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Six Degrees of Separation

BLOG POST UPDATE: Today's previous post has been removed - there were discrepancies on COVID case numbers being reported and to try and correct that, taking down the post was a lot easier and in touch with my laziness. Sorry for the confusion.

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Well? (Holger strumming fingers on table top)

Leftist post on Twitter:

Holger Response:

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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Another Joe Biden Revelation

Most of you remember the outburst from Joe Biden when confronted at one of his Town Hall meetings when he lashed out at a woman with the comment:

“lying dog-faced pony soldier”

What wasn't revealed until now is that the woman that Biden attacked with that tirade responded back with her own insult calling Biden:

"You're Jo! Jo! the dog faced boy"

Monday, May 18, 2020

The Story Behind The Heroes Act

There's the story you get from WaPo, from the NYT, from CNN....

...and then there's the REAL story you get from Holger.

GAVIN NEWSOME/ANDREW CUOMO/GRETCHEN WHITMER:  "Speaker Pelosi, you and the leadership demanded that the states implement your strategy to shut down America's economy to inflict the most harm on President Trump's re-election plans, and so, using the COVID-19 virus pandemic as cover, we implemented your plan at the state level because you could not do so at the Federal level.  We followed your orders.  And now our states are in serious economic shape. What are YOU going to do about it??!!

SPEAKER PELOSI:  Lady and Gentlemen, we have your back!  We appreciate you responding to the call to action, to further along the agenda and I must say, you have done a great job!  We have passed The Heroes Act legislation which will now send your states the bailout money you need to recoup your losses for doing the bidding of the National and Global Agenda.  Remember in all of this, it is essential that we do NOT refer to this as a "bailout."  You must use the Movement's talking point that "due to the chaotic approach to COVID-19 by the President, your states had to react and by doing so have encountered great financial hardship."  Everyone got that? 



Total Eclipse

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White Liberal Elitist Morons

Okay, so do you know what else irks Holger? It's when a bunch of politicians who have not an economic bone in their body, who have NEVER worked in the private sector, who have no clue about what creates a job or what creates wealth in this country, decide, like Nancy Pelosi did in her new virus bill, how companies will actually OPERATE. Here's her quote:

""Well we have no red lines but the fact is the best protection for our workers and our employers is to follow very good OSHA mandatory guidelines and we have that in our bill," Pelosi said. "And that protects workers, protects their lives, as well as protects the employer if they follow the guidelines. "

So, why don't they make the bill MORE inclusive? Why don't they have in the bill just how much an auto manufacturer can sell a car for? How about a line in the bill that tells a steel plant how many hours a worker can put in on a production line? How about a footnote to the bill that changes the profit sharing % at a company? In fact, why not just make it part of the bill that the Federal government will assume ownership of private sector companies?

Fucking assholes is what they are. Elitist control freaks who make millions off the stocks of private sector companies yet do everything in their power to bankrupt them all.

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Muchas Gracias To the CoronaVirus Mafia

Speaking as one who believes completely in the mindset of the original 3 percenters in America history, I want to thank the Marxist machinery of America and the Global Marxists of the World for the COVID-19 melodrama.  Yes, I said THANK YOU.

You see, before your little gamble with this "pandemic" three percent of Americans (that's about 10 million Americans) were willing and able to put down their jobs, their families, their keyboards and their other endless priorities to fight you in the streets and the fields of this country - we were and are willing to die for America, to end you and your reign of tyranny before it begins.

The "Thank You" part is now, because of your tipping your hand, because of your great pandemic master plan of control with the COVID-19 bullshit, the three percent has grown to twenty percent.  Now, instead of 10 million Americans ready, willing and able to strap on their armor, grab their weapons and hit the streets and fields to do battle, we are 66 million strong.  You have added 50 million warriors to the enemy army you dufus fucks.

You have shown America in just three months what life under your tyranny would ACTUALLY be like.  We have felt the thumb of oppression and control.  You NEVER should have given these 50 million new warriors that sneak peek, you imbeciles.

Congrats on the greatest backfire in the history of tyrannical strategies.  Oh and again, many thanks.


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The Long Game

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Let THAT Sink In....Bitch