Sunday, November 15, 2015


Is there ANYTHING that DOESN'T enrage Muslims in the UK?

The story comes from Frontpage Mag.


It seems like there's a Muslim outrage every day. The stewardess opened my Diet Coke for me. A YouTube video about my favorite warlord hurt my feelings. Catholic schools won't teach about my religion.

Under new GCSE reforms, school are required to teach more than one faith in religious studies.

It is part of a Government plan to integrate students from different religious backgrounds.

The change was also intended to drive extremism out of the classroom.

However, Muslim leaders have said the plan has backfired as Catholic schools has ruled out teaching Islam to students.

Actually that's the definition of a plan working. Teaching Islam is how you get extremism in the classroom. And not the kind that fasts extra long or prays every hard, but chops heads off extra violently.

Catholic schools have opted to only teach students about Judaism alongside Christianity. The decision effectively rules out teaching about the world's second biggest religion.

... which has no relationship to Christianity. Aside from the ethnic cleansing kind.

Sir Iqbal Sacranie, former secretary general of the Muslim Council of Britain, said the plan undermined Pope Francis’s message of greater tolerance between the faiths.

I'm sure Islamic schools will be rushing right out to promote Catholicism to their students. Right after there's a church built in Mecca. Or anywhere in Saudi Arabia.

Paul Barber, the director at the Catholic Education Service, said teaching about the Jewish faith would ensure pupils are given a solid grounding in Christianity.

He said, however, that pupils could still learn about other faiths during normal religious education lessons.

Of course that's not enough. So more outrage. More whining. More complaints about tolerance from a religion that is almost universally intolerant of other religions in its own home countries.

We've got a religion that is ethnically cleansing Christians right now complaining that Catholic schools in the UK won't teach Islam. In Judaism, we call that chutzpah.

Sir Sacranie said: "This is not a good decision. It does not reflect well on the messages that are coming out from the Church for greater tolerance of other faiths.

Sacranie knows all about tolerance. He's the guy who said of Salman Rushdie, “Death, perhaps, is a bit too easy for him." He refused to participate in the Holocaust memorial because it didn't accuse Israel of genocide against Muslims and threatened Jews.

In 1996, the radical Islamist group Al-Muhajiroun, led by Omar Bakri Mohammed, was planning a rally in London. As controversy mounted over the event, especially when some of Omar Bakri’s more “colourful” statements made it into the press, the Board of Deputies of British Jews asked the Home Secretary to ban some particular foreign speakers coming to the conference, in particular members of Hamas and Hizbullah.

In Muslim News (30 Aug 1996), Sacranie was quoted as saying:

"The Board of Deputies of British Jews should seriously consider what action they take on this matter because of the detrimental effect on community relations which could result. Taking a hostile view towards scholars who wish to come to this country to present their points of view at a conference will not serve good community relations."

Tolerance. He knows all about it.

Maybe Catholic schools should teach about Islam after all. The real version you can find from Robert Spencer, not the imaginary fantasy Karen Armstrong version. It might help prepare their students for the reality of life in the UK.

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