone call between the sailor and some friends, Abu-Jihaad is heard making what prosecutors said is a coded reference to bin Laden, using the phrase "under the black leaves."
He is also heard talking about the different techniques of American and Islamic snipers.

Abu-Jihaad exchanged e-mails with Ahmad while on active duty on the USS Benfold, a guided-missile destroyer, in 2000 and 2001, according to an FBI affidavit. In those e-mails, Abu-Jihaad discussed naval briefings and praised bin Laden and those who attacked the USS Cole in 2000, according to the affidavit

Hugo, We Have A Problem

Drama Queen Hugo Chavez is seeing the situation start to pull apart at the seams. The World is finally going to see the "true" maniac this guy is - and of course, I'm sure that Sean Penn and Cindy Sheehan will be the first to denounce their support of this thug.

Seriously, this guy has been on a complete roll of miscues lately and my prediction is things will worsen considerably by the end of the year and by Spring of '08, Chavez will be out of power.

Here's the story of student protests

Venezuelan Students Clash With Soldiers Over Chavez 'Reforms'

CARACAS, Venezuela — Venezuelan students in gas masks clashed with National Guard soldiers on Wednesday in protests against President Hugo Chavez's planned reforms to the country's constitution

Soldiers outside the Metropolitan University in Caracas fired tear gas to disperse the demonstrators and students were seen carrying peers as smoke wafted through the air

Meanwhile, Chavez took fire from one of his two ex-wives who urged Venezuelans to reject the slate of proposed constitutional changes that would greatly expand executive power.
Urging Venezuelans to vote "no" in Sunday's referendum on the changes to the nation's charter, Maria Isabel Rodriguez compared approving the referendum to a "leap into the dark."
Rodriguez, a journalist, also urged opponents to go to the polls to prevent possible vote-rigging.
"It will be more difficult for fraud to take place if we all vote," Rodriguez said at a news conference Tuesday. She divorced Chavez in 2004.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

6000 Sunnis Sign Up With U.S. In Iraq

Great, great news! The last safe haven (or kinda safe) for al Qaeda in Iraq has now seen over 6,000 Sunnis sign a pact with the U.S. and IA forces to help form an alliance to drive the al Qaeda pigs out of the country. Next stop, al Qaeda, is Iran boys...have fun over there in Shiite land.

A story worth reading and saving over at the Las Vegas Sun.

6,000 Sunnis Join Pact With US in Iraq
By LAUREN FRAYERAssociated Press Writer

HAWIJA, Iraq (AP) -
Nearly 6,000 Sunni Arab residents joined a security pact with American forces Wednesday in what U.S. officers described as a critical step in plugging the remaining escape routes for extremists flushed from former strongholds.
The new alliance - called the single largest single volunteer mobilization since the war began - covers the "last gateway" for groups such as al-Qaida in Iraq seeking new havens in northern Iraq, U.S. military officials said.

The ceremony to pledge the 6,000 new fighters was presided over by dozen sheiks - each draped in black robes trimmed with gold braiding - who signed the contract on behalf of tribesmen at a small U.S. outpost in north-central Iraq.

Sarkozy Takes A Hard Line on Riots

About time! Sarkozy finally has found his voice but when will he learn to call a spade a spade? Perhaps he just needs more time, more confidence, more suppot to finally take the stance that the "youths" of France (for you first timers to HolgerAwakens, "youths" is the French PC term for muslim immigrants under the age of 25 who walk around all day taking up oxygen and at night ignite automobiles and shoot policemen at the slightest hint of any "wrong" done to ANY muslim in the ENTIRE country of France) need to be deported.

Sarkozy, in your next speech, just say it. Utter the truth. The behavior of the muslims in your land is unacceptable - not just those who fired gunshots! They will be arrested and if found guilty, will be deported to the land of their origin. Believe me, your countrymen will thank you (and re-elect you).

Full report is here.

As Violence Ebbs, Sarkozy Calls Riots Unacceptable

“So that things are very clear: what has happened is absolutely unacceptable,” Mr. Sarkozy said outside the hospital. He added that those who fired the shots would find themselves in court.
After two nights of rioting Sunday and Monday night, largely in the north Paris suburb of Villiers-le-Bel, the situation eased Tuesday night following the massive deployment of 1,000 anti-riot police there.
Mr. Sarkozy described the event that sparked the violence — the death of two teenage boys whose motorbike collided with a police car in Villiers-le-Bel — as “not something that we can tolerate.” But he criticized those who seized on the incident to seek vengeance through violence.

Can It Be? Hillary Clinton's Downfall?

A great piece by Murray Sabrin here.

Hillary Clinton's downfall?
Posted by Murray Sabrin November 23, 2007 10:13AM

Why would the well oiled, highly disciplined Clinton for President Campaign, crash so quickly, when virtually all of the pundits have crowned her President Hillary Clinton as late as a week ago?

Clinton is not only trying to win her party's presidential nomination, she is also running a parallel general election campaign for the presidency in the fall. So instead of telling her fellow Democrats what she believes, Clinton is trying to run in the "center" now in order to appear "acceptable" to independent voters and disgruntled Republicans.
It will not work. The era of "spinning" may be over. Many voters want straight talk, heartfelt answers, not platitudes, from the candidates.
If Hillary believes in big government, from more government spending and control of healthcare to supporting the military-industrial complex, to preemptive war in Iran, she should stand up and let the world what is her vision for America

Hillary Clinton's brain trust is violating Bill Clinton's first axiom of politics, never look beyond the current campaign. If Hillary does not win the primary, will Bill tell her and the spinmeisters, "I told you so?"

Saudis Foil Attack - Two Days After Release of Terrorists!

The Saudis perhaps are learning a valuable lesson. You don't negotiate with terrorists and you don't let them go when they say they're sorry! Oh wait, maybe the Sauds are also finding out that even though you finance much of the world's terrorists, that doesn't protect you from being bitten by the dogs you just fed!

Remember, the Saudis JUST LET 1500 al Qaeda captives GO two days ago ...and today, they foiled a plot to blow shit up in S.A. and now they have another 200 to put in a cell. How long are you going to wait to let those go, king abdullah?

