Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Are You Ready For the Lamest Excuse Yet For Why Saudi Arabia Isn't Taking In Syrian Refugees?

This truly is mind boggling.

The full story comes from DAWN.

There are reasons, however, why Saudi Arabia doesn’t let in more people and why the United Arab Emirates prefer to pay to equip and maintain refugee camps in other countries, close to Syrian borders.

An overwhelming majority of the displaced Syrians are Sunnis. Of the paltry 1,519 Syrians the US has taken in since 2011, 1,415 were Sunnis. The Saudi population is also predominantly Sunni. There’s a catch, however: many Sunni areas of Syria have served as a base for the self-styled Islamic State, which the Saudi and UAE air forces are helping to bomb. Islamic State is hostile to the Saudi regime, and it’s important to them whether the refugees are fleeing Islamic State or the bombings.
So you got that?  Saudi Arabia is basically CONCERNED about the safety of their people from ISIS infiltration and influence of the refugees.....like Saudi Arabia is the only country on the shit list of ISIS!  Good grief.  The Saudis don't want to risk terror attacks in their country BUT FULLY EXPECT EUROPE AND AMERICA to flood our countries with the threat.

Two words, Saudi Arabia.....Fuck You.

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in the vanguard said...

Probably the main reason Saudi Arabia isn't taking in the refugees is because they WANT them to stream to the West.