Friday, April 21, 2017

Thought For the Day: Vietnam

Have you ever wondered why in all of the years after the Vietnam War we never hear a PEEP out of Communist Vietnam?  We never hear of their criticism of capitalistic America, we never hear of them threatening other countries with Marxist aggression.  We never hear ANYTHING from them.  

You know why?

Because it has been effectively passed down from Vietnamese leadership during the war to every generation since just how decimated the communist forces were at the hands of Uncle Sam.  Everyone knows in Vietnam how entirely at the mercy of America the VC and North Vietnam regulars actually had been.  They all remember how, if not for their rescue by the leftist media in America, they would have been wiped off the bloody map by American soldiers, Marines, airmen and sailors.

That is why.  And this is why.

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Henry Bowman said...

Now Vietnam is one of our trading partners. Never let a conflict be micromanaged by pols, the MSM and the leftist progressives.

Fight to win or don't fight all.

God Bless the Americans who died in Vietnam (also those who came back).

God Save us..........