Monday, January 16, 2017

Houthi commander admits: Iran training us

The single biggest threat to World War 3 continues to be Iran.  Don't bother telling John Kerry that - he already knows it.

The story comes from Al Arabiya.

Houthi commander admits: Iran training us

A Houthi militia leader has confessed that both Iran and Hezbollah have been heavily involved in training their fighters.

Abu Mohammed, who was in charge of rocket attacks in the al-Nihm district in Yemen, made the confession after surrendering.

He said that there were Iranian experts and Lebanese from Hezbollah militias currently in Saada helping run secret training facilities.

The confession comes a month after a report by independent research group Conflict Armament Research (CAR) suggested that there is an arms “pipeline” that extends from Iran and Yemen.

Iran’s Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) last year admitted that missiles made in Tehran were recently used in Yemen by Houthi militias in cross border attacks against Saudi Arabia.

The Zelzal-3 rockets are Iranian-made solid propellant missiles that has been known to be used by Iranian, Syrian and Hezbollah forces.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Taliban kills dozens in double suicide attack in Kabul

That predictable transfer of power in Afghanistan back to the Taliban is right on schedule.  Another element of the Obama legacy.

The story comes from The Long War Journal.

Taliban kills dozens in double suicide attack in Kabul

A Taliban suicide assault team killed and wounded more than 100 people in a coordinated attack that targeted intelligence officials and government workers today in the Afghan capital of Kabul. The attack included a blast that preyed on first responders who rushed in to help those injured in the initial bombing.

Afghan officials said at least 38 people were killed and 70 more were wounded in the double bombing that took place “as a convoy of parliament staff was leaving the offices in Darulaman Road in PD6,” or Police District 6, according to TOLONews. The first suicide bomber detonated his explosives “at the entrance to parliament’s offices,” then the second bomber struck as first responders arrived at the scene of the attack.

Among those killed was the head of the National Directorate of Security for Police District 6, TOLONews reported. A female member of parliament was also wounded.

The Taliban claimed credit for the deadly blasts in a statement released on Voice of Jihad, its official propaganda website. The jihadist group admitted it deliberately targeted first responders.

According to the Taliban, the first suicide bomber hit “a mini bus ferrying workers of NDS [National Directorate of Security] 5th Directorate,” while the second “targeted the Quick Reaction Force troops and other intelligence personnel gathered at the site.”

Today’s attack is similar to another executed by the Taliban on June 30, 2016. In that attack, a suicide bomber hit a bus transporting police cadets in Kabul. The second suicide bomber then detonated his explosives as emergency personnel rendered aid to the victims of the first blast. [See FDD’s Long War Journal report, Taliban suicide bombers target police cadets, first responders in Kabul attack.]

The Taliban has launched several high-profile attacks in the capital since last summer. Other targets include the Afghan Ministry of Defense, the home of a member of parliament, and Canadian embassy personnel.

Suicide bombers were from the Taliban’s “Martyr Battalion”

In its statement claiming credit for today’s attack, the Taliban said “both of the attackers were from the Martyr Battalion of Islamic Emirate who successfully reached their targets and handed the enemy a heavy blow.”

In the past, the Taliban has claimed that it has “thousands of fully armed martyrdom seekers” at its disposal to conduct attacks inside Afghanistan and has provided some information on the structure of its “martyrdom units.”

The Taliban has identified two key leaders of its “Suicide Groups.” Mullah Taj Mir Jawad has been described as the head of a “martyrdom-seekers battalion.” Jawad swore allegiance to Mullah Mansour, the group’s previous emir, in a video released in Sept. 2015.

Qari Abdul Raouf Zakir, the “commander” of the Taliban’s “suicide groups,” also swore allegiance to Mullah Mansour in the same video. Qari Zakir, who was designated as a terrorist by the State Department in Nov. 2012, has long commanded the Haqqani Network’s suicide operations.

The Haqqani Network is an al Qaeda-linked Taliban subgroup that operates throughout Afghanistan and is based in Pakistan, where it is supported by Pakistan’s military and the Inter-Services Intelligence Directorate. Sirajuddin Haqqani, the operational commander of the Haqqani Network, serves as one of two deputies to Mullah Habaitullah, the emir of the Taliban, and as the head of the Taliban’s military.

The Taliban has also promoted suicide teams in its propaganda. The Muaskar ul Fida, one of several suicide squads operating in Afghanistan, previously swore allegiance to the Taliban’s last emir in Nov. 2015.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

BREAKING: Russian Ambassador Assassinated In Yemen

The Russians are finding it tough diplomatic sledding in the Muslim countries.

