Monday, January 25, 2016

If It's Too Cold Get Out of the ....

Poor babies.  Now on sale:  Fur-lined Prayer Rugs.

The article comes from Express via TheReligionofPeace

'It's too cold' Refugees would rather return home than face European winter

Almost 70 per cent of Iraqi asylum seekers have given up applications in Finland to go back to their war-torn country.

One Iraqi who decided to return said Finland did not live up to the expectations.

He said: "I don't know what happens to me in Iraq, but here I will die mentally."

Figures from the Nordic country's immigration service revealed Finland processed 3,700 Iraqi asylum seeker decisions in 2015.

Almost 2,600 of the decisions have now "expired", meaning the applicants have either cancelled the process or disappeared.

Juha Simila, head of asylum department at the Finnish Immigration Service, said applicants were disillusioned by the processing time.

He continued: "They have told us that family issues in their home country force them to go back.

"Some have found the Finnish atmosphere hostile and some have not stayed because of the dark autumn and cold winter."

Finland has seen a massive influx of refugees which has increased the immigration service's processing time.

The number of asylum seekers jumped from 3,650 in 2014, to 32,500 in 2015.

Nearly 20,500 Iraqis applied for an asylum, but authorities were only able to give decisions to 3,700.

In October, Finland tightened its criteria for granting asylum to Iraqi migrants, after deciding the security situation had eased in certain regions.

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