Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Newest State Department Bitch of the Week

Is anyone else at that point where you've had it up to "here" with these snot-nosed twenty something spoiled whiny bitches from the State Department?

The latest example of one of these harpies thinking she is Queen Turd on Shit Island is Melissa Turley.

Have a look at how she tried to play the tough guy with a reporter from the Washington Free Beacon:

Two State Department officials booted the Free Beacon from a room where Wendy Sherman, the undersecretary of state for political affairs, was talking to reporters, despite the Free Beacon’s being credentialed by the Austrian government for the ongoing Iranian nuclear talks.

Western observers present in Vienna for the talks linked the State Department’s behavior to jitters over media coverage revealing a still growing list of concessions being made to Iran by the Obama administration.

Melissa Turley, a State Department official, approached a Free Beacon reporter and demanded that he leave the room.

“You’re not registered with the U.S. press,” Turley said after being informed that the Free Beacon was attending the event.

“You have a press pass from the [European Union], not from me,” Turley said, after being informed that the Free Beacon was officially credentialed to cover the event.

Turley and her colleagues then threatened the reporter, instructing him to leave the room or be dealt with by “security.”

“I’m going to have to get security,” added another State Department official who came to assist Turley in ejecting the Free Beacon.
I informed Ms. Turley via Twitter today that she would find herself a "celebrity" when she returns to the States....you folks know what to do....make her life miserable.  

Melissa Turley
Alum of @SMPAGWU and @gwhatchet. Proud native of Upstate NY. Sometimes found traveling the world with @statedept
Washington, DC

Video: Showing the Cowardice of CAIR

Monday, June 29, 2015

Gay Pride...A Deadly Sin?

The Sin of Pride

(the FIRST of the Seven Deadly Sins) 

"It was Pride that changed angels into devils; it is humility that makes men as angels." - St. Augustine


Video: Even Russian Rebels in Ukraine Get Lucky

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Kuwait Shia mosque bomber was Saudi national

From DAWN.

Kuwait Shia mosque bomber was Saudi national

KUWAIT CITY: Kuwait on Sunday identified the suicide bomber behind an attack on a Shia mosque as a Saudi national, after a series of arrests in connection with the blast that left 26 dead.

Know more: Suicide bombing at Kuwait Shia mosque kills 13.

Friday's attack also wounded 227 worshippers in the first bombing of a mosque in the tiny Gulf state, and Kuwait's security services have vowed to catch and punish those responsible.

The Islamic State group's Saudi affiliate, the so-called Najd Province, claimed the bombing and identified the assailant as Abu Suleiman al-Muwahhid.

Kuwait's interior ministry gave the real name of the attacker as Fahd Suleiman Abdulmohsen al-Qaba'a, in a statement carried by the official KUNA news agency.

It said that he entered the country through Kuwait Airport at dawn on Friday, the same day of the bombing.

A handout photograph of Qaba'a showed a young bearded man wearing a traditional Saudi headdress.

Earlier on Sunday, the ministry said that security services arrested the driver of the car that transported the bomber to the Al-Imam Al-Sadeq mosque in Kuwait City.

He was named as Abdulrahman Sabah Eidan Saud and described as an “illegal resident” born in 1989.

Authorities on Saturday arrested the car owner, Jarrah Nimr Mejbil Ghazi, born in 1988, and also listed as a stateless person.

Authorities have also detained the owner of a house used as a hideout by the driver, describing the owner as a Kuwaiti national who subscribes to “extremist and deviant ideology”.

“Illegal resident” is the official term used in Kuwait to describe stateless people, locally known as bidoons, who number around 110,000 and claim the right to Kuwaiti citizenship.

Alleged IS executioner Mohammed Emwazi, who became known by media as “Jihadi John”, was born in Kuwait to a stateless family of Iraqi origin which later moved to London.

Local media said 18 of those killed were Kuwaitis, three Iranians, two Indians, one each from Pakistan and Saudi Arabia and one bidoon.

The breakthroughs in the bombing probe came a day after thousands of Kuwaitis braved scorching summer heat on Saturday to attend the funerals of 18 victims.

Mourners turned out in large numbers for the funerals despite the Ramazan daylight fast and as temperatures hit 45 degrees Celsius (113 Fahrenheit).

“This crowd is the proof that the objectives of the criminal act have failed,” parliament speaker Marzouk al-Ghanem told reporters.

The mourners, who included women clad in black Islamic dress, carried Kuwaiti flags and black and green banners bearing religious slogans.

The health ministry said that 40 wounded are still being treated in hospital.
'They cannot divide us' -

In Iraq, relatives wept as the coffins of the eight remaining victims arrived and were taken inside the airport terminal at Najaf, an AFP journalist said.

They were buried at dawn on Sunday in Najaf's Wadi al-Salam cemetary, according to deputy provincial council head Luay al-Yasiri.

"We want to deliver a message to Daesh (an Arabic acronym for IS) that we are united brothers among the Sunnis and Shias, and they cannot divide us," said Abdulfatah al-Mutawwia, a Kuwaiti living in Iraq who lost his brother in the bombing.

Tens of thousands of people headed by the emir offered condolences late Saturday to relatives of victims at Kuwait's Grand Mosque, the largest place of worship for Sunni Muslims, in a show of solidarity.

The cabinet announced after an emergency meeting on Friday that all security agencies and police had been put on alert to confront what it called “black terror”.

Justice and Islamic Affairs Minister Yacoub al-Sane said additional security measures will be taken around mosques and places of worship.

The emir, government, parliamentary and political groups and clerics have all said Friday's attack aimed to stir up sectarian strife in the emirate.

The radical Sunni IS considers Shias, which comprise a third of Kuwait's 1.3 million native population, to be heretics.

In the first working day after the bombing, Kuwait Stock Exchange dropped just 0.75 per cent and was trading on 6,165.22 points after one hour of opening.

Video: Taliban RPG Finds Its Mark

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Baghdad Hit With Wave of ISIS Bombings

Tunisia, France, Iraq, Kuwait, Syria....and Baghdad is supposed to hold out?  Yeah right.

The story comes from Times of India.

