Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Barack Hussein Obama's State Department Doesn't Skip a Beat and STILL Supports the Muslim Brotherhood In Egypt

This truly is beyond embarrassing - it's bordering on treasonous.  The Obama administration doesn't even TRY to hide their open support of the terrorist organization, the Muslim Brotherhood, anymore and I am willing to wager a lot that they are actively working behind the scenes for a way to get Morsi back into power.

We have the President of the United States actively carrying water for an organization that has vowed to conquer America for the Islamic Caliphate.  And the press sits around with their heads up their asses.

Impeach this mutherfucker.

The story comes from Times of India.

US urges Egypt to allow pro-Morsi protests

WASHINGTON: The United States on Tuesday urged Egypt's military-backed interim government to allow supporters of ousted president Mohamed Morsi to protest freely as fresh demonstrations took place in Cairo.

State department deputy spokeswoman Marie Harf said Washington regarded freedom to protest as a "key part" of the democratic process but would be concerned by reports of violence.

Clashes between pro and anti-Morsi demonstrators and security forces have killed more than 250 people since the end of June.

"Clearly, we're watching the situation on the ground very closely," Harf said.

"We encourage the interim government to allow people to protest -- that's a key part of moving forward with the democratic process, and of course, would be concerned by new reports of violence."

Harf was speaking after Morsi supporters held a wave of demonstrations outside several Egyptian ministries.

Police fired teargas to break up brief clashes that erupted between Morsi loyalists and residents of one Cairo neighbourhood.

"I know the situation is unfolding as we speak now, but we'll be monitoring it closely," Harf said.

Washington has walked a careful line since the democratically elected Morsi, Egypt's first Islamist leader, was ousted by the military on July 3 amid massive protests against his rule.

The United States, which provides $1.5 billion in mostly military aid to Egypt every year, maintains close ties to the Egyptian military but says it favours a rapid return to elected civilian rule.

"I would say that we made clear that we had some concerns with the way Morsi was governing," Harf said.

"And when we have similar concerns with the way the interim government is acting, we will certainly make those clear to the interim government as well."

US Secretary of State John Kerry appeared to give his backing to the overthrow of Morsi earlier this month, stating that the army had acted to "restore democracy".

But he later appeared to dial back on the comment, stating: "Egypt needs to get back to a new normal."

The United States has declined to describe Morsi's ouster as a "coup" to avoid having to cut the $1.3 billion in aid to Egypt's military. US law stipulates that any military aid must be suspended in the event of a civilian government being ousted by the military.


Anonymous said...

Your problems are far larger than one man....Obama. And they go much farther back than 2008. Your failure to see that is why you are in the mess you currently find yourselves in.

Xi Jingping

Anonymous said...

The people are afraid of their government. That is the sole reason nothing is being done. Everyone wants to go to heaven no 0ne wants to die to get there. Not even patriots

Anonymous said...

Now Xi is all knowing all seeing he is a prophet that tell the US what is wrong with it. Dear Xi, you need to stick with things Chinese and fix them first before espousing your theory on teh west. While China has potential it can not hold a candle to US industry and might. The manufacturing bases in China are shrinking because compnaies friom teh west are tired of gwetting their patented ideas ripped off from the Xi's of China Theft is theft no matter how much China denies it does it. manufacturing is coming back home. China is having so much trouble with iots coirruption China can not even send out its nuke sub because it cannot trust its soldiers and sailors. pretty sad As for teh various sea areas it claims it owns, it does not it would be better for China to negotiate rather than trying to intimidate. Remember there is always a bigger and tougher bully always lurking about willing to give teh chocolate covered yellow fever Chinese a good drubbing. Where would China be today Xi without them having stolen US military data on planes and ships? Back in teh stone ages with teh various dynasties. So Dear XI, stop your yammering and go fix what wrongs with Pathetic China then come tell us how to do it right perhaps then we will listen . Deal with teh corruption in China and its burdensome upper class that steal everyone blind. You dumb Chink ass fuck. Kiss my western ass.

Xi Jingping said...

Dear anonymous, that was quite the rant. But I don't know what teh means? Don't you mean "the" instead?

As for China? Well no country is without problems. You have to understand that our surge only began some 30 years ago.

But see that's just it....we are dealing with our issues. To do what we did in 30 years is nothing short of a miracle. It has taken other nations 50 or 60 years to achieve the same.

On the other hand you guys are not. Hence why we hold most of your debt.

Upper class that robs everyone blind? You mean like your 1% in Wall Street? Begging us for more debt buy up and saddling you the taxpayer with the bill?

"Dumb Chink ass fuck?" Hmmmm....still amazed at this western pre-occupation with racism and bigotry.

"Kiss my western ass." Well how can any western "man" even call himself western when he spells the word "the" as "teh?" Who're you Lloyd Christmas?