Saturday, April 23, 2016

John Kerry Proves To the World That America Is Ruled By Morons by Signing U.N. Climate Deal


If anyone in the world was even a tad hesitant to resign themselves to the total collapse of reasoning and capability by leadership in the United States of America, they were pushed to that final realization yesterday by the clown-like, Keystone Kops-esque actions of Secretary of State John Kerry.

Yep, America has shown the world that we buy into the farce of global warming.  The idiots have gone from ruling the village to ruling the world. 

By the way, Mr. Kerry, we....THEE American people don't give one flying fuck WHAT the United Nations does.

The story comes from Times of India.

John Kerry signs UN climate deal for United States

US Secretary of State John Kerry on Friday joined a queue of world leaders and senior officials to formally sign the Paris climate deal at the United Nations.

Washington's top diplomat came to the podium cradling one of his granddaughters in his arms and triggered warm applause from delegates as he signed the historic deal.

Earlier, Kerry had addressed the General Assembly to hail the agreement, which he said was the last chance to slow the devastating pace of human-generated climate change.

"We learned that 2015 was the hottest year in recorded history — by far," Kerry said, recalling last December's Paris summit where the agreement was finalized.

"And we learned that after knowing that the past decade was the hottest on record, and the one before that was the hottest on record," he continued.

"And now we know that this year is already on track to be the warmest of all, and last month, March, was the hottest recorded March in all of history.

"This past winter, the maximum extent of Arctic sea ice was the lowest ever reported breaking the record that was set just one year ago.

"So the urgency of this challenge is only becoming more pronounced."

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