Saturday, November 19, 2016

Lesson #173: Don't Throw Rocks at IDF Troops and Live, Throw Them and Die

Predictable outrage in the Pali world as some worthless jihadi wannabe threw one too many rocks at IDF troops so they gunned down his sorry ass.  Thus, the world has one less jackoff to deal with.  Let the Gazans cry, the rest of us can celebrate.

Moral of the story - when the IDF fires warning shots in the air, put down your rock and go home.

The story comes from YNET News.

Palestinian killed by IDF in clash on Gaza–Israel border

In the regular Friday stone-throwing from Gaza towards Israeli forces, the IDF fires; Gaza's health ministry says the shooting kills 26-year-old man.

Gaza's health ministry said that a 26-year-old Palestinian, Mohammad Abu Seada, was killed by soldiers in clashes along the border between the territory ruled by the Islamic militant group Hamas and Israel.

Another three Gazans taking part in the protests were also injured.

The IDF said dozens of Palestinians breached the buffer zone, damaged the fence, threw rocks at soldiers, burned tires and "attempted to infiltrate Israel."

It said forces at the scene fired warning shots in the air to disperse them before shooting towards central rioters and that it is investigating the incident.

Dozens of protesters hurl rocks at Israeli soldiers every Friday along the border with Gaza.

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