Friday, July 19, 2019

Eff the Bolsheviks


Lord of the Fleas said...

Corporations do a LOT of really stupid things for the sake of virtue-signalling... but NOBODY could possibly be that stupid.

Don't care how big you are, that would be suicidal.

Holger Awakens said...


Gotta agree with you there 100%.

Thanks for stopping by...


Murphy(AZ) said...

Lord of the Fleas^
In my long years, whenever I think that the Maximum Allowed Level of Stupid has been reached, I find myself surprised that someone, somewhere, has crossed over the line and is headed down field.

Watch U.S. Arena stumble all over themselves trying to cancel President Trump's rally, just because one snowflake has started an on-line petition. It's not like the old days when thousands of chanting, screaming, hooligans would take to the streets, setting fires to cars and trashcans and getting schooled by law enforcement.

U.S. Arena has no balls: they will fold soon, claiming that the rally is not in line with their "community standards," or that there is suddenly some extremely necessary lightbulb maintenance that absolutely must be done that day.

Holger Awakens said...


As if on cue, the Lefties are already at U.S. Bank Arena's Twitter - this is a tweet replying to the U.S. Bank announcement of a Twenty One Pilots concert:

PCR RitesGood
Jul 18
Replying to
Hey @twentyonepilots
Please consider changing the venue for this show unless you want to play at the same place where trump holds one of his fascist Klan rallies.

Murphy(AZ) said...

The leftist snowflakes are as predictable as the recipe for oatmeal. The only thing that changes is the fruits or nuts you might add to make it unique.