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Why Is Obama So Sympathetic To Human Rights Violators?

An excellent article here out of American Thinker, written by Lauri B. Regan. I've excerpted the entire article below:

Obama's Attraction to Human Rights Violators

The left in this country spent the Bush years wringing their hands, frustrated over efforts at nation building in the Mideast. Newsweek's attempt at rewriting history with claims of success in Iraq due to Obama's policies won't change the fact that the Bush administration's "war of choice" was a success. An entire population of repressed people now lives in freedom due to United States Mideast policy under President Bush. And the Iranian people desire a similar fate if only the American President were to seize the opportunity and support the populace demanding that their voices be heard.
Unfortunately, President Obama has traveled the globe handing out carrots to each and every one of America's enemies, leaders who also happen to be repressive dictators. Yet, no matter which tyrant Obama approaches with his open hand, he has, as my kids like to say, been "dissed."
With each fist bump from Hugo Chavez, Team Medvedev/Putin, Kim Jong-Il and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, one would expect that Obama would learn to close his open palm and offer up the tough policy that he promised would appear. Yet the only world leader who has seen Obama's stick wielding, clenched fist is Israeli Prime Minister, Benyamin Netanyahu.
So where are the voices of the left now, as Obama attempts to strong arm a sovereign nation -- one in which citizens of all ethnicity live free -- into ceding land to a sworn enemy of freedom? This despite the fact that history has proven the Palestinian people both unwilling and incapable of peace with Israel. Why is no one questioning the amount of energy being expended by the Obama administration on finding a peaceful solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict while remaining silent with regard to the world's true human rights violators.
Meghan Clyne, a speechwriter in the Bush White House, wrote an editorial in the New York Post last month addressing "Obama's dangerous silence" with regard to dissidents the world over. Candidate Obama promised the world that he would make human rights a focus of his administration yet he has remains silent when it comes to addressing issues that face citizens of almost every country to which he has reached out - and then some.
Unlike Obama who utters beautiful yet shallow words read from a teleprompter, Clyne points out that:

"Bush sent a clear message to those risking everything for their freedom: If you
stand up for liberty, the president will stand with you."
From Hillary Clinton's clear statements that human rights in China take a back seat to economic concerns, to Obama's Latin American love fest with the Castro bothers and Hugo Chavez, and finally his outreach (and bowing down) to the Muslim world as a whole, Obama is dissing every freedom-loving man, woman and child living under repressive regimes. And yet he continues to attempt to pummel Israel into submission in the hopes of forming a new nation for the repressed Palestinian people, while befriending the real oppressors.
Obama was handed a golden opportunity to take back the role of leader of the free world when Ahmadinejad and the Mullahs stole the election in Iran. Yet, Obama continued to look and play the fool with all of his make nice policies and statements rather than voice a strong decisive (presidential?) statement in support of democracy. By failing to refuse to recognize the illegitimate government, Obama's initial reaction was reminiscent of his time spent in the Illinois State Senate voting present. After suggesting that he would continue "negotiations" with whomever held the title of President, the opinion polls forced him to finally make a weak statement, drawing the ire of Ahmadinejad (who was taken by surprise since he has gotten used to Obama's can't we just be friends foreign policy).
On the other hand, Obama has had strong words for the citizens of Honduras who have legally ousted President Zelaya after he refused to obey the rule of law and the constitution. In a statement in which he made it clear that he is "deeply concerned" by the events in Honduras, Obama went on to say,

"I call on all political and social actors in
Honduras to respect democratic norms, the rule of law and the tenets of the
Inter-American Democratic Charter. Any existing tensions and disputes must be
resolved peacefully through dialogue free from any outside interference."
And Obama is in good company as Mary O'Grady points out in the Wall Street Journal:

"Yesterday the Central American country was being pressured to restore the
authoritarian Mr. Zelaya by the likes of Fidel Castro, Daniel Ortega, Hillary
Clinton and, of course, Hugo himself. The Organization of American States,
having ignored Mr. Zelaya's abuses, also wants him back in power. It will be a
miracle if Honduran patriots can hold their ground....
The struggle against
chavismo has never been about left-right politics. It is about defending the
independence of institutions that keep presidents from becoming dictators. This
crisis clearly delineates the problem. In failing to come to the aid of checks
and balances, Mrs. Clinton...expose[s her] true colors."
Sadly, the Obama presidency keeps getting "curiouser and curiouser." According to Obama, Israel's settlement building is illegal, the Iranian elections are legitimate, and the Honduran military's respect for the rule of law is "not legal." In other words, it is fine for the Obama administration to meddle in the internal affairs of a sovereign ally, it has no interest in defending a popular uprising in which people are dying in the name of freedom, and it will support the Chavez-cloned dictator in the face of a democratic struggle.
Many have suggested that due to the voter fraud pervasive during his campaign, Obama is not troubled by a similar occurrence in the Iranian and Honduran elections. Yet this is the same man that made human rights a benchmark of his campaign speeches. And how does one rationalize his completely irrational responses to the various events taking place across the globe as citizens of repressed nations attempt to achieve freedom and democracy. The leader of the free world persists on choosing the wrong side of the fight.
The only discernable pattern to Obama's foreign policy decisions since taking office seems to reflect an attraction by Obama to dictatorial governments and disdain for freedom loving democracies. How else can one rationalize the disparity between his silence and weak response to the protests and bloodshed in Iran and his powerful and demanding response to the coup in Honduras? America's President is consistently supportive of tyrants at the expense of oppressed citizens who bear a terrible price for his policies.
During the final years of the Bush administration rumors abounded that he was quietly planting and nurturing seeds of democracy in Iran in the hopes that regime change would occur from within. Unfortunately, the sprouting of freedom reflected in the uprisings occurred under the auspices of a dictator-loving American President who cares more about international friendships with authoritarian despots than he does about human rights the world over. Americans that voted for this man are equally responsible for the human rights disasters that may occur world wide under his watch.

U.S. and Afghan Forces Continue Targeting Taliban's Haqqani Network, 12 Taliban Killed

Yesterday, U.S. airstrikes in the Khost area of Afghanistan killed more than a dozen Taliban fighters of the Haqqani network - the Haqqani network is one of the most organized and lethal of the Taliban forces in both Afghanistan and Pakistan. There has been a concerted effort by the U.S. to go after the Haqqani network and its two leaders, Jalaluddin Haqqani and his son Siraj, with operations against them in both Afghanistan and Pakistan. From the article at The Long War Journal, here's a recap of what that targeting has entailed:

US and Afghan forces have stepped up attacks against the Haqqani Network in eastern Afghanistan over the past several days. More than a dozen fighters have been killed and 21 more were captured, including a commander, during airstrikes and raids since June 27.
The US military reported that "more than a dozen militants" were killed during a series of airstrikes against "a pair of command bunkers" in a mountainous region in Khost province near the border of Pakistan.

Targeting the Haqqani Network

The US military has heavily targeted the Haqqani Network over the past month. Led by the respected mujahedeen commander Jalaluddin Haqqani and his son Siraj, the network is well-organized in both Afghanistan and Pakistan. The Haqqani Network has been behind some of the most deadly attacks inside Afghanistan.
Over the past month, the US military has targeted Siraj and also Mullah Sangeen Zadran, a senior deputy, several times in both Afghanistan and Pakistan.
On May 28, US and Afghan forces assaulted a heavily defended fort in the mountains in the Wor Mamay district in the eastern province of Paktika near the Pakistani border. Twenty-nine Haqqani Network fighters, including six failed suicide bombers, were killed during the raid. Sangeen, who was the target of the raid, escaped.
Siraj and Sangeen were also the targets of two recent US airstrikes inside Pakistan. In mid-June, the US conducted several strikes in South Waziristan. The strikes occurred after the US received information that Siraj was attending a high-level al Qaeda and Taliban meeting to advise a Pakistani Taliban leader on his options against the Pakistani military .
Sangeen was also one of several senior Taliban leaders, including Baitullah and his deputy Qari Hussain Mehsud, targeted in an airstrike at the funeral of a mid-level Taliban commander in South Waziristan.
The US military has identified the Haqqani Network as one of the most dangerous outfits in Afghanistan. .
Just as the US has finally admitted that Taliban leader Mullah Omar and his senior commanders are running their Afghan operations from Quetta in Pakistan, the Haqqanis have been labeled as operating from Pakistan's tribal areas.
"The Haqqani network remains one of the most lethal Taliban organizations operating out of Pakistan's Federally Administered Tribal Areas," the US military admitted in its latest press release.

