Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Khalid Masood: ‘A nice guy’ turned extremist

Blah blah blah - how many times do we have to hear this bullshit about some Muslim who was the nicest guy you'd ever want to meet that one day just went out and killed a boat load of people?  Does anyone recall the Glasgow Airport bombers?  They were two doctors - yes, I said DOCTORS who took an afternoon away from treating their patients to fill up their SUV with propane tanks and tried to blow up the Glasgow, Scotland airport.

The fact of the matter is - don't bother with the type of person these people are....just research the ideology that they follow and you have your answers.  Do as Mohammed did, that's how it works. 

The story comes from DAWN.

Khalid Masood: ‘A nice guy’ turned extremist

LONDON: The man who mowed down pedestrians and stabbed a policeman in Wednesday’s deadly assault outside Britain’s parliament has been identified by police as 52-year-old former convict Khalid Masood.

Known by “a number of aliases”, London’s Metropolitan Police said he had been convicted for a string of offences but none of them terror-related.

Born on Christmas Day 1964 in Kent in south-east England, Masood had been living in the West Midlands where armed police have staged several raids since the attack, storming properties in the city of Birmingham.

At 52, his age has been highlighted by commentators as unusual, with most Islamist extremists behind similar attacks far younger.

Although the police believe Masood acted alone, the militant Islamic State group claimed he was one of its “soldiers” acting on a call to target countries fighting the jihadists in Iraq and Syria.

Masood rented the car used in the attack from the Solihull branch of Enterprise, on the outskirts of Birmingham, the company confirmed in a statement.

According to the BBC, he told the car rental company that he was a teacher. “He was a nice guy. I used to see him outside doing his garden,” Iwona Romek, a former neighbour of his told the Birmingham Mail.

“He had a wife, a young Asian woman and a small child who went to school,” she added, pointing out that the family had abruptly moved out of their house in Winson Green, a neighbourhood in western Birmingham, around Christmas.

Other media have reported that he was a married father-of-three.

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