Thursday, February 2, 2017

Like Every Single Presidential Administration Before It, the Trump Administration Gets It Wrong On Islam

Okay, I know all of the rules of political correctness and how we have been ignoring the elephant in the room for decades and decades but the simple fact is that we will all fucking die in the West if we don't, for once and for all, understand there is NO RADICAL ISLAM.  Islam calls for the submission of every single human being on this planet to Allah.  Read the Quran - there aren't verses after verses on peaceful missionary tactics and strategies to accomplish the World Caliphate - the Quran is full, though, of violent methods and oppressive methods of ensuring submission.

And while I'm at it - Sharia is Islam. Islam is Sharia.  Removing Sharia from Islam is like a Christian not believing the Christ rose from the dead. 

Anyway, here's Trump's Press Secretary getting it wrong.....AGAIN.

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Anonymous said...

Often on campaign stops Trump read aloud the words to this song The Snake - Al Wilson
Clear evidence he fully understand.