Video: Taliban 101: Do You Really Want A Piece of the Royal Irish?

Video: Ahmadinejad: ' Obama Has Removed His Mask '

WTF Video of the Day: A Real "Stand Up" Defense Attorney

Okay, I couldn't resist putting this up because I'm still laughing - this is a video clip of a victim's father going after a defendant in a courtroom in Michigan but the real "star" of the video is the defendant's attorney. Watch the right side of the screen, the blonde woman, the defense attorney, who is seated at the table - watch her reaction and actions in a time of crisis! LMFAO!

Shocker: White House Makes It Clear...Obama STILL Doesn't Have A Church

I know, it really is shocking, isn't it? President Barack Hussein Obama and his family apparently STILL haven't found a church to attend according to a White House deputry press secretary - this apparently is in response to TIME's claim that the Obamas chose the chapel at Camp David as their home church. As the article here at AOL denotes, the Obamas just haven't found the right church?

Well, as far as I can surmise, and don't hold me to this because I haven't researched it but in the five months that Barack Hussein Obama has been President, I have found only two occasions where he and his family have gone to church. The first time was on Inauguration Day, which is pretty much a "have to" for formality, and the second time was at the same church, which is a stone's throw from the White House, on Easter Sunday.

Here's what the TIME article had mentioned about a new church being found:

Reporter Amy Sullivan said she stood by her story. "The plan for the foreseeable future is for the First Family to attend services at the nondenominational Evergreen Chapel when they're at Camp David," she wrote on TIME.COM.

So, let's look at this closely. The White House denies that Obama has chosen the chapel at Camp David as his church but even if he had, that would mean going to church ONLY when he is at Camp David?

Now, I'm not going to get into whether Obama is actually really a Christian or a Muslim or an agnostic/atheist but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to surmise that Faith simply doesn't occupy much of Barack Hussein Obama's life. I would have to do some investigating but I would have to believe that Obama's church going practices are probably the most scanty since maybe Clinton, I don't know. But going to church only twice in five months sends a pretty strong signal.

Afterall, when you say that America is no longer a Christian nation, you probably have to make sure you prove that.

Obama Still Undecided on Church

(June 29) -- The White House denied a report Monday that President Obama had chosen a church for his family to attend.
TIME.com said the president, in what it called "an unexpected move," decided to make the nondenominational Evergreen Chapelchapel at Camp David his primary place of worship. The article cited no sources.
The White House quickly issued a statement shooting down the report.

"The President and First Family continue to look for a church home," said Deputy White House Press Secretary Jennifer Psaki. "They have enjoyed worshipping at Camp David and several other congregations over the months, and will choose a church at the time that is best for their family."
Reporter Amy Sullivan said she stood by her story. "The plan for the foreseeable future is for the First Family to attend services at the nondenominational Evergreen Chapel when they're at Camp David," she wrote on TIME.COM.
Obama's predecessor often worshiped at the presidential retreat's Evergreen Chapel. President Bush's family attended Christmas services there every year of his administration, according to TIME.
The Obamas celebrated Easter this year at St. John's Episcopal Church, nicknamed the "Church of the Presidents," near the White House. The Sunday before his inauguration, he attended Washington's 19th Street Baptist Church. Crowds lined up hours before the service and some longtime church members couldn't get in.
The "circus" atmosphere of that event drove the president to seek a more private place to worship, according to TIME

Pakistani Tribal Lashkars Continue Operations On The Taliban, Over 20 Taliban Killed

I'm really starting to believe that the lashkar movement among the tribes in Pakistan's NW Provinces is catching fire. Just a few days ago, I blogged about a lashkar militia of Pakistani tribesman taking up arms against the Taliban and killing several of the jihadis. And today, somewhat buried in this report from Daily Times, you will see two separate reports of lashkar operations in the area - in one, the Pakistani tribesmen kill 21 Taliban and in the other 2 Taliban are killed and 14 are taken prisoner. I will continue to hold that this lashkar movement is not going to be as well-coordinated as the Awakening movement was in Iraq but we are seeing that the tribal fighters ARE effective against the Taliban and what this means to the Taliban is they literally need their heads on a swivel - they have U.S. predators overhead, they have Pakistani artillery and aircraft pounding them and now, from the villages they have these lashkar fighters pouring ouf of homes with small arms.

Here's the article with the reference to the lashkar operations in bold:

45 Taliban killed in airstrikes, clashes

ISLAMABAD: At least 45 Taliban were killed as jet aircraft bombed suspected Taliban hideouts in Waziristan and in clashes with the security forces and pro-government tribal militias in Swat and Kurram on Monday.The airstrikes hit a guesthouse used by Taliban in the village of Kani Guram in South Waziristan Agency, killing four Taliban, according to intelligence officials.Twenty-one Taliban were killed in overnight clashes with an anti-Taliban militia in Kurram Agency, tribal elder Ali Akbar Toori and lawmaker Sajid Toori said. Four militiamen were also killed.
Security forces launched an early morning raid on a suspected Taliban hideout in Tank, killing two suspected Taliban and arresting nine others, senior police officer Abdul Rasheed said.Chief military spokesman Major General Athar Abbas said security forces raided a compound in Khawazakhela area of Swat on a tip-off, killing eight Taliban and seizing weapons and explosives.
A lashkar in Upper Dir closed in on the Taliban trapped in the Shortkas Dogdarra village. Citing a private TV channel, APP said the lashkar killed two Taliban and arrested another 14 from the area and demolished their five houses.In Swat, the Taliban “command structure has been totally dismantled, their training centres discovered and destroyed, their recruits either killed or driven away, their ammunition dumps destroyed and their headquarters ... destroyed,” the military spokesman said. sajjad malik/agencies

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Photo of the Day: How Iranians Really Feel About Ahmadinejad?

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Video: What Will It Be America? Liberty or Tyranny?

Obama...Silent On Iran, Meddling In Honduras

I'm not going to get into all of the details of the Honduras "coup" that has taken place here as you have more than likely read that elsewhere by now, but this story from The Wall Street Journal has some information that I don't want to see anyone miss. It's subtle, but it lays out some interesting observations of the reaction of President Barack Hussein Obama. One thing to note about this "coup" is the fact that the ousted President of Honduras was basically trying the same manuever that his buddy and supporter, Hugo Chavez, had pulled off in neighboring Venezuela and that was undermining the country's Constitution by extending his Presidential term. You probably won't hear about that angle on MSNBC tonight.

But the point here is that Barack Obama, silent for days on end when a people in Iran revolted against the thugocracy of the mullahs, has stepped into the middle of this Honduras situation from the get go. It was almost a race as to who was going to make the first statement of outcry...Obama or Chavez. I ask you this, if you have taken the same position as Hugo Chavez, don't you think that a normal person would reevaluate their position? The ousted President of Honduras was buddy buddy with Hugo Chavez AND the Castro boys in Cuba and yet, President Obama is quick to thumb his nose at another country's Constitution. Oh wait, I guess that's par for the course since he's busy doing the same to the U.S. Constitution.

Are you familiar with the term "bizarro world?" Well, many of us have to believe that is where we are residing now as the President of the United States of America supports Constitution-busting regimes, takes common ground with Chavez and Castro, roots for the mullahs in Iran so he can continue his mission of diplomacy, and sits on his hands as the North Koreans prepare to fire missiles on the United States. Somebody, please, wake me from this nightmare.