(file photo)

Bomb blasts in Baghdad leave 10 dead, others wounded

BAGHDAD: Iraqi authorities say bombs targeting public places have killed 10 people in the capital, Baghdad.

Police officials say a car bomb went off about noon today near shops selling car parts in southeastern Baghdad, killing five people and wounding 13 others.

Another bomb blast at an outdoor market killed three shoppers and wounded eight in the city's eastern suburbs.

Also, police said a bomb exploded near a row of shops in the capital's western neighbourhood of Baiyaa, killing two and wounding 10.

Medical officials confirmed the casualty figures. All officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorised to talk to the media.

No group immediately claimed responsibility for the attacks. Iraq sees near-daily attacks that are claimed by the Islamic State group.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Blog Posting of the Year

Okay, the brilliance of Doug M over at Sondrakistan has emerged once more.

Look at this below and tell me if it isn't the best damn blog offering of the year.

ISIS Strikes France

From the Daily Mail.

BREAKING NEWS: Man decapitated as severed head is 'covered in Arabic writing' and hung on a fence next to Islamist flag at factory in France after terrorists storm building and set off 'gas bomb' explosions

A man has been decapitated and dozens more injured at a gas product factory in France by terrorists carrying Islamist banners.

The attack took place at the headquarters of Air Products, in Saint-Quentin-Fallavier, near the city of Lyon, in the south east of the country.

The murder is believed to have been accompanied by several explosions on the site when the terrorists ignited small 'gas bombs', causing injuries to dozens of factory workers.

The murdered man's head is understood to have been found 30 feet away from his body, hanging on the factory's fence. The dead man's head was covered in Arabic 'inscriptions' before being placed on the fence, according to local journalists at the scene.

Local media reported that a 30-year-old man 'known to security services' has already been arrested at the scene, telling police officers that he is a member of the Islamic State terror group.

Witnesses at the scene claimed there more than one man was involved in the attack and that the perpetrators were carrying Islamist flags.

Two men were seen driving into the main gate soon after 10am, before driving around in circles throwing gas cylinders around the main yard. One of the men then jumped out of the car, according to local prosecuting sources, and then 'decapitated a man'.

Before the attack a man was seen driving back and forth outside the factory, according to Dauphiné Libéré.

An Islamic flag – possibly that of Islamic State – was found next to the dead body. The man's head was found some 30 feet from the corpse.

French journalist Stefan Vries told Sky News: 'There was an explosion at a gas factory. Several people were wounded and there has been one person decapitated on the premises.

'His head was found a couple of yards from his body. A man has been arrested. He was allegedly carrying a flag of the Islamic State. Police fear there may be more attacks.'

Within an hour of the attack, French President Francois Hollande was to return home early from an EU summit

'He will return early this afternoon and is in constant contact with Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve and the security services,' a French government official said, adding that he would make a statement to the press in Brussels before 1100 GMT.

More at the link above.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Supreme Court Obamacare Ruling. My Reaction?

Hillary Clinton Finds Out Just What Kind of Pigs Her Base Really Are

Yep.  Good old Hillary Clinton just got a taste of what the Far Left in this country has done to quite a few black people in this country and quite frankly, for Clinton it's going to be like peering into the bowels of Hell.

You see, the Progressives and all of the elite puppet masters who have created the victim mentality of blacks in this country, the Progressives who have always felt that blacks were inferior and needed to be helped like they were some sort of invalids, well those Progressives, like Hillary Clinton, now see her with their "frankenstein" at her throat because she would dare say the unthinkable, that "All Lives Matter" as opposed to "Black Lives Matter."

Poor Hillary.  She has her "groups" to cater to between now and 2016 elections and I, for one, relish watching her try to kiss up to BOTH the blacks and the Hispanics at the same time.  You see, when you take free thinking gifted individuals who just happen to be black or brown or yellow or white and insist on putting them into a COLLECTIVE BOX, you have just dug yourself one big ass hole that you may never climb out of.

The story is from NPR.

Hillary Clinton's 3-Word Misstep: 'All Lives Matter'

Hillary Clinton's speech Tuesday at a historic black church in Missouri was mostly well-received by the audience, but three words angered some of the activists she was hoping to appeal to.

Clinton spoke to frequent applause about religion, racism, access to education, repairing communities and the shooting last week in Charleston, S.C.

The church where Clinton spoke, Christ the King United Church of Christ, is in Florissant, Mo., fewer than 5 miles from where the rioting and protesting happened in Ferguson.

But she's now facing criticism on social media after using the phrase "all lives matter" — which has been used by some as pushback to the phrase "black lives matter." The latter phrase, which hung on a banner outside the church, was widely used by protesters in Ferguson and other cities.

Before using the phrase, Clinton was retelling an anecdote about the lessons she learned from her mother.

"I asked her, 'What kept you going?' Her answer was very simple. Kindness along the way from someone who believed she mattered. All lives matter."

To some in the pews, what Clinton said fell flat. Or worse:

"With her statement that all lives matter, that blew a lot of support that she may have been able to engender here," said Renita Lamkin, a pastor at the St. John AME Church in St. Charles. She is white and while protesting in Ferguson was hit in the gut with a rubber bullet. Her passion comes in part because her children are African-American.

"My children matter," she said. "And I need to hear my president say that the lives of my children matter. That my little black children matter. Because right now our society does not say that they matter. Black lives matter. That's what she needs to say."

Clinton's campaign points out she did say "black lives matter," late last year. But that didn't stop a flood of complaints on Facebook and Twitter after Clinton's speech

Gabrielle Kennedy, also in audience at the church, had a more charitable reaction.

"I knew when she said it that there would be people who would not be happy with that. But I am of the belief that it's a process," she said.

And some on Twitter defended Clinton's comment, including Democratic strategist and former Bill Clinton campaign advisor Donna Brazile

'It Takes Time'

In nearby Ferguson, burned-out businesses are still boarded up on West Florissant Avenue. Charles Davis, owner of the Ferguson Burger Bar, counts his blessings.

"We were saved by God. Nothing happened to us," Davis said.

