Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Truth About " #NeverTrumpers "

So here's the deal...

At no point in the GOP primaries did I have a candidate that I was supporting fully.  I liked Scott Walker, I liked Ted Cruz, I liked Ben Carson.  Donald Trump was about 4th or 5th on my list.

I actually like Bobby Jindal a LOT, but he's not eligible to be President and neither is Cruz.

But, it really doesn't matter anyway, because this country is lost - I've spoken about it at length at my Blog Talk Radio show - anyone that is interested go there and look up my show entitled "It's Over, America."  We screwed the pooch in this country.  We blew it.  The federal government has grown beyond any hope of it reverting to the intended size or role, our states have become servants to a federal master and our Constitution is a battered wife that someone pulled the plug on to let die.

Nothing will save this country besides a massive move to secession or open armed revolt.

So, for all of the #NeverTrump crowd out there, go ahead and whine and throw your tantrums and piss and moan because your boy Ted or Marco or Kasich or whoever didn't win but try and pull up your big boy pants and understand clearly that Ted Cruz as President would have meant NOTHING to pulling this country out of a tail spin.  As nothing a President Trump will do can pull us out of it, either.

With Hillary as President we can probably put the tombstone in 4 years from now, with Trump maybe it will be 6 or 7 but understand, NO ONE as President would have made it past 7 years.

You have a Congress who doesn't believe in separation of powers, you have a Supreme Court that doesn't even follow the Constitutional guidelines for their behavior and we have an executive that operates as a banana republic dictator.

We're all fucked.  So cast your vote for Trump or just sit at home like the know it all Libertarians and CruzCrewCrybabies and understand it makes no difference.  The only thing left up in the air is who will survive the chaos and bedlam of the future - I intend to survive, albeit maybe sitting alone on top of a mountain peak somewhere but they'll have to come up at me to take my part of this Land from me.  

To the pantywaists who are looking forward to the first year of a Trump presidency so they can break out the " I Told You So's " - good luck with wasting your time...I'll be busy preparing and I won't be sharing shit with you clowns.


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