Friday, March 29, 2013

New Pope Washes and Kisses the Feet Of a Muslim Woman On Maundy Thursday

From The Huffington Post via The Religion of Peace.

Pope Francis Washes Feet Of Muslim Female Prisoner In Break With Tradition (PICTURES)

Pope Francis has washed and kissed the feet of a two young female prisoners, one of them a Muslim, in a break with tradition.

While the foot washing of 12 people on Maundy Thursday is is part of the Christian tradition, mirroring Jesus' washing of his disciples' feet, women or Muslims have never before been included in the ritual.

It is also the first time the Mass has been held outside of the St Peter’s Basilica or the papal cathedral church in the Vatican CIty.

Francis' decision to celebrate the Mass with young offenders at the 'Casal del Marmo' detention center is in step with his record in embracing simplicity and humility


Holly (HollynTracy) said...

This really upsets me. Really bad.

Findalis said...

It doesn't upset me. But what Frances is doing is Casting pearls before swine.

Anonymous said...

hairiest womans foot i ever seen. If teh rest of eh muslim woman got that much hair on them, then no wonder they wear burkas Me thinks this p[ope is Dhimmi and is going to be a weak one which will get more Christians killed because of it