Saturday, September 15, 2012

Indonesian Girl, 16 Years Old, Commits Suicide After Muslim Sharia Police Accuse Her of Prostitution

Sharia.  It's not just for gays anymore.

Another living soul on this earth falls to Islam and the rules of Sharia.  Another woman is gone forever.

The story comes from the Jakarta Globe via The Religion of Peace.

Aceh Teen’s Suicide Brings Shariah Scrutiny

The implementation of Islamic Shariah law in Aceh has again drawn criticism by those who say its implementation is heavily discriminatory toward women.

Sparking the latest outcry, a 16-year-old girl reportedly committed suicide this week after she was accused of prostitution and arrested by Aceh’s Shariah police.

The girl and her friends were watching a concert when she and one of her friends were arrested by officers of the Shariah police, known locally as Wilayatul Hisbah, in Langsa, Aceh, on Monday. The officers accused the two of being prostitutes based on how they were dressed.

“The arrest process, which is done publicly, will certainly make people feel humiliated,” Feri Kusuma of the Commission on Missing Persons and Victims of Violence (Kontras) said at a press conference on Thursday.

He added that women who failed to wear conservative Islamic garb in Aceh were often arrested violently, with that violence creating a culture of fear.

Dian Novita, of the National Commission on Violence Against Women (Komnas Perempuan), acknowledged Aceh’s special autonomy status, but urged the provincial administration to comply with Indonesian law, especially in matters related to human rights.

Under the morality-based Shariah code, those deemed in violation of Shariah law are often humiliated during the arrest process.

Komnas Perempuan said the suicide case should serve as a wake-up call for the Aceh administration to review its handling of those detained for Shariah violations, especially those cases involving minors.

“There are many cases of people wrongly arrested for how they dress, accused of prostitution. The process of [arrest] is incorrect, given there is no room for a child to communicate with the parents,” Dian said.

Kontras called on officials to revise the policy to prevent future tragedies.

“We have to continue gaining public support for the push for the policy to be revised in Aceh,” Feri said.

Kontras also criticized the broader implementation of Shariah law, which the commission said was only applied to civilians while police and military officers in violation of its dictates were only processed based on the Criminal Code.


Anonymous said...

Remove teh power of teh Sharia Police. Find those who arested this girl and prosecute them, that will send teh right message. If they dont like it, they can resign . In fact remove Sharia completely from the law books Its is a barbaric 7th century Mohamedan wish list to punish women. Mohamad may have been a pedophile but it appears he was also a safist towards women. Perjhaps he could not get along with real women so he picked on teh youth . WEither way The islamic ideology is not compatible with todays world revide Islam

Trixie Mathews said...

I feel pity for the girl. Sharia policemen should not be boastful of their status. Instead, they should follow accordingly and treat accused people accordingly as well. These policemen should be sued.