Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

A Soldier's Thanksgiving Day Prayer

I am sitting outside my tent this evening
And as I look at the stars in the sky
I can not help but think of the family back home
And tears slowly fall from my eye

Will all the folks back home be remembering me?
Will they think of me as they carve that big bird?
Will they bow their heads this Thanksgiving,
And say a prayer after the news they have heard?

Will they pray for a peace to this country?
Will they ask God to help these people understand?
Will they be willing to say a prayer for their freedom,
Something we seem to take for granted in our own homeland.

Will they thank God they have a house to live in?
Will they thank him for the food that they eat?
Will they remember to thank God for the clothes they wear?
Cause over here many have nothing on their own feet.

Will the families of those who have been taken
Be remembered in prayer and an imaginary hug,
Will the sorrow of losing a son or daughter
Be enough to give someone's heart a big tug.

You see, I am just one of those fellow soldiers
Who stood up when his division was called;
And I like so many others before me
had to share the news of my duty to a family that bawled.

But I am here fighting for our nation's freedom
To bring a freedom and a peace to this country as well;
And I can tell you that being in a war doing battle
Is more like I am living in the middle of hell.

But I still remembered that today is Thanksgiving
I bowed my head and thanked the Lord for what I had.
I asked him to watch over my homeland
And give a special watchfulness over my mom and my dad.

So on this evening as the stars shine so brightly
Can you maybe bow your head for a moment for me?
Ask God to help keep us strong here.
And ask him to help us forever keep America free.

And when you bless your turkey and all of the trimmings
Remember to say a quick and simple prayer.
Just ask God to bless all the brave soldiers
Who are fighting for our freedom no matter where.

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Patty Tarl said...

Holger, thanks for this post. I have a letter my father wrote on Thanksgiving from Vietnam. It is hear wrenching and amazing at the same time.