Thursday, November 22, 2012

Israel's Shin Bet Captures Terrorists Who Bombed Bus In Tel Aviv

Great news as Israel's Shin Bet has tracked down and arrested the jihadis who masterminded the bombing of the Israeli bus in Tel Aviv yesterday.

By the way, Shin Bet is pretty much the "FBI" of Israel.

And of course, the terrorists arrested are linked to both Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Gaza.  Go figure.

The story comes from Israel National News.

Shin Bet Nabs Terrorists Who Attacked Bus

The Shin Bet has arrested members of the terror cell that carried out the attack on a bus in Tel Aviv Wednesday.

According to initial reports, most of the suspects are from the village of Beit Lakiya in the Binyamin region, near Highway 443.

The cell's members, who are identified with Hamas and Islamic Jihad, admitted in their initial questioning in the Shin Bet that they had agreed upon a plan to carry out a terror attack, then prepared the explosive device, chose Tel Aviv as their target, and purchased a cellular phone in order to use it to detonate the device.

They also enlisted an Arab with Israeli citizenship, who is originally from Beit Lakiya but married an Israeli Arab. They used a car belonging to the man's employer in order to transport the device into Tel Aviv. The employer, an Arab from eastern Jerusalem, was unaware of their plan.

The Israeli citizen placed the explosive charge on the bus, and then informed his commander in Beit Lakiya, who dialed the phone and detonated the device.

The investigation is ongoing and additional arrests are expected.

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Anonymous said...

These idiots confessed real quick because they know they will go to trial then jail where their rights will be looked after as they get fattened up. Then along will come some terror group and demand their release. A revolving door justice system rather than just a revolver and a few bullets after the trial is held