Here's the portion of the WSJ article that deserves special attention:

Coup Rocks Honduras

Mr. Zelaya called the action a kidnapping, and said he was still president. The U.S. and other countries condemned the coup. President Barack Obama said he was "deeply concerned" and called on all political actors in Honduras to "respect democratic norms." Venezuela President Hugo Chávez, a close ally of Mr. Zelaya and nemesis of the U.S., said he would consider it an ''act of war" if there were hostilities against his diplomats. "I have put the armed forces of Venezuela on alert," Mr. Chávez said.

The efforts accelerated over the weekend, as Washington grew increasingly alarmed. "The players decided, in the end, not to listen to our message," said one U.S. official involved in the diplomacy. On Sunday, the U.S. embassy here tried repeatedly to contact the Honduran military directly, but was rebuffed. Washington called the removal of President Zelaya a coup and said it wouldn't recognize any other leader.
The U.S. stand was unpopular with Honduran deputies. One congressman, Toribio Aguilera, got prolonged applause from his colleagues when he urged the U.S. ambassador to reconsider. Mr. Aguilera said the U.S. didn't understand the danger that Mr. Zelaya and his friendships with Mr. Chavez and Cuba's Fidel Castro posed.

Mr. Casas-Zamora and other regional analysts said the coup raised questions about just how much influence Washington actually has in Central America, given the Obama administration's failed effort to avert it. Honduras receives more than $200 million in development aid from Washington annually.

Video: Basiji Militia Firing From Rooftops At Iranian Demonstrators

Video: GMLRS - Sometimes It Sucks To Be The Taliban

Video: Jihadi Mortar Team ... Don't 'Allahu Ackbar' Too Soon, Chumps

Obama Administration Officals Are Pissed Off At Iranian Protesters?

Okay, I have reviewed an article here from Haaretz that includes quotes from two Obama administration officials: Susan Rice who is U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations and David Axelrod who is Obama's political advisor and I see something between the lines here...it's my contention that the Obama administration's silence regarding the uprising of the Iranian people against the illegitimate governement of the mullahs is due to the Obama people having banked on the press and prestige that Obama would receive during and after upcoming diplomacy talks with Iran. In other words, the Obama administration has choreographed upcoming talks with Iran NOT to disarm that country but to frame Obama as the great Global Negotiator, and the uprising in Iran has been seen as a significant distraction to that plan.

I want you to look at this quote from Susan Rice:

"This is a profound moment of change. And what Ahmadinejad says to try to change the subject is, frankly, not going to work in the current context, because the people understand that the United States has not been meddling in their internal affairs," she said. "The legitimacy of the government, while questioned by the people of Iran, is not the critical issue for the U.S. goal of preventing Iran from developing a nuclear capability," Rice said.

And now, look at Axelrod's comment:

"We are looking to... sit down and talk to the Iranians and offer them two paths. And one brings them back into the community of nations, and the other has some very stark consequences," Axelrod said.

It's apparent to me that Rice and Axelrod are trying to brush the uprising and demonstrations aside as if they haven't even happened - their eyes are focused on getting the Iranians to the table....they want that photo op of the Iranians sitting down with Obama officials. We have to remember that Barack Hussein Obama is all about image. He's all about polls. He's all about speeches in Germany.

So, in my estimation, the uproar in America over Obama's seemingly weak-kneed response to the Iranian government's actions against the demonstrators was off target a little bit. Obama wasn't trying to show Iran that he wasn't meddling...he was trying to be sure that the uprising failed...and quickly...so he could get to his focused mission of painting himself as the global leader who will face the Iranians and bring hope to the world.

Obama officials: Talks with Iran still possible

Despite questions about the legitimacy of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's re-election and his belligerent anti-American rhetoric, the White House remains open to discussions with Iran over its nuclear ambitions. "It's in the United States' national interest to make sure that we have employed all elements at our disposal, including diplomacy, to prevent Iran from achieving that nuclear capacity," Susan Rice, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, said Sunday. As protesters filled the streets of Iranian cities after the disputed vote, Ahmadinejad accused the West of stoking the unrest, singling out Britain and the United States for allegations of meddling. Iran expelled two British diplomats last week and Britain responded in kind. Iran detained nine British Embassy employees Saturday and released at least four.

The U.S. has not had diplomatic relations with Tehran since the aftermath of the Iranian revolution in 1979. Ahmadinejad has said he would make the U.S. regret its criticism of the postelection crackdown and said the mask has been removed from President Barack Obama's efforts to improve relations. Rice said Sunday that Ahmadinejad was falling back on his government's usual strategy of blaming the West and the United States in particular for its internal problems. "This is a profound moment of change. And what Ahmadinejad says to try to change the subject is, frankly, not going to work in the current context, because the people understand that the United States has not been meddling in their internal affairs," she said. "The legitimacy of the government, while questioned by the people of Iran, is not the critical issue for the U.S. goal of preventing Iran from developing a nuclear capability," Rice said. Both Rice and David Axelrod, Obama's top adviser, said Ahmadinejad doesn't appear to have the final say over Iran's foreign policy. Axelrod, dismissing Ahmadinejad's harsh language as bloviations, said being open to talks with Iran is not an effort to reward the country. "We are looking to... sit down and talk to the Iranians and offer them two paths. And one brings them back into the community of nations, and the other has some very stark consequences," Axelrod said. White House officials pointed to Obama's remarks last week, urging engagement. "My expectation would be ... that you're going to continue to see some multilateral discussions with Iran," Obama said Friday. Officials in Washington said they want Iranian officials at the negotiating table - which, they say, was not destroyed during the postelection demonstrations in Iran. "We are also mindful of the fact that the nuclear weapons in Iran and the nuclearization of that whole region is a threat to that country, all countries in the region, and the world. And we have to address that. We can't let that lie," Axelrod said.

Pakistani Government Decided Not To Put a Bounty on Hafiz Gul Bahadar, He Repays Them With Ambush Killing 12 Pakistani Soldiers

Just yesterday here, I blogged about the bounties put on numerous Taliban leaders in the NW Provinces in Pakistan and there were a few Taliban leaders left off of that list...one of those was Hafiz Gul Bahadar and the next day after he was left OFF the list, Bahadar's jihadis ambushed a Pakistani military convoy killing 12 Pakistani soldiers. Something tells me the Pakistani government outta get him on the list...today. Here's the story from The Long War Journal:

Taliban kill 12 soldiers in North Waziristan ambush

The Taliban killed 12 Pakistan soldiers during a deadly ambush in North Waziristan. The soldiers were killed when a company-sized force of about 150 Taliban fighters carried out the ambush against their military convoy as it passed through the town of Wacha Bibi near Miramshah.
The Taliban fighters hit the convoy with IEDs, then opened fire with a coordinated assault of rocket-propelled grenades. The military said that 12 soldiers were killed in the initial attack, but a Taliban spokesman claimed more than 60 soldiers were killed.
The military said 10 Taliban fighters were killed after its forces engaged the attackers in an extended gunfight.
The ambush took place in tribal areas run by Hafiz Gul Bahadar, the powerful warlord who is the Taliban commander in North Waziristan. Bahadar has demanded the military end the operation in the Jani Khel and Baka Khel tribal areas in the neighboring district of Bannu, and has threatened to attack government forces.
The Pakistani government has decided not to target Bahadar and senior Taliban commanders Siraj Haqqani and Mullah Nazir. Earlier today, the government issued bounties for Baitullah and his 10 most senior deputies. Noticeably absent from the wanted list were Bahadar, Sirah, and Nazir.
The military is also conducting operations in South Waziristan. Earlier today, the military killed 11 Taliban fighters in airstrikes in the towns of Kaniguram, Shah Alam, and Raghhzai.
The airstrikes took place after Taliban forces under the command of Baitullah Mehsud attacked two military forts near Wana. Two soldiers were killed and four more were wounded in the attacks.
Yesterday the military claimed 16 Taliban fighters and four al Qaeda operatives were killed in airstrikes in South Waziristan, and another 13 Taliban fighters were killed in the Arakzai tribal agency.
The military also leveled the Bazaar in Jandola in the district of Tank. More than 700 shops run by the Bhittani tribe were destroyed in the punitive operation. Turkistani Bhittani, a senior member of the tribe and a Taliban commander, has sided with the government against Baitullah.

