Tuesday, February 21, 2017

To Conservatives in America ... Bow To Your Marxist Overlords

I'm sitting here reading the front page of Drudge and the calamity that has befallen Milo Y - now most of you know me well enough that I'm not going to be grabbing a rainbow flag and hopping on a soap box in the cause of homosexuals in this country but he is just the latest example of the global war on now that the Marxists of this world are waging against conservatives and patriots - of any nation.

In America, we are seeing Milo destroyed - not because of perversion, not because of his sexual preference but because he is conservative.

We saw the same with Herman Cain.  We saw the same with Justice Clarence Thomas.  We saw it with Andrew Breitbart.  We saw it with Senator Larry Craig.  We saw it with Sarah Palin.  We saw it with Michele Bachmann.

And of course, we are seeing it with President Trump.

The facts are simple, America.  The Marxists of this country, of this world have thrown down the gauntlet that NO conservative will be allowed to hold power, to gain a foothold.  All will be destroyed.  

This is no random venting of Leftist frustration by basement dwelling misfits.  This is a coordinated strategy of destruction by the Marxists of the world, funded by some of the most powerful entities out there and faithfully executed by the Media.

The mercenaries of the Press - the CNN's, the WaPo's, the BBC's all have their marching orders - but they have become more bold.  We don't see their legs dangling out of Sarah Palin's garbage can this time around - hell no, they are simply moving forward full steam ahead.

Their plan is to remove Trump - that could be by impeachment, could be forcing his resignation or they will see to his assassination.  He will not be allowed to lead this country.  And the same would have been true if Ted Cruz had become President.  

The message is clear - if you are conservative, if you are a patriot, you have a target on your back.  If you want to escape the onslaught then keep your mouth shut and form a line to the potato fields managed by Barack Obama and George Soros - but if you DARE run for office, if you DARE fight this war from a blog or a radio or tv show, you will be destroyed.

So, there's your choice, America - bow to your Marxist overlords or crush them.  


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The Duhnmharu said...

Should these marxists decide to eliminate Trump, there will be a backlash the likes that will make the civil war look like amateur hour. Patriots will seek out every leftist and marxists and destroy them utterly. It is time for the administration to tackle those who are funding and leading these riots and paying for them. Treason is a place to start with. Let them pay for what they are doing today