Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Hillary Clinton - Nothing But Cutting Edge, People

So, Hillary Clinton hasn't sent out a tweet on Twitter for nearly a month - I guess that's understandable due to the manic depression and 2 or 3 quarts of liquid courage she's ingesting each day, but she's broken the standoff with her first tweet since the end of November.

Now, the reason I put "cutting edge" in the post title here is because sarcasm was one of my favorite Christmas presents this year and it just seemed appropriate that I point out that "edgy" Hillary, you know, the woman who was to break the glass ceiling...the woman who had the dream team campaign force behind her....well, you see, Hillary tweeted out her "Holiday" tweet below - have a look:

Now, look at the DATE of that tweet.  The day AFTER Christmas, Hillary Clinton sends out her holiday well wishes and observance.

And pundits and media heads are STILL trying to figure out why she lost?


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