Video: 24th MEU In Afghanistan Busting Up The Taliban

Video: Meet Marine Corps Sgt. Stephen Cochran

The video is long...over 12 minutes...and believe me, it's not long enough.

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Iranians Arrest 9 British Embassy Officials, Britain Is Hopping Mad

Talk about a little deja vu, huh? Anyone have an image of the American embassy in Tehran back in the 70's pop into your head? Well, the Iranians have gone and arrested 9 officials of the British Embassy in Tehran today and to put it mildly, the British back home are pissed off about it. Here's some of the latest from Times Online:

Britain reacted angrily today to the arrest of nine Iranians working for the British Embassy in Tehran, calling the move unacceptable “harassment and intimidation”.
The nine senior political advisers at the embassy are accused of playing a “significant role” in opposition protests. Their detention has shocked Western governments. EU foreign ministers demanded the release of the nine and said intimidation of diplomatic staff in Tehran would provoke a “strong and collective response”.
Sources told The Times that if Britain was forced to close its embassy, the 26 other EU states would probably follow suit.
David Miliband, the Foreign Secretary, called the arrests “harassment and intimidation of a kind that is quite unacceptable”. He said: “These are hard-working diplomatic staff and the idea that the British Embassy is somehow behind the demonstrations and protests that have been taking place in Tehran in recent weeks is wholly without foundation.”
Now, the Iranians have been setting this up for days as they try to find some sort of scapegoat for all of the demonstrations and uprisings of their own people. Here's what has gone on leading to this almost predictable action agains the British embassy:

In recent days Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Leader, had labelled Britain the “most evil” of those powers; two unnamed British diplomats and the BBC’s Tehran correspondent have been expelled; officials have accused British intelligence and its Iranian “stooges” of fomenting the unrest; and a British-Greek journalist has been arrested.

So, the question now is what will or what can the British do? One only has to look back to the Iranian capture of the British marines and sailors off the coast of Iran to see the last time that Iran purposely humiliated the Brits and basically, the British put their tails between their legs and limped home after that one. I don't expect the British to do too much with this one other than to keep throwing angry words in the direction of Tehran, but it does lead to some interesting possibilities if the British were to get serious about striking back at Iran. One thing I can see the British doing is expelling every Iranian official from Britain - I doubt they will do that with their people locked up but I think the British people are going to demand something.

Note: if i was Gordon Brown, I'd call a meeting with Israeli and American leadership just to get the Iranians thinking (course, the Obama administration probably would decline the meeting).

British fury as Iran arrests nine embassy workers

Britain reacted angrily today to the arrest of nine Iranians working for the British Embassy in Tehran, calling the move unacceptable “harassment and intimidation”.
The nine senior political advisers at the embassy are accused of playing a “significant role” in opposition protests. Their detention has shocked Western governments. EU foreign ministers demanded the release of the nine and said intimidation of diplomatic staff in Tehran would provoke a “strong and collective response”.
Sources told The Times that if Britain was forced to close its embassy, the 26 other EU states would probably follow suit.
David Miliband, the Foreign Secretary, called the arrests “harassment and intimidation of a kind that is quite unacceptable”. He said: “These are hard-working diplomatic staff and the idea that the British Embassy is somehow behind the demonstrations and protests that have been taking place in Tehran in recent weeks is wholly without foundation.”

About 2,000 supporters of Mir Hossein Mousavi, the challenger to President Ahmadinejad in the recent election, have been arrested and hundreds more are believed missing as the regime continues to quash those who claim that the vote was rigged.
Iranian sources said that the nine arrested worked for the embassy’s political section, although the Foreign and Commonwealth Office would not confirm that. It was unclear whether they were seized at their homes or near the embassy. They do not have diplomatic immunity. Four were later released, but one Iranian analyst feared that the others could be forced “to confess” that they had conspired against the government in Tehran.
The British Embassy employs about 100 Iranians in roles ranging from political advisers, consular officials and translators to security guards and gardeners. Like every other European embassy it depends heavily on locally employed staff and could not operate without them. In February the British Council had to suspend its operations in Tehran after the regime intimidated its 16 Iranian staff and forced them to resign.
The arrests are the latest move in Iran’s concerted campaign to paint those challenging President Ahmadinejad’s re-election as pawns of Britain and other Western powers determined to destroy the Islamic Republic.
In recent days Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Leader, had labelled Britain the “most evil” of those powers; two unnamed British diplomats and the BBC’s Tehran correspondent have been expelled; officials have accused British intelligence and its Iranian “stooges” of fomenting the unrest; and a British-Greek journalist has been arrested.
Last week 150 pro-government “students” staged a demonstration outside the high-walled embassy, and one of their leaders invoked the student invasion of the US Embassy in 1979 when 52 American diplomats were held hostage for 444 days. In response the Foreign Office evacuated the families of the 22 British diplomats.
The embassy closed its commercial section, which promoted trade with Iran, last August. The British Ambassador no longer holds a reception to mark the Queen’s Birthday after Iranian guests were harassed and photographed by government supporters at the compound in 2007.

Video: Obama's David Axelrod Never Stutters...Unless He Has To Answer For The Stimulus Bill Results, That Is

Video: New Footage Out of Iran Shows Protests Are Still On

Sderot: Iran and A Cinemateque

by Findalis

Just 2 separate articles on the occurring violence that is happening in Sderot from Gaza:

by Noam Bedein

While the world follows Iranian developments from the grandstands of YouTube, the people of southern Israel have had front row seats for some time now.

When Iran's protege, Hamas, staged a coup in Gaza that placed 1.4 million Palestinians under 'Hamastan' military rule, no one thought of how southern Israelis would be affected. Located less than one mile away from Sderot, Gaza's dramatic developments would come to affect everyone in the region.

Before Israel disengaged the Jewish communities from Gaza in August 2005, the Palestinian Authority had promised vast properties of some of these communities to Hamas. Four months later, in January 2006, Hamas won a stunning victory in the Palestinian Authority legislative elections, which resulted in the Mecca Accord of March 2007, which obligated the PA to share all foreign assistance with the Hamas organization.

All this placed Hamas in a strategic position from where it could launch attacks on Israel, even before the Hamas military coup.

Iranian Hamas terror tactics have dominated the lives of the people of Sderot. A town battered by sustained attacks for eight years, Sderot has become the only city to remain under continuous siege in the 21st century.

Sderot woman overlooks her home, damaged in a Qassam attack during the recent Gaza war.
Photo: Noam Bedein

In 2008 alone, the Hamas-controlled Gaza regime fired over 3,300 rockets, mortars and Grads towards the Western Negev and southern Israel, 50 percent more than the previous year.

Five months after Operation Cast Lead, Hamas has fired over 215 rockets during the Hamas-Israel 'ceasefire.' Is anyone even keeping track of the number of failed ceasefires that Israel has held with Hamas in the past two years?

For Sderot residents, the knowledge that this has been Israel's third failed ceasefire with Hamas is not surprising.

In a June 17 appearance at the Knesset, Israel Security Agency director Yuval Diskin warned that "Hamas is continuing to increase its strength, manufacture longer-range rockets and smuggle rockets of a far superior quality,". In that light,every citizen of southern Israel knows that a massive escalation is around the corner, which will force more than one million Israelis in southern Israel into the seeming safety of protected rooms and bomb shelters.