But business still isn't back to where it was. And neither is the community. Ferguson is trying to heal from the wound ripped open when a black 18-year-old was shot by a white police officer.

"It takes time. A year is not long enough. But what people should understand is a lot of changes that needed be made has been made," he said.

Many of the activists who rose up after the shooting of Michael Brown were on hand when Clinton spoke.

She spoke about the recent shooting in Charleston, and asked, "How do we make sense of such an evil act? An act of racist terrorism perpetrated in a house of God?" Clinton also praised the ability of the families of the victims to look at the accused gunman and offer forgiveness.

After her speech, still in front of an audience, Clinton sat down for an hourlong discussion with community leaders. Kennedy, who was there, gives Clinton credit for coming to Missouri and listening.

"What you saw on that stage there, in the pulpit area there, how we take care of ourselves. This is us doing us, and it's fabulous stuff," Kennedy said.

A pastor delivered a final prayer before Clinton left. And in it, she called for this to be the beginning of a conversation. Not the end.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Photo Shop Request

I know you photo shop experts are out there so i have the following request for a photo shop.  Please send to HolgerAwakens@gmail.com


Sarah Palin, naked, wrapped in a Confederate flag, holding a Holy Bible and an AR-15, eating a Chic-Fil-A sandwich, wearing a Washington Redskins G-string and talking on the phone with Michele Bachmann.

And So It Begins...Obama Begins the Loss of the Afghanistan War As the Taliban Capture Second Afghan District

Barack Hussein Obama, hot off of losing the Iraq War back to the jihadis of ISIS, is now well on his way of losing the Afghanistan War to the Taliban.

A second district in Afghanistan has been lost to the Taliban - this should be like watching dominos fall at an MIT engineering demo.

The story comes from Times of India.

Taliban seize second district in north

KABUL: A Taliban suicide bomber and several gunmen attacked the Afghan parliament on Monday, shattering windows and forcing lawmakers to flee, as a second district in two days fell to the Islamist group in the north.

The withdrawal of foreign forces and a reduction in US air strikes have allowed Taliban fighters to launch several major attacks in important Afghan provinces.

The second district to fall to the Taliban on Monday was in the northern province of Kunduz.

The Taliban captured Dasht-e-Archi district a day after hundreds of militants fought their way to the centre of the adjacent district of Chardara.

"The Taliban managed to take it over this morning as the area has been surrounded for days," Nasruddin Saeedi, the district governor who escaped to the provincial capital, Kunduz city, told Reuters by telephone.

"They are many foreign fighters with heavy machine guns. We have asked for reinforcements, but none arrived."

The fall of the second district within a day underlines questions about Afghan forces' ability to quell the Taliban.

Afghan soldiers were preparing a counterattack to retake both districts, another local official said.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

America's Military - It's a "Culture" Thing Now

The transformation is nearly complete, America.  That last bastion of hope, our military, has succumbed to the wiles of the perverted civilian Left.

(Hat Tip on this to Fawkes News at Sondrakistan.com)

From The Gazette.

Fort Carson colonel makes uniform adjustment during training

PIÑON CANYON - An Army uniform is normally a cloth resume, showing where soldiers have fought and how they've been trained.

Experience is obvious at first glance, with jump wings, combat patches and other job-related insignia.

But that's not the case for Fort Carson's 1st Brigade Combat Team, where commanders have banned everything but the flag, last name, rank, "U.S. ARMY" and the 4th Infantry Division insignia during training this month for the unit's more than 4,000 soldiers.

"It's a culture thing," said brigade commander Col. David Hodne, who mandated the austere fashion statement.

It's not a statement of jealousy on Hodne's part. If he wore them, Hodne's uniform, even without medals, would be covered in insignia, including the coveted Combat Infantryman Badge, Air Assault Badge and a Master Parachutist Badge with a bronze star affixed to symbolize a jump in combat.

The colonel can also wear any one of several combat patches on his shoulder to signify units he has served with in battles overseas. But Hodne's green Army combat uniform is as bare as the most-junior private's - except for his colonel's eagle.

The colonel said he made the switch for a couple of reasons. One was to welcome new blood.

Hodne's unit, which has seen a radical reorganization over the past year from tanks and Bradley Fighting Vehicles to eight-wheeled Strykers, is loaded with brand-new privates whose uniforms are bare of insignia. Instead of standing out, the new guys look like everyone else in training.

"It's about the collective, it's not about the individual," Hodne explained during a training exercise last week at Fort Carson's Piñon Canyon Maneuver Site east of Trinidad.

He also wants to send a message to veterans who have as much gear decorating their uniform as the brigade's boss.

"Character counts more than your resume," he said. "It's heart more than what you did five or six years ago."

The uniform change is a subtle reminder to all the brigade's soldiers that they have to keep learning to keep up with the emerging threats of a still dangerous world, Hodne said.

After training, soldiers will go back to displaying their impressive achievements. But in the field, they are all the same.

"It goes back to culture," Hodne said.

Video: Are You Ready For It, America?

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Dhimmi of the Week Goes To....Montel Williams

Here's the tweet today from Montel Williams directed at Pamela Geller:

1h1 hour ago
Montel Williams retweeted Here Be Dragons

She is a disgusting, narcissistic BIGOT and a useless &*^+• 

Montel Williams was responding to this tweet:

Shes not a bigot. She doesnt agree with a religion that promotes killing infidels.

So, we award the Dhimmi of the Week Award to Mr. Montel Williams.

You see, Montel is one of those millions of Americans who thinks Islam is JUST like Christianity and Judaism.  Montel has a Muslim neighbor living three blocks away who waves at him occassionally, she seems nice. You see, Montel is one of those people in America who lapped up the Muslim Brotherhood propaganda like it was a strawberry shake from DQ - that there are 1.5 billion peaceful, loving Muslims in this world and just a few hundred really bad ones that do really bad things.

Montel Williams, like millions of other dhimmis in America haven't taken the time to know their enemy.  They haven't expended 10 minutes of energy to crack open a Qur'an and read the Book of Evil.

