Sunday, February 16, 2014

JIhadi Terrorists Attack Passenger Train in Pakistan With IED, 7 Killed...30 Wounded

From DAWN.

Seven killed as blast hits Khushhal express in Jacobabad

KARACHI: A bomb targeting a passenger train near Unnar Wah railway station in Jacobabad killed at least seven people and wounded more than 30 others on Sunday, officials said.

“The Khushhal Khan Khattak express train was on its way to Peshawar from Karachi when it was hit by the blast, killing seven passengers including three children and wounding over 30 others,” a senior local administration official, Sardar Jamali told AFP.

“The death toll in the explosion rose to seven after two injured persons died of their wounds in a hospital in Jacobabad town,” Jamali said.

He added that three passenger wagons were derailed and two of them were severely damaged by the impact of the explosion.

Jamali said that Sunday's bomb was likely an improvised explosive device, while the general manager of Pakistan Railways, Anjum Parvaiz, suggested it was a remote controlled explosion planted on the track.

Parvaiz, who confirmed the incident and casualties, said 800 metres of railway track had been damaged.

A bomb blast in one of the compartments of a train on the same Karachi-bound route last month in the central town of Rajanpur in Punjab province killed three people and wounded 20 others.

Nobody immediately claimed the responsibility for the latest bombing.


Anonymous said...

It was Baluchi Nationalists actually.

Lt. Colonel(retired) Reza Pejman

The Duhnmharu said...

BAluchi Schmooki these brave soldiers of Allah just whacked three kids. Seriously tough these terrorists are draw down on women and unarmed civilians how tough can that be. Sorry Col cant support that sort of cowardice

Anonymous said...

Neither do I. They attack us as well.

Lt. Colonel(retired) Reza Pejman