Saturday, March 8, 2014

Bobby Jindal slams Obama, describes him as worst US president

What in the world is the American media going to do with a politician who isn't white that just called Barack Hussein Obama the worst President in American history?  This outta be fun.

The story comes from Times of India.

Bobby Jindal slams Obama, describes him as worst US president

WASHINGTON: Preparing ground for his potential presidential run in 2016, Indian-American Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal has slammed Barack Obama as the worst president in history and took a dig at his inability to stop Russia from invading Ukraine.

"To President Carter, I want to issue a sincere apology. It is no longer fair to say he was the worst president of this great country in my lifetime. President Obama has proven me wrong," 42-year-old Jindal told a conservative political action committee on Friday.

In his address, Jindal criticised Obama on his foreign policy front at a time when the Russia has taken military action in Ukraine.

"I spent a lot of 2012 going around the country saying that President Obama was the most liberal and most incompetent president in my lifetime, ever since Jimmy Carter," the Republican leader said.

"Now, having witnessed the events abroad these last several days, as we see the president of Russia invade a neighbouring country while our president wants to downsize our military, while our president brags about the increased spending on food stamps

"....seeing a president that doesn't understand that a strong America leads to a peaceful, more stable world, seeing a president who doesn't understand that a weak America leads to instability, seeing a president who doesn't seem to understand that our allies and our enemies alike need and want a strong America," said Jindal, who is widely being seen as a potential Republican presidential candidate.

In his speech marked with applause and laughter, Jindal also criticised the economic and domestic policies of Obama.

"This President talks about class warfare and dividing an ever-shrinking economic pie. That's not the American dream I learned about from my parents.

"The American dream I learned about was a country where the circumstances of your birth don't determine your outcomes as an adult, an America where we can do better than our parents — an America where every child is told, you, too, could be the first in our family to go to school.

"You could be the first in our family to become a doctor, a lawyer or an engineer or start your own businesses," he said.

"This President graduated from some of the best schools in the country. If I were him — and if he would like some free advice — if I were him, I'd consider suing Harvard Law School to get his money back because I'm not sure what he learned in three years," Jindal said amidst cheers and applause.

"This administration has assaulted our religious liberties. It has assaulted the American dream. It's trying to redefine the American Dream so that success is defined by government assistance. That's not the American dream; that's an American nightmare."


The Duhnmharu said...

Hoorah for Bobby Jindal.

Anonymous said...

Oh this myopic obsession with a mediocre President.

Even if the Mustachiod war addicted John Bolton were President, your mediocrity as a nation would continue.

As long as your vision for the future is that of an over stretched, buckling at the seams America, then your woes will for certain going to continue.

Lt. Colonel(retired) Reza Pejman

The Duhnmharu said...

I get a good laugh from you Col. In this instance why are the turbaned religious figures bent on world domination. Its a Pinky and the Brain cartoon Iran is. Plotting world domination on a daily basis.

Iran pretends she is big and strong when in fact she is not. She wants a nuke so she can be big and appear string and wants to have others bow to her. Wont happen. Without the BASIJ that loves to kill women and teh IRG which frankly is a second rate force, Iran talks a good game but lacks teh strength , and the power to truly be more than teh sum of her parts. If not for these cold eyed civilian killers, Iran would have imploded a long time ago. When you have to rely on teh force of arms to keep teh people under control, you have already lost the war to capture their hearts and minds. Irans time for greatness came and went about three years ago. You may not have noticed, but I doubt the opportunity will pass that way again.