Sunday, November 8, 2015

Obama Regime: China's Military Growth Is "natural" - Don't Worry Folks, Just Move Along

While Barack Hussein Obama, in the past seven years, has done everything to reduce the number of U.S. nuclear weapons yet allow other countries to grow their arsenals, and while Obama has cut defense spending while our enemies grow theirs and while Obama has focused on firing generals yet allowing gays and transgenders into the military while our enemies have acquired the latest in technology and firepower.....well, while Obama has been doing all of that any concerns in America have been met with responses like the most recent from Obama's pansy of a Secretary of Defense who claims that China's alarming military growth is just "natural."

There's nothing to see here people...move along....get your new iPhone, get your tickets to the new Beyonce concert.  Like good little sheep.

The story comes from Times of India.

China's military growth natural: US defence chief

WASHINGTON: China is a growing military power but countries like India and Japan are also following through in the region by increasing their defence rollout, the US has said as it voiced concern over Beijing's activities in the disputed South China Sea.

"China is a growing military power in this region. That's natural. It's a big country. It's a country that's trying to develop itself economically," US Defence Secretary Ashton Carter said in response to a question from an American soldier in Hawaii on his way back from his Asia trip.

"It's not the only one. Japan is increasing its defence rollout here, so is India. Many, many countries are asking us to work with them, because they want to be part of this regional architecture that keeps the peace, and we welcome all of them to include China," Carter said.

As the US and China engaged in a standoff last week over an American guided missile destroyer in Chinese-claimed waters in the South China Sea, Carter said there is no question that the US has some points of contention with China and objections to things they're doing.

"We, as many countries out here, are concerned about their activities in the South China Sea. We've called on China and others who are doing things in the South China Sea, reclaiming land, militarising features, to hold that permanently, all of them. We think everybody ought to just stop that, and that these are things to be resolved diplomatically," he said.

"I have certainly said, and will continue to demonstrate, that for our part, the US will continue to fly, sail and operate anywhere international law permits -- South China Sea to the Arctic -- that's not going to change," Carter said.

The US move to send USS Lassen to the SCS brought angry denunciations from China, which said its sovereignty had been violated and warned America not to take "dangerous actions".

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