Fools. We're surrounded by fools.

Full story here.

Saudi holds over 200 militants, foils oil attack

RIYADH (Reuters) - Saudi Arabia said on Wednesday it had arrested 208 people for involvement in several cells planning attacks on an oil installation as well as clerics and security forces.
The state television said one of the cells was planning to smuggle missiles into the country, which has faced a campaign by al Qaeda sympathizers since 2003 against the U.S.-allied monarchy.
A cell of eight militants led by a foreigners planned an attack on an oil facility in the Eastern Province, home to key oil installation in the world's largest oil exporting nation.

Iran: Israel Will Not Last

Ahmadinejad is STILL throwing a temper tantrum for not being asked to Annapolis. I bet his little fists were all balled up and his face was red as a beet as he said this.

Ahmadinejad: Israel will not last
Iranian president says 'Zionist regime' cannot last because it's built on 'aggression, lying, crime and wrongdoing'

"It is impossible that the Zionist regime can last," the government mouthpiece website of state broadcasting quoted Ahmadinejad as saying in a cabinet meeting.
"Deterioration is in the nature of this regime as it has been built on aggression, lying, crime and wrongdoing," he added.
He said the meeting uniting Israeli and Palestinian leaders in Annapolis, Maryland has "failed already and was stillborn. It lacked the cornerstones of effective political work".

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

McCain: No Israeli Peace with Pali's

I've got tons of differences with Senator John McCain but I've always admired his patriotism, his service and his staunch defense of the Iraq War. And here, he speaks the Truth. Good job, Senator.

US Senator McCain: Terrorists don't want Israel to exist

US Republican presidential hopeful John McCain said Tuesday that progress in peace talks between Israeli and Arab officials is doubtful because Middle East terrorists do not want Israel to exist.
''It's complicated rather dramatically by the fact that in Gaza you have a terrorist organization in charge that is dedicated to the extinction of the state of Israel,'' the Arizona senator said. ''It's kinda hard to make progress in negotiations with a group of people who want to take you out completely.'' (AP)

Viking Humor

I decided it was time to lighten things up a little. As some of you may have guessed, I am quite proud of my Norse heritage. And that includes a pride in the Land of the Vikings.

Anyway, I hope you get a chuckle at: When The Vikings Meet Led Zeppelin!

Rock On, fellow Vikings!

Somali Gets 10 Years for Ohio Mall Bomb Plot

First, the good news. This piece of garbage, Nuradin Abdi, a Somali immigrant got 10 years in federal prison for helping an al Qaeda operative plot to bomb an Ohio shopping mall. The better news is that this pile of excrement is being deported back to Somali as soon as his time served is up.

Now, the full story is here, but I want to point out the insanity that spews from this soon-to-be-convict's mouth:

In a 20-minute statement to the court, Abdi's attorney Mahir Sherif said his client apologized to the people of the United States, the people of Ohio and the Muslim community. He said Abdi regretted that his conviction might lead to problems for other Muslims.
Oh yeah, we certainly don't want to buy into some pattern that it's the muslims that are plotting to bomb stuff here in America!

And this gem:

"He apologizes for the things he thought about and the things he talked about and the crimes he pleaded guilty to," Sherif said. "He wants to make it very, very clear that he does not hate America."

Oh hey, that makes sense. I can FEEL the love he has for us. It's just a simple misunderstanding that he nearly accomplished the massacre of hundreds of innocent Americans in a mall. I'm guessing the blood running in the parking lot of that mall would have reminded him of what? The red in Old Glory? Ten years is all this pig gets?????


Sherif has maintained that Abdi was guilty at most of ranting about the United States' handling of the war in Afghanistan
Sherif, the clown of an attorney representing this terrorist, must have stayed late after law classes to come up with that defense. And what a statement. It certainly is understandable that a Somali, living in Ohio, in the United States of America, is going to be obsessed with the war in Afghanistan! Oh wait, you suppose he's got a few of his homelanders over fighting side by side with the Taliban? maybe?

I'd have given him 100 years.

Olmert at Annapolis: We Are Prepared To Make A Painful Compromise

Somebody, PLEASE! Take Olmert out in a hallway at Annapolis and explain to him: You CANNOT negotiate with terrorists. They do NOT want peace. They want your ass on a hook. They Want Your Country To Die!

Here's the insanity from Haaretz:

The honorable president of the United States, George Bush, my colleague, president of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, heads of delegations, and distinguished guests, I came here today from Jerusalem, Mr. President, at your invitation, to extend, on behalf of the people of Israel and the state of Israel, to the Palestinian people and to our neighboring Arab states, to extend a hand in peace, a hand which marks the beginning of historic reconciliation between us and you, the Palestinians, and all of the Arab nations

We want peace. We demand an end to terror, an end to incitement and to hatred. We are prepared to make a painful compromise, rife with risks, in order to realize these aspirations.

There isn't a single Arab state in the north, in the east or in the south with which we do not seek peace. There isn't a single Muslim state with which we do not want to establish diplomatic relations

Pali's Abbas: " GIVE US JERUSALEM "

The absurdity has begun. This breaking news from YNET out of the Annapolis summit.

Abbas: Peace accord must include east J'lem as capital of Palestinian state

Palestinians President Mahmoud Abbas said in a speech at the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland that "we must come to an agreement (based on the principle of) 'two states for two nations' that will put an end to the occupation. The final peace accord must include east Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine."

Abbas added that he was proud of the Arab states that decided to attend the conference. (Roni Sofer, Yitzhak Benhorin, Annapolis)

Iran Announces New Missile - Yes Europe, You ARE In Range!

News out of the World Capitol of Threats (Tehran) that Iran now possesses a missile with a distance striking capability of 2000 km. Knock Knock, Europe and Moscow ... You are in the bullseye now (if it's true).

It will be interesting if the Europeans view this as a threat to be dealt with harshly or if they will begin the blackmail payments. I'm not betting on the former.