Montel Williams stands up strong and proud to protect the "religious" rights of Muslims in America and is completely, yes COMPLETELY, willing to ignore, to forgive and forget:

  • That 19 Muslims, acting in the name of Allah, murdered 3,000 innocent Americans on 9/11/01
  • That his "nice" Muslim neighbor down the street has NEVER ONCE expressed any remorse for deaths of Americans at the hands of Islam (because that nice woman is obedient to Islam and she knows it is required to jihad those who resist Islam)
  • That the Qur'an, Hadith and Suras are FULL of messages of violence and death and domination such as :  Quran (2:191-193) - "And kill them wherever you find them, and turn them out from where they have turned you out
  •  That four Americans were slaughtered in Benghazi in the name of Mohammed
  • That American and British hostages in Syria were beheaded by Muslims in the name of Mohammed
  • That 26 Navy SEALs and Army soldiers perished at the hands of a Muslim RPG operator who killed them all in the name of Islam
  • That Islam seeks to dominate, not coexist
  • That Islamic countries do NOT tolerate Christian or Jewish worship
  • That Sharia Law is coming to America to REPLACE our Constitution
  • That the soldiers of Fort Hood, Texas lay in pools of blood at the hands of one of those "peaceful" and "moderate" Muslims, Nidal Hassan, who decided to murder infidels in the name of Mohammed

Remembering Extortion 17 and Benghazi

Egyptian President Sisi expects Assad regime in Syria to fall 'at any moment'

 Egypt's President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi inspects honor guards in Beijing. (photo credit:REUTERS)

I think we have to put stock in anything that al-Sisi says about the Middle East and if Assad falls in the next week or so, holy shit are we looking at bedlam.

The story comes from The Jerusalem Post.

Sisi expects Assad regime in Syria to fall 'at any moment'

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi expects Bashar Assad’s regime in Syria to fall “at any moment,” according to a report that appeared over the weekend in the Lebanese daily Al-Mustaqbal.

The newspaper said that Sisi made the remarks during a meeting with Lebanese Prime Minister Tammam Salam that took place earlier this week in Cairo.

The Egyptian leader told his Lebanese counterpart that his country needed to prepare for the eventuality that Assad would be toppled.

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi expects Bashar Assad’s regime in Syria to fall “at any moment,” according to a report that appeared over the weekend in the Lebanese daily Al-Mustaqbal.

The newspaper said that Sisi made the remarks during a meeting with Lebanese Prime Minister Tammam Salam that took place earlier this week in Cairo.

The Egyptian leader told his Lebanese counterpart that his country needed to prepare for the eventuality that Assad would be toppled.

President Vladimir Putin reaffirmed Russia's support for Assad on Friday and said he opposed any use of external force to try to end the Syrian civil war.

Putin showed no sign of wavering in his policy of trying to shield Assad from pressure from the West in a 4 1/2-year-old conflict that has killed more than 200,000 people and displaced millions.

"Our fear is that Syria could plunge into the same situation as Libya and Iraq," Putin said in response to questions at Russia's annual economic forum in St Petersburg.

"We don't want that ... in Syria."

Putin said the US policy to counter Islamic State (IS), which controls large areas of Iraq and Syria, had so far had "lamentable" and "tragic" consequences.

"The United States supports Iraq, supports ... the army. With two or three strikes IS has captured so many arms ... (that) now IS is armed better than the Iraqi army. And all this is happening with the support of the United States," he said.

Washington has backed rebels seeking to oust Assad and is now trying to build a moderate Syrian opposition to fight IS.

Putin reiterated Russia's line that it is up to the Syrian people to decide the fate of Assad, adding Russia would not call on him to step down. But he said Russia would urge Assad to work with a "healthy" opposition on political reforms.

"We are ready to work with the president to ensure a path towards political transition so as to ... move away from an armed confrontation. But that should not be done with the use of force from the outside," he added.

On Iran, Putin said he believed world powers and the Islamic republic would soon sign an agreement curbing Tehran's nuclear program in exchange for easing sanctions.

"I think the signing should take place in the nearest future," he also said, adding implementation of the agreement would take about six months.

Quote of the Day: It's Not Just Greek To Me

“There was a general sense of euphoria -- you could get a job with the government, real estate prices kept going up,” said Vourloumis, who has run banks and telecommunications companies and battled unions along the way. “And then, with the European debt crisis, the whole thing was revealed -- our economy was built on protectionism, on borrowed money.”

From Bloomberg

State Department Admits That Terrorist Attacks Grew 35% Last Year

From VOA.

Terrorism Report: Islamic State, Boko Haram Among Worst

Published June 19, 2015

The State Department says terrorist attacks worldwide rose by 35 percent last year, with an 81 percent increase in the number of deaths. In its annual assessment of terrorism, it said more than half of the terrorist attacks took place in five countries: Iraq, Syria, Nigeria, Pakistan and Afghanistan. VOA State Department correspondent Pam Dockins reports.

Video: Iraqi Soldiers Trapped By ISIS in Ramadi Rescued By Iraqi Helos

Friday, June 19, 2015

Another Report Surfaces That Pakistan Held Bin Laden As Prisoner For 6 Years, Turned Him Over To U.S. For Staged Raid

You know, I would pretty hastily dismiss stories like this if the President of the United States wasn't the most conceited, most politically orchestrated, most "I'm in it for Me" individual in our country's history.  The other part of this story that lends credence to it is the location of where bin Laden was when our raid took place - everyone was amazed that the world's most hunted man was actually found in Abbottabad and many scratched their heads that he was just down the street from a huge military base.  Hmmmm.

Anyway, here's the story from Times of India.

ISI held Osama prisoner for 6 years: Report

LONDON: Pakistan's ISI had held Osama bin Laden prisoner for nearly six years in Abbottabad and handed him over to the US in a staged raid, a media report said on Wednesday in new controversial account of the al-Qaida chief's death.

Pulitzer Prize-winning American investigative journalist Seymour Hersh has already termed the official US account of the raid and Osama's killing as "a fairytale".

