Saturday, January 16, 2016

Marco Rubio Is Your GOP Presidential Candidate for 2016 - It's Ordained

Okay, we all know that the Republican Establishment, the headless machine of Democrat Lights, will be sure to select your GOP Presidential nominee for all of you.  In 2008, they rigged an out of left field hail mary to give us John McCain and in 2012 they sabotaged Herman Cain to bring you Mitt Romney.

Now, earlier this week they tried a last ditch effort and bribed Reuters to do a poll that showed Jeb Bush now in 3rd place among Republicans but that was a one in a million try and it just won't fly.  So the GOP head masters have settled on Marco Rubio as their guy.  As YOUR guy.

We've already seen the take down strategy:

  • Ted Cruz:  Cruz will be taken down with the Qualification to be President strategy.  All horses and machinery will be loosed upon the certain snowball of endless media coverage of Ted Cruz's failure to be a natural born citizen.  Mind you, this will be played out by the same media that refused to acknowledge the natural born status of Obama.  But in the end, this issue will be made to sink Cruz.  He's done folks.  Bank on it.  This is Ted Cruz's "Ginger White."
 So, what that will only leave for the Establishment GOP and their Left Wing partners in all of this will be the dismantling of Trump - when Trump is gone, Rubio will be on top and the manufactured momentum will be insurmountable.  More than likely the Trump destruction strategy will be two fold:  (A) a secret videotape or audio will be "found" that incriminates Trump (this will be similar to the audio of Mitt Romney and the 99%)  (B) a surprise legal matter will be "found" and exposed - there will be some sort of deal that Trump was involved with that will sink him

I cannot stress enough to everyone that the Establishment GOP is working completely in unison on these plans with the Democrats and the far left of this country - and the far left brings with them the media to this effort.  Cruz is an enemy to both of them because of his conservative and Constitutionalist agenda and Trump is an enemy just because they cannot control him.

The really wild thing is when Rubio is selected as GOP nominee, whether the Democrat machinery will actually support Hillary or Rubio.

You heard it here first people.


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