Here's the full story at Haaretz and some outtakes below:

Iran: We've developed new missile with range of 2,000 km
By Yoav Stern, Haaretz Correspondent, Reuters and Haaretz Service

Iran has recently developed a missile with a range of 2,000 kilometers, Iranian Defense Minister Gen. Mostafa Mohammad-Najjar said on Tuesday. Iran already stocks long-range missiles which are capable of hitting Israel. The new missile, named "Ashoura", will enable Iran to aim at targets in Europe. Ashoura means the tenth day in Farsi, a sacred reference among Shiite Muslims to the martyrdom of the third imam. Najar told the Iranian Fars news agency that the missile is "a victory of the Defense Ministry." He did not say whether Iran has test fired the missile or has plans to do so.

Former Deputy Defense Minister Ephraim Sneh told Army Radio that now Iran does not only threaten Israel, but European capitals and Moscow as well. "The new missile is the world's wake-up call," he said.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Chechen Leader Declares Creation of the Caucasian Emirate

Tell me now, would you trust this guy with your life? (and no, i promise i didn't photoshop that sword going through his head!)

The ranting of this new leader are telling. I encourage you to read his entire declaration here from Kavkaz Center.

Now, I believe there are some very telling snippets in this declaration that I've detailed below. Read these and then explain to me how the label of "Relgion of Peace" reared its ugly head. This is telling stuff:

I appeal to the Mujahideen who are fighting in the Caucasus and the oppressed Muslims of Idel-Ural, Siberia and other parts of the occupied Rusnya (Russia). I would like to remind the fact that many Muslims are inclined to forget: Russian kafirs (infidels) have occupied our land and swinish life is being imposed on us for a long period of time. This is a punishment of Allah because we have moved away from his right path, because nothing could happen in the world without the will of Allah, praise to Him the Almighty.

I'm not talking about the native kafirs - it is a naked lie and the dirt in human guise. They are dogs, hell dogs, which Allah hound on Muslims when they depart from their religion.

We, the Mujahideen, went out to fight the infidels not for the sake of fighting but to restore the Shariah of Allah in our land.

Today, as throughout history, our condition can only be changed with a weapon in hand. If Allah's Religion could be established on Earth using another method, then our Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, would not have engaged in twenty seven battles.

announce to all Muslims that I am waging a war against infidels under the banner of "La Ilaha Illa Allah".

This means that as the Amir of Mujahideen in Caucasus I reject everything associated with Taghut. I reject all kafir laws established in the world.I reject all laws and systems established by infidels in the land of Caucasus.I reject all names used by infidels to divide Muslims.I declare ethnic, territorial and colonial zones carrying names of "North-Caucasian republics", "Trans-Caucasian Republics" and other such terms as outlawed.

I am officially declaring of creation of the Caucasus Emirate.

The Unthinkable Toll of Nuclear War: Iran vs. Israel

Read this entire sobering piece from Daniel Pipe's Weblog:

The Unthinkable Consequences of an Iran-Israel Nuclear Exchange
November 21, 2007

He expects, writes Martin Walker of United Press International,
some 16 million to 28 million Iranians dead within 21 days, and between 200,000 and 800,000 Israelis dead within the same time frame. The total of deaths beyond 21 days could rise very much higher, depending on civil defense and public health facilities, where Israel has a major advantage.
It is theoretically possible that the Israeli state, economy and organized society might just survive such an almost-mortal blow. Iran would not survive as an organized society. "Iranian recovery is not possible in the normal sense of the term," Cordesman notes. The difference in the death tolls is largely because Israel is believed to have more nuclear weapons of very much higher yield (some of 1 megaton), and Israel is deploying the Arrow advanced anti-missile system in addition to its Patriot batteries. Fewer Iranian weapons would get through.

Further, Cordesman expects that Israel would need to keep a "reserve strike capability to ensure no other power can capitalize on Iranian strike" and might target "key Arab neighbors"— Syria, Egypt, and the Persian Gulf states.

C.A.I.R.: Hispanics, Get Closer to God - Reject Catholicism, Convert to Islam!

I know, these clowns at C.A.I.R. are almost hard to believe. Since when, C.A.I.R. have you jumped from tying to "improve relations" to advocating conversion to Islam as part of your operational edict?

I won't link the C.A.I.R. site on my blog out of fear of cooties here but you can find the article by typing com after CAIR. Here's the bulk of the lunacy:

Hispanic Converts to Islam Say They Feel Closer to God
Posted 11/21/2007 4:53:00 PM

Olé! Allah! Most people would guess that these two words are worlds apart, but they're actually not. Surprisingly, nearly 200,000 Latinos in the United States identify themselves as Muslims, according to the American Muslim Council.
Across the United States, many Latino communities are in close proximity to Muslim centers, especially in states like Florida, Texas, New York and California. As Latinos learned more about Islam, they became more connected to the Muslim heritage, making their religious transition easier.
Both Latino and Islamic culture share a deep appreciation for religion and family. Alex Robayo, who has been Muslim for over a decade, was drawn to the same values in Islam that he grew up with. "There are a lot of similarities with our culture, with the way our families are. It's almost like if you replace the religion and the language, the families would be almost the same," he said of his attraction to Islam.
Women have historically been drawn to Islam and Latino women are no different. Sixty percent of Latino converts are women, estimates Latino American Dawah Organization.
Irene Abbasi, a native of Puerto Rico, has been Muslim for more than 30 years.
"When they say Islam deems women as second class citizens, I find that ridiculous," she said. "In Islam, if you're in a miserable marriage, you have the option of getting a divorce and getting your rights … right now it's called a prenuptial. Well, Islam had this in the 13th century."


Get this from the CAIR Community Safety Kit. Remember, these are the people that SUED AMERICANS ON A DOMESTIC FLIGHT WHO REPORTED SUSPICIOUS BEHAVIOR!

Excerpts from CAIR Muslim Community Safety Kit


Muslims must do their part to ensure
the safety and security of our nation. If anyone notes suspicious persons or
activities in their community, they should report it immediately to the local
Field Office of the FBI.

Saudis Release 1500 Al Qaeda Terrorists

JUST what the world needs - 1,500 more al Qaeda terrorists running around making bombs and beheading people! Of course, the Saudis are claiming that these ex-prisoners were "reformed" and will now certainly become upstanding and contributing members of society. Good luck with that notion.