The BBC report by Jane Corbin, who has investigated al-Qaida and Osama for nearly two decades, claims there was a conspiracy at the highest levels of the US and Pakistani government to assassinate him. Citing Hersh, who spoke to Corbin about his article published in the London Review of Books last month, the report says the ISI was holding Osama prisoner for nearly six years in the garrison town of Abbottabad and just handed him over to the Americans in a staged raid.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Video: Al Sharpton...Always the Knight in Shining Armor

The South Carolina Black Church Shooter?

Description of the shooter last night at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina.

Orchestrated Soldier of the WeatherUnderground-inspired Leftist Movement in America committed to Communist Revolution via the igniting of a Race War.  


Video: The EDL: Never Give In, No Surrender....Ever

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Video: The ISIS Fails Compilation

Hamas, Scared Shitless of ISIS, Holds Secret Talks With Israelis

Hamas is scared allright.  They are scared of the fact that ISIS is in Gaza and when ISIS sends a rocket into Israel, Hamas pays the price.  As it should be.  Hamas wanted to govern Gaza so they get all of the "joy" of trying to control all of the rogue terrorists in their territory.  At the same time, Hamas knows that ISIS will kill them dead at the drop of a hat.  So the pussies from Hamas run to the "evil Zionists" to extend a ceasefire, looking for help anywhere they can find it.

Good old Hamas - their buddies in Syria are barely surviving, their friends in Egypt are awaiting execution, their butt buddies in Lebanon (Hezbollah) are getting their asses decimated by ISIS and their sugar daddy in Iran is busy trying to win a war in Iraq...times are tough for Hamas.

The story comes from Israel National News.

Hamas Divulges It's Holding Secret Talks With Israel

Israel and Hamas have been holding indirect contacts about ideas for cementing a long-term truce in Gaza, sources in the terrorist group said Tuesday, in confirmation of reports about secret talks from last month.

The contacts have gone through a number of Arab and European channels in a bid to firm up an informal ceasefire agreement that took hold last August, ending a 50-day war in Gaza started when Hamas escalated its rocket attacks on Israeli civilian centers.

"There has been indirect contact between Israel and Hamas, messages passed via Arab channels as well as through European and Turkish sources," one of the sources told AFP, describing it as "an indirect exchange of ideas."

The Egyptian-brokered truce came into effect on August 26, with the sides pledging to resume indirect contacts within a month to pin down a lasting ceasefire and discuss crunch issues.

But the follow-up talks were delayed several times and never formally resumed.

"We are ready for an agreement. Hamas wants to solve the problems in Gaza," the source said. But he insisted the contacts were purely informal and that there was no formal initiative or proposal on the table.

"Hamas has received some European envoys in Gaza and Doha with messages from Israel," he said. "We received several envoys but it's not officially talks. It's indirect ideas and communication." He noted the involvement of a UN official as well as members of the European parliament.

Senior Hamas officials had met in Doha over the weekend for talks with the Qataris, he said in confirmation of reports earlier on Tuesday, while denying remarks attributed to a senior Hamas official which suggested there was a written proposal under discussion.

He said the discussions were about an agreement of five to 10 years, and focused on key issues for Hamas such as ending Israel's "blockade," which has been allowing hundreds of trucks with materials in every day, and the establishment of a sea passage between Gaza and the outside world that Israel has firmly rejected so as to prevent the influx of weapons certain to follow from the move.

He did not say whether other Palestinian Arab factions were involved in the talks, such as the Fatah movement of Palestinian Authority (PA) chairman Mahmoud Abbas which was heavily involved in the Egyptian-brokered talks that ended the conflict.

Even as it negotiates an extension of the ceasefire, Hamas has been secretly rebuilding its terrorist attack tunnels into Israeli territory and developing its domestic rocket arsenal for its next attack against Israel; last summer's war was the group's third attempt to destroy the Jewish state.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

How Does Pakistan Thank America For $1.6 Billion In Aid In 2013? They Steal Our Military Fighter Jet Export Business, Of Course

Let me just lay this out very simply for you - at the tail end of 2013, America freed up (in other words, borrowed) $1.6 billion in aid for Pakistan.  We gave Pakistan $1.6 billion of free money for them to develop their economy amongst other things.  So, in return, the Pakistanis decided to take our money and develop their military export business and now has positioned their new fighter jet offering to take business away from American military jet manufacturers.  Got that?  American aid money was used to steal business away from American military export contracts across the world.

There ya go.  Your tax dollars hard at work.

The story comes from DAWN.

Pakistan wins first jet order at Paris Air Show: spokesman

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has won the first order for its JF-17 Thunder jet fighters, an air force spokesman said Monday, a long-held goal for the nation which wants to boost its military exports.

The latest models of the jets, which are locally produced in cooperation with Pakistan's close ally China, are lightweight multi-role aircraft capable of Mach 2.0 (twice the speed of sound) with an operational ceiling of 55,000 feet.

Speaking to AFP from the Paris Air Show by phone, Air Commodore Syed Muhammad Ali said an order for the plane had been finalised but declined to give details.

“That's the case, we've finalised the order,” he said, citing sensitivities for not naming the client, the number of aircraft or the date of delivery.

A report on the aviation website Flightglobal.com quoted another senior officer, Air Commodore Khalid Mahmood, as saying the sale had been made to an “Asian country” and the delivery would take place in 2017.

The report added that 80 people were promoting the JF-17 in Paris this year, reflecting a significant marketing push.

Pakistan's large and well-funded military has long been a major importer of defence equipment, particularly from China.

But Pakistan is hoping the updated JF-17, along with Pakistani-made tanks and surveillance drones, will help increase military exports and bring in much-needed foreign exchange.

Analysts believe the major selling point of the JF-17 is its cost, which is likely to be substantially less than the $16-18 million cost of an US-made F-16.

The Paris Air show runs from June 15 to 21, with the final three days open to the public.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Iranian-backed Shiite Militias In Iraq Tell Obama To Take His "Help" and Go Eff Himself

The money quote from the article from Rudaw article is:

As the US prepares to send an additional 450 personnel to Iraq, the Iranian-backed militias have said assistance from the US-led coalition only hurts their efforts.

By the way, this article is all about this "new" strategy that the Shia militias will regain Fallujah and THEN they will go after Ramadi- what a joke....they KNOW they can't take back Ramadi until they get around 20,000 Iranian troops on the ground in Iraq so they're simply picking an easier target (which they probably can't take back either).

