Friday, March 4, 2016

Natural Born Citizen and Presidential Eligibility

Okay, I just want to ask a question because it has come up that neither Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio are eligible to be President per the U.S. Constitution that speaks of only "natural born" citizens being eligible.

First off, with Cruz - when Cruz was born, he was born in Canada but his mother was an American citizen.  I think that clearly makes Ted Cruz an American citizen at birth.  But is he a NATURAL BORN citizen?

Let me touch on the intent of the Constitution in this matter.

Let's go back in time....after George Washington's term as President is over and the new America is set to elect its second President.  Let's just say a guy named "Lord Byron Edmunds" was running for the American Presidency at the time.  And Lord Byron was born in a little town just south of London, England.  His mother, Alice Edmunds was an American citizen at his time of birth but his father "Lord Alistair Edmunds" as a British nobleman from Southhampton, England.

So, let's consider it is 1797 in America, you have John Adams running for President versus Lord Byron Edmunds.  Adams points out that Edmunds was not only born in England but his father, at the time of his birth, was an English nobleman.

Was Lord Byron Edmunds a natural born citizen or not?  Born in England to a father of English citizenry, would this man's loyalty be to his mother's country or his father's country?  And wasn't "natural born citizen" inserted into the Constitution to do away with having to answer that question?


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