Thursday, June 11, 2015

Jihad Lesson #33: Do NOT Fight With Another Jihadi When You Both Are Wearing Suicide Bomb Vests

 Explosion: Pakistani rescue workers remove the two bodies of alleged suicide bombers from the site of a bomb blast in Sargodha

This is hilarious - let's face it, does it get any better than two muzzie jihadi suicide bombers getting into a fight before they head out on their mission and blow each other up?

I'm in tears.

(Hat Tip: Phoenixgirl)

The story comes from the Daily Mail.

Two suicide bombers blow themselves up when getting into a fight with one another after putting on their explosive vests

Two would-be suicide bombers have died in Pakistan after an explosive device detonated as they fought each other, it has been reported.

The two men were killed in an explosion near Khayam Chowk in Sargodha, in the country's Punjab province on Saturday morning.

Eyewitnesses claim the men, who were believed to have been wearing suicide vests, were sitting on a bench engaged in discussion before their deaths.

It is thought the two men began to fight and an improvised explosive device was triggered.

Following the blast, emergency services were called to the scene and the area was cordoned off.

Sargodha Saqib Manan from the Sargodha district police office suggested divine intervention may have saved the city from a big loss, according to ARY News.

The men's bodies were taken to Sargodha’s District Headquarters Hospital and their homes in Sargodha and Kushab were raided,Breaking News Pakistan reported.

Several suspects were arrested.


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