Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Let's All Meet Leftist Operative Jennifer Sisk

Some people are just discovering Jennifer Sisk of Boulder, Colorado.  Some of us have known her for a couple of days since she came upon the scene as the hired gun of the Left in America contracted to take down Judge Gorsuch with her "story" of sexist positions by Gorsuch when he was teaching at the University of Colorado.

Jennifer Sisk wanted to be famous.  She wanted to be the one that robbed President Donald Trump of his golden pick for the Supreme Court.

Jennifer Sisk wanted the spotlight.  Well folks, let's oblige Ms. Sisk.  Splash her photo above from here to kingdom come.  Let's find her Twitter handle, Facebook page - let's pay attention to Jennifer.  Let's make her out to be the star she wanted.  She wanted to be the giant slayer.  She wanted to be the tool of the Left.  Let's make sure that not a day goes by that Jennifer isn't reminded of her newfound notoriety.  

Make Jennifer a star, folks.  I'm sure she will appreciate it.


By the way Jennifer, perhaps you remember another young lady who wanted to be a star.  Julie Bosman published the home address of Officer Wilson from Ferguson, MO and then Julie became a HUGE star of a lot of us out here.  Here's Julie's pic:

Ask Julie how it feels to be the darling of the Left in America.
Go ahead, Jennifer....ask her.


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