Thursday, December 3, 2015

Jihad In San Bernardino

At this point when I am putting this up, it's 4 pm Central time on the 2nd of December there is still very little info on the shootings/attack in San Bernardino, CA.  I'm going to go out on a limb and state that Islamic jihadists have carried out an act of jihad in the name of Mohammed.

Let the chips fall with my speculation.  I wasn't born yesterday.

Latest story I have:  SanDiego Union-Tribune

Reports: 12 dead in San Bernardino shooting

12:13 p.m. - Riverside police dispatchers have broadcast a general advisory that the suspects involved in the shootings in San Bernardino may have fled in a black GMC Yukon, heading northbound on Waterman Avenue, roughly 40 minutes ago.

The broadcast indicated there were unconfirmed reports the suspects were male and of Middle Eastern origin, “armed with AK-47s and wearing body armor.”

The broadcast was part of a region-wide alert issued by the San Bernardino Police Department.

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Henry Bowman said...

You called it Holger. I doubt the POS MSM will see it that way after they hear from the hadji in chief.

God Save Us……….