Official: Shiite militias gather to attack Fallujah

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Shiite militias aligned with the Badr Organization have been deployed to Samara in Salahadin province, to start a campaign against ISIS in the Anbar province cities of Fallujah and Garma, the group’s spokesman announced.

The Shiite militias, known collectively as the Hashd al-Shaabi or Popular Mobilization Units, have recaptured a large area around Samara in preparation for the attack on Anbar, said Bader Raza Tamimi, Badr spokesman, on Friday.

“They [Shiite militias] are now in control of about 58km of territory on the way to Fallujah,” Tamimi said.

According to Tamimi, Samara is a strategic location from which to launch the campaign to recapture Fallujah and Garma.

"We think the liberation of Fallujah will allow us to enter Ramadi without any fighting. The battle we are preparing for is the battle of Fallujah," Hadi al-Amiri, the head of the Badr Organization, told journalists Friday at an outpost on the Salahadin-Anbar border.

As the US prepares to send an additional 450 personnel to Iraq, the Iranian-backed militias have said assistance from the US-led coalition only hurts their efforts.

The administration of Barack Obama decided last week to extend their military support for Iraq by increasing the number of US military trainers.

"If they really wanted to help us, then they would leave Iraqis to liberate Iraq by themselves,” Mahdi, a Shiite militia fighter, told the Associated Press on Friday.

Recent statements by the Iraqi government claimed more international support is needed to liberate Anbar from ISIS.

Video: Thank Goodness the Muslims Are Here To Tell Us How To Beat Our Wives

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Pakistani Air Strikes Kill 20 Taliban

Well, it's been a year since Pakistan tried to drive the Taliban out of North Waziristan.  Yesterday, Pakistani air strikes bombed 20 Taliban into virginland but what's another 20 when over 2,500 have been killed in a year and yet the Taliban are still entrenched?

The story comes from Times of India.

Air strikes kill 20 suspected militants in Pakistan: Military

ISLAMABAD: Air strikes killed 20 suspected militants in the restive northwest of Pakistan on Saturday, the military said, as it marked the one-year anniversary of an anti-Taliban offensive in the area.

The air strikes took place around Datta Khel in North Waziristan, the military said in a statement.

The mountainous region along the Afghan border used to be a key Taliban stronghold, with insurgents controlling all the major urban centres.

But one year ago, as Nato prepared for the complete withdrawal of combat troops from Afghanistan, the Pakistani military launched a long-awaited push to clear militant havens on the Pakistani side of the border, in a campaign known as 'Zarb-e-Azb'.

"So far, 2,763 terrorists killed, 837 hideouts destroyed. 253 tons (of) explosive recovered," military spokesman Major General Asim Bajwa said in a tweet. He said 347 officers and soldiers had also been killed.

It is unclear how many civilians have died or how reliable the casualty figures are. The military controls access to the area and journalists are only allowed in on tightly supervised reporting trips.

Nearly one million civilians were displaced by the offensive after the military ordered them to leave their homes ahead of the operation. They have still not been allowed back.

The Pakistani offensive, which followed a failed attempt to hold peace talks between the government and the Taliban, has not prevented militant groups from carrying out attacks.

In December, Taliban fighters attacked an army-run school in Peshawar, killing 134 children. They said it was revenge for the operation.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Hillary Clinton Holds White Supremacy Rally In NYC

Okay, so look through the video of today's Hillary Clinton speech in New York City (turn down the volume or get a bucket)...and then count, yeah COUNT the number of black and Hispanic people in that sea of people.

Oh yeah, Hillary's White Aryan Movement is on people!

Taliban kill 20 police officers in attack in Afghanistan

And so it begins....

The story comes from Times of India.

Taliban kill 20 police officers in attack in Afghanistan

KANDAHAR: An Afghan official says at least 20 police officers have been killed after militants ambushed checkpoints in the country's volatile southern Helmand province.

Mohammad Ismail Hotak, the head of the province's joint coordination of police and military operations, said Saturday the ambushes late Friday night hit checkpoints in the Musa Qala district, long a Taliban stronghold.

He says the attack wounded 10 police officers and that the Taliban also seemed to have suffered high casualties.

He says the battle is ongoing and reinforcements have been sent from other districts.

The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attacks.

Taliban militants have been targeting vulnerable police checkpoints across the country since launching their summer offensive in April.

Last month, a Taliban attack in Helmand's Naw Zad district killed at least 19 police officers.

The 2016 Bumper Sticker

(Hat Tip: Henry Bowman)


Thursday, June 11, 2015

Video: So, You Want To Know What It's Like Facing Off Against ISIS?

Jihad Lesson #33: Do NOT Fight With Another Jihadi When You Both Are Wearing Suicide Bomb Vests

 Explosion: Pakistani rescue workers remove the two bodies of alleged suicide bombers from the site of a bomb blast in Sargodha

This is hilarious - let's face it, does it get any better than two muzzie jihadi suicide bombers getting into a fight before they head out on their mission and blow each other up?

I'm in tears.

(Hat Tip: Phoenixgirl)

The story comes from the Daily Mail.

Two suicide bombers blow themselves up when getting into a fight with one another after putting on their explosive vests

Two would-be suicide bombers have died in Pakistan after an explosive device detonated as they fought each other, it has been reported.

The two men were killed in an explosion near Khayam Chowk in Sargodha, in the country's Punjab province on Saturday morning.

Eyewitnesses claim the men, who were believed to have been wearing suicide vests, were sitting on a bench engaged in discussion before their deaths.

It is thought the two men began to fight and an improvised explosive device was triggered.

Following the blast, emergency services were called to the scene and the area was cordoned off.

Sargodha Saqib Manan from the Sargodha district police office suggested divine intervention may have saved the city from a big loss, according to ARY News.

The men's bodies were taken to Sargodha’s District Headquarters Hospital and their homes in Sargodha and Kushab were raided,Breaking News Pakistan reported.

