Sunday, February 16, 2014

Egyptian Tourist Bus Full of South Korean Pilgrims Hit By Islamic Terrorist Bombing, 4 Killed...14 Wounded

No one in this world escapes the blood thirst of Muslims.

No one.

The story comes from The Jerusalem Post.

4 killed, 14 wounded as tourist bus in Egypt's Sinai explodes en route to Israel

Egyptian Interior Ministry says bus full of South Koreans was traveling from St. Catherine's Monastery, a popular tourist destination in the south Sinai, to nearby Israel when it was attacked.

CAIRO - An explosion on a tourist bus in Egypt's Sinai peninsula killed three Koreans and the Egyptian driver on Sunday, the Egyptian Interior Ministry said, an apparent turning point in an Islamist insurgency that has gained pace since an army takeover in July. Fourteen other Koreans were injured in the blast.

The ministry said the bus was traveling from St. Catherine's Monastery, a popular tourist destination in the south Sinai, to nearby Israel when it was attacked.

It did not state the cause of the blast. But two security sources said an explosive device planted either inside or near the bus was used.

Al-Qaida-inspired Islamist militants based in the largely lawless Sinai have stepped up attacks on security forces since army chief Abdel Fattah al-Sisi ousted elected president Mohamed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood in July.

If militants were behind Sunday's attack, that would mark a shift in strategy to targeting tourists and economic targets and not just Egyptian police and soldiers.

State television showed a photograph of the bus. Its windows were blown out and the roof had been partially torn off. Plumes of black smoke billowed from the site of the explosion on a palm tree-lined boulevard.

Egypt has been rocked by political turmoil and violence since the downfall of Morsi, Egypt's first democratically-elected president, in July, after mass protests against him.

Since he was deposed, Islamist militants based in the largely desolate Sinai near Israel have stepped up attacks on security forces, killing hundreds.

Morsi appeared in court on Sunday on charges of conspiring with foreign groups to commit terrorist acts in Egypt.


The Duhnmharu said...

Islamist extremists target civilians. Any statement to teh effect that they are a fighting force is clearly a lie. Targetting civilians who are unarmed and can not fight back is not any form of military victory. Defeating an armed enemy on teh other hand is. Spineless murderers. Thats all they can ever qualify to be. Killers like common ordinary garbage can hoods. Npo heroes, no glory. Just plain old everyday hoods. Thugs with guns hiding under teh banner of Islam to justify their killing of civilians. After all Brave islamist they are prefer to hide behind women and children , rather than to come out to fight. They know hiding behind new paper statements keeps them safe. Find them Egypt, kill them. Do not ask for quarter and give none. Have Egypt start at one end of teh Sinai and the IDF at the other end, let them meet in teh middle and kill every Jihadi that comes stick his head above ground. No courage required to kill tourists is there?

The Duhnmharu said...

If I were the soon to be president of Egypt, I would ask teh South Korean Giovernment to send in a division of Infantry from their Tiger Division. Koreans fight tenaciously, and take no prisoners. Al queada and other ISlamists would not operate in any AO the Koreans are in for fear of being killed. Set teh South Koreans have a go, then teh Gurkha. In fact a coalition of such troops would probably eradicate the problem.