Here's the gory details:

1,500 Saudi militants go free after 'repenting'By Agence France Presse (AFP)

RIYADH: Saudi Arabia, waging a crackdown on Islamist militants that has lasted for more than four years, has released some 1,500 jailed suspects after they "repented," a newspaper said on Sunday. The 1,500 were among about 3,200 militants with whom representatives of a government-appointed "advice committee" met around 5,000 times since it was formed three years ago, Al-Watan said, quoting committee member Mohammad al-Nujaimi.
The paper did not clarify if the remaining 1,700 detainees had refused to renounce the ideology of "taqfir" - branding other Muslims as apostates or infidels in order to legitimize violence against them.
The ideology is espoused by some militants who advocate the use of force to overthrow regimes deemed corrupt or unrepresentative and to establish a single Islamic state.

Nujaimi said the 1,500 militants who changed their views had renounced Saudi-born Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden's call on his followers to "cleanse the Arabian Peninsula of polytheists."

Good News - 4 Less Hamas in the World

The IDF took out 4 Hamas terrorists in two separate attacks.

IDF strikes kill at least 4 Hamas militants in Gaza
By Haaretz Service and News Agencies

The Israel Defense Forces killed at least four Hamas militants on Monday in two separate incidents in the northern Gaza Strip. In the first incident, an Israel Air Force aircraft opened a missile strike on militants at a mortar launching pad in the northern town of Beit Hanoun. One militant was wounded in the incident and at least two others were killed.

An IDF spokeswoman said the missile targeted militants who had launched two mortar shells at Israel shortly before, and identified hitting them

Witnesses said an Israeli missile was fired in the northern part of the territory near a key crossing with Israel. Most Palestinian rocket and mortar attacks against Israel originate in the north of the strip. Hamas, which controls the coastal enclave, said the militants were members of their group. In the second incident, which occurred near the Erez Crossing, two other militants were killed by IDF fire on the ground. The two were suspected of preparing an explosive device targeting IDF troops patrolling the area.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Hezbollah - "We Demand That...."

The Iranian and Syrian backed Shiite thugs, Hezbollah have even a new demand of Lebanon now. You sitting down?

Read the whole pile of crap here.

Iran-backed Hezbollah on Sunday blamed U.S. interference for the Lebanese parliament's inability to elect a president and added a new condition for choosing the next head of state: The leader must support the powerful Shiite Muslim group's fight against Israel.

"We want a president who believes in national participation and in the right to defend one's land and protect its people," Hezbollah's deputy leader, Sheik Naim Kassem, said in a speech in south Beirut

Hey Sheik, I'm sure a lot of the Lebanese people also want a Sheik who doesn't speak out of his ass.

Archbishop of Canterbury Trashes America/West

A scathing expose' on the words of The Archbishop of Canterbury over at Pat Dollard ! Make sure you check out the entire piece over at Pat's site.

Here's a snippet from an interview with Rowan Williams:

He went on to suggest that the West was fundamentally adrift: “Our modern western definition of humanity is clearly not working very well. There is something about western modernity which really does eat away at the soul.”

Williams went beyond his previous critique of the conduct of the war on terror, saying the United States had lost the moral high ground since September 11. He urged it to launch a “generous and intelligent programme of aid directed to the societies that have been ravaged; a check on the economic exploitation of defeated territories; a demilitarisation of their presence”.

Ahmadinejad Shoots Down Annapolis

Big Surprise! The Tiny Tot from Tehran says that all of his muslim counterparts are being duped! Haha.

Question. Has Ahmadinejad ever, EVER spoken a sentence without the word "Zionist" in it?

Here's his latest rant:

Ahmadinejad: Mideast peace conference useless

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Sunday that next week's Mideast peace conference would only serve Israel, the official Islamic Republic News Agency reported.

"The peace conference has no benefit for the oppressed Palestinian nation. It is only for supporting the Zionists occupiers," Ahmadinejad said, according to the agency. "Participation in this summit is an indication of the lack of intelligence of some so-called politicians," he said, accusing the participants of giving concessions to the "Zionists." (AP)

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Reason #273 NOT To Vote For Hillary Clinton

Read this gem from Senator Hillary Clinton:

“Our troops are the best in the world; if you increase their numbers they are going to make a difference,” Mrs. Clinton said in a statement after her aides were asked about her views on the ebbing violence in Baghdad.
“The fundamental point here is that the purpose of the surge was to create space for political reconciliation and that has not happened, and there is no indication that it is going to happen, or that the Iraqis will meet the political benchmarks,” she said. “We need to stop refereeing their civil war and start getting out of it.”

Let's dissect this from the woman who wants to lead the Free World:

1. So she agrees the Surge has worked - she admits it , that the troops "make a difference." So she admits the Surge has been effective yet as little as two months ago she looked General Petraeus in the eyes and said his update on progress required "a willing suspension of disbelief." What is it Senator Clinton? A lie or a success?

2. Hillary Clinton, whom some have put out there as a brilliant mind, is clueless. She states that "the purpose of the surge was to create space for political reconciliation..." The surge's purpose was to reduce attacks, stablize security and to eliminate al Qaeda forces.

3. Finally, this wannabe Commander-in-Chief wants us to "stop refereeing their civil war" - again, buy a clue! At this stage in the war and after documented evidence of just why the surge has worked...and after reviewing the countless pages of intelligence and battlefield reports, a yellow labrador in Ames, Iowa could tell you that the success has been due to the ouster of al Qaeda in Iraq! But I forgot, Senator Clinton - your strategy along with the Dems and the MSM all along has been to deny and minimize that al Qaeda was the real enemy in Iraq. You, once again, thought you could pull the wool over the eyes of the American people (or as you refer to us, "sheep"). Sorry lady - you were wrong, you have stayed wrong and you will always be wrong.

It is appalling that this idiotic person even holds a political post in our government, let alone has the 'nads to put her hat in the ring to run our Country. If she can't get this right, how is she going to handle all the really complicated stuff?

