Friday, January 29, 2016

What Did LaVoy Finicum Say THE DAY BEFORE the Feds and Oregon Troopers Shot Him In the Back Dead?

I want to put up a couple of observations about this whole incident after watching the full video a couple of more times.

  • First, that roadblock was set up on a severe curve in the highway.  Finicum never saw that roadblock and so he had NO CHANCE to stop - I believe it was by design - the Feds wanted him to either have to try and ram that roadblock or go around it.  They wanted to ensure an aggressive act on his part
  • Secondly, a number of twats are saying "he almost hit that cop going by the roadblock" - look at the video again.  The agent/trooper was not BEHIND the blockade, he was to the side of it and he actually JUMPS OUT at Finicum's vehicle
  • Thirdly, the guy that comes up behind Finicum and shoots him in the back or back of the head (I'm guessing the death shot) is wearing nothing on top but a SHORT-SLEEVED SHIRT.  This is January in Oregon, you see the depth of the snow, the temps there that day were in the low 30's.  Finicum is coming out of a vehicle with a winter coat on. That guys coming out of the woods in a short sleeved shirt, no hat, no gloves, no coat - I say that is NOT an FBI agent, that is NOT an Oregon State Trooper but a flunky local cop or deputy on his way back from leaving a shit pile in the middle of the woods.

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