Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Mystery FBI Agent Tasked With Ambushing LaVoy Finicum

An FBI agent at the road block where LaVoy Finicum's truck ended up stuck in the deep snow was tasked with just that - his job was to be sure Finicum didn't squeeze past the road block on the very left shoulder and continue on but see that Finicum had to swerve further out into the deep snow on the left and get stuck so he could be taken out by firepower.

Look at the stills below - and keep in mind that law enforcement and wanks on blog sites are telling you that Finicum almost hit this agent and showed deadly force in trying to run over the agent.  Notice on the stills that the agent actually is moving TOWARDS the truck, he is moving DEEPER into the snow - he is forcing the truck to veer more and more to the left to get stuck.  Below the still you will see the video that shows this in real time speed.  In the first 6 seconds of this video you will see the FBI agent SPRINT to his right out INTO THE PATH of the Finicum truck.

Who was this agent?  Are the American people going to hear an interview with him as to why he acted in this way?  Is a reporter going to ask him what his orders were?


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Anonymous said...

Are you aware of the Christmas carol "Good King Wenceslaus"? If so look at the video during and after the "shooting".