Shoshana Swissa, a kindergarten teacher in Sderot recently told Sderot Media Center that ”Even today, in these relatively quiet days in Sderot, every single morning we exercise a drill for the 3-year-old children in our kindergarten. The staff teaches them how to run in 15 seconds towards the safe room when the Color Red alert siren sounds. ”

Turning the Gaza Strip into an Iranian military buffer zone

During Israel's second ‘ceasefire’ with Hamas, between June 2008- December 2008, Hamas did not waste any time building up its military capabilities. Israeli intelligence sources confirm that Hamas dug between 400 and 600 smuggling tunnels that connected Sinai and Gaza in order to “import” guns, missiles, explosives, money,and terrorists, along with oil, fuel, metal, cloths, electronics and even a lion for Gazan's zoo - earning the Hamas regime between 30-50 million dollars a month from the digging of the tunnels and the goods smuggled through.

The Iranian influence and involvement with the Gaza Strip peaked during the summer of 2008, when hundreds of Iranian missiles were smuggled in, to be fired massively only a few months later at southern Israelis during Israel's last military operation in Gaza.

Meanwhile, the Hamas regime trained tens of thousands of children and woman in Gaza during summer 2008, in anticipation of an Israeli counterattack to the Hamas reign of missiles.

Accepting Iran, accepting Hamas

Hamas today has become more acceptable as a resistance organization among political sectors worldwide. The most recent acceptance overture was made by the former US president Jimmy Carter, who visited Gaza this June and asked the European Union to take Hamas off the charts as a terrorist organization.

It should come as no surprise that a terrorist organization like Hamas, which has killed and wounded thousands of Israeli by suicide bombings and rocket fire, is now accepted as a legitmate governing body. If Iranian President, Ahmedinejad is invited to open a UN Conference on Human Rights and is then invited to meet with the Swiss President, then Western embrace of Hamas is just around the corner.

In the meantime, Sderot and southern Israel can only gear up for another round of rocket fire in the near future.

If Iranians really want to know where all their money from the sale of oil is going to they only have to look at 3 places: Their nuclear program which IS attempting to build an Nuclear bomb, Hamas and Hezbollah. With poverty in their own land, food prices soaring and violent crackdown on dissent, Iran is more concerned with providing weapons to Hamas and Hezbollah, then anything else. If you ever wondered where the Kassams that Hamas still fires into Sderot and the rest of Israel come from, look no further than Iran.

by Anav Silverman

In a region where rockets have hammered civilian residents for the past eight years, the local Sderot Cinemateque remains a popular pastime for residents looking to enjoy a film. As the only rocket-proof cinema in Israel, the Sderot Cinemateque was built eight years ago, right around the time when the first Qassam slammed into Sderot.

The rocket-proof cinema allows local residents to enjoy a film uninterrupted when the rocket alarm, or Tzeva Adom sounds to warn residents of impending Qassams from Gaza. It remains a popular hangout regardless of rocket fire.

A week ago, I had the opportunity to watch a film at the Cinemateque during the eighth annual Cinema South Festival which was held from June 7-12. The festival features the films of graduate students studying in the Department of Film & TV at the local Sapir College. The festival also screened Israeli films that were awarded top prizes abroad as well as international films from Mexico, Hong Kong, and France.

International festival guests included filmmakers Carlos Reygadas from Mexico, Thierry Michel from Belgium, Osvalde Lewat-Hallade of Cameroon and Abi Feijo from Portugal among many others.

I had the opportunity to watch Ajami, one of the featured films of the festival,along with the hundreds of other area residents and international guests. Ajami, named after the largest Arab neighborhood in Jaffa, was co-directed by Israeli Yaron Shani and Jaffa-born Arab, Scandar Copti. The film tells the story of two Muslim Arab brothers and is set against the background of a revenge murder, gangs, Bedouin revenge squads, a Christian Arab godfather and Israeli police.

Ajami was filmed in Arabic -and most of the actors were from the Ajami neighborhood. The mostly Israeli audience at the Sderot cinemateque, myself included, followed along by reading the Hebrew subtitles below.

The film has won international acclaim and was shown in France’s prestigious Cannes Film Festival this past May.

In an interview with the New York Times, the directors of the film, Copti and Shani described their relationship outside of directing of the film, to which both wrote the script. When Shani’s city, Ashdod, was targeted by Gaza rockets in the recent war, Copti called him and said “Take your daughter and your wife and leave.” According to the NYT article, Shani does the same for Copti. Both the directors and the cast where present at the screening in Sderot.

There was something quite unique about watching Ajami in an Israeli rocket-proof theater on the Gaza border. In area that has been devastated by rockets and trauma, it is cultural events like the Cinema South Festival which brings hope for a normal reality that citizens on both sides of the Gaza border continue to seek.
Strange that a movie theater has to be bomb-proof, isn't it? But that is the reality of life in Sderot. Sderot is a small town that has faced the brunt of rocket attacks for 9 years now. Israel was guaranteed that if they "ethnically cleansed" Gaza of all Jews the rockets attacks would cease. The Israelis did just that in 2005, and the attacks got worse.

Now President Obama is singing the same song: "If you "ethically clean" Judea and Sameria of all Jews, there will be peace!"

Right, and I have a bridge in Brooklyn for those who believe this lie to buy.

Unless the PA is willing to be demilitarilized, there can never be peace. Strange as that sounds, it is not Israel who is anti-peace (regardless of what the Useful Idiots of Free Gaza keep saying), but it is the thugs and murderers of Hamas and the PA who will never accept a Jewish nation, never accept Israel and never stop their attacks.

Yet the world loves Hamas. It cries make peace with Hamas. How can one make peace with them when they have openly stated that their goal is the total destruction of Israel and the death to all Jews world-wide?

Again I ask you, my reader to pray for the people of Sderot, to pray for an permanent end to the rocket attacks, and if you are able to, to donate a few coins to the Sderot Media Center. They do such good work in the city of Sderot. Just click here and follow the instructions. All the funds collected go directly to helping the people of Sderot.

Pakistani Government Posts Bounties On Baitullah Mehsud and Ten Other Taliban/Al Qaeda Leaders

This is significant. The Pakistani government today placed an advertisement in Pakistani newspapers that announced monetary bounties on the capture or death of Taliban leader Baitullah Mehsud and ten other Taliban leaders. This is coming from a government that just six months ago was on its knees making peace agreements with these animals and over a year ago, totally ignored Mehsud's role in the assassination of Bhutto. Actually this is a brilliant move by the Pakistanis in that the Taliban have never had lower support among the tribes in the NW Provinces and who knows, the tips might just come flooding in. Here's the list of the bounties from the article at The Long War Journal:

The bounties and their targets

$615,000 Bounty:
Baitullah Mehsud is the overall leader of the Pakistani Taliban. He has led a campaign of suicide and military attacks against the Pakistani military, government, and civilians for more than two years. His forces have defeated the Pakistani Army during two offensives in South Waziristan since 2007.

$181,000 Bounty:
Faqir Mohammed is a senior deputy to Baitullah and leads the Taliban in Bajaur. His forces have defeated the Pakistani Army in Bajaur in two offensives in 2008 and fought the military to a stalemate earleir this year. He is a close ally to Ayman al Zawahiri and Bajaur serves as an al Qaeda command and control center for operations in northeastern Afghanistan.

$123,000 Bounty:
Hakeemullah Mehsud is a senior deputy in Baitullah Mehsud's Pakistani Taliban movement, and is a candidate to be his successor. He commands Taliban forces in Arakzai, Kurram, and Khyber agencies. He has taken credit for several high profile terror attacks in Lahore, Peshawar, and in other major cities.

Qari Hussain Mehsud is Baitullah’s deputy and cousin. He runs suicide training camps for children in Spinkai in South Waziristan. The military destroyed one of these camps during a brief operation in January 2008 but Qari reopened the camp months later. He is considered a candidate to take over the Pakistani Taliban in the event of Baitullah's death.

Commander Tariq Afridi leads the Commander Tariq group. He is a deputy to Hakeemullah and leads what is considered the most powerful force in the city of Darra Adam Khel. His group was behind the kidnapping and the eventual beheading of a Polish engineer earlier this year.