Spain Learns Its Lesson

Well, that didn't last long! The chickenshit Spaniards who caved in to al Qaeda's train bombing black mail...those same cowards that immediately voted the hawkish Conservative PM out of office and watched the new Socialist PM withdraw all Spanish troops from Iraq....yes those cowering yellow bellies now take to the streets in protest because they don't feel safe! I'd say "I told you so" if it wasn't so ironic.

Anyway, here's the story of this ultimate flip flop from Reuters:

Thousands march in Spain in anti-government rally
Sat Nov 24, 2007 1:17pm EST

MADRID (Reuters) - Thousands of Spaniards marched in Madrid on Saturday in an anti-government demonstration that highlighted Basque separatist group ETA would be a key political issue in next March's general election.
The marchers thronged the streets waving red and yellow Spanish flags and bearing slogans reading "We'll beat ETA". They also chanted for the resignation of Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero.
More than 800 people have been killed by ETA in nearly four decades of armed struggle for Basque independence from Spain.
The rally is the first organized by a group of ETA victims, the Association of the Victims of Terrorism, since a Spanish court last month found 21 people -- mostly Moroccans -- guilty of involvement in the Madrid bombings of March 11, 2004.
Many of the group's members believe ETA was involved in the bombings, which killed 191 people, but the court ruled out the participation of ETA in the attacks.
The conservative government in power in March 2004 at first pinned the blame for the attack on ETA, but it became increasingly clear it was the work of Islamist extremists. Spain turned against its leaders and voted them out of power three days later.
The demonstration was notable for the absence of conservative opposition leader Mariano Rajoy, whose Popular Party is narrowly trailing the governing Socialists in polls.
The government has tried but failed to find a solution to violence in the Basque Country through peace talks with ETA. It broke off the talks in December when the rebels bombed Madrid airport, killing two people.
It has since cracked down on the group, arresting dozens for suspected involvement with the outlawed separatists.
(Reporting by Sonya Dowsett)

AUSTRALIA IS LOST - Howard Suffers Defeat

Australia has joined the land of the lost. Dhimmification of The Land Down Under starts in 5...4...3....2.....

From Sky News:

Australia's Howard Admits Polls Defeat
Updated:14:38, Saturday November 24, 2007
Australian Prime Minister John Howard has suffered a humiliating election defeat and the opposition Labor Party has swept into power.

Mr Howard, who had been seeking a fifth term after 11 years of conservative rule, said he had telephoned Labor Party leader Kevin Rudd to congratulate him on his victory.
"It has been an immense honour to be prime minister of Australia," he told supporters after election results showed a 6.3% swing to Labor.
"We bequeath to (Mr Rudd) a nation that is stronger and prouder and more prosperous than it was 11 and a half years ago," he declared.

Friday, November 23, 2007

The Lunacy of Annapolis

Imagine, Ashley Ann Smith, a 17 year old junior at Johnson Senior High School, is scheduled to sit down over the weekend with the following men to discuss the chaperone guidelines for the upcoming Junior and Senior prom:

- Ted Bundy

- Charles Manson

- Albert DeSalvo

- Richard Ramirez

You would call that nuts, yes? Complete lunacy, wouldn't it be?

But, for the State of Israel to sit down with the likes of Saudi Arabia, Syria, Egypt, Turkey, etc. is considered a move towards possible peace? Now I realize that President Bush feels the pressure of maintaining the hopeless tradition of all American Presidents of calling for a Middle East Peace Conference, but to stage this lunacy now, with what is going on in the world, isn't just a sign of insanity but is destined to make matters worse.

Consider this:

1. Iran, a country not invited to this Conference, has publicly committed itself to the destruction of Israel. And Iran at the same time is about 12-18 months away from having nuclear weapons that will reach Tel Aviv. A "miraculous" peace accord is reduced to a uranium drenched dust field in a matter of months.

2. Lebanon is perhaps days away from falling under control of Hezbollah and/or Syria

3. Saudi Arabia's biggest qualifier to attending so far is the demand that they do NOT have to shake hands with or come close to Israeli flesh.

4. Syria wants Israel to give them the Golan Heights BEFORE they show up in Annapolis

5. Hamas and Hezbollah continue to hold Israel soldiers hostage.

One other point to consider. What possible concessions could the Arab nations give to Israel? What...that they will cease the terror and murder of its citizens? Ummmm...knock knock, puddin' heads, that's NOT a negotiations concession. Oh, the Arabs might recognize Israel's right to exist? That would be like Ted Bundy telling our girl Ashley he'll be a "good boy" on prom night.

President Bush, if you insist on holding this farce, then I implore you to stand up at the onset of this conference and after welcoming the Arab and muslim slime to the event, clearly state that there is a motorcade of limousines outside the front door at that very moment ready to take any country immediately back to the airport, that will not stand up and condemn all terrorism against Israel and who will also not recognize Israel's right to exist and to live in peace.

I imagine that statement would leave the weekend for a good one-to-one chat with Olmert.

Al Qaeda: "Make No Mistake. The Metropolis is the Target of Our Next Attack"

“Annapolis won’t save the Metropolis” (an apparent reference to Manhattan,
New York) is the heading over the threat to attack the US, published Wednesday
Nov. 21 on al Qaeda’s main web sites, DEBKAfile’s counter-terror sources report.
Sites in Gaza linked to al Qaeda warned Tuesday night, Nov. 20, that a cell is
already inside Israel and primed for mass attacks

“To this day, the United States does not understand how the Tower of the
Metropolis collapsed or how the Tower of Babel was destroyed. They think it was
an act of terror but it was really a divine act of grace for the Muslims.”

The REAL Surge in Iraq

You certainly owe it to yourself to read a tremendous recap of the progress the Iraqi Army is making in the War in Iraq - D.J. Elliott's piece at The Long War Journal has all the updates, the numbers and the facts behind the "Real" Surge in Iraq.

Here is just a taste from the article - please go to the link above and read ALL of the good news. It will blow you away!

