Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Muslim Woman In Netherlands Beaten As an "Infidel Whore" For Not Wearing Hijab

Okay, so Europe has descended into the savagery and butchery of the Middle East and Asia....Welcome to the new 7th Century Europe.

The story comes from Jihad Watch via The Religion of Peace.

Netherlands: Muslims attack non-hijabbed Muslima as “infidel whore”

A tremendous amount of social control is often exercised in Muslim communities to ensure Sharia compliance. Ostracism and brutalization and worse all too often await those Muslims who don’t go to mosque or abide by Sharia norms. This is a key reason why we don’t see larger numbers of Muslims backing up their pro-forma condemnations of jihad violence with genuine action against jihad terror: those who stand up against the dominant views are risking losing their families, their communities, and even their lives.

“Tunisian discriminated against by fellow Muslims,” a translation of “Tunesische gediscrimineerd door mede-moslims,” by Istvan Kovi,, June 3, 2016 (thanks to Susan):

Muslim parents berate the integrated Tunisian Radia Laabidi, 38, regularly as “infidel and unclean.” The Amersfoort mother experiences this in the schoolyard. “I do not wear headscarves, but a skirt, and do not go to the mosque. So some may consider you an infidel whore.”

Laabidi believes that her children have been for some time a target of discrimination from other Muslims in their primary school in Amersfoort. A liberal Muslim woman, she was scolded recently at the school and even attacked. “She called to me and ran her nails across my face.” Radia defended himself fiercely. The brawl, in the sight of many children and parents, was ended by single fathers. Several parents witnessed and confirmed Radia’s account of events….

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