Omar Khalid, who is also known as Abdul Wali, leads the Taliban in Mohmand. He is a deputy of Baitullah Mehsud's Taliban movement. He is considered one of the most effective and powerful leaders in the tribal areas after Baitullah and Hakeemullah Mehsud.

Qari Shakeel is a deputy commander to Omar Khalid in the Mohmand tribal agency.

$61,500 Bounty:
Qari Zia Rahman is an al Qaeda leader who operates in Pakistan’s Bajaur tribal agency as well as in Afghanistan’s Nuristan and Kunar provinces. He is allied with Faqir Mohammed, the leader of the Taliban in Bajaur, as well as overall Taliban commander Baitullah Mehsud and Osama bin Laden. Rahman's fighters are from Chechnya, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, and various Arab nations. He commands a brigade in al Qaeda's paramilitary Shadow Army, or the Lashkar al Zil, US intelligence officials have told The Long War Journal.

Waliur Rahman is a deputy military commander to Faqi Mohammed in Bajaur. He leads the Jaish-i-Islami Pakistan, a Taliban subgroup. He has led negotiations with the tribes and also is reported to have been named as a possible successor to Baitullah.

Fazal Saeed Utezai is a deputy to Hakeemullah and leads Taliban fighters in the Kurram tribal agency. His forces have been behind some of the worst sectarian violence against the Shia tribes.
Mufti Ilyas commands Taliban forces of Darra Adam Khel and is a deputy to Hakeemullah Mehsud.
This really does throw down the gauntlet in all of the NW Provinces and it will be amazing to see the reaction of the Taliban and al Qaeda over this - knowing Mehsud, he will strike quickly after seeing this. My prediction is that you will see probably three or four suicide bombing attacks in Pakistani cities this upcoming week and more than likely there will be a call out to capture as many Pakistani troops as possible for either some huge ransom plea or a public decapitation ceremony.

The Taliban leadership can't be sitting too comfortable today...and there is the possibility that some "moves" might be planned for the leadership to some more obscure provinces.

Video: Jesse Jackson, Jr. Holds Moment of Silence On House Floor For Fallen Troops....Oh Wait...Check That...for Michael Jackson

Video: Hellfire Missile 1 IED Emplacement Team -3

Video: Obama's 'Sitting on the Sidelines' Backfires Anyway

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Pakistani Tribesmen Kill 5 Taliban

Great news! It appears that more and more lashkars (Pakistani version of the Iraqi awakenings) are stepping up to the plate. The story below from Dawn details an operation today that saw a lashkar kill 5 Taliban:

Five militants killed in Upper Dir

UPPER DIR: At least five militants were killed and several others injured in clashes between the Taliban and armed villagers in Doog Darra area of Upper Dir on Saturday.
The militants attacked the security forces at Beranjo Kas on Friday night but no casualties occurred in the incident. The soldiers retaliated the attack and hit a house with artillery fire, killing two militants and injuring three others.
On Saturday morning, the militants attacked the lashkar fighters with rockets and other weapons at Faqri Dherai Shot Bala Doog darra.
The armed villagers, who have ringed the Taliban, returned the fire backed by the artillery shelling of the security forces. Lashkar and local sources said that at least three militants were killed and several others injured in the attack.
The lashkar sources claimed that the number of the militants casualties was high as they had intercepted a conversation of the Taliban in which they said that they had suffered a susbstantial loss.

Rest Easy Canada, The Al Qaeda Suspect Is Free To Return Home To You Today

You Canadians in the province of Quebec might want to be sure your doors are locked the next week, as a Canadian Judge, specifically Judge Russel Zinn, has ruled that a suspected al Qaeda accomplice, with a terror record as long as the waiting line for Labatt Blue at a Habs game, is free to return to his family in Montreal. Once again, we see that the terrorists of al Qaeda's biggest friend is a Federal judge - whether that judge is in Canada, the U.S. or Britain. Here's some of the article from Canada.com:

Abousfian Abdelrazik, the Sudanese-born Canadian citizen who has been trying to get back to Canada since he was imprisoned by the Sudanese authorities in 2003, is scheduled to land at Pearson International Airport at 4:40 p.m. Saturday before driving home to his family in Montreal.
On June 4, 2009, a Federal Court Judge ordered Mr. Abdelrazik’s return and said that the Canadian government had breached Mr. Abdelrazik’s right to enter Canada.
Judge Russel Zinn wrote that Mr. Abdelrazik “is as much a victim of international terrorism as the innocent persons whose lives have been taken by recent barbaric acts of terrorists.”
Okay, so let's remind everyone about the evidence that this judge apparently discounted:

The day after his release, July 20, 2006, court documents cite that the United States State and Treasury Departments released a press release stating that Abdelrazik was “a person losing a significant risk of committing acts of terrorism that threaten the security of U.S. nationals and the national security.” And “[A]ccording to information available to the United States Government, Abd Al-Razziq, has provided administrative and logistical support to Al-Qaida. He has been identified as being close to Abu Zubayada, a former high ranking member of the
Al-Qaida network, involved in recruiting and training.”

About one month later, Mr. Abdelrazik was listed by the United Nations 1267 Committee as an associate of Al-Qaida. The 1267 Committee was established in 1999 to monitor and press sanctions against members of the Taliban and Al-Qaida.
So there you have it. One judge in Canada has allowed this swine back into the country - he'll have all the time he needs to reconstruct his connections to Canadian and foreign cells - perhaps his "thank you" to the judge will be some sort of a train bombing plot similar to the Madrid bombings...who knows. But if any in Canada feel the need, I'm sure Federal Judge Russell Zinn would love to hear from you.

Canadian accused of al Qaeda arrives in Toronto from Sudan Saturday

Mr. Abdelrazik’s family and supporters have said they are worried that he won’t make it to Toronto because is still on the United National no-fly list, at the request of the United States. Mr. Abdelrazik’s lawyer, Yavar Hameed, told Canwest news service that the Canadian government could not guarantee that Mr. Abdelrazik would be able to return to Canada unimpeded.
Federal Court documents state that while he lived in Montreal from 1990 to 2003, he knew Ahmed Ressam, who was convicted in the US for attempting to blow up the Los Angeles Airport. Court documents also cite that Mr. Abdelrazik knew Adil Charkaoui, a permanent resident of Canada who was arrested in May 2003 under a security certificate “on the grounds that Mr. Charkaoui is a danger to national security.”
Mr. Abdelrazik has denied that he is a terrorist.
Here is a timeline of events regarding Mr. Abdelrazik’s time since he left Montreal in March 2003
Abousfian Abdelrazik was born in Sudan in 1962. He was jailed in 1989 by the Sudanese authorities for being a political opponent of Omar al-Bashir, who came to power in a coup. Al-ashir is still President of Sudan and was recently indicted for genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes by the International Criminal Court.
Abdelrazik arrived in Montreal in 1990 and was granted refugee status in 1992. He received Canadian citizenship in 1995. He has since married twice and fathered three Canadian-born children.
Mr. Abdelrazik left for Sudan in March 2003 to visit his ailing mother, and according to Federal Court documents, he said he also left to “escape harassment by the Canadian Security intelligence Service,” after the plane attacks on September 11, 2001 in the US.
A few months after his arrival in Sudan, he was arrested and held in captivity for 11 months where he claims he was tortured. Federal Court judge Russel Zinn said that, “CSIS was complicit in the detention of Mr. Abdelrazik by the Sudanese authorities in 2003.” But also wrote that he had no reason to disbelieve Canadian authorities when they claimed they were not aware of
Mr. Abdelrazik’s claims to being tortured.
During his time in Sudanese jail, his Canadian passport expired and was not renewed.
In July 2004, Mr. Abdelrazik was prepared to board a Lufthansa flight back home to Montreal but was denied entry after it was discovered he was put on a no-fly list.
In October, 2005, Abdelrazik was re-arrested by the police in Sudan and held for another nine month, where he claims he was again tortured, including being beaten with a rubber hose three-to-five days a month.
The day after his release, July 20, 2006, court documents cite that the United States State and Treasury Departments released a press release stating that Abdelrazik was “a person losing a significant risk of committing acts of terrorism that threaten the security of U.S. nationals and the national security.” And “[A]ccording to information available to the United States Government, Abd Al-Razziq, has provided administrative and logistical support to Al-Qaida. He has been identified as being close to Abu Zubayada, a former high ranking member of the
Al-Qaida network, involved in recruiting and training.”
About one month later, Mr. Abdelrazik was listed by the United Nations 1267 Committee as an associate of Al-Qaida. The 1267 Committee was established in 1999 to monitor and press sanctions against members of the Taliban and Al-Qaida.
Reports by the Canadian government allegedly reveal it was information by the US which led to Mr. Abdelrazik being placed on this list, which as a consequence, froze all of Mr. Abdelrazik’s funds and assets and barred him from travelling outside Sudan. He is still on the UN 1267 Committee list.

