Friday, November 29, 2013

Video: People...people... what happened to spreading the wealth around?!!

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The Duhnmharu said...

Fighting for goods at the store. Bloack friday we as a society have been driven to consume regardless if we have money or not. Marketting tell us to buy. radio says buy this TV says buy that hype specvials all in teh name of compnaies putting profits before people. I see the people fighting for a product resulting in police, handcuff, bad behaviour loud mouths. But it appears corporate America thinks this is ok as long as they make teh sale, keep teh numbers high. I would love to go buy some special stuff, but I do not have teh money and I will not go into debt to gete it. Iy is just not worth it. Now what happens when someone goes crazy pulls out a gun and shoots teh person they were struggling with to get that new game player. Corporate America wont give a shit. Frankly as a society we have been stupided by teh big money makers. Think about how ridiculous the entire scene looks as everyone jostles, pushes shoves gets andgry and then starts a brawl... all for teh sake of a deal. Turst me folks adeal in a lifetime comes arounf every seven days. No need to be teh "stupid" fullfilling teh corporate dreams of a fat bottom line. Corporate greed, profits before people, and people too stupid to see it Merry Fuckimous