Several suspects were arrested.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Syrian rebels overrun army base

It's not ALL about ISIS - the Syrian army is getting it's ass handed to them by many different groups right now.

The story comes from DAWN.

Syrian rebels overrun army base

BEIRUT: An alliance of Syrian rebel forces seized a key army base in the south of the country on Tuesday in a new setback for the regime’s embattled troops.

The Southern Front alliance took full control of the 52nd Brigade base in Daraa province after 24 hours of fierce clashes, a spokesman for the group said.

“The 52nd Brigade base was fully liberated from the regime army,” Major Essam al-Rayes said, adding that at least 2,000 rebel forces had participated in the “short and quick” assault.

The base is near a major highway running from Damascus to Syria’s southern border with Jordan and also near the border with neighbouring Sweida province, which is largely regime-controlled.

“The base is also an important infantry base, from which the regime attacked towns and villages in the south,” said Diaa al-Hariri, spokesman for Faylaq al-Awwal, one of the rebel groups in the Southern Front coalition.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitoring group confirmed that opposition groups had taken the 52nd Brigade base after clashes and intense shelling that left 14 rebel fighters and 20 government forces dead.

Monday, June 8, 2015

So, Why Did Obama Purposely Snub the Iraqi Prime Minister Today?

It's perfectly understandable that Barack Obama would snub the Iraqi Prime Minister Haidr Al-Abadi today.  Know why?

....because Haidr Al-Abadi is a Shia and Obama is a Sunni.

Intense Fighting in North Waziristan - 19 Taliban and 7 Pakistani Troops Killed

Included in the death toll above in the headline, 5 of the 19 Taliban killed were commanders as Pakistan continues to fight what seems a never-ending battle against the Taliban along the Afghanistan border.

The story comes from Times of India.

(file photo)

19 militants, 7 soldiers killed in Pak clash

ISLAMABAD: At least 19 militants, including top commanders, and seven soldiers have been killed in intense fighting between Pakistani troopers and Taliban insurgents in the country's restive northwest tribal area, army said on Monday.

The fighting took place near the Afghan border in North Waziristan, where militants continue to remain active despite an year-old military operation in the region.

"19 terrorists were killed including 5 of their commanders in an intense exchange of fire with security forces last night in uncleared pocket" of North Waziristan, said military spokesman Major General Asim Saleem Bajwa.

When the militants were cornered and chased by security forces, one of them exploded his suicide jacket, killing seven soldiers, Bajwa said in a statement.

The Pakistani army claims to have cleared about 90 per cent of the region of militants, but the insurgents have holed up in Shawal region, near the Afghan border.

Shawal became a militant stronghold when terrorists took refuge in inaccessible areas of the region, after last year's massive military operation against them in North Waziristan.

The military in June last year launched the ground-and-air blitz against militant groups in the tribal area, forcing millions to leave their homes and settle in other areas.

Efforts are underway to clear the last of the strongholds of the rebels, who have killed more than 55,000 people in over a decade of insurgency in Pakistan.

North Waziristan is one of the seven regions in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas governed by tribal laws and is rife with insurgency.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Video: America's Greatest

(Hat Tip: Henry Bowman)

Saudi-led air strikes kill 44 in attack on Yemeni army compound: agency

From DAWN.

Saudi-led air strikes kill 44 in attack on Yemeni army compound: agency

SANAA: Saudi-led air strikes killed at least 44 people during an air raid on the main headquarters of the Yemeni army in central Sanaa on Sunday, the Houthi-run state news agency Saba said.

The agency said that more than 100 people, including civilians, were also wounded in the attack which also destroyed private houses in the Tahrir district in central Sanaa.

Residents had earlier said that four explosions shook the compound, where soldiers allied with the Houthi group that dominates Yemen had gathered since Saturday evening to get their pay cheques.

“More than 44 citizens were martyred and 100 others including women and children, according to preliminary figures,” the agency said.

The agency quoted a source at the Health Ministry as saying that rescue teams were working to find people believed to be still under the rubble of houses destroyed by the raids.

The escalation of the violence came despite progress toward convening United Nations-backed peace talks this month in Geneva.

The exiled Yemeni government in Riyadh and the Houthis have agreed to attend the talks which start on June 14.

SANAA: Saudi-led air strikes killed at least 44 people during an air raid on the main headquarters of the Yemeni army in central Sanaa on Sunday, the Houthi-run state news agency Saba said.

The agency said that more than 100 people, including civilians, were also wounded in the attack which also destroyed private houses in the Tahrir district in central Sanaa.

Residents had earlier said that four explosions shook the compound, where soldiers allied with the Houthi group that dominates Yemen had gathered since Saturday evening to get their pay cheques.

“More than 44 citizens were martyred and 100 others including women and children, according to preliminary figures,” the agency said.

The agency quoted a source at the Health Ministry as saying that rescue teams were working to find people believed to be still under the rubble of houses destroyed by the raids.

The escalation of the violence came despite progress toward convening United Nations-backed peace talks this month in Geneva.

The exiled Yemeni government in Riyadh and the Houthis have agreed to attend the talks which start on June 14.

It was the first reported use of a ballistic missile in the conflict. The Saudi military said it had targeted the city of Khamees Mushait in the kingdom's southwest and was intercepted by two Patriot missiles.

Arab air strikes and shelling after the attack killed 38 Yemenis in provinces near Saudi Arabia, according to Saba reports which could not be immediately confirmed.

Video: Just What the World Needed...Islamic Conspiracy Theories

Friday, June 5, 2015

Boko Haram Strikes Again - 29 Nigerians Blown Up In Market In the Name of Mohammed

Innocent people shopping in a market in Nigeria have been blown up and killed by two Islamic Boko Haram suicide bombers - 29 people dead in honor of the prophet mohammed.

The story comes from AOL.

Suicide bombs rip through Nigerian marketplace killing 29

YOLA, Nigeria (AP) — Two suicide bombers blew themselves up in the main market in Nigeria's northeastern city of Yola, killing 29 people and themselves, officials said Friday, blaming the extremist Boko Haram group.
Another 38 victims, some with serious injuries, are being treated in the hospitals in this city already swollen with refugees from the conflict, Sa'ad Bello of the National Emergency Management Agency told The Associated Press.
"I can see blood splattered everywhere, including my car, but I can't give any detail because we are all running," bread seller Ayuba Dan Mallam said shortly after Thursday night's blast.
The explosion was timed to go off as merchants were closing shop, others were hurrying to make last-minute purchases and commuters were catching tricycle taxis home.

