Sunday, May 29, 2016

What's Worse? A Radical Leftist or a Scorned Libertarian?

Anyone coming to this blog can attest to the fact that I've pretty much stayed out of the GOP campaign - that doesn't mean to say that I haven't paid attention and over time, shook my head at what has come about.

And I'm not in the endorsing mood, I'm not even in a happy mood but I do want to point something out because it royally pisses me off - it always has and it is now, more than ever.

It mostly started with Rep. Ron Paul - here we had a Libertarian who had some solid ideas that I agreed with but who I found revoltingly moronic in his stance on 911 and even more disturbing in his general affection for and support of Islam.  Throw in the fact that because of that Islamic slant, the man is a crusader against Israel.  But what brought me to the boiling point with Ron Paul was his followers.  These snot-nosed Libertarian hot head know-it-alls.  You remember them, these were the people that told you you were an idiot, a moron, a bag of nickels if you didn't vote for Ron Paul.  They didn't join your discussion and try to paint a logical case for Ron Paul - no, they screamed and threw rocks at you for being so naive to even question the logic of voting for Mr. Paul.

Mixed into all of that is what I term:  Republican Derangement Syndrome.  Most dyed in the wool Libertarians that are active in politics seem to suffer from this malady, where they can sit through 8 years of Marxist dictatorship ruled by Obama yet shake their fists mostly at George W Bush and Donald Trump. 

You see, with the Libertarians...even though the Marxists Democrats go against every ideological thought of said Libertarians, those same Libertarians hold their true hatred, their deep-seated resentment for Republicans and Conservatives.  It comes from jealousy, it comes from decades and decades of losing.  It comes from envy.  Hell, even the flag-bearer Ron Paul had to stoop to the point where he ran as a Republican for President - even Ron Paul finally got it that Libertarians were destined to reside in the bowels of loss in a 2 party system that evolved into a 1 party system.

These are the #NeverTrump crowd to a large extent - these are the Brad Thors of the world who pinned their hopes on Ted Cruz .....NOT because Ted Cruz is a Libertarian but because he was the closest thing they had.  They tried to MAKE Ted Cruz a Libertarian.  So now that's it's all official and over, these "Constitutionalist" backstabbers, these turncoats slink back into their Libertarian hideouts in dark places in America and return to their GWB and Dick Cheney dartboards, they now can hold "draw a moustache on Trump" contests and continue to throw tantrums on blogs and websites and media outlets.  You see, just like their Ron Paul predecessors, only THEY knew who was right for America, only THEY had the smarts to figure it all out and so for the next four months we'll hear how Trump is a Nazi and a nuclear bomb fanatic and a hate-monger and a Progressive and a man who eats puppies for breakfast and they will totally ignore the very evils of Hillary Clinton.  They will ignore Hillary, not because they agree with her, not because they want her as President but because they want Donald Trump to LOSE.  If they can't have the Presidency with their guy then the first order of business is to make sure the damn favored son GOP candidate doesn't get it.

Would Ted Cruz be a better President than Donald Trump?  I'd say probably so.  But at the end, I was happy to see Cruz not get the nomination because I was sick and damn tired of these Libertarian elitist losers lecturing me on what to do with my vote.  Fuck 'em.  I turned my support to Trump out of spite - not really so much about Trump as a candidate but to support what I feel is a "movement" - a movement against the unConstitutional federal government of D.C. and the corruption of our one party system.  Sure, some of it was out of spite for ALL of the Washington D.C. machinery but a lot of it was out of spite towards these know-it-alls, the self-righteous flip floppers like Glenn Beck.

I got such a kick the other day when Glenn Beck had Dana Loesch on his radio show and they were talking about supporting the Libertarian candidate, Austin Petersen.  Glenn Beck, who has been riding his personal vendetta against Trump for six straight months, was starting to get a woody over Petersen and Loesch said she liked him too but then Loesch says to Beck:  "you don't have a problem with him being an atheist?"   And you could TELL that Beck had missed that - he stumbled ever so slightly and then came out with a feeble "oh sure I could."  Glenn Beck, the man who has set the bar for holiness in America, the man who lectures me each day on how to lead a more godly life, the man who proclaimed Ted Cruz' spirituality as a sign that Cruz was to be President....the man who has allowed his Libertarian jealousies and envy to so overcome him that he would now support a man who doesn't even believe in the existence of G_d.  

Amazing, isn't it?


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