Saturday Tunes: Breaking Benjamin

Karzai Invites Taliban To Vote In Afghanistan's Presidential Election

Just when you think no one can get more looney than America's politicians, Afghanistan's President Karzai has now invited the Taliban to vote for their preferred candidate in the upcoming Presidential elections. Say what? Can't you just see 50 Afghan civilians in line to cast their vote and a Toyota pickup full of 20 Taliban show up with with RPG's slung over their shoulders who then get in line to mark their ballots? hahaha. Here's the story from Breitbart:

Karzai invites Taliban to vote in election

KABUL (AP) - President Hamid Karzai on Saturday called on Taliban and other militants to "vote for the president they want" in Afghanistan's presidential election, while a Taliban spokesman said militants would "disrupt" the vote without harming civilians.
Forty-one candidates are running for president in the Aug. 20 vote. A recent poll showed Karzai with a big lead over his opponents despite accusations of widespread government corruption and the increasingly bloody Taliban-led insurgency.

"I call upon the Taliban to come and participate in Afghanistan's election, to vote for and elect their future president," Karzai said at a news conference.
The Taliban are not fielding candidates and have warned Afghans against voting in the election. A militant spokesman, Zabiullah Mujahid, said insurgents will "try our best to disrupt the election" because the U.S. supports the election process.
"Whatever is to the benefit to the Americans, we are against it," Mujahid said.
Mujahid said there would be no attacks on places where there would be civilian casualties, suggesting that polling stations would not be targeted. However, he said militants would disrupt the election, but he refused to say how.
Karzai called on the international community to be impartial in the election, and he appeared to criticize a recent meeting between U.S. Ambassador Karl Eikenberry and top challenger and former foreign minister Abdullah Abdullah, who has said he would seek to decentralize power out of Kabul and give provincial capitals more authority.
The president said international diplomats had the right to meet with candidates, but he said candidates shouldn't discuss their platforms with foreign representatives in attendance.
Karzai said Afghanistan will continue to support the fight against terrorism no matter who wins the presidency.
In the country's latest violence, Taliban militants attacked a checkpoint just north of the provincial capital of Helmand late Friday, killing eight police, said Daoud Ahamdi, the governor's spokesman. He said it appeared some of the police had a link with the militants and facilitated the attack. Two police were missing, he said.
In the eastern province of Laghman, a remote control bomb killed the deputy provincial police chief of Kunar province and one civilian Saturday, said Sayed Ahmad Safi, the spokesman for Laghman's governor.

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Video: Iranian Doctor Who Tried To Save Neda Tells Of The Event

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These Are The 8 Republicans Who Sold Out, Who Voted For Cap and Trade, Who Voted To Kill America

The list of Republican Congressmen/Congresswomen who got on their knees for Nancy Pelosi and allowed the Democrats to pass the Global Change Energy Taxation Bill today is below. Feel free to insert their alias, "Benedict Arnold", next to their names. Oh, and feel free to write each one of them and assure them that they have seen their last stint in the U.S. Congress:

Congressman John McHugh (R) - New York
Congressman Mike Castle (R) - Delaware
Congresswoman Mary Bono Mack (R) - California

Congressman Frank LoBiondo (R) - New Jersey

Congressman Chris Smith (R) - New Jersey

Congressman Leonard Lance (R) - New Jersey

Congressman Dave Reichert (R) - Washington

Congressman Mark Kirk (R) - Illinois

New Jersey Senate Passes "One Handgun A Month" Bill

Apparently I've been living in a cave ...or perhaps I've been too focused on the fact that we are losing our liberties at a National level...so I missed this bill that was up before the New Jersey Senate that limits purchase of handguns to only one per month.

Well, the bill passed the New Jersey Senate by a vote of 21-15 and will certainly be signed into law by New Jersey's Governor. Here's the crux of this bill from the article at PolitickerNJ:

Under the bill (A-339), a person who possesses a handgun purchaser permit would be prohibited from buying more than one handgun in New Jersey per calendar month.
The measure also would prohibit a retail firearms dealer from knowingly selling more than one handgun to any particular person in a calendar month.
The measure would exempt law enforcement agencies and federal, state, and local law enforcement officers who purchase a handgun for use in the actual performance of their law enforcement duties.

So, for you New Jersey residents, you now will find yourself in jail for up to 18 months if you try to buy two handguns in a one month period. In other words, our Founding Fathers apparently granted the Constitutional right for the citizens of America to own guns but the New Jersey legislature has finally enlightened us all that the Founding Fathers were all okay with a limit on that freedom. I'm sure we will see gang violence go down by at least 150% due to this amazing piece of legislation. (spit).

But hey, let's look at the author of this bill...one Joan M. Quigley who is a Democrat (big surpise there, huh?) representing District 32. Let's take a look at how Assemblywoman Quigly rates on major issues (via the tabulations at Project Vote Smart):

*Assembly Member Quigley supported the interests of the Family Planning Advocates of New Jersey 100 percent in 1998-1999. (So Quigley is all for killing the unborn but keeping guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens)

Gun Control:
*Based on a questionnaire and the votes that National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund considered to be the most important in 1999, they have assigned Assembly Member Quigley a grade of D (with grades ranging from a high of A++ to a low of F-).
*Based on a questionnaire and the votes that National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund considered to be the most important in 1995, they have assigned Assembly Member Quigley a grade of F (with grades ranging from a high of A++ to a low of F-).

Civil Rights:
*Assembly Member Quigley supported the interests of the New Jersey Lesbian and Gay Coalition 100 percent in 1997. ( I guess Quigley is all for the homosexuals as long as they don't try to buy too many guns)

*Assembly Member Quigley supported the interests of the New Jersey National Federation of Independent Business 14 percent in 2002-2003. (I'm guessing that the Independent Businesses in New Jersey constitute more than just gun shops).

So there you have Assemblywoman Quigley...she's a flaming lib who's all for sucking the brains out of a fetus but 100% against you defending your family in your home. She's willing to scoff at the U.S. Constitution but willing to work her fat ass off for Gay marriage.


(TRENTON) – Legislation Assemblywoman Joan M. Quigley sponsored to make it illegal to buy more than one handgun a month in New Jersey - a restriction aimed at helping curtail gun access by criminal street gangs – received final legislative approval early this morning.
The Senate voted 21-15 to approve the bill. It was approved by the Assembly in June 2008 and now goes to the governor.
If enacted, New Jersey would become the fourth state to restrict handgun purchases to one a month, behind Virginia, Maryland, and California.
“There’s no good reason why anyone would need to purchase large quantities of handguns all at once,” said Quigley (D-Hudson). “Providing criminals and gang leaders one-stop shopping to outfit themselves with weapons is the obvious implication of bulk handgun purchasing.”
Under the bill (A-339), a person who possesses a handgun purchaser permit would be prohibited from buying more than one handgun in New Jersey per calendar month.
The measure also would prohibit a retail firearms dealer from knowingly selling more than one handgun to any particular person in a calendar month.
The measure would exempt law enforcement agencies and federal, state, and local law enforcement officers who purchase a handgun for use in the actual performance of their law enforcement duties.
It also would exempt transfers of guns between licensed retail dealers and licensed firearms collectors.
“It defies logic to think anyone would need to purchase two, five, or 20 handguns in a short period of time,” Quigley. “Restricting handgun purchases to one a month will help control the spread guns that wind up on the street and in the hands of criminals.”
Violators would be guilty of a fourth-degree crime, punishable by up to 18 months in jail and $10,000 in fines.
The bill mirrors a 2006 ordinance adopted by Jersey City which made it illegal to buy or sell more than one handgun a month. The measure was ruled to pre-empt state authority and was struck down by the courts.

