Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The FAKE Minnesota Mosque Bombing - UPDATED

The so-called "terrorist attack" on the Minnesota mosque was a staged, fake attack coordinated by mosque leaders and Muslim leaders in the Minneapolis area.

The staged "hate crime" was enacted for two reasons:

  • To counter the growing national focus on the violent Muslim population of Minneapolis and the appeasement of them by city officials which recently came to a head with the Somali Muslim policeman murdering Justine Damond in cold blood
  • To force President Trump to decry "terrorism" against Muslims

It's been several days since the FBI started investigating this "terror attack" as the Minnesota Governor refers to it and yet, there are NO leads.  Hmmmmm.  

The question is this - when the FBI discovers that the attack was perpetuated by the Muslims themselves as a staged propaganda event, will the FBI reveal that?  Will the media report that?  Will the Minnesota Governor apologize?

Stay tuned.  The truth will come out.


Holger was first....now watch others join in:

The Blaze - MN Mosque Terror



Anonymous said...

Any building occupied by the death cult that burns, explodes, etc., is more than likely a premature intentional event - imo

The Duhnmharu said...

The real question will be if they truly find who dunnit, will they lay charges or give a pass