Friday, November 16, 2012

The Entire Picture Has Changed In Israel - Tel Aviv Is Within Reach of Hamas

I guess one way of looking at this is that America was to wake up one day and realize that the North Koreans have a nuclear missile that can now reach New York City or Washington, D.C.  The fact of the matter is that in this latest round of terrorist rocket attacks on the people of Israel by Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Gaza, it has been realized that the terrorists have acquired the rocket technology to reach the most populous city in Israel....Tel Aviv.  No longer is Hamas just able to pound the very most southern cities of Israel and that is a whole new ballgame.

And quite frankly, all of this further demonstrates the stupidity of giving up the Gaza Strip by the Israelis back in 2005 - look at the terror inflicted upon the Israeli people since the Israeli government bowed to the worthless world opinion and let the enemy have a spot right next to your innocent lambs.

And what did Israel get out of that relinquishing Gaza to the Palis?  Have you heard ONCE in the past 7 years ANYONE in the world say how wonderful the Israelis were for their gesture of peace?  Hell no.  The Israelis could give up every inch of their country to these mongrels and keep only a geography of one city block and Israel would be the "oppressor" and the "occupier."  You don't ever, EVER appease evil.

The story comes from The Jerusalem Post.

2 rockets fired toward greater Tel Aviv area; none hurt

Two rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip in the direction of the greater Tel Aviv area on Friday afternoon prompting a red alert air raid siren to be sounded in the city for the second straight day.

The IDF stated that no rocket impact was located in Tel Aviv, but local residents reported hearing an explosion following the siren. No injuries or damage were reported.

The armed wing of Hamas claimed responsibility for the attack.

Thursday and Friday's attacks on the Tel Aviv area marked the first time the center of the country was hit in the renewed violence from the Gaza Strip and the first time that a real siren was sounded in Tel Aviv since the Gulf War in the early 1990s. Palestinian Islamic Jihad took responsibility for Thursday's rocket on Tel Aviv.

The attack on the greater Tel Aviv area came as Operation Pillar of Defense entered its third day. Some 70 rockets fell in the South on Friday morning despite the IDF's continued air strikes on Gaza, meant to root out the terror infrastructure in the territory.

Following the attack on Tel Aviv, Palestinian sources claimed that the Israel Air Force carried out 12 air strikes in Gaza in a period of ten minutes.

More than 350 rockets have landed in Israel since the operation began on Wednesday, with three Israelis losing their lives in a rocket attack on Kiryat Malachi on Thursday.

The IDF has struck some 500 terror targets in Gaza since the operation began. According to Palestinian sources 20 people have been killed in IDF strikes on Gaza.


Findalis said...

Another 16,000 reservists have been called up. Rumor has it that another 20,000 could be called soon.

Anonymous said...

Thats 30 thou plus 16 thou more thats a ground op for sure. But I think what is missed is hamas et al fored over 400 rockets of which 103 were shot down. Iron dome only has 50 rounds for each battery It would seem that hamas and its buddies is a side show tpo cause ISrael to waste its precious Iron dome rounds , and once they are used, then Hizbullah will come in with the heavier stuff and none will be stopped because iron dome wont have reloads.

Not a good thought is it. Ground op go in Kill them all evgery last one. Have strike fighters ready for Hizbullah if it turns out hamas was indeed a side show not teh main event.

Findalis said...

Rumor was off. Israel is calling up another 75,000 reservists. The IDF is not playing around or backing down this time.