Deputy Police Superintendent Othman Abubakar blamed the Boko Haram extremist group and said two suicide bombers were among 31 corpses recovered from the scene.
It is the first such attack on Yola, which has had its population doubled by some 300,000 refugees fleeing the insurgent violence in the northeast that has killed some 13,000 people and forced 1.5 million from their homes. Boko Haram has been fighting for nearly six years to impose Shariah law across Nigeria. Half the population of 170 million is Christian.
Two hours earlier, eight soldiers were killed by a suicide car bomb at a checkpoint outside a military barracks in Maiduguri, the biggest city in the northeast some 410 kilometers (255 miles) northeast of Yola.
The Islamic extremists have stepped up attacks after a months-long lull during which a multinational force drove them from the towns where they had declared an Islamic caliphate.
More than 60 people have been killed since the weekend in Maiduguri, the birthplace of Boko Haram. Daily attacks started after President Muhammadu Buhari declared at his inauguration May 29 that he is moving the command center for the war from Abuja, the capital in central Nigeria, to Maiduguri.
Buhari was in neighboring Chad on Thursday, urging more support for the multinational force in which battle-hardened Chadian troops have played a leading role.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Militant Attack in India Kills 20 Indian Troops, Wounds 12

Okay, so terrorism in India isn't my strong suit and I can find no article that can identify which terror group in India conducted this ambush on an Indian military convoy in Manipur but this is a significant loss of life for the Indian military.

Apparently, there are nearly 40 terror groups operating in the Manipur area of India - some Muslim, quite a few communists so it's too soon to say who carried this out.

The full story comes from Times of India.

20 Army personnel killed in militant attack in Manipur

NEW DELHI: NEW DELHI: At least 20 Army personnel were killed and 12 injured in a militant attack in Manipur's Chandel district on Thursday, TV reports said.

The 6 Dogra convoy came under attack while it was coming from Motul towards Imphal. The incident took place at 8.45am. The injured soldiers have been airlifted to Nagaland.

An Army spokesman said that the militants first fired rocket-propelled grenades at the four-vehicle convoy which was on its way to Imphal from Chandel. The ambush took place when the convoy reached between Paralong and Charong villages.

Most of the bodies were charred.

This is being seen as the worst attack on the Indian Army in at least a decade. A dozen soldiers were also wounded in the most deadly attack in the region in recent years.

Security analysts suspect the attack was in retaliation against the reported killing on Monday of a woman by soldiers. The district observed a complete shutdown on Wednesday in protest over the killing.

Manipur, which has a population of 2.5 million, has faced an armed insurgency for years in which several tribal militant groups are active.

Security forces have struggled to contain the unrest despite being granted sweeping shoot-to-kill powers in so-called "disturbed areas" under the controversial Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA).

The AFSPA is in force in most northeastern states, where clashes claimed 450 lives last year, according to South Asian Terrorism Portal. Lawmakers recently lifted the act in one state, Tripura, that borders Bangladesh.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Old Crotchety Men vs. Old Crochety Women

We all know that old crotchety men are infamous for the line...."Get off my yard!"

But who has ever figured out what old crotchety women say?  We have a winner.

Video: Egyptian Cleric: Jews Are a Malignant Tumor That Must Be Eradicated

The New Battle of Ramadi Claims First Iranian (of many to come)

It's not like I didn't warn ya - Ramadi will be a blood bath - for both sides and it didn't take long for the first Iranian commander (oh wait, ADVISOR as they will want to call him) to bite the dust, to eat the dust, to become dust.

The story comes from Pat Dollard.

Senior Iranian Military Adviser Killed In Ramadi Battle

Tehran (AFP) – An Iranian officer has been killed near the Iraqi city of Ramadi while advising Iraqi forces on how to recapture it from the Islamic State group, state media reported Monday.

Jassem Nouri, who had also served as a military adviser in Syria, was killed on Thursday, Iran’s official IRNA news agency reported.

Political and military leaders joined family members for a memorial service in Ahvaz in southwestern Iran on Sunday ahead of his burial on Monday.

“A seasoned (1980-88) Iran-Iraq war commander, Jassem Nouri was there as a military adviser to share his experience with the resistance fighters in Iraq,” the city’s Friday prayer leader Qassem Khaziravi told mourners.

Shiite Iran has provided weapons and military advisers to both Iraq and Syria but denies it has deployed any combat troops.

Ramadi is the capital of Anbar, an overwhelmingly Sunni province west of Baghdad, and the government of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi had previously avoided deploying Iran-backed Shiite militias to the area.

But the city’s fall to the Sunni extremists of IS two weeks ago forced a change of policy.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Is ISIS Starting To Dismantle Hamas in Gaza?

The reach of ISIS may be longer than many thought as there is this report from Israel National News that ISIS forces inside of Gaza have killed a Hamas commander and are planning the dismantling of the terror group with links to Iran.

This could lead to some REAL entertainment in Gaza.  :)

ISIS Threatens to Destroy 'Heretical Hamas'

A group that is operating in Gaza and which says it is associated with ISIS has claimed that it killed a top Hamas commander. According to the group, which calls itself the Army of the Islamic State, Saber Siam was killed when ISIS operatives placed a bomb on his car, blowing it up with him inside.

Siam was killed, the group said, because he was “a partner in a declared war against religion and against Muslims, working for the heretical government in Gaza.” ISIS warned Hamas to immediately “end its war against religion in Gaza” or “face the consequences.”

The group also sent out warnings on social media to Gaza residents to stay away from Hamas offices and buildings, lest they find themselves swept up in attacks against the group.

It was not possible to verify whether the group was associated with ISIS, or whether it even actually exists. However, Israeli sources confirmed that Hamas has been conducting actions against a group of Salafist rebels it accuses of trying to take over Gaza.