This is the real surge -- a surge in training and building of the Iraqi Army. Security in Iraq improves with an increased longterm security presence; a security presence that will increasingly be shouldered by Iraqi troops. The five US "surge" brigades were not only brought in to buy the Iraqi government time to sort out the political situation, they were brought in to buy the Iraqi Army time to expand. The five US "surge" brigades are doing some much needed housecleaning in Iraq's problem areas, freeing up Iraqi Army formations to provide cadre for new forming units, and providing additional training partners for the new Iraqi Army formations thus facilitating the accelerated expansion. The Iraqi Army is replacing the US forces departing Iraqi by the end of 2008 at rate of two Iraqi brigades for one US brigade.

U.S.: Golan Heights Up For Discussion ??!!

There doesn't seem to be much out there on this right now but here's what is being reported by YNET:

Al-Jazeera: Washington agrees, Golan on table at Annapolis

The al-Jazeera news network has reported that the United States has responded positively, in principle, to a request from Arab Leage foreign ministers to include discussion of the Golan Heights at the Annapolis conference.

According to the reports, an answer was received shortly before the Arab League meeting came to a close. (Roee Nahmias)

If this is true, my suggestion Israel is....take your email confirmation of travel to Annapolis, print it out, stamp the words, " UP YOURS!" and mail it off to Washington.

I've said this a hundred times (or is it a 1000 times): The Arabs/Muslims/Islamists have NEVER made a single concession in any negotiation in the history of mankind.

The Golan Heights is NOT negotiable. The Golan Heights are NOT on the table.

India Under Siege

Breaking news at Pat Dollard of six bombings in India. At least 10 dead, dozens injured.

LUCKNOW, India (AP) - A series of near-simultaneous explosions shook courthouses Friday in three north Indian cities, with blasts going off in Lucknow, Varanasi and Faizabad and killing at least 10 lawyers and injuring dozens of other people people, officials said.
At least two bombs went off in Faizabad, killing four lawyers and injuring 10 to 12 more, said R.N. Singh, a local police officer. One of the bombs was rigged to a motorcycle, he said.
Padam Kriti, a spokesman of the Uttar Pradesh Bar Association, said the state’s lawyers had decided earlier this year not to defend any Muslim terror suspects, adding “it looks like” that decision may have been behind blasts

Saudi Insurgent Recruit in Iraq Tells All

You mean the insurgency isn't one big happy family? Saudi terrorist says he was brainwashed and used in Iraq War here.

BURAIDAH, 23 November 2007 — A young Saudi, who was brainwashed to fight in
Iraq where he narrowly escaped death and suffered scarring to his face and hands
in a failed suicide attack, recently called on young Saudis not to follow in his
footsteps and be wary of militant groups in Iraq.

Ahmad Abdullah Al-Shaie, a young Saudi from Buraidah who describes himself
as a victim, told Al-Riyadh newspaper that he was brainwashed into going to and
fighting in Iraq. “The Iraqis who were supposed to train me and prepare me to
fight the occupation tried to kill me by making me an unwilling suicide bomber,”
said Al-Shaie, who was tricked into driving a truck full of explosives

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Terrorists On Their Way, Buffalo

You really, really need to read this entire piece from Armies of Liberation - to believe it, you have to read it.

The "Lackawanna Six" were the local terrorists found in the Buffalo suburb of Lackawanna who were found to have attended terrorist training camps in Afghanistan run by al Qaeda.

Well folks, they are getting out of prison and guess what Buffalo? Looks like they will be back in your neighborhood soon!

You'd expect outrage and fear, you'd expect court orders to keep these trained assasins out but wait! Wait just a minute! Here's the reaction of locals and most telling, check out the reaction from the local police in Lackawanna:

“My understanding is that it is a possibility,” he said. But if Galab or
any of his co-defendants return to Lackawanna, they will be welcomed by the
community, Saleh added. “That’s really their determination where they want to go
for peace and comfort,” Saleh said. “We have no grudges. What they have done is
between them, the system and God.”

“Where else can he go? Even if he went to Michigan, the media would find
him,” a relative of Alwan’s said regarding the attention each of the Lackawanna
Six will probably receive when they are freed

Lackawanna Police Chief Dennis J. O’Hara said the return of the
young men to this area raises questions on whether they will be safe. “My
concern is more for the safety of those being released and someone with a grudge
from 9/11 coming in here and taking action against them,” he said. “It won’t be
easy for them.”

Unbelievable. Believe me Police Chief O'Hara, if I lived in Buffalo or Lackawanna, it wouldn't be easy for you because I'd be in the Mayor's office on Monday demanding you be run out of town on a rail and your badge melted down to make an ashtray.

And Then There Was One...

America, you are on your own. Your two allies in the counter jihad, Great Britain and Australia, appear to be lost to the land of dhimmi. Great Britain's shift to Gordon Brown is complete and now, it appears that Australia will cave.

Australia's Howard struggles in his last

CANBERRA (Reuters) - Australians vote in national elections on Saturday
with polls showing conservative Prime Minister John Howard facing defeat after a
series of campaign blunders, including a new row over anti-Muslim leaflets.
Opposition Labor party leader Kevin Rudd, 50, has built a strong lead in the
polls with his campaign for a new generation of leadership, promising to sign
the Kyoto Protocol on climate change and pull Australian frontline
troops out of Iraq
A Rudd victory will end 11-½ years of
conservative rule and would further isolate Howard's friend and close ally, U.S.
President George W. Bush, on climate change and the ongoing conflict in

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

We Give Thanks

Our Father in Heaven

We give thanks for the pleasure

Of gathering together for this occasion.

We give thanks for this food

Prepared by loving hands.

We give thanks for life,

The freedom to enjoy it all

And all other blessings.

As we partake of this food,

We pray for health and strength

To carry on and try to live as

You would have us.

This we ask in the name of Christ, Our Heavenly Father.

- Harry Jewell

An Invitation to Atlas Shrugs, Gates of Vienna, Jihad Watch, Little Green Footballs and The Brussels Journal

Millions of counter jihadists around the world count on the leadership of Atlas Shrugs, Gates of Vienna, Jihad Watch, Little Green Footballs and The Brussels Journal to be the beacon of hope, strategy and alliance against the rise of the jihadists and islamofascism. You have all become part of our life, our allegiance to a grand cause. We ask that you pledge a renewal of faith and energy in the Fight.

