Saturday, March 8, 2014

China's New Terrorism Threat: Female Jihadis

The story comes from Look Under the Burka of Islam via The Religion of Peace.


The website of China's Global Times says the threat posed by female terrorists has increased significantly, following news that a 16-year-old girl may have been among the eight who carried out a horrific and indiscriminate knife attack at Kunming train station in southwest China last week.

The girl and seven other assailants, including one other female, killed 29 and injured 140 as they slashed at passengers with long-bladed knives at the square and ticket hall of the station on the evening of Mar. 1. Four of the assailants were shot dead at the scene, and the girl was captured by police. The remaining three were subsequently arrested, according to the state newswire Xinhua, which said the attack was carried out by Uyghur Muslim separatists from the northwestern region of Xinjiang.

The Global Times report said the membership and organization of pro-independence terror groups in Xinjiang has diversified, adding that female members take advantage of their ability to arouse less suspicion and have plotted both individually and in groups. The report urged Chinese security forces to take note of this change in tactic and adjust to the idea of women being involved in these kinds of acts.

Female suspects have been involved in other terror incidents in recent years, the newspaper said. At least one of the suspects involved in the attack in Asku in Xinjiang on Jan. 24 this year was a woman. Two of the three people who drove a jeep into a crowd in front of Tiananmen Square in Beijing in October last year in a suicide attack were women — the mother and the wife of the third suspect.

An unidentified official cited by the newspaper said women who take part in terror attacks in China are typified by a low level of education and by their absolute obedience to their male family members. The official suggested that their actions were influenced by their families, since, in his opinion, they did not think independently and had no understanding of politics. The paper cited the example of one woman in southern Xinjiang who police discovered had become a suicide bomber five days after marrying a man she had never met before her wedding. "Because of a word from her husband's family, she just obeyed. It's as simple as that," said the official.


The Duhnmharu said...

Well now Chinas is getting the Muslim plage of Jihadis. Funny China vetoed all Western moves against Syria and now this. Payback is always a bitch and looks good on her. Now my dear readers. Watch how China respond to these muslims and take a page from their book.

Anonymous said...

Yes except China vetoed from supporting the very Jihadists in Syria targeting their country.

Convenient half truths must be a new sport in America.

Pay back is a bitch? Yes it is. You know, like giving stingers to Afghan-Arab mujahideen, or giving support to Saddam Hussein.

If you want a definition of the word blowback, just look at a map of the US.

I hardly think you should be lecturing other nations on International misadventures.

Remember the routine: Sit in your coffin and rot.

Lt. Colonel(retired) Reza Pejman

The Duhnmharu said...

Please save teh sanctimonious prattle for others. I am speaking to Muslims using suicide bombers in China and how teh chickens have come home to roost, and you are on about stingers and Afghanistan. Get it together Col. I can accurately say this China will make short work of the Muslims that are conducting their terror for whatever real or imagined slight they perceive. In China Col. Lives are cheap and bullets are cheaper. The Chinese have no qualms about putting a few against teh wall and shooting them. Trials in these instances dont seem tog et convened. The Terror actions by Muslims in China will get to be a thing of teh past. Now in teh western world, we arrest them, feed them give them health care and a reasonably fair trial costing 89 grans for each prisoner year . I think as time goes on more countries will adopt teh Chinese method. I asked you a few weeks back Dear Col Why it is Iran sponsors terrorists and arms them and pays them and sends them out into teh world to kill. You either deliberately did not want to answer or perhaps meant to but forgot. Would be a nice time to get that answer.

Why is it that when news of Malaysian Airlines 777 went down, the first worlds on most peoples lips were muslim terrorists. ? Another question deserving of an answer.

The Duhnmharu said...

Tell ME Dear Col: Do you have Children? What sort of Iran do you want them to grow up in? does the current version of that Iran meet your expectations for your children or not?

Anonymous said...

And I wholeheartedly support China's efforts against Saudi sponsored Wahabbi terrorists. You know, the same Saudi Arabia that you claim is your friend and ally. Or perhaps because of the close proximity they could have been sponsored by Pakistani ISI. You know, Pakistan, a country you guys designated a major non-NATO ally 10 years ago.

Well let me ask you the same question Marine, btw what is your rank anyway? You know mine.

Well here's the question: why is it that the U.S. Sponsors, arms and trains terrorists? And then sends them out into the world? You either did not deliberately answer that question or meant to and forgot. Would be a nice time to get that answer.

Why is it that when the Ukraine fabricated crisis started, the first words on people' lips were " CIA. Coup"? Another question deserving of an answer.

Yes Marine, I have two children. They're both doing fine. Finished University and both have good careers.

Well I would prefer for them not to grow up in a country unjustly burdened by sanctions.

Does the current version of America meet the expectations for your children? If you have any? Or are planning to have soon?

Lt. Colonel(retired) Reza Pejman

Anonymous said...

World domination? No my dear Marine, only countries with 42% of the worlds military expenditures, bases in almost every country and going bankrupt as a result of such military expenses; I.e. Not able to provide basic services to its citizens are the ones seeking global domination.

We haven't had an offensive war in 200 years. Whereas your country has been engaged in combat mostly illegally in at least 40 countries(sometimes numerous times in certain countries).

Your country has sponsored countless coups against democratically elected governments world wide.

And then you wonder why there is a backlash. Why there is blowback.

Well get off the couch, put down the big Mack, and the supersized Mountain Dew and start thinking for a change, on your own not with the aid of Fox News.

Lt. Colonel(retired) Reza Pejman

The Duhnmharu said...

Sorry Col you must be thinking of someone else. Don't do teh big mac thing or lay about on teh couch. You failed to answer my question Col. Why does Iran feel a need to arm terrorists, pay them and send them out into teh world to kill and create violence.

What does Iran expect to get pout of this behavior. What is teh payout?

Second question. Do you have kids and is teh today Iran the one you want them to grow up in? Try these out for size and then you may get some credibility here