The report comes from Express UK.

UPDATE:  Some are disputing this story.

BREAKING: Russian ambassador 'assassinated after armed gunmen storm embassy in Yemen'

The Russian ambassador to Yemen has been shot and killed in Sanaa, according to reports coming from the Arab kingdom.

Vladimir Dedushkin was reportedly "keeping a close eye" in the war-torn country.

The diplomat was reportedly assassinated in the capital Sanaa.

The assassination was reported by Saudi Arabia's Barq news agency.

The Russian Embassy in the Yemen has reportedly said “no one’s been shot”, telling NBC no one had been attacked.

Mr Dedushkin was appointed by Russia’s President Vladimir Putin on August 16, 2013 and replace the outgoing Sergei Kozlov.

Mr Dedushkin said in November last year that Saudi Arabia was key to solving the crisis in the Yemen.

He said: "Saudi Arabia, in my view, has a decisive role in resolving this [Yemeni] conflict. The key to its settlement is in the hands of Riyadh.”

Yemen has been engulfed in a military conflict between the government and Shiite Houthi rebels, the country’s main opposition faction that forced the Yemeni government to resign last January.

Muslim Article: "..the world of Islam is in tatters"

A failed ideology. 

The story comes from DAWN.

Muslim discourse

THE wealth and pomp of several Muslim monarchies notwithstanding, the world of Islam is in tatters. Torn by internal strife, lack of focus on starving millions and controlled by greed as well as external powers, Muslim governments are in a state of disarray.

Tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran have reached such levels that they are waging proxy wars against each other in Syria and Yemen. Iranian pilgrims were not able to perform Haj last year. The wars have created major humanitarian crises, producing famine, poverty and millions of refugees with nowhere to go.

These political games are aimed at grabbing power and space within the region, and politics and religion are being exploited to the detriment of civilians. Divides have been created amongst an already polarised Muslim world. Sectarian feelings are worked up on social and mainstream media, where pictures of atrocities allegedly committed by one or the other party are posted.

In Pakistan, each year, hundreds of ‘firebrand’ clerics are banned from entering the more ‘sensitive’ areas of the country during Muharram. Members of minority sects are regularly and brutally attacked, ostensibly by the Pakistani Taliban or their splinter groups, but also by others. The pulpit is often used to spread hatred.

Centuries of textualist interpretations of the Quran, belief in questionable ahadith and tribal and patriarchal customs have created a troubling rhetoric, comprised of social and religious demands by self-righteous clerics.

Pakistan’s policies of the 1980s led to the mushrooming of brutal fanatics who have used Islam for wanton killing. Recognition of this fact and the rise of internal terrorism led to Operation Zarb-i-Azb. What is now needed, more than ever, is a ‘zarb-i-fikr’, a term so aptly coined by Javed Ahmed Ghamidi for reversing the narrative used by extremists and their supporters. I am using this term here in its wider sense.

The Muslim world, its scholars and leaders who are seriously concerned about the rapid deterioration of Muslim politics and society, must find alternative routes of thought and create platforms of open discourse and debate. This must happen at local, country, regional and global levels. The objectives would include development of tolerant and pluralistic societies, as Muslim societies should be, but equally to take measures for technological and economic progress through inclusiveness, education and social cohesion.

The approach to this could include analysis of what is going wrong and acceptance of responsibility, without emphasis on Western ‘conspiracies’.

Countries — Pakistan in particular — could begin to accept differences of religious opinion and clamp down on those who oppose freedom of expression, not the other way around. Too many instances in the distant and near past indicate that succeeding governments have either supported or buckled under the pressure exercised by groups that would have Pakistanis live under fear and terror.

A scholar of the calibre of Fazlur Rahman had to leave the country in the 1960s because of his ground-breaking work on the Quran. Many Muslims who would like to hold discussions on religious matters cannot do so for fear of being branded ‘apostates’ or ‘blasphemers’. In contemporary times, laws on domestic violence and patriarchal killing are either resisted or toned down. The recent bill in Sindh on criminalising forced conversions, which follows the Islamic spirit, is being touted as ‘un-Islamic’. Laws have been based on questionable interpretations and implemented for personal gains against unsuspecting innocents.

Today, the message of Islam, which called for rational thought and deliberation, discussion and a free and open mind and freedom of choice, must be reiterated. The individual must be free to follow any religion or sect of her/his choice and the state must turn its attention to the welfare of people, providing health and education and intervening only where the weak and the innocent are oppressed.