Pledge of Counter Jihad Solidarity

We pledge to continue our united efforts in the battle against jihad and islamofascism

We pledge to support each others' efforts and blogs as best we can

We pledge to understand each others' unique views and work to solve any conflicts one to one, not through the blogosphere

We pledge to remember the Fight is what unites us and the Enemy is what wishes to divide us

We pledge our emails will always be open to each other

Atlas Shrugs /Gates of Vienna /Jihad Watch /Litle Green Footballs /The Brussels Journal

As The 'C.A.I.R.' Turns, Pt.2

It's time for Doug. Doug Hooper, your basic white American television producer located in Minneapolis-St. Paul, apparently decided one day to convert to islam, change his name to Ibrahim Hooper and ended up as the talking puppet for C.A.I.R.

Hooper is basically in charge of fabricating, minimizing and spinning over at C.A.I.R. When the true muslims make mistakes in speeches, it's up to Douglas, sorry...Ibrahim...the IgotAnIslamNameInACerealBox spokesman to cover it up, deny it or bury it.

Hooper's role is basically Director of Camouflage. He's the spokeman because he looks like a Swede from Minnesota (up Brainerd way, yah shure). C.A.I.R. uses him like a old shoe. Chances are good that Ibrahim has never actually been to one of the "real" C.A.I.R. meetings.

Anyway, here's some gems from Ibrahim "Doug was good enough for my Mom" Hooper:

Islam is an ideology. It's not a race. You can be a bigot. Maybe we should discuss whether Mr. Prager believes in anti-Muslim bigotry. But we have get on a daily basis things like, kill Mecca Monkeys, Islamo-Nazi rag heads. A message on a Web site supporting Mr. Prager's column said, Muslims are al Qaeda and al Qaeda are Muslim. Let's be done with it and kill them all. (Paula Zahn Interview)
** NOTE! Ibrahim Hooper said islam is an ideology!!!!! You heard it here first!

But somebody's got to speak out against this kind of bigotry. And unfortunately that's our role. (John King Interview)

And people of other faiths have an obligation to learn more about Islam and Muslims so that these kinds of things don't happen in the future. (John King Interview)

"How can these elected representatives legitimize this kind of hate speech by appearing on the same platform with Islamophobes and Muslim-bashers?" (AP)

"We are similar to a Muslim NAACP," (ABC)

no Muslims today would call themselves Wahhabis (Chico

We’re not in the business of condemning (Front Page Magazine)

"I wouldn't want to create the impression that I wouldn't like the government of the United States to be Islamic sometime in the future. But I'm not going to do anything violent to promote that. I'm going to do it through education." [1]
(Mnneapolis Star Tribune)

to my knowledge we [CAIR] don't take money from the government of Saudi Arabia

The Score: Islamist Terrorists 10,000 Rest of the World 0

Apparently the "Religion of Peace" has hit 10,000 terrorist attacks since 9/11.

Let's break that down:

Islam - 10,000 terrorist attacks
Judaism - 0 terrorist attacks
Christianity - 0 terrorist attacks
Buddhism - 0 terrorist attacks
Taoism - 0 terrorist attacks
Mormonism - 0 terrorist attacks
Hindu - 0 terrorist attacks

Bottom line, it's not a "Religion of Peace" folks because it is NOT A RELIGION! It's a political ideology. Let me repeat that. Islam is a political ideology, not a religion.

Look at the list above and in your mind, keep Islam on the list but remove all of the genuine religions and replace those with: Communism, Marxism, Nazi-Fascism. Then you would see some numbers to accompany those of Islam.

When I sit down with family tomorrow at Thanksgiving, it will be a time for me to bow my head and thank The Father for sparing the U.S. of A. from another attack since 9/11. As you can see, the rest of the world has not been so fortunate in escaping the violence of this fake religion.

Taliban Overrun Kabul in 5...4...3...2

It does not look good. We've listened for months and months how NATO member after NATO member has made pussy lame excuses for not bolstering their troop levels in Afghanistan to hold the line against the Taliban. Canada has hemmed and hawed. The French have taken a pass until recently when the new guy in charge has shown some balls. The Germans? Oh, I think the Germans agreed to send some equipment. What will it take for these "allies" of the U.S. and Britain to wake the hell up?

Does everyone understand what the fall of Kabul means? You know....France and Germany and other NATO members all passed on the old infamous offer from bin laden for amnesty. They all talked tough. And now they all sit on their hands. Why didn't they all just take the offer instead of faking this support of the cause.

Here's the really bad news:

LONDON (Reuters) - The conflict in Afghanistan has reached "crisis proportions," with the resurgent Taliban present in more than half the country and closing in on Kabul, a report said on Wednesday.

If NATO, the lead force operating in Afghanistan, is to have any impact against the insurgency, troop numbers will have to be doubled to at least 80,000, the report said.
"The Taliban has shown itself to be a truly resurgent force," the Senlis Council, an independent think-tank with a permanent presence in Afghanistan, wrote in a study entitled "Stumbling into Chaos: Afghanistan on the brink."
"Its ability to establish a presence throughout the country is now proven beyond doubt," it said. "The insurgency now controls vast swaths of unchallenged territory including rural areas, some district centers, and important road arteries."
Senlis said its research had established that the Taliban, driven out of Afghanistan by the U.S. invasion in late 2001, had rebuilt a permanent presence in 54 percent of the country and was finding it easy to recruit new followers

Senlis said that without the troop "surge," and renewed efforts to win over the Afghan population and make reconstruction take hold, the country was in danger of falling back into the hands of the Taliban.
By the way, here's who is putting their troops where their mouths are among NATO members:

United States of America 15,000 troops
Great Britain 7,500 troops
Germany 3,000 troops
Canada 2,500 troops
Netherlands 2,000 troops
Italy 1,500 troops


Even more bad news:

