Saturday, March 12, 2016

Video: Chicago ...America's Cesspool

Yep.  Here you have further evidence.


Land of Obama.

America's cesspool.

The Gaza City of North America.

"Burn the bitch down"


Henry Bowman said...


My old hometown is gone. The Chicago of my youth is dead. The leftist progressives have gotten the city they have wanted.
The police brass has caved to political clout. The street officer suffers and so do the good citizens that are left. The pols care nothing for the citizens who work hard and live decently. The thugs and gangs are in charge. Heaven help us. Pray for the decent people who are trapped.


Holger Awakens said...


You nailed it. All we can do is simply watch and wait for the complete collapse of Chicago.

And once it lays in rubble, like Detroit, there will be no one who will point out WHY it happened, like you just did.