Scholars need to come together and discuss exactly what they are bickering about and whether their stances are aligned with Islamic teachings. Muslims should be free to discuss what the Sharia means to their individual and collective lives and which form of it may or may not be relevant.

The thousands of ‘alims’ churned out by madressahs must be monitored for what they learn and subsequently do. Khutbas in mosques need to be carefully assessed and any vitriolic content removed. Institutions such as the Council of Islamic Ideology that have been blamed for promoting misogyny and restricted intellectual growth must be done away with. These measures must have the protection of laws with teeth. Research should be encouraged in matters related to Islam and joint research with other countries should be carried out. An Islamic renaissance is essential.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Suicide attack rocks Syria’s capital

Just when Bashir al-Assad thinks he has it allllll under control.....

The story comes from Al Arabiya.

Suicide attack rocks Syria’s capital

A powerful blast caused by a suicide bomber hit a heavily policed district of the Syrian capital on Thursday with at least seven killed, a police source told state television.

The source was quoted by state television as saying a suicide bomber blew himself in the Kafr Sousa neighborhood where some of Syria's main security installations are located.

The British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights which tracks violence across the country said the death toll was expected to rise with several of the wounded in a critical condition.

Footage on state media showed splattered blood and wreckage of several cars with dozens of heavily armed security personnel at the site of the explosion.

Last July, a car bomb also hit Kafr Sousa near an Iranian school in an attack that killed several people in the area, close to the main Umayyad Square that connects the city with several highways.

Insurgents fighting to topple President Bashar al Assad say the district houses many recruits from Iranian-backed militias fighting alongside the army.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Sister of Israel truck terrorist who killed four people ‘thank Allah for his saintly death’

A video has emerged which is said to show al-Qanbar's family watching a news report of the terrorist carrying out the attack

These are the animals, the pigs that the Israelis have to put up with every single day of their lives.

The story comes from the Daily Mail.

Sister of Israel truck terrorist who killed four people ‘thank Allah for his saintly death’ as his victims are laid to rest

The sister of the Israel truck terrorist who killed four soldiers have thanked Allah for his 'saintly death' as the victims are laid to rest.

Fadi al-Qanbar, 28, drove a truck into a crowd of troops in Jerusalem, killing IDF Lieutenant Yael Yekutiel, 20, of Givatayim, Cadet Shir Hajaj, 22, of Maaleh Adumim, Cadet Shira Tzur, 20, from Haifa, and Cadet Erez Orbach, 20, from Alon Shvut.

The terrorist's sister, who said he acted as a lone wolf, seemingly supported her brother by thanking God for choosing him to become a martyr.

Shadia, 28, told Ynet: 'Praise be to Allah that he became a martyr.

'It is the most beautiful kind of saintly death.

'Allah chose him for this martyrdom. Thank God.

'We are patient and we thank Allah for this.'

The father-of-four was shot dead inside the cabin and his victims' families have been mourning the deaths of their loved ones at funerals today.

A video has emerged which is said to show al-Qanbar's family watching a news report of the terrorist carrying out the attack.

The people in the video appear unresponsive in the short clip.

The attack came after months of relative calm which prompted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to spark debate by suggesting it was inspired by Islamic State.

In an outpouring of grief, the victims' relatives have spoken glowingly of the ambitious soldiers killed in the massacre.

Cadet Hajaj had three younger sisters and was said to be at the top of her class.

Her father told Ynet: 'These are our children, we send them to the army knowing they may not come back.

'Did I ever think this would happen to me? Never.'

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Video: Barack Obama's American Dream Comes True

"What's better than 11 dead cops? 12 dead cops!"

Has anyone identified any of these Austin, Texas protesters yet?

Barack Hussein Obama's Farewell Address Leaked!

My Fellow Americans,

Yep.  I totally fucked this job over as President.

I admit it. 

But I don't give one rat's ass about the kind of job I did for America.  You see, this country of ours has been an expansionist blight upon this world since I was a child and my goal was to showcase to the world how hated we should be.

That part of my job I got right.

So, as Michelle and I get ready to head off into the sunset, laughing our asses off all the way to the bank...I'll leave you with this.

It's been worth it.  Every minute of these 8 years to sit and watch your expressions as I proved that the American people can be herded like sheep and that the government can shove any damn thing we please down your throats and get away with it.

I'm happiest about never having to call you "fellow Americans" ever again.

You are chumps.

Eat shit, Fools.

Yours in Islam,