"Could the Europeans squeeze out a few more warm bodies and some more
assets? The answer is 'yes', but not in huge numbers. And there the big obstacle
is that in many countries: in Germany, in Italy, in the Netherlands, in Canada,
there is a lot of domestic skepticism growing about the mission in Afghanistan.
And I think governments are fearful of rocking the boat by saying not only are
we going to continue this mission, but we are going to send more troops," said
Kupchan. Sean Kay, a NATO expert at Ohio Wesleyan University agrees that support
for the war in Afghanistan is waning."Public opinion in both Canada and the
Netherlands, and in fact throughout the NATO countries, has turned sour on the
war in Afghanistan," he said. "Even in the United States, there was a poll out
this summer that showed that 42 percent of the American public wanted to get out
of Afghanistan as soon as possible. So public support for this engagement,
especially the combat side of it, is dropping."Kay says the Bush administration
must do a much better job to explain NATO's role in Afghanistan."At the end of
the day, we lead NATO," he said. "And so that requires the administration to
come forward and really explain to the country what's going on in Afghanistan
and why we really need to either redouble our efforts or reassess the mission to
something that is possible."Kay and others say NATO's Afghan mission is crucial
to the future of the alliance as it continues to redefine its role following the
end of the Cold War.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Pakistan's NW Frontier is NOT Anbar

This is a must read by one of the true geniuses of the Pakistan conflict. Read it here, by Bill Roggio as posted in The Daily Standard.

An excerpt:

Under these conditions, arming anti-al Qaeda and anti-Taliban tribes and bolstering the Frontier Corps without solid support from both the Pakistani and the American military would be a death sentence for any tribe foolish enough to join the fight. The United States must get its counterinsurgency strategy in Pakistan right the first time, lest it risk the annihilation of any potential allies that remain in the region. But Pakistan's Northwest Frontier Province isn't Anbar. More, not less, direct support from the United States military will be necessary for such a strategy to have any chance of success.

Let's Not Call a Spade a Spade!

Once again, Winston Churchill is rolling in his grave. The new age spineless in the U.K. have decided that "war on terror" is just too cruel or insensitive for the islamic youths.

Here you have it:

Richard Norton-TaylorTuesday November 20, 2007

Counter-terrorism officials are rethinking their approach to tackling the radicalisation of Muslim youth, abandoning what they admit has been offensive and inappropriate language. They say the term "war on terror" will no longer be heard from ministers. Instead, they will use less emotive language, emphasising the criminal nature of the plots and conspiracies. The government in future, they add, will talk of a "struggle" against extremist ideology, rather than a "battle".

"We hadn't got the message right," said one senior official. He added: "We must talk in a language which is not offensive." Another said that the terrorist threat must not be described as a "Muslim problem".
What? WTF is that? Not be described as a Muslim problem? Then how should it be described? A Mormon problem? A Quaker problem? A Luxembourg problem?

You'd think after Britain's embarassment in Iran along with the bombings at home and in Scotland, they could at least show some spine at home. Go ahead and laugh at these Brits but don't forget, these are elected officials who are controlling this lunacy. Vote for the Socialists here in America in 2008 and I'll be posting the same story then but it will be from the New York Times and it will be in regards to the same bloody change happening here. Believe it.

As The 'C.A.I.R.' Turns, Pt. 1

As promised, Holger Awakens starts a series today of expose's on C.A.I.R. No, that isn't the "Council Assault on Inflight Resources" but rather, a cheap and adulterated version of a group of islamists pretending to be a bridge. They are no bridge. They are a raging river of hate and deception.

From the C.A.I.R. website, the Chairman of the National Board of Directors of CAIR is:

Parvez Ahmed/Chairman
Dr. Parvez Ahmed is the Chairman of the Board for the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). Dr. Ahmed is an Associate Professor of Finance at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville. He is an active researcher whose articles have been published in leading finance journals such as The Journal of Banking and Finance, Financial Management, Journal of Portfolio Management etc. He recently authored a book on Mutual Funds titled Mutual Funds – Fifty Years of Academic Research.

Now, that all looks pretty respectable and innocent doesn't it?

Let's dig a little deeper into C.A.I.R. Chairman Ahmed....

Here's is Parvez Ahmed's Educational and Work History:

My alma mater:
University of Texas at Arlington 1992-1996 Ph.D. (Finance)

Temple University 1988-1990 M.B.A. (Finance)

Aligarh Muslim University 1982-1987 B.S. (Mechanical Engineering)

Teaching Experience:

University of North Florida
Assistant Professor

Penn State University, The Capital College
Assistant Professor

University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Assistant Professor

University of Texas at Arlington
Graduate Teaching Assistant and Assistant Instructor

Managerial Experience:
Kensington Hospital, Philadelphia, PA Assistant Administrator (Finance)
Now, let's point out two "coincidences" involved in Chairman Parvez' past. Remember, this is the top dog in an organization that claims to be only interested in bettering the relations between American muslims and the rest of American society. And although C.A.I.R. has yet to, as an organization, denounce any single act of islamic terrorism in the World, they still claim no ties to terrorism.

Coincidence #1:

Notice that Parvez Ahmed graduated from Aligarh Muslim University and he began attending classes there in 1982. Now, here's one account of what was transpiring at Aligarh Muslim University in India at that time:

Two such groups which the ISI is today using are LeT and HuJI, both have abiding linkages with al Qaida. Of the several Indian groups which the Pakistani agency has tapped, the Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI), banned in several States, is the most resourceful. Almost all the recent arrested terrorists and their sympathizers have links with SIMI, an organization set up in the late ’70s in Aligarh Muslim University to counter the rising Hindu chauvinism, represented in large measure by the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and its various off-shoots. SIMI had begun as a student wing of Jamat-e-Islami, a moderate religious organization, but under the influence of Wahabbis (Saudi Arabia, the source of generous funds), the group adopted an extremist ideology and broke away from the parent organization. Today its icon is Osama bin Laden. Before its ban, the group had an active membership of 10,000 in different parts of India, particularly Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and Kerala, Gujarat.
Coincidence #2:

Notice that Ahmed's degree coming out of Aligahr Muslim University in India is in Mechanical Engineering. However, when he enrolls the next year at Temple University, his entire Academia changes to "Finance" and thus receives an M.B.A. in Finance. Mechanical engineering one day, Finance the next. Hmmm. Interesting.

Check back to see more of C.A.I.R.'s officials, "up close and personal." Rumor has it a reporter from the Twin Cities by the name of "Doug" is on deck.