Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Video: Don't You Just Love It When Taliban Ambush Teams Get To Eat a JDAM?

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Anonymous said...

You Americans are all alike. So shortsighted and always in a hurry. Haven't you ever heard of Strategic Patience? No wonder we will surpass you. Read Jacque's "When China will rule the world" to get a good idea of how to gain long lasting hegemony. By long lasting I mean more than just 150-200 years. The Shanghai Cooperation Organization(SCO) lured your thick heads into the best laid trap. A trap 20+ years in the making. Iraq? What a gem that was. Lured into strategic and economic overreach and in the process burning through all your political and diplomatic capital. Don't you see the significance of dates? SCO created in the summer of 2001, Hu Jintao leads the politburo by 2003. Look at the years in question. Two exhausting wars started on those years. History should have taught you something....fighting a two front war never ends positively for those doing the fighting. Didn't Germany's example offer any clues whatsoever? Guess not, otherwise you guys wouldn't have jumped in with so much yeeeehaawww for Shock and Awe and "Mission Accomplished."

Ignorance of global affairs usually leads countries towards the decrepit state you find yourselves in.
It's all a catch-22 from now on.....Austerity or Stimulus? Engage or disengage? All thanks to the brilliant forward thinking of the SCO. Makes NATO look like an empty suit.....or.....a paper tiger?

Xi Jingping