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Racist Democrat Congressman Hits Defenseless Poor Black Woman On Floor of the House of Representatives



The Hill reports on the altercation between Reps. David Obey and Maxine Waters. "'You’re out of line,' Waters shot while walking down toward the well. 'You’re out of line,' Obey shot back before turning and walking away.

But then Obey stopped, turned back toward Waters, and shouted: 'I’m not going to approve that earmark!' Obey turned away, but Waters went to go huddle with members of the Congressional Black Caucus. She could be over heard telling them: 'He touched me first.'" Obey huddled with Steny Hoyer. "Waters soon returned briefly, again telling her colleagues: 'He touched me.' Waters then disappeared into the cloakroom." Members continued to argue over who started it and who pushed who. Both are 71 years old.

Roll Call's take: "The confrontation began with the two talking in each other’s faces and gesturing animatedly with their hands. Obey then attempted to walk away, but Waters kept following him. Obey then put his hand on Waters arm and shoulder, and Waters became irate. Obey again turned away, dismissing Waters by throwing up his hands, but Waters continued to stalk him, talking to his back and making a shoving motion. Waters followed Obey down to the well of the House, and as the confrontation -- and shoves -- continued, Obey turned and told her: 'You are out of line.' To which Waters retorted: 'You are out of line.' 'I am not going to approve that earmark!' Obey exclaimed, then hustled away from Waters."

Taliban Continue Their Public Relations Campaign In Pakistan By Blowing Up Another Girls' School

Mark my words...the Taliban are slow learners. Just one year ago, the Taliban were solidly entrenched in NW Pakistan and had basically the support and help of most tribal leaders and civilians throughout the region. Then, listening to their perverted al Qaeda brothers, the Taliban decided to cross the line and "educate" the locals on how to live their lives and the bombings, beatings, beheadings and stonings began on the local population. And the result? The Pakistani government is in its third month of a relentless offensive to drive the Taliban from the region...so, in essence, we have the Taliban now on the run, encountering local populations that rat them out instead of welcoming them to their dinner tables and what is the Taliban response to this severe change? More bombings of girls' schools! Brilliant, huh?

The Taliban today have blown up another girls' school outside of Peshawar - one of many in the past two weeks...and I guess their PR campaign is going to continue. Here's the story from AFP:

Militants blow up girls' school in Pakistan

PESHAWAR, Pakistan (AFP) — Militants bombed a girls' primary school on the outskirts of Pakistan's Peshawar city on Friday, the latest in a series of such attacks blighting the northwest of the country, police said.
The school was badly damaged during the attack in Mattni village, local police official Abdul Ghafoor Afridi told AFP.
Forty kilograms (88 pounds) of explosives were used to raze the building, although some of the structures were left standing, he added.
"Three rooms and the outer wall of the government-run community model girls primary school was totally destroyed while the staff room was damaged," the police official said.
There were no casualties as schools are closed for the summer in Peshawar, the capital of North West Frontier Province that borders Afghanistan.
Pakistan has used schools to shelter some of the roughly two million people displaced by a blistering military operation against armed Taliban hardliners since late April.
Fighters in the northwest district of Swat, where the military assault has concentrated, have destroyed scores of schools, mostly for girls, during a two-year campaign to enforce sharia law.
Militants have destroyed at least 191 schools in the valley, including 122 girls' schools, leaving 62,000 pupils without classrooms, local officials said.
There has been no co-education in Swat for several years and schools have created totally separate sections for boys and girls.
On Thursday, militants blew up a girls' school in South Waziristan, a tribal region that falls outside direct government control and where a full-scale army offensive is expected against Pakistan's Taliban warlord Baitullah Mehsud.
On Monday, rebels bombed a school in Peshawar and another in the Bajaur tribal region, where past military operations have been concentrated.

Video: What Today's 'Cap And Trade' Vote Really Is

Video: Firefight...Afghanistan Style

Video: Basiji Militia Claim Another Iranian Protester With Shot To The Head

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Why Is The Left Going After Congresswoman Michele Bachmann?

Awhile back I posted here at Holger Awakens why the Left had gone after Sarah Palin with such a vengeance. And now, we see the same rabid attacks from the Left against Congresswoman Michele Bachmann from Minnesota, although many attacks started against Bachmann way back in 2008 during her reelection campaign after she had openly questioned whether Barack Hussein Obama may be "anti-American." Well, here's a partial list of Left Wing Blogs that have recently run attack posts on Michele Bachmann:

The Huffington Post

Little Green Footballs


Dusty Trice





Along with that, from the MSM, we have seen Keith Olbermann of MSNBC call Bachmann the "worst person in America" and Chris Matthews called her the "Mata Hari of Minnesota" ...oh, and how about Bill Maher...let's see what old Bill said: "this Congresswoman in Minnesota is the only person dumber than Sarah Palin."

So, I ask you...why are all of these lefty blogs and MSN pundits so obsessed with Bachmann? Last time I checked, Michele Bachmann represented a Congressional district in Minnesota that covers a more rural area of the state with the biggest city in her district having about 100,000 people. Well, the reason the Left is taking on Bachmann is the same reason they have taken on Palin - she scares them.

What Bachmann represents to the Left in America is simply the garlic or daylight to a vampire...in other words, Bachmann carries the message that turns the knees of any Leftist/Progressive/Liberal to jelly and that message is that of core Conservatism. Bachmann speaks continually of small government, personal liberties, the U.S. Constitution and the American Dream. Every single one of her talking points, of her positions cannot be disputed or debated by the Leftists so they resort to the all-too-typical method of the Left...personal attack.

As many of you know, most Leftists in America are extremely insecure with themselves...they suffer from a self esteem level lower than a snail's belly. At the same time, they appear to have never really matured as most human beings. Thus, you will see the Left attack Bachmann (or Palin) with insults such as "kook", "right wing extremist", "dumb", and "lunatic." I think many of us can remember when, as children, we found ourselves in an emotional situation and we lost our little tempers and lashed out at a friend or classmate and called them "fat" or "stoopid." And now we see grown men and grown women doing the same...often on national television or in widely read blogosphere writings.

So, for Conservatives out there, if you wish to see which Conservative politicians are spot on with their arguments, I suggest you focus on which politicians the Lefties like Olbermann or Matthews or DailyKos or LGF or HuffPo are berating with these childish labels and tantrum-like assaults. Those are the Conservatives that are hitting the Left where it hurts.

So, the bottom line is that when you turn on the television here over the next few days and you see a Leftist media tool ranting about Michele Bachmann's threat to not fill out her census form, don't get all upset at him/her....you can just sit back and chuckle because you are seeing a Leftist in fear, a Leftist who knows that the Truth will kill them.

I'll leave you with this thought: Can you remember any real personal attacks on Senator John McCain during the Presidential Campaign by the Left? I personally, cannot. Because John McCain never threatened them with the Conservative message. I do remember the Left personally attacking a Conservative politician years ago...his name was Ronald Wilson Reagan and this is what Christopher Hitchens had to say about him:

"The famously genial grin turned into a rictus of senile fury: I was looking at a cruel and stupid lizard."

As I said, the personal attacks are proof we are winning. Congresswoman Bachmann, please keep pissing them off.