Tuesday, September 20, 2016

A Somali In Sheep's Clothing in St. Cloud, MN

So, with the Islamic terror attack happening in St. Cloud, MN, one of the local Somali leaders, Abdul Kulane,  has lept to center stage to defend Islam and talk about what a nice person the attacker really was.

This is from the St. Cloud Times:

On Sunday afternoon leaders of the city's Somali-American community condemned the attacks in a nationally televised press conference.

"We want to strongly condemn any terrorist actions," Abdul Kulane said. "We don't believe in (violence) and we don't agree with anyone who takes matters into his own hands and hurts other people."
"This is what we do know so far: The alleged suspect is Dahir Ahmed Adan. We know him in this community as an exceptional graduate from Apollo High School. He graduated with an honor," Kulane said. He also had been a student at St. Cloud State University earlier this year.

"While maintaining a high GPA, he worked part-time as a private security officer," Kulane said. "He was helpful to his family and as far as we know, he never had a violent history, as far as his family and the community can remember. He was a friendly and active community member."

The details of the actual incident are unclear.

"All the information circulating in the media are speculations," Kulane said.

So there you have it from the local Somali leader - all is fine in paradise, nothing to worry about...the terrorist was a good kid worshiping a peaceful religion.

Everything that comes out of spokesman Kulane's mouth is roses right?

Take a look at what Abdul Kulane was mixed up in back in 2013 in St. Cloud.  Notice the peaceful "let's all get along" Abdul in action.

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